Arsenal close in on Perisic as Croatian demands move (BBC report)

Arsenal’s last minute search for a winger maybe be getting closer to fruition and I am thinking we are going to be seeing a few players going in and out of the Emirates in the closing days of the transfer window. Christopher Nkunku seems to be on his way, and now Ivan Perisic is trying to force his way out of Inter Milan amid interest from Arsenal.

It was David Ornstein from the BBC that revealed that we were in advanced talks for the Croatian, and there was another BBC report last night in which the Inter President revealed that Perisic had asked for permission to leave. The report said….

Arsenal target Ivan Perisic has handed in a transfer request to Inter Milan, according to the club’s director Giuseppe Marotta.

The winger, 29, was an unused substitute in his side’s 1-0 Serie A defeat at Torino on Sunday.

Before the game, Marotta told Sky Sports Italia: “Perisic has asked to leave but there is no offer for him. We will see in the coming days.”

Premier League side Arsenal want to sign the Croatian on loan.

“Many players ask for a transfer,” added Marotta. “Perisic has expressed this desire, we must try to satisfy him, respecting the asset value that the player has for the club.”

Despite being 30 years old next week, it would appear that Inter are valuing Persic at £35m-£40m, which seems exceedingly high to me. Maybe it is a premium price because we are in January or simply because it is Arsenal that are calling, but personally I would only go for a loan to see if he can even adapt to the Premier League first.

That money would be far better spent on a promising youngster as far as I am concerned….



  1. Grandad says:

    I cannot believe Emery would consider an aging winger(albeit a good one) when his team is in dire need of defenders.In this connection I trust he will play young Mav against Cardiff.

    1. Phil says:

      I agree Grandad-But who would bet against either Xhaka and/or Monreal tomorrow evening

    2. gotanidea says:

      I also don’t believe that Emery wants Perisic

      I agree with Admin that we could get a promising young winger with that amount of money. If Arsenal clinch this deal, I think they have not learned from Mkhitaryan-Sanchez swap deal and Ozil’s deal yet

    3. Enagic says:

      That’s not the point here, Emery stated that we need players who can come in and help us right away and Perisic is a perfect candidate for that. I see people here in this forum keep coming up with names like Saka, nketiah etc the truce is they are not ready even some who we have in 1st team are not good enough for big games like last Friday vs manu what Emery is trying to do here is get a proper balance age doesn’t matter if you are good enough

  2. McLovin says:

    Perisic would be quality, for a loan deal. I don’t think we would buy him in the summer. We must be after the likes of Pepe and Thorgan Hazard in the summer!

    Very hypocritical of Inter not letting Perisic go out on loan without obligatory buy. They loan players all the time. Even now they have Politano, Balde, Vrsaljko, Soares on loan!

    1. gotanidea says:

      It’s okay if it’s just a loan, because he has been inconsistent in World Cup and Serie A

      I agree that Arsenal should have chased younger wingers, the ones that have been performing well in this season

      1. Enagic says:

        Sir, young and quality wingers are not available in this window and good strategy is to get players on loan if they perform and then we can talk about buying them next summer

      2. Thomo says:

        Perisc.had a very good world cup

  3. Adajim says:

    No doubt perisic will improve us, i dont know what else to think of our defence though, i currently cannot think of a good cb who is available this january, so i hope UE can keep us in the mix, get top 4, as i believe summer is going to be great for us.
    For those moaning over AW, i have a question:
    Would u guys prefer we sack UE now and bring back AW or u simply want us to be like chelsea and RMD who changes coaches now and then?

    1. McLovin says:

      I don’t want Wenger back. He was part of the problem.

      Emery has not done so well so far IMO. He’s not immune to criticism. Kudos to him actually saying out lout that we DON’T have any money to spend. Now the fans know where we are at.

      The AKB’s have waited for these kind of moments when the new manager is not doing so well so they can come out and say “we told you so” etc. It was the same when we won with Wenger. And when we got trashed/humiliated, they were nowhere to be found.

      Now when we do well, they are hiding and when we are humiliated, they come out again.

      1. Sarmmie says:

        Imo, the fact that arsene was wrong and bad doesn’t mean that anything emery does is good, right and vice versa.
        Also, the fact that I’m questioning Emery doesn’t mean that I want wenger back, it’s not like they’re the only coaches in the world
        This is not about getting his own players, there’s no such stuff about getting ur own players, tell me what does he need?
        last season we scored a lot of goals with iwobi, ozil, lacazette and Giroud who’s worse than the aubameyang that replaced him but we also conceded a lot of goals cos our team lacked a tough tackling midfielder and a good defence

        Emery got a tough tackling midfielder and signed a player in the central defender who’s arguably better than all those we used last season

        But lately we’ve been finding it difficult to create chances not to talk of converting them into goals. And our defensive record dz season is worse than that if last season, we’ve conceded more and had less clean sheets, you can confirm that yourself.

        All I’m saying is, there has been no change and there’s no sign of it yet despite the fact that he got some players in our worst area last season, which is defending, but we’ve conceded more goals and our attack doesn’t create chances like before.

        So these are the questions,
        1. where are we going? much time should we give him? should we give him 22 years cos that’s how long his predecessor used?

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Sarmmie, maybe if you looked at the injury record at Arsenal this year, Koscielny and Mavropanos out for extended periods from the start of the season, season plus injuries to Holding, Bellerin and Welbeck and the continuing revolving door between the pitch and the treatment room for multiple players and you might see the reason.

          1. TH14-TW14 says:

            This injury excuse does not explain any of the issues that Sarmmie raised.

            1. Our defensive weakness was there before the injuries, right from the first two games of the season where Arsenal conceded 5 goals. We have had only 3 clean sheets in the league this year, 2 of which were after the injuries.

            2. Injuries do not explain the drop in attacking performance. All season, Arsenal hasn’t created enough chances, only bailed out by a conversion rate that has now dropped as well.

            3. Arsenal has for over 10 years suffered injuries to many key players all at the same time with some taking 1 to 2 seasons before ever appearing again. Eduardo, Rosicky (2007/2008), Ramsey,Varmalen (2010/2011), Ramsey, Walcott (2013/2014), Carzola, Coquelin (2016/2017), all these long term injuries were accompanied with lesser term ones to other players in same season (1 -3 months). No one took these injuries as an excuse for us not winning the league but today, it is an excuse for not making top 4. Besides, with those injuries, top 4 was regularly secured and in some of the seasons we fought for the tittle though coming short (2007/2008 by 4 points and 2013/2014 by 6 points).

          2. Sarmmie says:

            I agree the injuries have been harsh on the defensive side, but is it cos of welbeck’s injury that we’ve stopped creating chances?

            Also we now have a good, tough tackling, ball winning midfielder, don’t you think should reflect in the number of chances created and taken against us?
            There were times pundits claimed arsenal concedes too much cos there isn’t enough protection for the defence by the midfield, that protection is there now, but still…

            I know he might need time, but the main problem under wenger is still there, our defensive record is like that of a mid table team, even with the injuries, would you say our defenders are the same with the defenders of those smaller teams?
            If your answer is yes, the fact still remains that their defences aren’t attacked as much as ours cos as a big team, we should keep the ball more. So if we concede around the same number of goals as a team whose defence is tested more, then, something is wrong somewhere

            And there’s no way we can’t mention the coach’s name in such a situation cos our defenders aren’t poorer than the defenders in these other teams. They may be in the same level, but definitely not poorer

            Also on the attacking area, things are just worse with the only injuries being welbeck and mkhitaryan who weren’t really key parts of the attack

            So my questions again, where are we going? what does he really want to do?

        2. Break-on-through says:

          There has been change. Arsenal players have more grit in this team than we’ve seen over any consistent basis throughout the last ten years. Arsenal have let fewer set pieces in this season than every other side. You might not think that is a big enough difference, but it could be a huge difference – once our players adapt to the new league, and we bring in better players, who will also need to settle into the team. We are not afraid to drop any player who is not living up to his end, so long as we have options in that position. The mistakes that Arsenal players make, that for the most part, is not something that a manager has much control over. All a manager can do to change that, is to replace the repeat offenders, but what if we don’t have the money to replace them, then it is a case of someone like yourself – using them, to tell others that there is no improvement. The PL needs sizing up, the players usually need time, and the club needs to spend. It is much too early for this judgement day s**t.

          Koscielney v utd for example, was anyone surprised to see Kos playing the wide runner onside before getting back and not knowing to go to the ball or to pick up the receiver, a bit of both was chosen and he ended up in no mans land. Kos has been doing stuff like that ever since he was in his prime, it’s too late now to iron that out of his game. Or when Xhaka switches off, and we’re under the cosh after one pass, a coach cannot control that stuff, there is only so much a coach can do with the players he’s got. All players make mistakes, some fans need reminding, but these players have took them in turns and we’ve been riddled with them over the seasons.

          1. jon fox says:

            Your true voice of reason , perspective and sanity rises with the truth once AGAIN! Like an oasis in an arid desert of unfair criticism!

          2. Sarmmie says:

            Okay, let’s see how things will pan out by the end of the season. When he gets *his* players.

  4. Ariho Banabasi says:

    Arsenal needs defense… See the injuries they have..
    They must sign a new defender

  5. McLovin says:


    Barca bought De Jong for £65 millions but he won’t join them until July. Why cannot we buy our player targets well before summer window? The transfers are paid when the player actually moves – so in the summer, correct?

    We did exactly this with Podolski and Giroud, who were bought before the window opened.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Yes I would prefer someone younger, but he’s a MASSIVE upgrade on what we currently have on the wings! I cannot believe how fussy the fans are being, given the situation we’re in. Im sure Perisic will do more in one season for us, than Iwobi’s done in his whole career!

  7. Achala says:

    The Perisic deal is reminiscent of Aubameyang. A player who is excellent, but overpriced due to there not being resale value. Auba cost 55 mil. and can be sold for max 20 when he’s 32 in two and a half years’ time. Perisic could fetch maybe 10 mil. in 3 years’ time.

    In both cases we pay for the salary and also the loss of value of 30 – 35 mil. pounds.

    Not what a Kroenke team wants. The thing is, we need Perisic more than we needed Auba last year, and I’m not sure if there’s any winger who is young and cheap and currently in form and wants to join Arsenal. Not sure at all.

  8. Sue says:

    He may have handed in a transfer request… doesn’t mean he’ll end up with us!!
    I’ve given up on us getting anyone now…we’re going to have to make do with what we have & hope to god we have money to spend in the summer!

    1. Sarmmie says:

      It won’t make sense for us to sign a 30 year old player, that doesn’t sound like building for the future to me

  9. BenardoM says:

    We should not be forced to accept an obligation of buying a player with such an age in the summer.Perisic might be a gamble on loan and end up rolling.We need to invest a player for today and tomorrow.Chukuweze from villareal should be considered since he is a free agent even though he is young.

  10. Patrick_G says:

    Anyone who criticizes Emery now is just being super negative.

    1. Patrick_G says:

      I for one is not very happy about our financial situation, but thats not the coach is fault.

      Also some players are not good enough. That is not only the coaches is fault. It’s just the fact that some are not good enough.

  11. Patrick_G says:

    Carassco will be a better option regarding the age and future value.

    I’m sure the Asian club wont mind loaning him and get the cash end of the season.

    Where as Inter want cash upfront, they also need a replacement. Reminds me of that Lemar deal.

  12. Patrick_G says:

    Think Arsenal is the only club who looks to be interested in a Winger currently out of all the other big clubs in the Top 6.

    So i guess Carassco might not have so many option.

  13. Break-on-through says:

    Persic, Inter were asking too much for him after the WC, a few teams were interested and even Manu was said to be priced out of it. If he was only turning 29 I believe about 30m euros would be a good price, so long as he’s the type of player that we want. But he turns 30 in Feb, so after this season we might get two more seasons and hopefully then some. I reckon Arsenal only want to loan this player, they have no intention of paying that money in the summer. If it works, it could be a good deal, we need some quality and Perisic is rounded, but will he adapt quickly or will he have the push to want to grow his fan-base.

    Nkunku, weirdly he is the one I am most excited about, I hope you are right and this is all but done. You want to see young talented players arrive, like with Guendouzi, Torriera. He came through that famous training facility, so even to get into that you need to have a certain promise about you …Pogba didn’t even make the cut.

    Sokratis is a blow, 7 or 8 games, isn’t that just great, it couldn’t have been worse timing, or could it? Well, at least Mavro will get his shot, problem is that we need to ease him in because he’s only back from a long injury. Koscielny, to be honest I could see an injury waiting to happen here, and if we need to keep relying on him, I’d expect a set-back because his injury was a really long one and he’s not as flexible as he once was.

    1. jon fox says:

      I posted , as Kos was almost ready to return , that it was foolish to expect any more than a bit part from him ever again. He has long been injury prone with a chronic achilles and had markedly regressed even while still in the team prior to his long lay off. Sadly , I am again correct. There is only so long that you can ever KEEP mending any item structurally weakened and also age weakened. Being an arch realist DOES help me see the truth. I am constantly appalled how many football fans, not just our fans by any means, let their natural bias prevent them seeing the obvious truth. Some fans choose to insult me when I say I am always a realist but that is out of their OWN bias, because I say the facts that they do not wish to face up to. In life, whatever the problem you have – and football is a part of life – you have to correctly identify it before you ever have the slightest hope to cure it. THAT IS PLAIN AND OBVIOUS. But sadly, not to some. I do not, obviously , claim to be right about everything and many, many things are matters of opinion and open to debate. That is healthy. But other things are facts. It is those who wilfully ignore facts that appall me.

      You see these double standards everywhere; even though a small a degree of hypocrisy is a natural and normal part of the human condition and even goes as far as to make us interesting and fully human. I am not different in this respect. ALL A MATTER OF DEGREE! But wilfully denying the clear truth to others(and oneself): eg “My dog would never bite; my child would never behave like that”, when faced with clear evidence that they have, is a lack of self honesty and I crave honesty above almost all else. Dishonest folk are lifes losers. Gazidis for example; a liar to his fingertips. Stinking rich but a loser in life all the same. Ditto Kroenke!

  14. ACE says:

    Perisic is a quality player and adding him on a
    short term loan for the balance of the season
    would be a good piece of business by AFC. If
    the Croatian happens to shine in his short spell
    @ the Emirates then perhaps the club would consider extending his stay in Nortj London but
    to an obligation to buy clause anywhere in the
    language of this possible loan. Committing
    £30+M to a soon to be 30 yr old player that has
    never played in the Premier League and quite
    frankly may be trending toward the twilight of
    his career would be a terrible decision by the
    AFC brass. Consider that the following laundry
    list of players fall into the same financial
    category as the Coatian, would imho be
    upgrades at there respected positions and all
    have the luxury of youth on there sides. ?

    Eric Bailly—24
    Ismalia Sarr—20
    Hirving Lozano—21
    Jonathen Tah—23
    Pablo Fornals—22
    Stephen Bergwjn—21
    Issa Diop—24
    Svev Van Beek—-21
    Malang Sarr—-20
    Eder Militao—-20
    Jamalle Lascelles—-24
    Presnel Kimpembe—-21
    Aissa Mandi—-27
    Denis Zakarhia—-20
    Junior Firpo—-22
    Franck Kesse—-21
    Yousef Bennasser—-22
    Amadou Haidara—20
    Aaron Wan Bissaka—21
    Amadou Diawara—21
    Nathan Ake—23
    Dayto Upamecano—-20
    Leon Bailey—-20
    Ibrahima Kontae—-19
    Nicola Barella—-21
    Daniel Rugani—-24
    Benjamin Henrichs—-21
    Mario Hermoso—-23

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Quite an extensive list, it’ll be interesting to see how many of them move and to where, and if we will even end up with any of them. Upamecano might be on the move. Lozano, Bailey, I Sarr, could be too, we’ve been linked with all three. I’d like to add Pavon if he has a passport.

      1. ACE says:

        Sadly BOT AFC will probably be priced out of
        the market for proven players on that list such
        as Lozano, Bailey, Upamecano, Barella, etc
        but if Arsenal can only consider loan offers in
        this window than they bloody better be laying
        the foundation for acquiring some of these
        types of players come the summer. I would be
        over the moon if the club leaked reports that
        deals for Jonathen Tah(or Bailly or Upamecano) Ismalia Sarr and Franck Kessie were already wrapped up for the summer. Acquiring such an incredible lot of young talent wouldn’t come cheap, likely somewhere in the neighborhood
        of £125M but Arsenal could attempt to offset
        this number by moving on the likes of Mustafi, Xhaka, Miki, El Neny and possibly Ozil. Even at
        a loss AFC imo could recoup close to £70M on
        players sales, possibly more if they can
        somehow manage to find a suitor for the
        mercurial German.
        If the N’kunu deal goes through and the French starlet impresses during his North London stay then Arsenal could consider testing out the
        Parisian giants mettle in the summer by
        submitting a fair bid to make his stay
        permanent. Somewhere around £20-25M
        should see the deal done.
        Add an experienced RB like Sidibe from
        Monaco@ around £12-15M and perhaps
        Navas for £10M to deputize Leno and Arsenal would be ready to roll for next year.

        All this could be done and dusted for an
        investment of around £100M (less if Ozil
        is sold). Arsenal would look much the
        different side and growing pains would be
        inevitable but damn the future would be
        bright considering 7 of the below starters
        would be 23 or younger. ???


  15. Declan says:

    Kos and Mavrapanos will be the centre half pairing tomorrow.

    1. Sue says:

      Too soon for Kos surely Declan…..

      1. Declan says:

        I thought that earlier too Sue but been hearing it was just bruising and swelling and he could be in contention. Perhaps he’ll wear one of those phantom of the opera masks ?

        1. Sue says:

          That’ll do nicely then if he does play… bet Aubameyang will want that mask ?

  16. ks-gunner says:

    Emery is here here for the short term. His job is to reach cl football and to do so players like Peresic are ideal.

  17. harold says:

    Perisic is on big wages. Why spend so much money on a player who has clearly past his best with no Premier league experience. Arsenal best option in the January window is to buy a player with premier league experience and preferably left footed, someone like Adnan Januzaj who played well in the world cup has good pace, control, decent dribbler and a good finisher.

    Adnan Januzaj wages is not high and a transfer free in the region on £11 million is well within Arsenal budget. Taking into consideration he has played in the premier league and his best years is ahead of him. Perisic is an expensive short term gamble which is not worth taking. Arsenal need to make a good signing now in January, so that we can secure top four position, which is well within reach.

  18. Malik says:

    I think alot of people are missing the point with this perisic deal. Arsenal have about 4 promising youngsters in his position and are almost certain at least one of these players will be an integral part of the squad, Baka, Smith-rowe, Nelson and iwobi are very highly regarded. The only thing is we need a winger that is ready today to not only help us on the pitch but to help raise the game of these youngsters in training. Perisic is reportedly happy with 107,000 euros a week. This is less than Ozil,myhkitarian and Ramsey demands and I assure u perisic is substantially better and suits emerys style way more than ANY other player previously mentioned. We are potentially getting one of the very best wingers in the world

  19. DDK says:

    LOL, if this was happening on Wenger’s watch he would be crucified. The double standard is staggering. The other difference is that Wenger would not publicly come out and say that we can only afford loan deals. I have never been so embarrassed as an Arsenal supporter. Thanks Unai.

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