Arsenal CLOSE to beating rivals to Dortmund star?

Arsenal fans can expect Arsene Wenger to be going after the same sort of players as many of our big rivals in the Premier League. In recent years that would inevitably have meant Arsenal missing out but we do seem to have a lot more financial clout and pulling power these days.

But with Man United having secured a place in the top four and with Louis van Gaal to be handed another huge transfer kitty at the end of the season, you would still expect us to struggle to beat them to a player.

But that is what is happening according to a Metro report. Man United were reported to be set to complete the transfer of the Germany international Ilkay Gundogan from Borussia Dortmund but have apparently been dragging their feet.

So Arsenal have stepped in, and the report claims that we are so close to sealing the deal. They say that club officials are already talking to Gundogan´s family about the terms of his £21 million transfer to north London this summer. Until the deal is done and dusted though, we should remember cases like the saga of Gonzalo Higuain when we were said to have agreed all the terms and were set to sign the papers any day – before the next we heard he had signed for Napoli.

Will this one go the same way? Only time will tell…

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    1. He has major health problems so why would we want Gundogan here? To keep Diaby company?

  1. These negative fickle fans need to get off the site! Lets seek arsenal’s best interest at heart, and stop being foolish in tumbing down comments that want to see arsenal fc progress and go from strength to strength!

    1. We need fans who lack any sort of ambition bigger than fourth out of this site, not those who care at heart and want arsenal to rech their potential

      1. OK piers calm down. Michael Owen has just said lallana is better then Sanchez. Guess you have another twitter war to get to.

        GO GET PIERS.

  2. Really hope Gundogan is avoided, not what we need in the least and for anyone suggesting he’d be a good singning you’re honestly talking nonsense.

    Good why? Because he’s an established talent? Terrific….but we have Cazorla and Rambo for the middle of the pitch, with Ox groomed to play there long-term. Absolutely foolish to buy another CM when we have 1 DM at the club and 1 genuinely good ST.

    I’d take Gundogan because I rate him highly…..but only after we buy a top drawer DM and ST. Add quality to quality all day long in my book it’s been years since we had a squad of world class talent. Just get some quality in every position first before overloading one aspect.

    1. Totally agree with you on this WE ABSOLUTL NEED A STRIKER before we think of any other signings and until we have that any money spent on the likes of Gundogan is wasted money in my view.
      Cavanni is too inconsistent, and wants too much money, Dybala has gone to Juve, we DONT need Stirling, the only real options we have are Benteke and Laccazetta. BUT im willing to bet my Ar$e virginity that Wenger will stick with Giroud as our only option and maybe buy players to crowd our already croded attacking midfield options.

      1. Cavani would be immense, nonsense to suggest otherwise.
        Sterling is a winger, but his signing would be fantastic.
        Benteke I rate.
        Lacazette I rate.
        Higuain I rate the most….perfect transfer in my eyes.

        This Dybala love-in has me laughing, good player no doubt but over Cavani? Pull the other one.

        1. Dybala is about potential. Nothing more. No doubt he could flop and has way more chance of flopping then a “cavani” but cavani isn’t getting better and will never be a “hazard” “messi” “ageuro”.

          1. Honestly don’t get the just of what you’re saying….

            Cavani will never be a hazard/messi/aguero? What short? Cavani was the best #9 on the planet at Napoli and has since gone on to PSG, hated his life there, and scored 53 in 90 games playing 2nd fiddle. Cavani is undoubtedly world class, he’d be frightening at the right club.

  3. Once again getting distracted from d priorities. We don’t need another cm! We hav Cazorla Ramsey wilshere. All of whom seem to b playing good. We a dm, a striker and gk!

  4. For crying out loud, we don’t need another attacking midfielder. We need a center forward ASAP. Walcott needs to go. Apart from 12-13 season, walcott has been just about ok. If liverpool offer anything above 20 million pounds, take it and bring in a proper big name goal scorer, One that will strike fear into the opposition defence. Agreed that may cost in excess of 40 million pounds but then again arsenal has the most expensive match day tickets so it shouldn’t be a problem

    1. I’m sure glad you’re an absolute nobody who will never come close to having a decision at Arsenal

    2. Spot on …. Gundogan is a quality player who I’d be happy to see in arsenal shirt but without another world class strike option … Sanchez is the only one right now… I don’t see much chance of progression next season and with wenger’s stupid recent talk about Walcott there are real worries that the guy is looking in right places to strengthen squad

  5. well put Charlie! id prefer we steer clear off of this injury prone CM and swoop up Kondogbia or some DM that we really do need. we need to also dump Welbeck and get someone more ruthless infront of goal. I wudnt mind a big-name striker like Dyabala.

  6. Offload. 8
    Flamini Arteta Diaby
    Rosicky Campbell
    Podolski Ryo Sanogo

    Squad. 25 players only.
    Ospina Szcz Martinez
    Bellerin Debuchi Gibbs Monreal
    Mertz Gabriel Koz Chambers
    Coquelin Schneiderlin Kondogbia Ramsey Wilshere
    Gnabry Zelalem Walcott Chamberlain Ozil Cazorla
    Sanchez Wellbeck Giroud

    On Loan Hayden Jenkinson Toral Akpom

      1. I don’t think we need him that much. 🙂 and that’s even so if his wage demands are high and we have the likes of Chamberlain.

        1. Not worth the money in my opinion when he’s been linked with huge wages and high transfer fees.

          1. Boohoo Theo is already on 100k, so justify that for a lad that isn’t a ST and is a winger that doesn’t defend, then tell me why Poldi is on 100k to tweet his life away?

            Sterling is a brilliant prospect, he can dribble, play tippy tappy, and would immediately walk into our first 11 on the RW instead of Rambo. Those guys cost a lot and get paid a lot…I’ve no issue with that as we pay good wedge to plenty who offer jack sh1t to Arsenal.

            1. 50 million for that lad? Even though it may cost as little as 25 million, we already have young brilliant players in the likes of Chamberlain. Getting him will be like having another Walcott if he turns out to be a money-pincher stalling on contracts. Focus will definitely not be on getting Sterling but players like Schneiderlin or a Giroud-like striker (but better) to challenge Giroud.

              1. 50mil? money-pincher? You read The Sun I’m guessing…

                He’d walk into the first 11 at RW. Chambo may have more potential than Sterling (debatable), but what’s unquestionable is the fact Chambo has very little end product (goals/assists) and spends a significant time hanging out with Jack on the treatment table. Sterling on the other hand has been in the Liverpool first 11 for 2.5 years and is a terrific player at 20.

                1. Well I said 50 million potentially as little as 25 million if you didn’t get it. How do you know his reason behind stalling on his contract? It could be ambition but that’s what many players claim but is that the truth? He thinks that he deserves more now. That explains my point on being a money-pincher. Will he be loyal or not? We won’t know. My concern was that he could be another Walcott. More importantly, do we need that addition or upgrade (as per your opinion) to our current squad? It’s like saying we need to buy Reus and Draxler despite all the players we have in that position now.

                2. I don’t know the reason….but you’re missing the fact it’s YOU assuming he’s stalling/money grabbing. Why should he extend his deal if he doesn’t want to stay?

                  If he cared only about money he’s missed out on about 70k extra per week the last 2 months. He’s good enough to play for any team in the league, so if I were in his shoes I wouldn’t tie myself to Liverpool at all. They want him to sign the deal.

                  Do we need a Sterling? Well Rambo is our current RW so pretty sure the debate ends there. We clearly have a need for a RW who’s top class and Sterling fits the bill.

                3. We do have Welbeck and Chamberlain fighting for that RW spot. So buy Sterling and sell Walcott plus either one of them? Strengthening other areas should be of greater priority than RW. We spend the money on Sterling and how much do we have left to bring in other players?

      2. Sterling wud b a gud signing but getting him wud mean having less money for bringing in d priority signings. Once we buy a gk, dm, lw/st I don’t care who we buy and for how much

  7. BANG!! Arsenal will also drag it and soon Chelsea will be reported to have spoken to his mother, later Man City will be very close to signing him to replace Yaya while PSG may also turn to him if Toure decides to stay in Man City, you just have to love transfer rumours bro.

  8. When its on Sky Sport and BBC you know it’s true.But when it’s Metro it is all rumour.

  9. Gundogan ??? Maybe he’s replacing Rosicky or Arteta.
    Good or even better replacement for any of the 2.

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