Arsenal coast into third place with dominant display

Arsenal secured all three points tonight against Newcastle United, with the away side failing to cause us any real problems at the back.

The Gunners were positive throughout, making cutting and confident runs through the middle of the park, and were paid off with the opening goal on the half-hour mark.

Some neat intricate passing had Newcastle on the ropes when Aaron Ramsey slipped the ball into Alexandre Lacazette, but it wasn’t a sublime pass that put us in for the goal, but an unlucky ricochet off the defender which landed back in the path of the Welsh midfielder to slot away.

Our side continued to retain their dominance as the game continued, but our players did not allow the fact that the second goal continued to allude them despite their grasp of the game, and eventually that goal did come.

Aubameyang found Lacazette late into the game to put the game out of reach. The Gabon international, who started the match on the bench, nodded a loose ball forward past the Magpies defence, and the French striker is not one to turn down such chances. He lobs the oncoming Dubravka to put the game out of reach.

Shortly after we had the ball in the net once again, thanks to a dangerous corner being whipped into Laca once again, but it was the hand of the opposing goalkeeper who had the final touch, but the referee ruled the goal out, for a reason I can still not figure out after much deliberation…

We continued to press, and in reality the scoreline should have been 4 or 5 to nil. A very competent performance, and I still think there is room for improvement as we look to cement our place in the Champions League spots.

Unbelievably this is the first time that Bernd Leno has notched back-to-back clean sheets, and hopefully this is still just the beginning for him.

Were Arsenal too good today, or did Newcastle simply have nothing to offer?

Pat J



  1. Close margin as predicted, but did not expect the defensive formation. However, a beautiful partnership goal by Lacazette and Aubameyang sealed the league third position

    The lack of shots on goal is what separates Arsenal from the other top six team. This has to be fixed ASAP, otherwise Arsenal would keep struggling at away games

    But overall it was a good effort by all players. They seem to play more fluid in three-CB formation now and might use it again at the Goodison Park

      1. Arsenal didn’t boss the fame.Newcastle were naive especially in the 2nd half as they were trying to get a goal and lost their shape.That allowed us to take control of the match but when they kept their shape we couldn’t really find any answer to them.We looked so predictable at times and just hoping for new wingers and a new LB.

        1. Yes, Arsenal were predictable in the first half

          We need new RB more than new LB, since we already have Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles and Monreal

    1. ? Pat I bet your household is very happy right now (well the red side of it at least!) ?
      I hope you’re feeling well ?

        1. ?? I bet that was brilliant, I’d have loved it! I bet his face has been a picture!! What with us winning tonight & then imagine of they lose to Palace on Wednesday!! Ooh he’ll be even grumpier!!! ?

          1. I got you on my side sue. And the weather is becoming quite warm, I can cope by myself instead of a grumpy man. ?????

  2. We could have scored more… Our passing in the final third didn’t cut it at times. Glad we won comfortably…

    Ramsey. What a professional He is. Not a biggest fan but to think he still gives his best knowing fully well that he won’t be around next season. Well-done.

  3. I would like to thank Hugo Lloris for this day because without him Bottleham would not be back in our shadows

  4. We were average in the first half and in the early part of the second half but once Newcastle begun to look for a goal we took control.This three back system reduces our attacking efficiency especially when the opposition keeps their shape and defend in numbers.Unai Emery should switch to the formation which suits our attack better.Ramsey did very well today and he was the best player on the pitch till he left.I was impressed with Guendouzi interceptions but he once again showed how slow in terms of attacking.We need a new LB i.e one who can vary his attacking play more.We also need new wingers to make this Emery system work better else teams would be able to predict and defend better against us next season.AMN is one player who I’m still disappointed hasn’t got his chance at CM but once he gets it I’m sure he’s going to prove a lot of doubters wrong like did against Utd.

    1. I think the three-CB formation is often used to build the attack from the back more easily and to defend/ intercept against the threats better. Of course other formations with more midfielders will be better in attacking, but the three-CB formation gives more defending stability and it has been gaining results so far

      I’m also impressed with Guendouzi’s interceptions, but he made some bad first touches and sometimes unaware of the opponents around him

      About the LB, I like Kolasinac’s timing, decisions and crossing. Arsenal should focus on other areas that are lacking, such as winger and RB

      1. Definitely agree, I love Guenddouzi’s drive but he still has lots to learn. Still think he’s going to be world class someday because he always looks so composed haha

        Kolasinac definitely stepped up this season! Maybe not at first, but I have to give it to Emery. It was a masterclass tactical move to put Monreal on the left side of a back three because Kola doesn’t defend as well as he gets forward but you can always count on good ol’ Nacho to clear. Our left side, Wingers excluded, has looked pretty solid since.

        We just need a couple tricky wingers and maybe a CB because Mustafi gives me heartburn. Overall, fantastic performance today. Very solid if nothing else, which is something we lacked for a long time. COYG!

    2. Have to agree… Other than the Ramsey comment … Took the goal nicely otherwise his usual average self and again I gave up counting misplaced passes …lacazette the best player by quite some way with ozil and kolasinac on decent form and AMN showing occasional flashes of quality … Guindozhi pushes forward but holds ball too long and vulnerable but really just a kid… They never set out as a goal threat so difficult to judge defence but anytime mustafi is in starting line up makes me nervous … We looked way better in the last 20 minutes without ramsey or Iwobi on the pitch more fluidity and threat … Had to win today so can’t complain but Everton watford and wolves away are going to be a different order

    1. This is by far Ramsey’s best year for us but to insinuate that of the criticism he received for the other garbage nine Is changing history..for whatever reason he has stayed relatively healthy and seems to fit better with this group of players..or maybe it’s Emery getting his best..who knows..but to chide other fans who, rightly, called him out for his terrible seasons is just wrong

      1. Ramsey is only performing this season? Hmm. Check last season. Was our best player. Another season, he scored over 16 goals from midfield. Scored in fa cup finals.
        All that from a headless chicken. Maybe juve needs some headless chicken?

          1. Player of the season?? I want what you are smoking..when Leicester won the title that year the only reason was because Santi got hurt..if Ramsey would have just had a ok year we would have won..but he did what he always did..again, let me reiterate, he his having his best year by far..and I love him for it..but don’t sit there and say how much it’s going to hurt us when we was given 10 years to play like this and WE were all wrong about him..maybe you should question why he only started playing this well after he knew he was leaving

            1. I like rambo and think we are going to be worse off without him. I think he will thrive in Italy and wish him well. Winning goals in cup finals and a decent fella, who would have stayed. I trust emery though, but a club of our stature shouldn’t be thinking his wages are innafordable. It says more about our owners than Ramsey. This also isn’t his best season, just saying!

              1. Ramsey’s averaged 3 Premier League a season since his debut, I don’t know where Danny b gets 16 from.

      2. I disagree. When he made the EPL team of the season. He was far more consistent and could have won us the league and even the best player of the season but not for injury.

        1. If not for injury? But that is him..same with Jack..same with can’t have it both ways..Ramsey had 11 years…2 have been good…the year he was leaving and the year he signed his big contract..facts

  5. Great performance no But…

    You Could see the desire lightning out of Emery and the players… Limiting Newcastle to 2 or no clear chances. The Defense was fantastic, Midfield battle was spot on, Ozil top Notch, Ramsey Rambo always firing from every angle, Laca MOTM

    #The character you see make you believe
    #ON to the next GAME

  6. Enjoyed the performance, but mainly happy with 3 points at home. 10 wins on the spin, turning the Emirates into a fortress. Now sort the away form and get back in the champions league. Happy gooner tonight and credit to rambo for continuing to play for the team and not down tools like so many others in the past. Enjoy your evening gooners.

      1. Yea Ozil easy MOTM for me also ….
        The way he strokes that ball around is something else .
        Ramsey played well so did AMN
        Newcastle only had one shot on target so all in all a good night for us .
        I won’t say what our weak point is because I’ll get called all sorts ..but if we get that position sorted we could start climbing that table again challenging the top two teams where we belong

  7. The ref was a dick, disallowing the keeper own goal for handball by Laca!
    Just hope we can celebrate St Totts day in 3 or 4 games time.

    1. In retrospect, he’s going to find out how much he made a clown of himself disallowing two crystal clear goals.
      Whatever he smoked before the match was really a hard one.

  8. 3 points in the bag nothing else matter to me. Don’t care about what any forensic fans say?????????????? well done boys.

  9. Wow, Ramsey!!! What a player…
    Dude deserves a Statue or at least a Banner outside the Emirates…
    I knw he hasn’t won much titles with Arsenal, but at least he did win the FA cup twice for us.
    The guy has massive Loyalty and Character despite the fact that he won’t be here in the Summer.
    Been long I saw such, passion, drive and positive energy from a player in his kind of situation.

    3rd Position all d way…
    St. Totteringham’s day loading… For Sue

  10. Deserved win. Newcastle never posed any threat. I think Leno only had to parry one shot away which wasn’t exactly goal bound. Coyg!

  11. @Kev New LB !!! REALLY ???

    If so then we’ll need new 22 Players

    Kolasinac is among our best player this season

    If there’s a position Arsenal doesn’t a new anything – it’s our LB – The guy is fantastic there (Monreal still there to cover)

    New Striker still even needed than new LB (seeing we’re better off starting both Auba & Laca)

    It may displease some but I think Unai has finally discovered Maitland’s position, he’s thumping in confidence in the RB/RWB

    I seriously believe his moving around has ended and Right Defence belongs to him & Bellerin

    (Sometimes these Young Lads get their positions determined/discovered by their Managers)

  12. The best feeling about the Win is we never turn up for this kinda game in the past… We tend to be silly and drop points…A Beautiful dawn looming

  13. Well Gouendouzi played with more freedom at the end of the match, when both Ramsey and Özil were out and Newcastle let some gaps at the back, that’s maybe he caught some people’s eye on here, but he was at many times displaced in the middle of the park and lost for me too many battles. He still lacks the physicality and the high tempo needed in the premier league, I think he’s a better creator than a defender in every occasion. Apart from that really happy with the lads, everyone played his socks off tonight, even Mustafi improved his performance a lot in the second half. 3d on the table, looking optimistic towards the end of the season, if we keep that position till the end, it is going to be the best possible scenario, given the circumstances.

      1. Did I say anything about his age? For a 19 year old in that position he is playing way more mature and self-confident. He needs to built up some muscle in order to complete in the EPL though, cause he was easily disposessed yesterday and could not really control the match. Had Ramsey not been outstanding, Gouendouzi’s errors may had costed us yesterday.

  14. Prior 2 d match, I had a very awkward day, but wow…… I knew I was up 2 some exciting match today n just wat I expected, 3 points n third, so happy right now, like d fact that guendozi is learning his trade, ozil was top notch n lack, wat a player…….. COYG

  15. Auba used to disgust me, as I saw his participations to be too little if we minus his tap-ins

    Now I see that he taps in cos he has SuperDuper Positioning

    And Around opponent’s box 18/whenever we’re on an attacking move he covers so much ground

    If he’s in the build-up, he will still find a way to be at the receiving end of the attacking move

    And with good square-play deliverers like Kolasinac, he’ll continue to be at the end of so many plays for plenty tap-ins

    If Bellerin is around, all that will even likely double Up

    Then Iwobi – his contributions are diminishing
    Ozil is back

  16. Great win for Emery and the boys, a very
    efficient and calculated performance against a
    difficult team to break down.

    WTS Ramsey played well and took his goal in
    splendid fashion but good God enough about
    all the handwringing about how desperately
    Arsenal are going to miss him next year and the
    club is making a catastrophic mistake by not
    paying him Ozil type money. The Welshman,
    when fit( not often enough) is a very good player
    and has been an exemplary professional under
    difficult circumstances this year but I truly believe that for the weekly salary he was demanding Arsenal can and hopefully will sign a couple of
    fantastic players at positions of critical need,
    most notably CB and winger. I would venture
    to guess that Raul and Emery were thinking the
    same thing after Ramsey and his agent first disclosed there ideal contractual cheddar.

    I wish the Welshmen all the best in his future
    futbol endeavors but Arsenal are going to be
    just fine without him going forward.

    1. So you apparently think that we already have someone that versatile in our midfield who can replace Ramsey on the long run? The only one that comes to my mind is Gouendouzi, but he is not there yet. So I think we need another CM as well.

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