Arsenal claimed to have offered Aubameyang extension without pay increase?

The Daily Star has quoted Italian journalist Nicolò Schira on reports that Arsenal have offered Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang an extension to his current contract, but on the same terms.

The Gabonese strikers has proved time and time again since joining the club how important a player he can be for us, and has been ever since joining, scoring 49 league goals in only 75 appearances.

The 30 year-old is entering the final 12 months of his contract in the coming weeks, and we have so far failed to agree terms on a new deal, but we have supposedly tabled a new offer.

The above is supposedly an Italian journalist, but as you will notice, the Twitter account is currently unverified, but the fact that the Star has linked this into their story, they must be of the belief that the account is genuine.

I struggle to understand why the club wouldn’t be offering him a new improved salary despite our current financial situation, given the fact that he has been so important to our side.

Not only is he our main outlet for goals, but he is one of our most influential players in the dressing room, highlighted by the fact that he has been wearing the captain’s armband in recent months.

If Arsenal are serious about keeping Aubameyang, surely this report will prove to be untrue, and he will be offered a fair increase due to the nature of his role in the side.

I hate to think that this could be true, although I sincerely hope that we have a new contract lined up for our star man.

Could Aubameyang accept a deal without an increased wage? Could this offer push him closer to the exit door?


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  1. SueP says:

    I’m in a bolshie mood and wouldn’t offer him a penny more in his contract.

  2. Stephan Luc Larose says:

    Wage increases aren’t possible for any club right now. Everybody’s losing money, why should a football player make 12-15 million a year when millions are unemployed? Stupidity.

  3. Sue says:

    Doesn’t he have a few bonuses tied in with his wages too? I desperately want him to stay….Come on Auba, sign da ting!!!

  4. gunnerforlife says:

    Auba is our most important player and Arsenal should do everything in its might, keeping its Accounts books in the proper balance, to keep Auba. We love you Auba, pleas sign the new Contract.

  5. Grandad says:

    He is a seriously rich,privileged member of the human race ,and if he has real affection for our Club he would readily extend his contract on the same salary, a salary which Arsenal cannot afford and which they will never again match for the foreseeable future.I suspect the agent acting for Auba will no doubt point out the salary paid to Ozil in any contract negotiations,but in response, I would simply highlight the fact that two wrongs don’t make a right.If he does not accept what’s on offer,he should be sold regardless of his undoubted goal scoring proess.

    1. jon fox says:

      Grandad, On your comment “if he has real affectionfor our club….”, I always bear in mind with almost all players in TODAYS game, that money is far and away the prime reason they play for any team. Next is possible silverware and honours. I am afraid real affection for the club, whichever that is , is a comparative rarity with todays players.

      In Aubas case I am near certain any affection he may feel is for his peer group , esp Laca, his best buddy in the club. But for the club itself , including the fans, I see no REAL affection at all, TBH. That is sadly the norm today and this craving for money and its material rewards over and above loyalty and honour is what has largely ruined todays game at top level.

      It is why I fervently hope AND believe that this virus and its financial effect on society will bring about the huge benefit of substantially reduced wages for top players everywhere. The greater the enforced reduction, the more the game will regain some morality, IMO.

  6. jon fox says:

    Patrick, I reckon you must be a fellow believer in Corbyns magic money tree, since you “can’t understand why he wouldn’t be offered an increase”, despite his current advanced age and huge earnings.

    Many on here seem not to understand, EVEN NOW (after all the constant and general widespread acceptance of far LESS money being available in ALL football from now on), that things have massively changed , money wise. Why SOME people still do not get that can only be down to insufficient life experience, IMO.

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