Arsenal close to signing Lacazette after successful top level talks

It looks like Arsenal are finally getting close to landing the world class striker we have all been waiting for for many long years, with the news that Arsene Wenger and the Lyon president, Jean-Michel Aulas, have had meetings this week and are close to reaching an agreement on the transfer fee for Alexandre Lacazette.

The price is expected to be around £44m which would be a record for the Gunners, although it’s just a couple of million more than Arsenal paid Real Madrid for Mesut Ozil. As we all know there was an agreement in place for Lacazette to move to Atletico Madrid this summer until the Spanish giant’s transfer ban scuppered the deal allowing Wenger to jump in and hijack the deal.

Lacazette is currently on holiday, but is believed to be keen on a move to the Premier League, but it must be a club where he will be first-choice striker as he is desperate to play for France in next year’s World Cup Finals in Russia. Talks about personal terms are expected to begin in earnest when the 26 year-old returns from his summer break.

This deal will almost certainly mean that Olivier Giroud will leave Arsenal, as he also needs regular first team action if he is to maintain his place as Didier Deschamps main hitman, with competition arriving from Lacazette and Mbappe.

In France Lacazette has a great average record of a goal every second game for Lyon, but last year he improved immensely and scored an incredible 28 goals in 30 League appearances. He could be the stepping stone for Arsenal to finally lift the Premier League trophy after 14 barren years.

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. Dont get me wrong if lacazatte is a top stricker we wont get him.and if we really get him then i doubt he is a top stricker. we should have brought higuain or suarez or costa in the past when they were but we didnt. now we r out of CL n we r not MANU its reality

  2. He is no better than Giroud and this is why deschamps has him sit on the bench whilst Giroud starts.

      1. Don’t worry, he is a completely different player than Giroud. He is not world class and he is not an adequate replacement for Sanchez but he is an improvement on what we have and gives us more depth in our squad (unless he is meant to soften the blow of a Sanchez departure – then we would have reason to be to worried)

    1. @ArseOverTit…

      Can’t believe you also have this notion about Lacazette.
      He can’t and shouldn’t be compared to Giroud, Giroud has his unique qualities which is well appreciated by the france coach and Lacazette has different qualities….

      Griezmann is the one keeping Lacazette onthe bench, only Benzema and Gignac are similar to Giroud and their coach obviously like to play with one big(is lacazette a target man?) and small striker

      Some of us are being too harsh on the club, if we are signing a player he can’t be good enough but if others sign him and he turns good, wee blame the club

      1. I think all we need is to add more power to what we already have. Our term is good, we should be happy to see laccazate signing in our term. And also, i am sure he will perform good for us.

    2. It will take light years for Giroud to surpass Lacazette.He’s a far better player.Giroud is a very lucky player who looks good because of Arsemal.Stick Giroud in an average team and you’ll know his quality.You will know how good players are if you imagine them in average teams.Let’s see how Giroud does when he moves to a new club.If people claim Walcott has failed then why has Giroud also not failed?Before you bring up the stats if you also look at Walcott’s stats they are even very impressive.Look at the stats Walcott has in an injury hit career.But of course we know their real true quality because we watch them both.

      1. Giroud has talent though and he is World Class, he is the target man style of CF and when played to his strengths he can be a deadly striker.

        I have not missed an AFC game in years, Giroud can be lazy and that happens more when he is an unquestioned starter, when he has lost his place for brief periods then he has come back and been a CF that looks like he could lead a EPL team… if he could keep that consistency. We all knew he wouldn’t though and he didn’t, we knew he wouldn’t because look at who he had to compete with… Theo and Welbeck. Not Lacazette who has consistently been scoring goals for multiple years and also not proven to be injury prone either like Welbeck or Theo.

    3. He has made Greizmann sit on the bench too

      Giroud plays with Greizmann or Mbappe
      That may mean the work well together, not that Giroud is better than Lacazette

      Lacazette goals speak for themselves
      Even Giroud did not score that amount of Goals when he was in the French League

      Also Managers do make mistakes

      1. If Lacazette plays for Arsenal he might soon be starting for France.This is because of Wenger’s good reputation with French players.Anything can happen

    4. Different type of player mate! He will play better than Giroud does in an Arsenal squad so he would be an upgrade. Arsenal played much faster when they played Wellbeck instead of Giroud, now image a speedy striker who can finish off chances created by the players around him.

  3. 14 barren years? Yeah, nice one, I guess we’ll just completely ignore winning the FA cup 3 times in 4 years, because that only counts as a trophy when it’s not Arsenal winning it.

    1. The line reads “lift the Premier League trophy after 14 barren years.”.
      It doesnt say ANY trophy mate…..

  4. We haven’t had a prolific scorer for a long time, so he is much needed. People are bashing him because it’s Ligue 1, but Atletico Madrid keep getting strikers from even weaker leagues, and they’ve been doing great!

    I guess people definitely wouldn’t want Mbappe as well then, because he also plays in Ligue 1, and has only been quality for 6 months, compared to Lacazette who’s been consistently scoring for many years. I think fans need reminding of Ramsey who looked WC for half a season also, a few years back, and look what he’s done since! He’s been awful! Over a £100 million for a player who’s only been on the map for 6 months is insane! Despite his potential, it’s a huge risk.

    Aubameyang is top of my list, but I’d take Lacazette over Mbappe, because Mbappe hasn’t consistently proven himself yet, and we could get two WC players for the price of Mbappe…who isn’t WC.

  5. I think this is a brilliant signing, but a lot of people have changed their tone from last week when we were linked with Mbappe when Lacazette was just an average striker in a poor league whose unfit to lace Girouds laces.

  6. Anyone remember Giroud was top scorer in League 1 prior we signed him? Mbape for £100+? A big risk imo.

    1. 13, 23, 14 then 25 for Giroud with his last two club in France.
      22, 31, 23, 37 for Lacazette with Lyon.

      Last 4 years of playtime in France for each respective striker.
      I think we can see a difference can we not?

      One of them has managed over 20 goals twice while the other has managed over 20 goals in all 4 seasons.

  7. Lacazette is not world class.Being world class is mainly about quality,talent and being consistent.It has nothing to do with statistics.Lacazetter is far better than Giroud and Welbeck but I feel he’s not the best option.I’m not really excited about this transfer.The only thing that gives me hope is his finishing ability.I hope he can come and run the show here too with his goals.That’s the only thing I expect from him.But Wenger could’ve done far better.

    1. Alexis chances created per game is 2.05 and key passes is 1.79
      Lacazette chance created per game is 1.53 and key passes is 1.43
      Giroud chances created per game is 0.59 and key passes is 0.48
      Auba Chances created per game is 0.81 and key passes is 0.75.

      Only thing is finishing when Lacazette proven last year he offers the team more than just finishing ability compared to our own Giroud and Auba who has been recognised?

  8. Wenger can’t please everyone no matter who He signs. There are better strikers out there but getting Lacazette ain’t bad for me.

  9. btw: If we do buy Lacazette, credit to the club. I think the only better signings Lewendowski, Aubamayang, Aguero and perhaps Mbappe were all out of our league for different reasons.

    So this is the best available signing for all us and I would have hated to see him go to Pool or Man U or Everton or another competitor.

  10. If it happens it will be really good.
    Lacazette is capable of 20 + goals per season

    Lacazette, Ozil and Alexis looks more like a winning attack
    Let’s hope Alexis and Ozil sign and let’s hope Wenger gets one more quality winger to make our attack complete

    1. I agree with you 🙂
      The other winger I would like to be Lemar currently (Although there are some other really good players as well), 14 assists and 14 goals I think was his stats last year and Alexis has shown he can score while assisting at the same time…

      Get a CF who can create chances and also bang them in and all 3 of our attackers (3421 formation) will be able to share the workload.

      IMO this would be best so we don’t become dependant on a single player as much, we do tend to rely upon Alexis far too much and I think that helps the opposition as they also know this.

      The trio you mentioned in attack could be fun to watch as Alexis can play both ACM and CF, would we see him popping up in both places and giving CBs a real hard time? I love to see attackers swap roles for short periods and that trio would be able to swap from the 3421 to 3412.

      Then I get to thinking about “What if we need to swap to Plan B?”
      Bringing someone like Lemar on the right with Ozil in the middle and Alexis on the left would be a AM to scare any team and with a CF who had the best conversion in the top 5 leagues spear heading that… Makes me dream 🙂

  11. Lacazzette underwhelms me Lacazzette plus two other top players would be interesting but wenger said 1/2 top top players so we may get one more
    If so get used to Europe and carry on paying £100 for the kit

  12. Lacazette is still under rated.
    Lacazette isn’t known for his assists but he would have more if he had players like Alexis around him, Lacazette has a good pass on him and able to make space for other attackers, problem has been they haven’t scored them.

    Just to put it into perspective with other Arsenal strikers.

    Alexis chances created per game is 2.05 and key passes is 1.79
    Lacazette chance created per game is 1.53 and key passes is 1.43
    Giroud chances created per game is 0.59 and key passes is 0.48

    now here comes the real surprising one, compare those to Auba…
    Chances created per game is 0.81 and key passes is 0.75.

    AFC has a goal scoring AM in Alexis who can also be an assist machine.
    If AFC got Lemar or another AM who can do the same…

    I think Alexis would appreciate it more if the CF we got would be able to create chances for him so Alexis can continue being top dog (so to speak, we all know Alexis isn’t top dog as he has the two top dogs 😛 )

  13. Every signing is a gamble, my view, AFC should not sell Giroud yet until we see d performance of Lacazette in a full season in arsenal,

  14. Glad someone said something about a manager being fallible. How many in here have cussed out Wenger, saying how can he do that, yet some in here are using the whole basis of their argument on a managers decision. Worse still is they’ve been told why that decision was made, yet they say no, not having it, he should be ahead of Giroud so he’s s**t. It seems a little childish to me.

  15. Only wenger would choose a French bench warmer over abamayang……..same old just rinse and repeat.

  16. Lacazette is a quality player. It isn’t easy to be consistently scoring 20+ goals for as long as he has. He is a far more dynamic player than Giroud which suits us more.

    BTW I’m not sure how realiable this is but the whispers around the club are that the MBappe bid was a legitimate bid, with the aim of being prepared for Sanchez leaving.

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