Arsenal clinch dramatic late win to deny controversy in Palace clash

Arsenal have claimed all three points in their clash with Crystal Palace with two late goals, in a match which was threatened to be marred in controversy.

Both teams started the game well, and there was plenty of excitement early on at both ends.

Around the half-hour mark Bukayo Saka was dragged down after sprinting past the goalkeeper inside the box, but the referee and VAR eventually ruled the decision out for offside.

We didn’t have to wait long after that for our opening goal however, and the build up was truly delightful. Kieran Tierney and Bukayo Saka combined sweetly to break in behind the defence, before the young English forward’s backheel back to KT to the edge of the box, before he put it on a plate for Nicolas Pepe to fire home.

Shortly after the goal, VAR moved to analyse a clash between Mo Elneny and Christian Benteke, with the Palace forward appearing to throw his arm at the Egyptian’s face in an aggressive manner, but he remained on the pitch

Palace started the second-half as they did the first, with a bright energy about them, and Wilfried Zaha appeared to have been woken up.

The Ivory Coast international played no part in their equaliser however just after the hourmark, but a player who many believe shouldn’t even be on the pitch did. Andy Townsend whipped his free-kick in to Benteke who cleared well ahead of the defence, and despite VAR investigating a push on Mo Elneny who was laid flat on the floor as the free-kick is taken.

It was a strange scene watching Bukayo Saka replaced with the team needing a goal, with Martin Odegaard his replacement, but we needed some fresh legs on the pitch I guess…

Benteke nearly put his side ahead in the next big action, forcing a big save from Bernd Leno, and Wilfried Zaha fluffed another great chance to score.

Martinelli and Granit Xhaka were brought on for Thomas Partey and Tierney with 15 minutes left to play, but with the clock ticking down, the home side were looking most likely to score.

Thankfully, that proved untrue as Arsenal hit the Eagles on the counter-attack, while VAR was checking for a penalty at one end, we’ve struck late through Martinelli to claim the lead.

While Palace tried to push forward and rescue a point late on, it was Arsenal who struck again, with Pepe’s second of the night closing out aall three points.

Arsenal’s chances of making the European places has gotten a huge boost with results going our way, and at the time of this result, West Ham are also losing in their clash also.

Could we really sneak in at the expense of one or both of our London rivals?


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  1. Palace were lucky to get away with two yellow cards in the first half and to have a good target man like Benteke. Hopefully Arteta has realized that starting Aubameyang as a CF will lead to inconsistent results next season

    Pepe wasn’t effective on the right wing, but he still managed to score two goals. Partey really needs to hone his passing and shooting skills in pre-season

    1. Bro change your tactics.. Your comments are alwayd full of complaints. And you always seem to know more than the coaches, left wing right wing dead feet cross in, unnerving

      1. Just wanna convey my suggestions and constructive criticisms, so hopefully Arsenal can fix it next season

        1. gotanidea, “Pepe wasn’t effective on the right wing”? The player scored two goals, the first of which was not “put on a plate” for Pepe”, as the ball made an awry bounce and Pepe had to take it on the volley.
          Heavan help the opposition when Pepe is effective.
          The scoreline flattered Arsenal; however a 3-1 win away win against Crystal Palace is a good result.

          1. Aubameyang needs to get his mojo back as his inconsistencies this season can’t be swept any further. Perhaps arsenal needs a new striker. 21/22 season won’t be another disaster.

    2. New to the site! Hello fellow gooners. Its been the weirdest season in my 20 years following my beloved Red army. Having grown up in Islington and like most gooners been through the highs and lows that makes us love The Arsenal. I genuinely believe the 12th man missing from the games has caused this inadequacy of a campaign. We’d never allow players to go missing for long spells that’s caused at least 25 points dropped. I say give lego hair 1 more season with fans breathing down his neck to see if he has the minerals. Midfield partner for Party and a bellerin replacement, I think there’s something there. All this talk of personal change, I think the toxic segment of fans are a major factor. But I’m a mug for paying 1300 for my seat. Go figure

    3. Thing with Pepe on the right wing, is MA is hoping he gets to the end of the play (though he had to score his first with his right foot), and cutting inside to shoot and he is finally starting to get it.
      I agree though he has not find a way to contribute to the building play.
      I have not watched after 85th minute 😁but I agree with your comment in 85 minutes context regarding Pepe.
      For Partey, I think he adds a lot with his pass, he tries to pass forward or through, he wants to create something, not just pass. He takes risks, this is why he misses some passes. It will always going to be difficult to get near 100% success, especially if he is tired like in 2nd half.

  2. Got lucky. Martinelli needs to start more. Pepe showing why we paid so much for him. He did what Zaha always does to us.

    1. I think you mean we were unlucky. Palace got away with 2 easy straight reds in the first half. VAR continues to be an absolute joke.

      1. The inconsistency in VAR rulings for the same scenarios and the differences in time in analysis of replays between certain clubs, should be of great concern.

      2. VAR was a joke, ElNeny went to talk to Benteke who already deserved a yelloe card for challenge, but Benetke almost slapped him on the face and for some reason ElNeny was equally punished!
        And in the goal he pushed ElNeny, it was so obvious (more than Gabriel) but the VAR ref seems to have issues with ElNeny, he must have ate his sandwiches in school! 🙄

    2. I would like to see how Zaha’s numbers stack up against Pepe’s ds season…… should make for an interesting debate

  3. Instructions to Pepe should be simple

    Run at defenders and run hard. Defenders hate that. 90% of yhe time he just passes back. Just needs some decent coaching!!

    1. When we talk about quality, just what does it mean?!
      So, what is difference in quality between the Lampard and Tuchel Chelsea squads? Exactly same squad.
      For all you care, Chelsea should be languishing behind Arsenal, somewhere mid table.
      Truth is Arsenal is not inferior to Leicester, Chelsea or Man. Utd., squad wise. Truth is we have a better squad this term, compared to the previous; yet we have performed worse. Truth is MA somehow hasn’t brought together his ingredients to make a broth. This may not entirely be his fault but, DOUBTLESS, some other managers would have performed much better with EXACTLY SAME PERSONNEL.
      For the avoidance of doubts, I am all for giving Arteta more time and resources to rejig and rebuild this great team; I honestly wish for him to have an illustrious coaching career with the gunners.
      Notwithstanding my love for MA, however, I am not deluded in any wise that he could, and should, have done better with what he had in hand. For one, an astute manager would ensure his team cuts back on the numerous fouls that attracted red cards and cost us games.
      I hope next season will provide much cheer for we gooners!🤗

  4. main positive is the three points. A performance to forget again if we’re being honest. Invisible players.Great job to Pepe and Martinelli for stepping up and scoring the goals.

  5. It was more about a shift in approach I guess. Bringing on Ode meant we played more through the centre. Also the runs were better. Earlier we had little to no penetration through the middle and then the crosses were wasteful. Also a lot og our counters or pass options were wasted due to our players preferring the safer option. Need to work on our setpieces too. We cant continue to waste them. Good win today though. COYG!

  6. I’m a glass half full fan most of the time but, apart from coming away with three points, there was very little to enjoy about that second half performance.

    Pleased for Martinelli and Pepe.

  7. The few positives from this season are Arsenal’s away record and goals conceded this season

  8. I feel shameless typing this, but we can sneak into 7th position IF we beat Brighton.

    Everton away at the Etihad and Spurs face Leicester away, l wish my team the best of luck!

      1. SueP,

        I’d give anything to be right. Imagine not having any European football to look forward to, we won’t get to watch our boys play as often as we have been used to, no dreaming of lifting the EL just EPL matches and FA cup much later…argh! that’s dreadful.

        That is the next achievable goal for the season, we must go for it, but Brighton is not going to be easy as we all are aware, the boys have to be up for this!

    1. We certainly will. We are witnessing a Devine intervention on Arteta just like the FA Cup last season.

  9. It is most unlikely West Ham will drop points in their last game so bar a miracle we are going to finish 7th. At least above Spurs who are guaranteed to lose at Leicester (who have bottled 4th again).

      1. The season has been ruined by absurd mistakes gifting goals PLUS so many matches in which we had men sent off !!!

      1. It seems they will depend on Aston Villa to have at least a draw against Chelsea.

      1. They must be very disappointed but at least its nice fightin at the other end of the table for a change. and hopefully they will build it from there.

    1. I believe you are entitled to your opinion about the manager but I think he has done fair enough to deserve a better squad and 1 more seasons at least, uecl semi and probably 7th or 8th is not a bad year considering different off field events that caused distraction and COVID season syndrome. Am an Arteta fan boy (should in case you want to call me that) but our squad isn’t good enough for top 4 yet, and if you think we have better players than Leicester, may I remind you how long Leicester core players have been together, since there epl championship season I guess,

      1. I believe we have a good squad for top 4 at least. I also believe a good manager will give results even with a weak squad.

        Credit to him for EL semis but for me anything under 4th is unacceptable with the squad we have. And we haven’t that stage yet where mid table or even relegation is inevitable.

        Next season will show if he will walk his talks.

        1. @hhighbury hero. Which of the top 5 squad our squad is better than? Is Arsenal better than liverpool quality wise? I know we fans use emotions rather than logic in our judgment but come on! Give Arteta a break. You don’t expect him turn bronze into gold instantly. Let him buy couple players of his own.

          1. Emery was expected to turn “bronze into gold”. Comparing the relative results, why does Arteta deserve to get cut so much more slack?

          2. When we talk about quality, just what does it mean?!
            So, what is difference in quality between the Lampard and Tuchel Chelsea squads? Exactly same squad.
            For all you care, Chelsea should be languishing behind Arsenal, somewhere mid table.
            Truth is Arsenal is not inferior to Leicester, Chelsea or Man. Utd., squad wise. Truth is we have a better squad this term, compared to the previous; yet we have performed worse. Truth is MA somehow hasn’t brought together his ingredients to make a broth. This may not entirely be his fault but, DOUBTLESS, some other managers would have performed much better with EXACTLY SAME PERSONNEL.
            For the avoidance of doubts, I am all for giving Arteta more time and resources to rejig and rebuild this great team; I honestly wish for him to have an illustrious coaching career with the gunners.
            Notwithstanding my love for MA, however, I am not deluded in any wise that he could, and should, have done better with what he had in hand. For one, an astute manager would ensure his team cuts back on the numerous fouls that attracted red cards and cost us games.
            I hope next season will provide much cheer for we gooners!🤗

    2. Despite our league position, if we finish above Spurs, will that bring back St Totteringham’s Day?

      1. From what I know for as long as we finish above them even if we are 19th and they are 20. I could be wrong though.

        1. St Totteringhams day is celebrated when spurs can no longer overtake us in the league. If that happens to be on the last day it’s still St Totteringhams Day.

  10. I might get the St Totteringham’s Day banners out… just in case!

    Wasn’t great.. but Pepe took his goals well..
    Is Auba still ill? My heart goes out to him…

    Sorry we ruined your night, Roy.

    Still in with a chance of the Conference League (half-hearted yay!!)

    1. I hope all three teams Sp*rs, westham and Everton lose points, we finish 6th and get to EL!
      It will be like a miracle but Arteta and his loyal fans would act like he win the worldcup 🙄, but I still wish we do. 😁
      Yes Auba was not lucky today, he has not put a foot wrong but he almost has not put any feet at all. The ball barely reached him.
      It is a big question mark, because even when Gabi M. was playing as center forward, ball still barely reached him. Only Lacca manages to touch the ball may be because he drops to midfield or it is a movement thing.

  11. We seemed to panic a bit after they scored. We kept losing the ball and giving away possession. But then we started slowing the game down by keeping possession and it paid off, Martenelli on the end of a fine cross. While Palace heads were down, Pepe just put the nail in the coffin great end to the game. COYG!!

    1. Performance good? Come on man. Good result yes but another bang average performance full of sideways passing and slow build up.

      1. Correct. Both teams played it like a practice game. Tired, end of season, all millionares and couldn’t be bothered ?

      2. I enjoyed it and I might be easily pleased but hardly an average performance as our average performances mean we would have lost!

    2. Well Declan the third one got me grinning can’t complain it has been a good week for me, actually the best all season

  12. CP should’ve got at least two red cards during the first half. But still and I’m sorry for the negativity, we played terrible football and team management was baaad. I’ll take the 3 points, not that it matters now anyway, but I’m embarrassed by the play.

  13. I actually can’t believe we could still possibly end 6th….highly unlikely but insane to think about it after our terrible season.

    1. I’ve just done a quick look at the table and it’s certainly not impossible to finish in the top6.
      All to play for right now

    2. Yea PJ…I have that feeling that we might just sneak into 6th from all permutations.. if westham lose or draw , then it’s last game for everyone..

      Leicester vs Spurs
      Mancity vs Everton
      Westham vs Southampton
      Arsenal vs Brighton..

      I see draws in the first 3 matches and we have a superior goal diffence to westham (our only realistic competition for 6th)..

        1. Westbrom just so unreliable…at least hold on …well let’s see how the last day goes.. conference league awaits

    3. This is the form table since that Chelsea game. It’s just bizzare how we stayed rooted in 9th…
      1 M.City 23 19 0 4 57:20 37 57
      2 ARS 23 13 5 5 41:21 20 44
      3 M.UTd 23 11 9 3 42:22 20 42
      4 CheL 23 12 6 5 28:20 8 42
      5 LEED 23 12 3 8 35:23 12 39
      6 LEIC 23 11 6 6 40:29 11 39
      7 W.HAM 22 11 5 6 35:27 8 38
      8 SPUur 23 10 4 9 39:29 10 34
      9 EVE 23 9 6 8 22:24 -2 33
      10 LoSerp 22 9 5 8 27:23 4 32

      1. Not bizarre, we were that far behind and all the teams above us has 1-3 games in hand

  14. Great win!!☺️🤗
    Kudos to Gabriel Martinelli n Nicholas Pepe!!
    Martinelli’s athleticism won us dis Match!!
    Also liked Zaha’s ruggedity in d match!!
    We need these!!
    More reason why Aubameyang n Lacazette has to Leave!! You can’t win watch tired 30 Year Olds!!
    Let Dem go to Juventus, D old Lady’s!!

  15. More half hearted and mealy mouthed so called “support” from the selt entitled JA crowd who have completely unreal expectations. They cannot even find it in their hearts to praise MA for his positve subs which changed the game in our favour. But I will do so; WeLL DONE, MA.

    I can definitely see a good team taking shape, even though many young fans flatly refuse to see what is in front of their noses.

    1. Jon i don’t believe you could say we played well for the majority of the game. We looked lost for most of the game. Your point about the substitutes is valid but perhaps fans are leaning towards the fact that those players should be starting and not on the bench.

      1. No, I don’t agree at all. We had a poor spell after their equaliser, until the subs were made, but had 68% possession and made many chances. I thought we did well and do not understand your view. UNLESS YOU HAVE AN MA OUT AGENDA, AS SO MANY DO ON HERE.

        1. I agree jon, credit where it is due; the fresh legs eg Odegaard made a difference.

    2. Come on Jon
      It looked for all the world that Arsenal were sleep walking until Martinelli got his goal. No urgency to get over the line. So yes, I do agree that the substitution made the difference 😊


        I DO APPRECIATE THAT WE ARE BOTH IN TWO MINDS ON MA though, but I still hope he comes through and he seems to be turning results around.

        PERSONALLY MY DEMANDS ON HIM THIS SEASON WERE FAR LOWER THAN SO MANY ON HERE. I see so clearly the difficulties he has to contend with AND this absent, uncaring, non supportive owner. I am a supporter, so I will live up to that name and actually support, unlike so many others.

        1. I agree on what you are saying. It just looked as though they were dreaming. Martinelli did at least provide some rocket fuel

    3. They can only praise Martinelli. That’s the football’fans’ nowadays. When a team lose we blame the coach and when the team wins we praise players

  16. I’ve not watched Arsenal regularly this year so I had little to say about the players display. But tonight, I think Parthy is overhyped, Leno is not as bad as he’s been labeled, maybe not consistent, I think Auba should go or something, we have a decent defence. Our major problem is in the middle. Pepe is not too bad, just needs to be confident and 0layed regularly.
    Lastly, the coach should identify and play both Saka and Pepe regularly in a particular position for mastery.

    1. Party is not overhyped, he’s the only player willing to take risk that’s why it seems like he’s making poor decisions when it comes to his passes, if anything I think he needs help in the midfield because he has been doing work of both a defensive midfielder and a box-to- box midfield.

    2. Kay, disagree on Thomas Partey, so we’ll compare notes at the end of next season.
      As for Leno I agree, he had an excellent game, even catching the ball in both hands.

      1. I think consistency is the problem in general. Who cares if a player is great 5 games out of 10 if they’re going missing or making mistakes in the other 5? This is the difference between a talented player and a real winner. So when we say “this proves we have a top 4 squad” every time we play well, it kind of misses the point – we do have top 4 talent but not top 4 players. Xhaka is a prime example – can really make our team tick with his passing ability on his day, but how often does that day come?

        Part of it is down to the manager, but it also comes down to the player and their mentality.

  17. Papers and pundits saying arteta deserves credit if arsenal get into Europe. Well I am sorry, did Bruce Rioch get credit? Did Wenger get credit for Europa League qualification? Did Emery?

    No fact is we have a team of players costing amounts like 72m(Pepe) 45m(Partey) 53m(lacazette) 56m(Aubameyang) 34m(xhaka) 25m(Gabriel) 25m(Tierney) 22m(Leno) That is 8 players costing 322m that have made up the bulk of our team this season. I wonder how Leicester’s spend and West ham’s spend compare to that?

    There is also another players on a 35m, 3 year contract and others earning around 6.5m a year.

    With that budget I expect much more than a late rally for the inaugural Europa conference league place.

    Best summer for me would be new owner, massive investment, new manager, England win the euros and every country is off the red list.

    Expected summer, kroenke the cancer, refuses to sell or invest, arteta remains at the helm, with ideas that we are a Man city, a purchase of bang average players or other clubs rejects and England go out of the euros on penalties. End of the summer the country slides back into lockdown.

  18. We could end anywhere from 7th down to 10th. 4 possible positions hanging on 1 day, this is why EPL is thd best.

    Last match day is going to be very interesting.

    1. Interesting can’t wait for next match day , will Dan kit hang on to the finish line? Will you and HH take it on final match day?

  19. Good win for the team, but am not convinced by the performance.

    Arteta needs to work on his game management(although his subs made massive impact, i condemn the timing, unleash Martinelli a bit earlier).

    This team(Arteta and his coaching crew) needs to work on the build up, it’s too slow and rigid, anybody can pass sideways and backwards. Our first goal today should give Arteta a perfect example of what needs to be happening all over the pitch, quick, direct and fluid inter-play; Although the quality of the personnel needs a change for us to see such.

    1. Excellent build up for the first goal, which we don’t see enough of from Arsenal. Great cross from Tierney and excellent finish from Pepe. Despite what GAI states, this was not “on a plate” for Pepe and was not an easy finish on the volley from a bouncing ball.

  20. Patrick, in answer to your question leading this article, the answer is now no as we know West Ham won tonight. TBH, tonight has been typical of Arsenal’s season – some rare occasions of very good stuff interrupting a majority of low level, predictable, easy to defend against, ultra safety first, lack in penetration, play.
    Yet again we tried to play the vast majority of the match without a centre forward. How many more excuses for Auba, not MA’s way generally but he should have been hauled off at half time.
    Pleased for Martinelli and Pepe scoring but most of that squad tonight need a good pre-season, if they’re still there.
    Yet again tonight I sat there watched it all, listened to that ‘expert’!! MartinKeown and wondered just what the players are told to do and play regarding tactics, shape, intention. A huge long journey ahead if MA’s in charge – and I fear it won’t matter who he brings in.

  21. well i thought the team were very well balanced tonight, best ive seen them play in some time, the first half can see the shape forming, i believe. one thing, i do not want wilf zaha playing for us, he is an absolute cheat.

  22. How the heck did we win that game? What happened to us in the second half? We got two goals out of nothing!. I sat there watching the usual pass sideways, pass back, pass sideways pass back, zzzzzzzzzz, pass sideways zzzzzzzzzzzz, pass back zzzzzzzzzzz. Yes we won and yes we scored but boy, if this is the sort of sterile boring, non attacking football we have to look forward too, i will watch something more interesting instead. We had something to go for and we chose negative boring sleepy football. Then we hit two goals in last 5 mins after 40 mins of no shots and negative football. The dreamers will say we have won four on the bounce and there is no argument about that but our style stinks! There is no other word but stinks ! Why is our style so boring to watch?

    1. You are right Reggie,

      this Arsenal has no pattern, no plan, just passing the ball around hoping for a miracle boy! This is unbelievable, I really don’t know what to think of this team but Arteta is definitely not the Man to take us forward unless he changes his negative patern of play.

    2. So sad to see you always so angry Reggie!

      You are a fortunate young human with your life still in front of you. You are only hurting yourself personally and angering yourself unnecessarily. You are better than that, much better, and deserve more, so please stop beating yourself up, so to speak!
      None of us can control events outside our control. BUT we can control our attitude towards what happens! For our personal peace of mind we are all well advised to start doing so.

      I too am often guilty of doing this in many areas of life but when I overdo it, I pull myself up sharply and remind myself of my own advice. It is always easier to tell others though, than to take your own advice, even when you know it is the right advice. TAKE CARE REGGIE AND PLEASE STOP HURTING YOURSELF.

      1. Jon, im fine thanks, you look after yourself, i say it as i see it and im not on my own thank you. Jon, if someone doesn’t share your view you are quick to spout your drivel to chastise anyone who doesn’t support your own view on anything. Jon, thank you for your kind words but the last person i would take any advice from would be thee. Oh and i am very happy in my world, i can honestly say, its pretty good for me outside watching the dross served up at the moment. It will be even better in 3 days time.

        1. Reggie a big shame that you mistook my honest attempt to prevent your self torture continuing ad nauseum, for “drivel”,which you then describe as “kind words”! Which of those two contradictory phrases do you really mean? I have learned in life not to interfere where my attempts to help are wilfully refused and thus, so be it then.

          No more life experience tips then from me to you. When I was young I listened and learned from my elders but I GUESS TIMES HAVE CHANGED AND NOT FOR THE BETTER , IN THAT RESPECT!

  23. Has anyone noticed that Arsenal always stop going forward whenever they score a goal? That’s negativity, boring to the core. Well, I really don’t see Arsenal improving under the management of Mikel Arteta.

    Lots of people here defend Arteta, claiming we don’t have quality players to end up in top 4, look at Willock, Saliba they are doing really well, I’m not so sure about Guendouzi but Mavropanos isn’t doing bad either…. Transfer Martinalli and Saka to either Man City or Liverpool and see Ghardiola and Klopp turn them into world class.

    Something is definitely wrong with this Arsenal team, every player is scared of taking risks, I remember some matches where Arsenal attacked crazily under Unai Emery, but I can’t really say that about this Arteta team. Well, 3 point is 3 point, whatever happens next season it’s still my Arsenal, I have no choice than to support the team and hope for a better tomorrow. Well done guys.

    1. 2nd in the league in the last 23 games now if that doesn’t constitute consistent good form I don’t know what does we’ve played everyone in that time. Maybe that is why people are defending Arteta. Poor start (with plenty of valid reasons pandemic/injury) followed by easy top 4 form.

      The absolute nonsense spewed on here would make you think we were on a terrible run of form but we’re not we are actually flying. Beggars belief. Delusional doesn’t even begin to sum it up.

      1. Angus, wenger was the master at getting the calender year results in his final years but his season results never matched. The season runs from August to May and where you finish, how many you have won and lost and how you have done over a season. Please dont try and dress up a situation that is below expectations and standards.

        1. It’s 23 games not some tiny cherry pick. Your just delusional. The pandemic and injuries contributed to the 14 game poor run (a run that is smaller than our current run.) The fact we couldn’t buy a creative player because of the pandemic and that run of form coincides with smith-rowe returning from injury is just random according to the likes of you. Really lacking any logic or critical thinking skills. It amounts to my colleagues/friends take the piss I want titles now let’s blame Arteta instead of looking realistically at the situation. Meanwhile most the same people praise Tuchel for far less games of form and a squad that benefitted not suffered like us from the pandemic (not to mention a side we recently beat under him.) Couldn’t make it up.

      2. Come on man! This is the first time in season we have put a run of 4 games together …imagine just 4 and you think we are flying 🤣😂🤣. Man! You expect so little from the team.

          1. By the way this comment sums up my issue with our fanbase. We’ve been on a 23 game run that has us 2nd and our fans genuinely believe we’re in bad form. Scary really how far detached from reality the mainstream opinion of our form is. Other clubs fans would be shouting from the roof tops that next was their year. Embarrassing.

          2. Angus, what are you on about, we have lost 6 league games since xmas day, we got knocked out of the FA cup early and got dumped out of the EL by our old manager with a worse team. You are saying our form improved? Stop dressing it up to something it isn’t.

          3. Pal I am not smoking anything, it’s you who is star stuck by Arteta of all people. What run are you on about. In these 23 games we have won four straight win just 4! We went out in FA cup to Southampton, we went out to Villarreal in EL and now we are not even in Europe next year. Are your medication making you imagine things which do not exist 😆

          4. Angus I am on your side of the argument Very much so too! But I believe we are actually fourth in form since Xmas not second. But either way we are doing so much better now and I AM HOPEFUL FOR NEXT YEAR. I am torn on wanting MA to stay,not leave, but hope he stays and cannot see us attracting a top proven world class name with this awfulowner.

            Allegri had already rejected us prior to Emery coming. Not surprisingly and I HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS and a mature patient life outlook, unlike so many younger fans.

      3. To be fair, it is a strange season. It’s heartening to see but no one has a great record in those games. I really think we need to improve our midfield and CF positions for next season – it will make all the difference

  24. Angelo, there is definitely something wrong with how we play. Its boring and will take us nowhere.

    1. Very frustrating at times, Reggie! When they’re not going backwards or sideways (😂), they’re always trying to find that perfect pass!! I’m forever screaming at the tv ‘get it in the box!!’
      Odegaard did and look what happened – Gabi scored – amazing!!!

  25. Palace should have been given 2 red cards and their goal should not have stood that was a foul on Elneny.

  26. If Arsenal happens to finish 7th this season, will this 7th place finish by them not be an improvement on the 8th place finish that they had last season?

    And I’ve noticed that Gooners often talk of the Gunners passing sideways and backwards in matches. But forgetting that Arteta the Gunners gaffer was a specialist at doing it when he was at Arsenal playing. I think It’s a kind of defensive game playing strategy that’s being employed to calm things down when it’s going though. Then survey the situation and charge to regain control in the game.

    Tottenham Hs and Everton are in poll position to finally finished in 7th and 8th place this season than our own dear Arsenal are. But there could be twists and turns on the final day of the season that will see Arsenal finish on 7th to qualify to play in the Uefa Conference League next season at the expense of Spurs and Everton. Who will also make sure they try to qualify by winning their last match.

    So, next season’s Uefa Con League qualification is for Spurs and Everton to lose. And for Arsenal to gain if they beat Brighton. Therefore, let us pray for Arsenal to beat Brighton. And wait to hope Spurs and Everton have capitulated to hand over next season’s Conference League football playing to Arsenal.

    1. I think the teams above us will be trying their hardest to miss the Europa Conference, its a bit of a non event and is a total waste of time.


  27. Started the game slow, then dominated for sometime in the first half, started 2nd half slow, we were at back foot really, Palace made a great effort for equalizer and they got it, received a goal, lost compsure. I thought substitutions were really late, I was frustrated and sleepy, closed the match at 84th minute. I woke up, Arsenal won 3-1! Had to rewatch highlights.
    Roller coaster really.

  28. 4 matches unbeaten, a good 3-1 win. Some good performances. I’m just a bit frustrated they find some consistency basically when it’s too late.

  29. Even though we produced a performance in the second half that was free of urgency and could have sent ‘football minded supporters’ to sleep, we won through the brilliant Gabriel Martinelli and rejuvenated Pepe. The win was good, but the urgency and pace snoring. My only joy will be if we beat Brighton and the Spuds lose, they are more snoring than we are. Like Mourinho Arteta should be given his snoring P45.

  30. The result was better than the performance, but the points are most welcome.Our failure to test their GK despite all our possession is a big failing and needs to be rectified.Was Auba playing?Does Pepe have a future as a central striker?Saka has lost his energy and surely Martinelli will start against Brighton.Some food for thought.

    1. Yes Grandad lets hope with the “promised” investment and the upgrade in playing staff that will bring, that there will be a marked improvement.

    2. I don’t think Pepe would work as a CF in most games but we certainly need to get him into the central positions more often – perhaps that is something we’ve been working on? With Auba’s loss of form he’s far and away our best finisher

  31. Congratulations to Roy Hodgson on the completion of a 45 year managerial career across 16 teams in 8 countries. His personal conduct has always been of the highest standard, regardless of provocation. He leaves football highly respected by his peers.
    Enjoy your retirement oh faithful servant of the game.

  32. I remember under emery we were conceding over 20 shots on goal no matter who we were playing, that’s not happening anymore some times you have to go backwards to go forwards

    1. On the other hand our shots on goal have dried up. Our shots on target and efforts are poor.

    2. Agree with this. Always expected a drop in performance this season, but it was really awful until ESR came into the side. I think Arteta is building a platform but we desperately need the summer moves to be positive

  33. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather a1-0
    Then a3-2 George Graham style
    Keep it tight at the back lad’s

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