Arsenal closing on key signing with attractive swap deal offered

Arsenal are claimed to be closing in on a deal to sign Dusan Vlahovic after including Lucas Torreira in the offer to Fiorentina.

The Gunners appear to be upping the anti in their search for a new striker, with question marks over all three of their current senior options.

Alexandre Lacazette has recently been tasked with leading the line following Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s exile from the first-team, but the Frenchman is into the final months of his current deal, and there doesn’t appear to be anything close to an agreement on an extension at present.

We are continually linked with a deal for Vlahovic so far this month however, and we are now believed to have the attention of his current club Fiorentina by supposedly offering Lucas Torreira as a makeweight in the deal.

The Uruguayan midfielder is currently on loan with La Viola, and is impressing at present, and they are keen on keeping him beyond his current temporary deal.

I pray that we can make this happen. Torreira clearly doesn’t want to be in England, while Vlahovic is definitely a player who is headed to the very top, and should we sign him, we could well continue to climb up the table.

The DailyStar claims that a £50 Million plus Torreira bid is attractive to La Viola, which could well mean that we can finally begin to discuss terms with the star striker.


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  1. so Sceptical about this one… just cant see it going through!!

    obviously hope im wrong.. but im not about to start with the ‘welcome to arsenal’ posts just yet…

    1. Agreed… if you see his agents drmands theyre ridiculous… something like an £8m signing on fee plus 10% of transfer fee

      This is what is killing footbal clubs…FIFA and EUFA should ban agents taking money from clubs…the players should be paying agents and Agents cannot be allowed to double dip and get fees from everyone

      I also cant see this happening as despite Arteta’s remarks I dont think we have the pulling power anymore unless we pay a premium (eg Pepe)

  2. It’s not about the fee or Lucas, Dusan is the one who will decide if he wants to join the arsenal project or not. From which I have read he doesn’t seem to want to come, big reason is no champions league football guaranteed.

    He could be the key to getting us into this seasons top4 and even higher next season. Finishes better than Auba, Big strong lad who has good hold up play like Laca & younger than Eddie!!

      1. Alexis was also unproven in the PL, arguably Salah and De Bruyne were when signed by Liverpool and City as they didn’t get a chance at Chelsea – we just have to do our homework

  3. Seems to be up to the player if reports are true. He seemingly wants a top club, CL football, and sky high wages.

    Will he be attracted to our project or process at Arsenal? Is chasing a CL spot rather than having one locked in enough?

    Hopefully Arteta and Edu can convince him to switch

  4. If we had Don Corleone as the owner he would say I’m gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse 😆

  5. Click bate. Will never happen. He wants a club that can guarantee CL football. Think Real, Juve, Bayern, Barca, City etc

    1. Dont believe all you read,, he wants a CL club he wants a top club he wants top money,, and his preferred destination is spurs,,, wait and see on that one,,, first call is midfield,,COYG

  6. I don’t see what all the fuss is about, this guy is nothing more than a faster Giroud and we all remember all the criticism he received. I can see Arsenal fans turning on this guy real quick. I personally miss Giroud and feel he wasnt appreciated enough.

    1. Faster Giroud means he’s got something more than Giroud. Wouldn’t you pay for a faster Giroud with same finishing prowess?

      1. No doubt…I said this in response to a couple posts yesterday when some were playing the Giroud comparison card…if it weren’t for Giroud’s glaring lack of pace we just might have won a chip during the Sanchez years…personally I think the reason why those comparisons are really cropping up is because some media outlets are using his namesake as bait, as Giroud evokes strong reactions, both positive and negative

  7. The agents are the problem not the player…he’s scared of going against them because of their apparent links and they want a club that’s willing to pay the fees they are after and also sell on fees that’s why There is the hold up in a deal being struck. I remember this guy saying last year that he’d be interested in moving to us even without Europe knowing there is more chance of getting into an arsenal team over the likes of your City Liverpool Bayern teams etc.

  8. Still nothing solid then, looking less and less likely to happen this month but I guess you never know

    Us fans will always get excited by a story about signing a goalscorer who scores a lot of goals, it’s the glamorous position of any team, always has been but I think playing styles are changing in a lot of English Premier League teams and whatever their goalscoring record and media reputation they have to fit and fit straight away

    Every signing is a gamble and paying so much money for someone so young is even more so

    I don’t know the player, never seen him play, I’m sure he’s a great prospect

    My online only few observations would be

    2nd top Serie A goalscorer so far this season, 4th last season

    Lukaku was above him in 2nd place last season but has struggled a bit on his return to Chelsea, scoring just 1 more than Auba so far this season, despite having a lot of EPL experience and playing for the European Champions

    He doesn’t seem to feature in any assists list for the last two seasons

    If there is anything in the connection at all I’m sure that Arsenal would have already done far more research and due diligence than my feeble attempt above

    Having said all that wouldn’t it be great if we signed him and he turned out to be an absolute superstar

  9. Media and Agents will ruin a lot of great players destiny and goals,

    I read somewhere, Vlahovic prefers Tottenham, another says he prefers Juventus,

    IMO, I think it’s all about getting a standard club and the money 💵,

    I think he’ll come to Arsenal, but I would love if you got another midfielder on loan to support Partey , as Vlahovic would need a lot of passes to convert to goals.

  10. weve got as much chance of signing him as spurs have of ever winning the premier league , no chance ! lool

  11. the boy is being carried away by ego. but arsenal should be his best choice since there are young very promising lads coming up n are improving day in day out

  12. He is Serbian, with Serbian agents. Those guys are famous for wringing out cash. Maybe it’s Vlahovic but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve turned his head. He is more rounded than Giroud, can carry from midfield, is quick and is super strong on the ball. His team believe he is already one of the several best players in the world. As such they are demanding everything such players expect – the most money, signing and agents fees, an elite club and guaranteed success. The mega clubs can’t afford him, don’t need him or don’t rate him highly enough. It’s a risk as we are getting sucked in financially more each day. The mega clubs are used to it but it’s our first “Galactico” in a long while! Great prospect but a lot for a club below the current elite to risk if he crashes and burns. Love to get him, though we couldn’t afford this one to go pear-shaped.

  13. You’ve obviously seen a fair bit of him Guy, would he fit with what we look like trying to build just now?

    1. Yes he would Fingers. He is as tough and ornery as Michael Antonio at twice the size, heads like Giroud, has a great shot, positional sense and eye for goal, is rapid once he gets moving, has a great touch for a big guy, is very determined, runs for 90 mins and drops back. He’s huge so his pressing isn’t great but he’s young enough to improve a lot still. Even if he didn’t score as many here as in Italy he’d still get a hatful and create so much space for others. Perhaps most similar in style to Ibrahimovic.

  14. The combination of auba and Laca we asked for is in Vlahovick with the pace, hold up and being goal poacher I think we av two in one Striker….
    But u should not be surprise abt his willingness or unwillingness to come that doesn’t relate to the love he has for our club but purely on financial aspect more also we are not the best club in attracting player for now but he can only be convince by our project and the positive progress

  15. i can all see arsenal supports turning on this guy real quick ,i personally miss van persie, joe cambell

  16. And i hope he sees his country man jovic at real Madrid after moving to a big club offering guaranteed UCL !!!!

    1. Agreed the club he goes to may be guaranteed UCL but his minutes may not match his ambition. Great point in Jovic!!

  17. He is good no doubt. He would take us to the next level, no doubt. But is he really interested in playing for Arsenal? Is he really convinced by our project and process? He should come to take us to the next level or does he want a readymade CL platform? I hope MA and Edu have done their homework well before pursuing him so earnestly. The point though is he is an excellent player with lots of goals in him and a likely combination of Auba and Laca.

    1. It might be bit now, as he has been dead for these last 18 years. What’s the matter with TED DRAKE INSTEAD THOUGH!!

  18. It seems plain to me that MA is really intent on landing Vhalovic. Given MA ‘s many wonderful – and underrated by we fans – buys, this last year or so, I for one am highly content to back MA s judgement and therefore hope and pray we land Vhalovic.

    As to the question of WILL we do so, I have no idea, BUT IT SEEMS TO BE COMING NEARER.

    I believe that IF we never had any chance, then we would not still be trying for him.

    We ARE still trying however and that tells me that we have at least A CHANCE!

  19. Can’t understand this report in the media that player unsure of joining Arsenal. I thought such discussions would have happened with agents much before bid is made.if you read media then it feels like on 1st of Jan Arsenal management starts looking out in the market like visiting the Sunday morning open market and see what is available at what price etc

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