Arsenal closing in on another top level signing?

Arsenal are linked with hundreds of players every time the transfer window opens up. Although there are a few consistent names that pop up each time, it’s usually a mix of players that Arsene Wenger probably has no real interest in buying.

One player who Wenger is a keen admirer of however, is Wolfsburg’s Julian Draxler. The player is consistently linked with the Gunners and reports from the past will suggest that the Gunners have made their interest known formally, subject to a few bids. However of course the move has never materialised, largely due to the fact that the club has never wanted to sell. Now may be a different case however, with Bundesliga side Wolfsburg reportedly more than happy to make a deal with a buyer for Draxler.

Draxler has supposedly fallen out with Wolfsburg officials on various occasions since his move from Schalke, with the German star supposedly desiring a move elsewhere. His wish has never been granted but reports this week will tell you that the striker may have played his final game for his current club.

With the January transfer window just around the corner, this of course means that Arsenal are undoubtedly going to be linked with the player. But is there going to be any truth in the rumours?

Arsene Wenger is known to be a big fan of the winger-converted striker. His ability to play a number of positions on the pitch makes him a real asset, not to mention that he has been a influential player in all the sides he’s been a part of. Draxler would definitely be a good fit for the Arsenal and although the Gunners may have finally found success with Alexis Sanchez up front, it does of course mean that we arguably now need another player to replace Alexis’ position on the wing.

Draxler is likely to be valued at around the £30-35 million mark, despite reports during the summer quoting a figure closer to £50 million. However as Wolfsburg are now clearly keen to get rid of the player, I’m sure that the Gunners would be able to negotiate a much better deal than they have in previous transfer windows.

Do the Gunners need Draxler? Will Wenger show an interest in the German international?



  1. invisible says:

    Just get him

  2. Arturitou says:

    I just wish he was as professional as he is a good player, don’t want a player who can keep his mouth shut of wanting to leave his club.

    1. Arturitou says:

      who can’t keep his mouth shut*

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I don’t know?, sure you said it.

  3. sAMa says:

    First of, we don’t need another player.
    Secondly, we won’t sign Drexler unless we are preparing for Sanchez ‘s departure which I highly doubt.
    So next article ?

  4. Tatek Girma says:

    I hope we will get him in the coming January transfer window and he will be a good addition to the current squad. Wenger, please go for him seriously as it is the right time to get him with a reasonable price.

  5. Alexis the Great says:

    He wants to leave, but he keeps saying that he wants to play for a “big club” and maybe Arsenal are not big enough for him.
    I think he’s too arrogant and not as good as he thinks he is. Another Balotelli

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I can’t see Wenger going for him now. We have Ox Theo Welbz Perez Iwobi Adelaide, and even give Ramsey some minutes by shoehorning him in there. Draxler, he’d be coming here to play not to sit on the bench. This doesn’t sound likely with how loyal Wenger is to his players, esp when they perform better after been demanded. Myself, I would like to get Draxler for just in case Ozil leaves, and then I’d try Draxler in there because it reminds me a bit of De Bruyne at no10. If we don’t sign him and these boys don’t sign their new contracts, we won’t find a better class player for 30 odd mil.

  7. atid says:

    Spend the £30m and his £150k a week on wages for players that don’t get told they will never play for their club again.

    Sounds like trouble

  8. Taiwo says:

    Arsenal and Wenger is struggling to keep the team together happy and every time it’s team selection Arsene is having headache and almost everyone here want him to sign another quality player, remember Chelshit was once like that spraying money at every possible open deal not minding the ripple effect on team stability and cohesion though not sounding like a loser.

  9. jermaineBryan says:

    Looking at our attack who could possibly be on there way out? Sanogoo,akpom,Campbell? Is there space for draxler ? Yes just about

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