Arsenal close to agreeing contract with Man United target

Arsenal are closing on an agreement which will tie Mesut Ozil down beyond his current contract.

The German international has been in spectacular form this season, creating a host of chances for his team-mates, while leading the Premier League assists chart by some margin.

Manchester United are believed to be eyeing his signature, with possible-incoming manager Jose Mourinho claimed to be keen on signing him for the Red Devils. The former Chelsea boss worked with the assist-king at Real Madrid previously, and knows his talents all too well.

Despite the reported interest, he is said to be close to agreeing to sign a new contract with the North-London side, and is being lined up for a club record ยฃ200,000 per week wage.

Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are both entering the final two years of their contracts this summer, and their club are believed to be keen on agreeing extensions this summer, in order to avoid any risk of having to lose a key star for less than their value, or lose their stars at all.

The Chilean star is not believed to be as keen to sign him deal currently, which could see him offloaded in the close-season, with both Juventus and Bayern Munich speculated to be interested.

Ozil has been Arsenalโ€™s best player by some distance this term, and is more than deserved of his record-deal, and I will just be pleased that the chance of him leaving in the mean time will be quashed.

Is Ozilย our best player, or has he simply had a very good season?

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  1. This is a good news for Arsenal if true..
    I don’t think Wenger will allow Ozil leave without a fight and Ozil himself doesn’t look like he wants to go if you ask me….

    I just have a little concern about Sanchez,he has to stay..
    Even if we sign a good replacement for him,I still don’t want him gone,we need to strenghten the team not rebuild again

    1. If only wenger would add 2 more world class players to alexis and ozil we would have a world class front 4 that would strike fear into the opposition. The back up of giroud, Welbeck chamberlain walcott Campbell Iwobi toral wellington would be pretty good back up.

      Like wise a world class DM to start alongside cazorla, with coquelin, elneny, wilshire and ramsey providing back up would again be enough.

      Finally a world class centre back to add to complete a first choice back 4 with bellerin koscielny and Monreal, leaving jenkinson chambers Mertesacker Gabriel and Gibbs as the back up.

      Cech ospina and martinez complete my squad

    2. Ozil is class and consistent.
      When he came fans said Ozil
      will attract the worlds best
      strikers and Arsenal will tear
      the league a new one.
      Wenger with his eye for talent responded in
      his unique inimitable way by giving Ozil a
      galaxy of super star strikers to provide assists for.
      Bendtner Park Giroud Chamakh Chamberlain
      Myachi Podolski Walcott Wellbroke and Sanogo
      stepped up and and Arsenal won three consecutive
      EPL titles and two ECL titles. Well not exactly.
      Alas even the acquisition of Ozil the assist master
      could not persuade Arsenal’s stable of super star strikers to flourish
      but Arsenal did beat Power house clubs Hull and Aston Villa in the F’All trophy.
      It can only get better…I hope.

  2. OT..
    …..In other news, Wenger has completely dismissed talk about being close to signing a new contract…
    ………However,when asked if signing a new contract will depend on the results of next season,he said “yes,you sum it up well”

    ……Now MAYBE Wenger will do all he can to win the EPL and go far in the UCL next season in order to WIN/EARN a new contract..

    1. Yes it was “supposed” to be
      his last season but I
      knew an extension was
      on the table months ago.
      Depending on next season?
      We all know that top 4 is the pass mark for the owner,
      board and 75% of Arsenal supporters so he is
      likely to be Arsenal manager through to 2019 at least ๐Ÿ™

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wenger sign a new contract and stay in charge till Henry is ready… okay I lie, I do kinda hope for that to happen >.<

        I do feel you are being a bit unfair on that 75%, isn't it more the case that top 4 is the minimum they want but they still want to see us win the EPL…

        I do think that the board setting it as the target is wrong though, during stadium repayment then fine but not now, if Wenger couldn't hit the new target then fine, get a new manager… At least have the ambition.

        Is the board ever going to sack him if he keeps us in the top 4? Lets say they never do and Wenger passes away, will they keep the next manager for decades just because he can keep us in the top 4?

        What message would that send the players?

        The board needs to show ambition and send that message to the players.

  3. Xhaka liked a photo of Elneny and Ozil on his official Instagram page…I smell something!!!!

    I remember Sanchez following Arsenal players before we signed him…


  4. If Germany wins the European Championship and Mesut ร–zil plays well than Arsenal can sell him for 100 mil to China.

  5. WTF….

    Piers Morgan said “a 3 year deal is on the table already” whether it’s signed or not!

    Arsene Wenger categorically denies a 2 year contact extension….

    Please sign
    A world class C.F
    A world class C.B
    Whichever midfielder is happy to play for arsenal ie: Granit or kante

    Then please sign a contact for yourself ….

    1. Yes it’s officially unsigned
      but Wenger says it is
      dependent on next season
      which confirms an extension
      is a possibility.
      Its just lexical semantics, with the presupposition
      and implication being clear if not actually
      involving a written document.
      So basically he can say that he has no knowledge
      of an extension when in fact he does know.

  6. Xkaha, Sturridge, Lukaku, Mahrez, Nante

    Its going to be a long summer

    Last summer after Cech we heard so many rumours especially Benzema but no outfielder
    This summer not only must we get a outfielder,we MUST get several outfielders, especially if we lose Walcott, Gibbs, Debuchy, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky. Welbeck will be gone for 9 months. Wilshere always gets injured

    Xhaka would be an excellent start (like Cech was last season) if we got him
    But we need:
    DM unless Xhaka will be used for that purpose
    backup RB and LB
    In my opinion a winger too but not vital

    1. Would you be surprised if Wenger came out and said Bielik will be with the 1st team and he will be like a new signing? Then no CB purchase…
      From the little I have seen of Bielik he has done fantastic at CB and he seems commanding, maybe, just maybe we have the answer already for CB? A Bielik/Chambers partnership catches my curiosity. If we keep Per then we could have 5CB, I am actually happy with our main 3 CB of Per/Kos and Gab. Gab is getting better with each game, yes a bit hot headed but so was Kos, I remember his 1st game and his 1st red card in the same game. In my head, Gab should be getting more games next season but Per will still be there for the teams we have to defend deep and heavily.

      Back-up RB, I want to see Jenkinson told to fight for RB, he covered Sagna well and since he lost his place to Sagna (who didn’t perform great) Jenks just went downhill a bit. He deserves 12 months as cover to see if he can do the job after the extra experience he gained. He is a Arsenal fan and he always gave 200%, as a backup we can’t expect to sign Sergi Aurier to come to us and sit on the bench. Bellerin will not be displaced by anyone while he is in form so a passionate dedicated back-up could be worth his weight in gold.

      Winger, I am hoping we give Jon Toral and Jeff R-A more of a chance, Toral has performed out on loan contributing towards 22% of his teams goals and Jeff just excites me to watch.
      Along with Iwobi, Campbell and Alexis… 5 Wingers.

      I would guess that Xhaka will be a DM/Deep lying playmaker, to be fair I am only worried about our CM when Ramsey is in it ๐Ÿ˜› Would be nice to have quality in cover for our CM, they can dictate the game and we do tend to suffer from injuries ๐Ÿ™
      DM = Coquelin/Elneny/Xhaka?
      CM = Cazorla/Ramsey(Wengers fault, not mine!)/Wilshere?

      As for LB, I would take Jordan Lukaku, young and from little I can find he looks like he would be a bargain. He says he has followed Arsenal.. true or not I don’t know but hey, if he wants to come to us then that is half the job done for Gazidis ๐Ÿ˜‰

      That leads me to the CF, spend the rest of the cash on his big brother, he wants CL football and has said he would like to play in the same team as his brother… We could give them both a home ^.^ Make them happy and they will perform their best, esp as it isn’t 600k a week wages ๐Ÿ˜›

      Save money on area’s we can and spend where we need to, time to see some of our promising youngsters step up and for Wenger to ‘stumble’ upon another gem.

    1. Who writes these articles…….keeping on of our two star players and losing the other is ‘being close to capturing a Man Utd target’.
      As if matters weren’t bad enough we hear that we are close to ‘another signing’ i.e. Wenger’s contract extension!!!!!!

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