Arsenal closing in on top summer target

Arsenal have received a massive boost in their pursuit of the Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin, who is expected to leave the club at the end of the season, as the South Coast side have finally come to terms with the fact that the highly-rated midfielder will indeed move on this summer, and are already said to be on the verge of landing a replacement.

According to France Football and as reported by the Daily Express, the Saints are in advanced talks with French side Lille in regards to taking holding midfielder Idrissa Gueye to St. Mary’s. It is understood that Ronald Koeman has identified the player as a like-for-like replacement for Schneiderlin and will make a move for him now that he’s bound to lose the Frenchman.

For me, there’s only one place Morgan Schneiderlin is going, and that is the Emirates. In addition to the more or less open secret that Arsene Wenger is indeed interested in bringing his compatriot to the Emirates, Schneiderlin has also hinted that he would preferably like to join the Gunners and with Southampton already in advanced talks for a potential replacement, it doesn’t seem like the Arsenal fans have to wait too long to see him in red and white.

After rejecting a bid from Arsenal last summer as a result of the mass exodus of key players from St. Mary’s, the Southampton management promised Schneiderlin that he will be allowed to leave this summer should he still desire an exit, and now that the French international confirmed on several occasions that he has not changed his mind in regards to leaving, surely a move to Arsenal is on the cards this summer.



  1. Schneiderlin will be a good signing but I cant see Wenger spending 25 m on a CDM especially with Coquelin performing so well. Maybe some cheap bargain CDM from french ligue.

    1. Maybe it’s time for us to drop a attacking midfielder in return for a defending one.

      Have the 2 CDM’s play all game and sub an attacking midfielder for either Ramsey or Wilshere late in the game.

    2. Seasons prior I would have agreed. But with more financial backing, Wenger has shown less hesitance to spend the premiums for proven quality.
      Schneiderlin is only 25, one of the league’s elite midfielders and has the versatility to play in different roles. Engine, Intelligence, Versatility, Technique, Consistency. He has all the tools Wenger seems to prioritize with immense physical presence as well. 25mil would be a bargain in my eyes. If we paid closer to 35mil I’d personally still be stoked if we could lure him.
      With Wilshere, Ramsey, Coquelin, Schneiderlin, Ozil our midfield would be set for years and years to come.

  2. Love for us to get Schneiderlin but would still prefer it if we got Krychowiak.

    1. Schneiderlin is proven premier league quality. South Hampton had a decent season considering how many left but he stayed and showed everyone what he offers.

    2. Get the impression this Vidal link has some weight to it. If Khedira signs for Juve i’d expect Vidal to pitch up at the Emirates next season, very unlike Arsene to give a direct answer about a player named.

      1. Strange one isn’t it – I said on a previous thread how unusual it was for Wenger to respond clearly to a specific question on a named player -“we are not looking at Vidal” – but took that to mean we are almost definitely not in for Vidal. You are thinking the opposite and are making me think twice now. At least he didn’t have the nerve to ask the reporter “who was Vidal”.

        1. Wenger is a poker player with these things, when he denies I almost see that as an admission. A chilean reporter asked if he “liked” Vidal about a week ago, I’m sure you saw that all over the web. Well the video was on because it came from that press conference.

          Wengers response was “If i say I like the player you will take that as THE deal being completed”. Usually you would say ‘a deal’ but to say “the deal” just made me take notice. IDK, this time of the season it’s manic to start double and triple guessing Arsene haha he is French so maybe a subtle slip in English was nothing, but it definitely made me rethink my initial dismissal of the Vidal thing. I think he’s maybe the most likely player we’ll get in midfield now…….but christ we may end up buying Ki sung-yueng from nowhere. No way to be too sure with Arsenal transfers.

          1. I agree I gave up a long time reading too much in to anything he says regarding transfers. I do remember him getting cornered on the Balotelli thing when he was commentating at the WC – he seemed quite indignant he was even being asked and he flatly denied any interest – which turned out to be true. Vidal looks to be on the move with Khedira to Juve – impossible to imagine lots of the usual suspects not being very interested. I don’t normally get swayed by the idea that these top players are too bothered or influenced as to whether there is a national team-mate at a club or not – but the lure created by the “Alexis effect” is impossible to discount completely.

  3. Amazing: After the FA Cup trouncing of Villa Michael Owen is suddenly an Arsenal fan, praising Arsenal’s superior talent and great performance.

    He had the audacity to jump on the Arsenal bandwagon after he continually criticized AFC throughout the season and even stupidly claimed that Sterling was exponentially superior to Ozil. (How did Raheem play today Michael??)

  4. I think there are 2 players who really saved Arsenal this season – Bellerin and LeCoq.

    Many other players were outstanding but frankly we sort of expected players with the talent of Sanchez and Cazorla to play well.

    Bellerin and Coq each arrived from seemingly nowhere to become 1st team quality plus more. They simply erased what were 2 major areas of concern on the pitch – especially when Debuchy and Arteta went down. Both are now the best on the team at their respective positions.

    Can you imagine where the club would have been without their sudden emergence when it was most need? Massive.

    1. Instead, let’s imagine next season with our weakest positions a season prior all looking far, far stronger 🙂 not to mention the back to back F.A. Cups it brought!!

    2. I thumbed you up cause I like what you said but I still think debuchy is better than hector. Hector is gonna nail down that position for 10+ years when he does but at this moment in time it’s debuchy for me. Hector still has some learning to do but that’s a given seeing how inexperienced he is.

  5. Still thinking of our fa cup victory and winning it back to back, for a second year running! Im so proud to be a gooner! Pharell happy song playing in the background!

  6. If Arsenal can sign 2 players : world class striker and a world class midfielder then i would be very confident of next season and challenging for the title. I like Ospina who for me has done pretty well, no complaints.

    I don’t think we need 5/6 players like some pundits have been saying, remember what happened to Liverpool/Spurs.

    I think our back 4 is deep and has enough quality, with Gabriel’s performances, we can happily play without Koscielny if he ever gets injured which has been our biggest risk in the past 2/3 yrs. Chambers can evolve and takeover Mertesacker to be our future centerback.

    Our central midfield area is still a little weak if we are relying on Coquelin/Cazorla staying fit the whole season and playing twice a week sometimes, we need a 3rd central midfielder who is defensively minded.

    Our attack is deep, but a world class centerforward can turn us from a 3rd/4th place team to title challengers, look at City who have 4/5 strikers that have cost double/triple of Giroud.
    Giroud is top but in some games we need a predator who can do more, make runs….

  7. OT: has anyone else forgot the fact that Coquelin has only been playing regular first-team football with us for half a season…?
    I mean, other players take months and sometimes seasons to adjust to the ‘speed and physicality’ of the prem. But if the league was twice as fast and physical I still feel he’d have slotted in effortlessly. Regardless of what else goes on in the transfer market, I’m excited to see what this monster can do with this amazing emergence now established and the stability of a pre-season and the first-team respect that’s now upon him.

    The missing piece…

    1. I think his Freiburg and Charlton loans did him a WORLD of good. Wenger always refers to the wing as a learning tool and at Freiburg he was forced to play out of position as a LAM. He had to sharpen his technical and dribbling skills out on the wing, while being in championship he had to be more physical and tenacious and now he has the perfect blend of technique and steel!! He’s been huge for us and he’s going to continue to get better.

  8. I see people praising Coquelin and Bellerin so much…yet yesterday they both concedes silly penalties which somehow the ref chose to ignore. The kids are good and can do a job but are not mature first team quality. we should get shneiderlin/wanyama/kondogbia and have debuchy back at right back immediately.

    1. Neither was a penalty. The first was clearly outside the box. The second one Grealish went down way too easy.

  9. Walcott will remain as striker… He wants that and wenger will play him there.. This will happen next summer.. So in the summer wenger need to sign a world class right winger like muller, griezman or reus… Would be happy to get bale.. but it seems unlikely since the new RM manager is a fan pf bale

    1. Muller or reus would be amazing. Our attack would be the best in England without a doubt

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