Arsenal claimed to have verbal agreement on striker deal

Arsenal are claimed by Ben Jacobs to have a verbal agreement with Manchester City over a deal to sign Gabriel Jesus this summer.

The Gunners have been strongly linked with the Brazilian forward’s signature this summer, with many reporting that he is in fact our priority signing ahead of the new season, and we could finally be closer to a deal.

While the likes of Chelsea and Tottenham have also been linked with the 25 year-old, we look to have forged ahead of our rivals with reports claiming that we now have a verbal agreement over the fee, with Ben Jacobs claiming we have compromised somewhere between £35-55 Million.

“I believe that verbally, Arsenal and Manchester City have agreed on a fee, Jacobs told the Done Deal Show. “City originally priced Jesus at £55 Million, Arsenal tried to make a comparison with Sadio Mane and pitched an offer informally of closer to £35m, but Man City were having none of that, but they’re highly likely to compromise somewhere in the middle.”

The longer this drags on, the less likely I feel like we will be able to get this deal over the line. At present however, it does feel like we are working closely on this one, and that we are very much in the driving seat as we seek to make him our new striker going into the new season.

While I believe Jesus could be a great signing, I have my doubts about whether he will be able to become the prolific goalscorer that we need, and those players just in behind him will likely have to raise their input in front of goal also.

I’ve just realised we are theoretically signing Man City’s third/fourth choice CF to lead our line, in hope that he will help us bridge the gap between us and the top of the table, although I do think we will be able to get more out of him this season than Pep has done previously thanks to his continual need to rotate between his wealth of options.

Do you believe that we will get more from Jesus than he has shown for City previously?


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  1. If chelsea and spuds, among others, are interested, then rest assured he must be doing something right.

  2. Guys I get the excitement but am not really sure Gabriel Jesus is the answer plus man city is a asking for 50mil for a supersub I feel like we’ve been bamboozled

    1. I am in the same mode. Not too sure about Jesus, the amount we are spending for him and wages on Top of that..
      Can’t be signing a 15 goal scorer for such a massive transfer fee and ridiculous wages.
      £50 million and £260,000 a week should be getting us a 20+ goal scorer.

      I am very skeptical but can’t complain to be honest, the transfer market has been a joke since 2004 when Abramovich entered the game. We are all spending vast amounts on okay average players.
      Raphinha for £65 million? Are you serious?

      1. Spot on! All transfer fees and wages are completely ludicrous , an obscenity and deeply immoral, when all they do is play football.
        They do not save lives as surgeons do, nor do they do much direct good to humans , healthwise.
        Yes, they raise (and also lower) spirits but society is on the wrong and a dangerous path when mere footballers are treated like Gods. I loathe it all and always have!

        I love football but all the gross greed that surrounds the game is dreadful and unethical.

    2. I have said this since the 1st link to him. Good replacement for Pepe but for £50m + £220k a week wages is stupid

  3. I know nothings been confirmed and finalised but all evidence is pointing out that these players (Jesus and Raphina) are choosing Arsenal project rather the Spuds one.

    I might be proven otherwise, but to me the future looks promising

    1. Because of the following reasons
      a) rookie manager, less demands as compared to AC & TT
      b) as in the recent past, we do pay exorbitant transfer fees, agent commissions, massive wages and demand nothing from the players in return.
      c) fans adore players irrespective of the performances and would rather have the manager sacked then bench the player.
      d) if things go sour, we pay them to leave or play elsewhere or comfortably warm the bench, so they have an assured income irrespective of the outcome.
      In short, comfortable life without pressure and a good financial package would draw some sub standard wannabe to us. Hardcore winners would not. Truth lies in the Dusan saga. How much died we pay an unknown F. Vieira?? 35 grand?

  4. Jesus will be hungry to prove himself as the main striker at Arsenal. He has all the tools to be successful and a quality young attacking team to support him. I think it’s a great signing.
    Now get Tielamans and Martinez!

  5. It’s being reported by most media outlets that the deal is nearly done, should be concluded in the next few hours or coming day..

  6. the only reason he would be coming here is that no one in their right mind would offer him up the kind of wages and assurances we’ve put on the table…really like him as a player, but I would never go to these ends to sign a player who has neither the CV to justify such terms, nor solves our most pressing concerns up top

    1. Imagine putting both of theses players transfer fees together(Jesus and raphinha) (100million +)and maybe signing someone like osimhen ,I mean Im not a football manager so what do I know but to me it makes more sense than signing yet another right winger and a midget CF .

      1. spot on DK…I responded in kind to you in another article, following your “nope” reply to Declan

  7. I’ve never really watched either of them play enough to have a real view on how good they are or how suitabvle for Arsenal, but the more I read the more I get depressed about Jesus and Raphinha.

    It’s starting to look like Brazil Inc and I’m wondering how good they can be if they’re a 4th choice stiker and a player whose team avoided relegation by the skin of their teeth.

    The alternatives left on the market in this window don’t look good though. I’m starting to ask myslef simple questions about any transfer – if it didn’t work out, could we sell him for a decent price?

    That’s not only about the transfer fee, but also about the wages. These guys seem to be pricing themselves out of a later transfer-out, so the risks involved in signing them on a 5 year deal are quite high.

  8. Jesus has all the skill sets and attributes to be a good striker for Arsenal, but the price tag and the wages are a bit on the higher side, considering he has only 1 year left in his contract. Man City are taking us for a ride.

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