Arsenal CLOSE to sealing La Liga striker transfer?

Not every player that comes to England to play in the Premier League has to struggle to adapt to the different style of football played over here, but the way that Arsenal´s top signing of last summer settled straight in was still quite a surprise.

I wonder how much contact Alexis Sanchez still has with his former team mates at Barcelona. Hopefully quite a bit, with his fellow forward Pedro Rodriguez at least, because a Metro report claims that the Spain international is one of the players on the transfer wish list of Arsene Wenger this summer.

The report also claims that the Gunners have already made an offer to the Catalan club for the 27-year old who is about to enter the final year of his current contract. The news from Spain is that Pedro is ready to move on due to lack of playing opportunities since Luis Suarez joined Messi and Neymar at the Nou Camp and with young forwards coming through the academy system there, Barca are ready to cash in now rather than lose him for nothing.

He may not be the same sort of all action player as Alexis but while they were both in the same team their goal tallies were very similar. with the Arsenal star getting just five more in the three seasons they played together. But with offers apparently on the table from Man United and Inter Milan as well, we could do with the Chilean putting in a good word for us.

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    1. He would be a good squad player, we need a top class winger, Pedro is not world class as simple as that.

      1. I can’t believe that people think Pedro is quality,he’s a normal player,you should watch more of his games. But would be a good addition

    2. AFC have NEVER “raided” Barcelona or Real Mardrid. In order to be a “raider” club you must be willing to offer ridiculous transfer fees that just cannot be refused. AFC have never done that – they don’t spend that kind of money

      Sometimes AFC acquires players from them who have become unwanted/unneeded/surplus and sometimes these are very good players. No problem.

      1. I think Arsene and Arsenal have a decent relationship with Barcelona – good friends to have if you ask me. Like you say we do not raid their elite ranks – we just go shopping in their lower tiers and youth system, then they want them back, Cesc and now sniffing around Hector.

  1. how many forwards do we have now??including those coming back from unsuccessful loans + wellington silva? #just asking

  2. He’s not a striker, he’s a right winger.

    Surely we are after a left winger or a pure striker. Then again source: Metro… Fail.

      1. Aye, but who’s the other? Remember the panic when he got injured (in January/February)? Luckily it was only one game. But without him, we are short on the left.

        1. am sure you haven’t forgotten that wenger likes to throw carzola/ozil on that left wing

      2. Sanchez is our left winger we need a proper right winger, I would take Pedro over nothing. He is better than our current right wingers. If Theo starts performing and starts on the right then only we would not need a right winger. Pedro would be a good squad player and a great right wing backup

        1. Hes not going to swap the bench in Spain for the bench in England, at least in Spain you can soak some rays.

          Pedro is top quality, not on the level of Reus Bale Suarez but close as mentioned in the Article he is a similar level to Sanchez. Sanchez and Pedro are not far off the very top tier wing forwards… not far at all.

  3. “The news from Spain is that
    Pedro is ready to move on due to lack of playing
    opportunities”. His he going to get one at Arsenal? Doubt it.

  4. I dont think barça will let him leave…
    they just simply can’t afford it, due to transfer ban…

    1. seeing as admin is giving us somewhere to banter an chat with fellow gooners an all things arsenal an beyond.
      why the disrespect? no ones asking you stay….

  5. we have been linked with quite a few players around 28 and older. Pedro, Martinez, Cech, Milner, Vidal, which is good because it’s good to have experienced players as well as young promising ones

    1. I expect Wenger has one eye on Father Time now – he needs quick, reliable fixes with established players. He might think about going the Mourinho route (“bo**cks to youth/development – just buy the ready-made players) in an effort to go out in a blaze of glory The Bieliks, Gnabrys, Crowleys. Akpoms, Haydens of this world will be left as a parting gift to his successor in a few years time.

  6. Read Podolski will be off to Galatasary soon… Really wish we could’ve snapped up Griezmann last year as a RW with Alexis as the LW.

    1. Griezmann plays on the left or as a striker. For Sociedad Vela used to play on the right Griezmann on the left & for Athletico he players on the left or as a striker. Quality player tho

  7. give me griezmann on the RW
    Cavani up top and Morgan or Vidal & cech and Let’s call it a day.

    1. This football club management lark is a piece of pi** isn’t it? Not sure why people pretend it is difficult. Just replace half your team with players every top club in Europe would be in for and glory awaits – nailed-on guaranteed.

  8. Pedro is absolute quality there was a lot of debate last year about if barca sell a player it being either pedro or Sanchez who would you want. I don’t think there’s much between them quality wise. He’s a little bit like a Cazorla slightly underrated both footed but a versatile wide forward who can also play through the middle scores a lot of goals and assists. overswaddowd at Barca but competing with Messi, Neymar & Suarez very few players would be a first choice competing with them. I can’t see Barca letting him leave but I’d take him in a heartbeat.

  9. It is quite disturbing to read (most of the time) fans talking about some potential recruits or even current squad players “not being good enough to play for Arsenal”…!!!

    I mean I which they would explain their reasoning!

    “Not good enough to play for Arsenal”… What the f*ck does that mean?
    I mean, Are we winning leagues and CL on a regular basis? (I which)
    Are we amongst the 5 top teams in Europe?

    We are NONE of that and less…!

    Pedro? He played for Barcelona, a much better club than Arsenal, so coming to us means basically downgrading significantly.
    That is just a fact.

    For the money invested by the fans we should obviously get better quality and reward for our money (especially with a £8millions/year manager, I mean are you f*cking kidding me?).
    I think some have just resigned themselves to less and are becoming used to it.

  10. You were doing alright until you managed to bring up the standard “Wenger £8M year salary” jibe. I can’t believe that one living person has ever lost a minutes sleep regarding his salary. All smoke, mirrors and mock indignation. If he was paid £1M year would that make you happy and be content with less in terms of expectations?

    Frankly, forget the football for a moment, if you were running a business whose value had increased year on year for 20 years, banks £20-30M UCL money every year, pockets top 4 PL prize money (£95M this year) plus all the market spin-offs from the “Arsenal style/brand” then you’d be a mug to begrudge your main man his £8M. Obscene as it seems to some it is corporate peanuts for the return.

  11. You were doing alright too, until you mentioned the “standard” Arsenal Brand “crap” as well as the healthy financial balance…!
    I agree, but I don’t really care and I think the majority of the fans do not either.

    I would love to see our name, the club name amongst the pantheon of successful football franchise…
    Financially, we are European champion season after season, that is just a clear fact… Too bad club are not remembered (as well as manager) by what they have achieved “money wise” and their relation with the bank.

    Ten motherf*cking years and one FA cup (oh yeah, sorry , I am moaning again) and we call ourselves (well the deluded ones do) a “top club”…!!
    Go figure…

    Anyway, the only consolation is that seasons follow and resemble each other almost to the games.
    Now, according to Wenger, we are supposed to challenge for the league in 2017…!!

    Oh yes, the other clubs will wait for us to get competitive, so we can do that… In our own time of course… This is the way it works (In Wenger and his cronies minds) and some fans might believe him… Which is more disturbing.

    Again, time will tell, but I just cannot see us challenging for the Cl or even the league in the next 2 years…

    For now, let’s win the FA Cup on Saturday because we need that.

  12. Touchee! Yes the “standard” balancing the books stuff is monotonous but I’d wager a hefty amount if it was your money/investment you wouldn’t be so gung-ho on the spending front – especially if you could see a decent return at low risk with the current business model. Would you throw the dice and go all out with a mega spend spree with your own money (when you down to your last £500 mill!!) to try and win something meaningful? I agree, not many fans are interested in the business/financial side of things but no-one can be naive enough to think Wenger is getting paid the amount he is for sentimental reasons. Maybe the arguments on here need to move upstairs to the board and the strategic direction of the club and cut Wenger some slack once in a while. People hate been told about the 10 years of “austerity” but the proof is there and out in the open, how much was spent, what players were sold and the close to zero net spend. Unless the zero spend was Wenger’s idea/plan then even the most rabid critics have to admit the top 4 stuff is quite an achievement, done with Everton/Villa/N’castle level money/finance.

    And yes you are right lets just worry about the FA cup for now and then see what the summer transfer window brings – though I think I’ll give this place a miss for a few weeks if we blow it at the weekend.

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