Arsenal class surfaces as it’s revealed that Pablo Mari was the target of crazed knifeman

Arsenal show their class over Pablo Mari incident by Dan Smith

Throughout our history, whether we have been winning trophies or not, Arsenal have always been renowned as doing things, ‘the right way.’

Even our rivals would admit that we were the club who on and off the pitch acted with class.

It stretches back to the days of Herbert Chapman. Legend has it that the manager paid out of his own pocket for the entrance at Highbury to be painted marble red.

His rationale was that when visitors walked in, they would know the Gunners were a side which did everything proper with high standards.

As our former captain, Mikel Arteta is aware of our principals and since his first day employed as our boss has stressed that he and his employers have an ethos that is non-negotiable.

Our squad again demonstrated that class on Sunday by paying respect to teammate Pablo Mari, on loan to Monza.

Minutes after our loss in Holland on Thursday, it was confirmed the defender had been stabbed in a local Italian Supermarket.

He was one of 6 people subjected to the attack, with one losing their life.

If ever there was a reminder that football is a beautiful game but just that, a game …. it was losing a match but then hearing a fellow Gunner was being rushed to hospital.

The centre back is now resting at home after surgery on his back.

He won’t be able to play for another 2 months but that seems irrelevant right now.

What he witnessed in that shop, this happening in front of his wife and baby, will live with him forever.

Italian media are even suggesting that Mari was the original target with the accused believing a famous footballer was in the store and feeling, ‘jealous’

A 46-year-old man has been charged and is believed to have told the police, ‘there was a Milan player among the clients. I felt jealous, because he was doing well, and I was not.

“So, I struck him with a knife that was in my hand, and I could’ve stopped there, but instead I don’t know what got into me and I started striking other people too.”

Before kick-off at the weekend and after our first goal, a Mari shirt was held up in front of the crowd.

Once a Gooner, always a Gooner….so on behalf of the JustArsenal family, my thoughts and prayers are with Mari and his family.

Dan Smith


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  1. People who’re trying to live beyond their means are dangerous, because most of them are envious and don’t hesitate to hurt others financially/ physically for money

    Hopefully Mari doesn’t get any permanent physical damage and the perpetrator should work from prison to fully pay for Mari’s losses. Cameras are almost everywhere nowadays to get clear video evidence, so lenient punishment doesn’t make sense anymore

    1. I believe working in prison is about 75 p an hour ,so for him to cover mari’s 2 months off he would have to be earning £680000 in his time in prison would take quite A while me thinks .I’m sure Mari won’t go hungry and will have insurance anyway .

      1. Yes, peeling garlic in prison will make the violent guy stay for a very long time there and prevent him from hurting the taxpayers

        In Finland, some lifetime prisoners were trained in digital field to get money from the clients in the country and from abroad. They could get better facilities and bring money for the country

  2. Nice gesture from the club. Quick recovery to Mari. Sad this world is loosing humanity, greed taking over society over moral ethos

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