Arsenal closes in on signing one of their loan players

Arsenal is closing in on the permanent signing of Mat Ryan, according to Football Insider.

The Australian has been on loan at the Emirates since the last transfer window after the Gunners failed to get a good performance from Alex Runarsson.

They signed the Iceland international from Dijon as a replacement for Emi Martinez, but he quickly proved to be the wrong buy with a series of error-strewn performances.

That forced the Gunners to return to the transfer market in January for Ryan, who had lost his first-team place at Brighton.

The Aussie has proven to be a better deputy to Bernd Leno and the report says the Gunners are now looking to make his transfer permanent.

It says that Arsenal has started talks with Brighton and it is currently at an advanced stage.

Ryan will hope the deal happens and he can now settle into the club and look to displace Leno as the first choice.

He would get some motivation from Emiliano Martinez’ story after the Argentinean took his chance and earned a big move to Aston Villa.

Ryan was valued at £10 million when Arsenal first signed him, but a permanent move for him shouldn’t take anywhere near that figure now because his contract is running down.

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    1. Yes, City and Chelsea have pulled out, but if we don’t soon our club will be tarnished forever by this episode and we will be held as pariahs for evermore. Arsenal once stood for class and doing the right thing but is now in shame and disgust.

    2. Lol. Same damage was made long ago in the 90’s with bosman and with the champions league format of the early 2000’s. Initially champions was for champions lol… This last reform with only one group is also total bullshit. Why most clubs abandoned the super league ? Because with the actual format they are almost already guaranteed a place lol. I miss uncertainty of the 90’s. Now it is already a superleague or almost in the facts…

  1. Does this mean Leno could be sold? He isn’t the sort of keeper to play out from the back but i have been impressed with Ryan though, more comfortable.

  2. another underwhelming signing…he has neither the ball skills or commanding box presence that this club desperately needs, unless we’re planning to drastically change our tactics…this seems like a classic knee-jerk reactionary move in light of what transpired during the whole Runar debacle…two wrongs don’t make a right

    don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t think he’s a horrible keeper or something, he just doesn’t make sense for our club at this particular time…just imagine if Leno went down for an extended period again and we had to rely on him as our number one during a tough stretch of games…just being honest without getting too wrapped up with the whole notion that he’s supposedly a diehard fan of the club

    1. What does make sense then VL?
      WE are reported to have a small transfer kitty, so who would you recommend we sign for less than £10,000,000 with PL experience and a international to boot?
      Why do you see this as a mistake, what’s your criteria for saying this?

      1. Ken, it’s clear that our club missed the boat when we sold off Martinez…I get that the circumstances were complicated by Leno’s injury, as it would have been difficult to have sold him on for a substantial return at that time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try to replace Martinez with someone who at least exhibits similar attributes…Ryan simply doesn’t fit the bill…like I said, it’s not personal, as I think he is a decent keeper, but our club needs to set the bar substantially higher when it comes to our recruitment policies…I would rather them move for a younger keeper, who might not be a finished product yet, but who could have a future at the club, should Leno decide to move on in the coming years…they clearly failed when they last conducted a keeper search and returned with Runar, but that doesn’t mean they should opt for the path of least resistance instead of doing their due diligence and at least trying to right a previous wrong

        1. as to your question of who I would sign instead…I would go right back to Brighton and try to get the keeper who took Ryan’s place, Robert Sanchez…he currently has a projected market value of around 5m and is on substantially lower wages…athletic, exceedingly taller and highly active in and around his box…of course, there’s other options but this was the first that came to mind

  3. The FAKE- Vieira-Lynnette- NOT 4 EVER. You absolutely know nothing about goalkeeping. My advice to you on this subject is simple.. “” Please shut up “”. I still hold my coaches badge. And more importantly,, I am a Certified Goalkeeping Coach running Goalkeepering Academy’s country wide. Obviously you have VOID knowledge on goalkeepers in general

    1. I believe Ryan can do a sterling job for us, going by what I have seen at Brighton and at our club.
      Goalkeepers are not ageless of course, but let’s remember the likes of Jennings, Seaman, Lehman, Wilson etc etc.

      1. 👍 Ken, also agree with pjennings that Mat Ryan is too good to be a number 2, but if he is prepared to start there and fight for Leno’s current position, that can only be good for Arsenal.

    2. you must be trolling because nobody would put such an obvious simpleton in charge of anything where the mentoring of others was part of the job description…for the love of god, take a moment and edit your posts before sending them out into the world, especially if you want people to take you seriously, which I clearly don’t

      1. my post was obviously directed towards PJ not you Ken…I certainly don’t think that it would be the end of the world if we re-signed Ryan, I just wish that we would have pursued someone who exhibited some of the attributes that Martinez brought to the table, as they’ve been dearly missed this season

        1. Why do I need to edit my post? IN AUSTRALIA I’m a certified goalkeeping coach. I simply told you to shut up. You know nothing about goalkeeping. It’s that simple. I’m not being abusive towards you. Ryan needs to think seriously before signing. Too good to be a second choice goalkeeper. If he signs, he may very well lose his position as first choice goalkeeper for Australia

          1. As usual, your overtly bias commentary, based on the fact that he’s a fellow countrymen, have rendered you largely irrelevant in what was meant to be a common sensical discussion about what Keeper attributes would best serve our club at this exact time…maybe you should actual draw upon your “vast” knowledge of goalkeeping and provide a logical basis for your opinion, instead of adopting your all-too-familiar bull in a china shop approach to posting…btw my editing point had nothing to do with your show of support for Ryan or your supposed “expertise” and everything to do with your infantile rudeness and rudimentary grammar in that specific post

          2. Who is “The Real Viera Lynn” as the format of the name keeps changing.
            Brighton and Hove Albion fans are unconvinced that Robert Sanchez is a better keeper than Mat Ryan; however the manager believes that he is, so that is all that matters.
            In any case Ryan won’t let Arsenal down, notwithstanding that all keepers make errors, even Emi Martinez not coming for a cross against Spurs.

  4. Hey OG…it’s the same person as The Real Vieira Lynn, just ran into some technical issues with Admin, following my brief banishment into the moderation zone, so I had to revise my namesake again…I’m also vieralyn, for the same reasons

    as for my comments, I stand by them, but not as a personal slag towards Ryan, I just don’t think he makes sense in light of his size, lack of experience playing out from the back and the fact that I wouldn’t be overly excited about him being the long-term number 1 should something happen to Leno again…for me, I would rather have a Sanchez-type due to his size, age, aggressiveness inside the box and his potential moving forward should Leno leave in the next year or so

    1. TRVL, everybody is entitled to an opinion. By the way Mat Ryan has 123 Premier League appearances during which he has kept 27 clean sheets playing for Brighton & Hove Albion.
      By way of comparison Berndt Leno has played 92 games for Arsenal, keeping 22 clean sheets.
      Brighton has always finished below Arsenal in the table during its time in the EPL.

      1. OG…I believe you’re a fellow countrymen so I get that you feel the need to stick up for Ryan, but even your above example goes more to the fact that Brighton are a lower table team that relies primarily on getting results through team-oriented defensive tactics, which would increase the possibility of earning more clean sheets

        of course this year, under Arteta, we’ve likewise deployed a more negative footballing philosophy, but the fact that we’ve relied on several players who have never been considered defensive stalwarts means that our “paper tiger” schematics are more often exposed by the opposition

        finally, if his numbers are a true reflection of his personally contributions it would make little sense that he was relegated to the bench, especially on a team that spent ample time battling the possibility of relegation…that said, I still think he’s got something to offer, just not for us, at this time, considering our present tactics and what attributes would best serve our squad moving forward

        1. TRVL, Ryan being Australian has nothing to do with me supporting him, but I have seen him play under pressure more than most. If he wasn’t up to the standard required I would say so, because I want what’s best for the Arsenal.
          By the way the counter to your argument about clean sheets is that a team is lower down the table due to one of two things or both; they let in too many goals or they score too few goals or both in comparison to the teams above them.

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