Arsenal close to signing Mustafi AND Mahrez?

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are anything to go by (and it is impossible to say for sure) then it looks like Arsene Wenger is going to be frustrated once again this summer in his attempts to sign a striker, as the move for the Lyon and France forward Alexandre Lacazette seems to have been torpedoed after the French club raised their valuation of the prolific young player to around double the £30 million we are said to have offered.

That news might not be so bad for Arsenal fans to take, though, if the other Arsenal transfer rumours are right. Metro is reporting that the agent of Riyad Mahrez is having a meeting with the people at Leicester City today as the Premier League champions are poised to receive an offer of £35 million for the Algerian, who apparently wants to come to north London.

Mahrez may not be a centre forward but he does bring fire power after hitting a remarkable 17 EPL goals as well as providing 11 assists, so that would be a significant boost to our attacking options. We are also close to securing the services of Shkodran Mustafi to shore up the decimated defence, according to, in a deal that will be worth around £20 million.

If Arsenal do get these players in the next few days, will that be it or will Wenger have one more ace up his sleeve?



    1. Arsenal have closed in on Mahrez, Mustafi also Lewy, griezmann , Lacazette on all other websites save

      is that not appaLing?

  1. I’m still yet to be convinced with Xhaka. His style of play reminds of me of Chambers (fouling players unnecessarily and tugging at shirts). I’m afraid, I see him getting sent off a couple of times this season:( I hope he proves me wrong though.

    1. Twig, he has a reputation for being sent off. Some call this, having steel in the defense, something we have been lacking in.

  2. I want to see our Arsenal winning the PL & CL but differently. In 2015 Mou said that everyone is buying trophy and now 2016 he is the first manager to spend €1bn. Last year LVG spent millions but still they are in Europa. I am not supporting AW but we are Arsenal and we do things the Arsenal way. Yes we are slow in transfer market but don’t get carried away with others shopping. We have the right balance of experience & young blood. We need some luck with consistency of great performances. And trust me whether this year or next year players are going to kiss the PL trophy. And that moment I can bet every single Arsenal fan is going to cry with proud. Till then sit tight and keep supporting our club.

    1. Except we will never win with our current squad, how many times do we have to fail to realize this ? What we’ve lacked to win PL and CL is a GOAL SCORER, someone like RVP who scores in ALL the important games when we NEED to win the most. When we had a top CF we lacked a top DM, when we finally had a top DM we sold our top CF. See the pattern ? We’re ALWAYS one player short, and failing to fill the holes in our squad will NEVER allow us to compete for trophies against the biggest clubs in Europe.

        1. I think we need to stop this the arsenal way haha.if there is money why not spend it?there are some qualities and attributes that u can’t mould into players(youth players).to get this qualities u hve to dip into the market and buy ozil very unique and also cazorla u cant get such players quality from ur youth team.and young players learn alot from such players thus its very vital to get a top player.if we had an animal striker am telling u akpom would hve been a beast by now as that guy could hve been there role model.i hope we win epl but i am sure we aint winning ut this year unless we go and get what the squad is yearning for.

    2. Well, wouldn’t it be wonderful. In principle I think it would be possible. But our weakest link is in fact in the way, we are organized, when the opponents have the ball. Our offensive players and our midfielders do not defend enough. I think this is very much a blind spot with our manager, and unless he changes that, or we get a different manager, i just don’t see Arsenal becoming champions. No matter which players we have.

    3. “The arsenal way” is what you do when you’re out of financial power to compete on the transfer window. You don’t go to war with T-34’s when you need a cavalry of Leopard 2A7’s.

    4. The fan’s have become ridged from sitting tight! ?
      It would be nice to see Arsenal win the champions league before we kick the bucket! ?

  3. It’s true the market is inflated nowadays. But is there any excuse that we couldn’t get Sadio Mane and Ashley Williams? Those two players will have improved our squad massively and wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg :/

    1. Well I mentioned Ashley Williams before and I got thumbed down. Clearly people don’t like that guy.

  4. Mustafi seems a done deal, but Mahrez that I doubt.
    I’m actually not keen on we getting Mahrez, so far we get a clinical striker and a good defender. Having Mahrez ll b a luxury, more like icings on the cake.
    I feel Iwobi, Walcott, Alex, Sanchez, Adelaide, Gnabry and Ramsey (Emergency) will do a neat job on our wing.
    I still rate Adelaide highly. This year seems Iwobi and AOC’s year if injury doesn’t strike the latter again.
    I believe this year ll come good for us.

    Arsene, make Arsenal great again.

    1. mahrez is quality but doesnt defend, we already have that with several players.
      we need grinders workhorses

  5. From the beginning of the transfer market, we were saying that we need a CB, CDM and a CF. and since the other clubs were buying with very high prices, we were anxious and we started claiming that arsenal are losers and that we won’t win anything…the fact is we got a CDM (a proper one or another one since we already have coq and el nenny) a very good one. now we are getting a proper CB, German CB… (don’t tell me it’s after injuries and other staff, now, we are getting this guy). so this means out of 3 positions we were asking for since the begining of the transfer market, we will reinforce 2. That’s not bad. Yes we still need a CF or RW. yes I say RW (why not Mahrez or Draxler). I’m saying this because my point of view is that we can play Giroud, Campbell and Walcott up front… with Alexis, Ozil and (Mahrez/Draxler) behind him they can make a lot of damage. so we still have 20 days to sign Cf or RW… we have to believe… COYG

  6. mustafi would have been integrated an ready
    we’ve risked 6 points here, high stakes poker maneee

    1. It is conceivable that either or both of leicester and pool will be close competitors come the end of the season. In which case either or both of these first two games could be so called six pointers.

    1. Surely if Arsenal think the valuation between clubs is too far apart, it would stopped negotiation long ago. So hopefully everything is fine with mustafi.

  7. Arsene misses great signings everytime.
    But we can go for players available in fifa games if he is not aware about potential future players..say haddadi, shaaraway, azmoun, meyer, dennis suarez…otherwise they would remain the players arsenal nearly signed and theb became much expensive by then…..

  8. hope that mr stubborn sign mustafi as soon as possible to strengthen our defence.
    hope that mahrez will fit in the side? goner for ever

  9. Mustafi yes.
    Mahrez no doubt will end up at Chelski along with Kanté.
    Now go all out for Griezmann!!!!

  10. Mustafi is desperately needed while Mahrez would be a welcome addition given that nobody else can really play on the right side of midfield or should not be playing out of position on the right.

  11. It does appear that the Arsenal hierarchy is not only facing a backlash from the fans, but from the players at the lack of transfer activity. Wenger simply cannot afford not to get in a solid centre back and striker. So Mustafi yes, but Mahrez is doubtful, as I doubt we would get Mahrez and a striker, so someone like Alexis would have to become a striker, which is not ideal.

    1. Not alexis… He is world class on the wings but average in the CF position. If we play Alexis as CF we are essentially trading a world class player for an average one.

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