Arsenal come back against Tottenham to keep our Europe dreams alive

Well it certainly has been an interesting and nail-biting North London Derby for Arsenal fans.

After dominating Jose Mourinho’s side for the first half hour we suddenly fell behind to a ridiculous Rabon from Erik Lamela and the pressure was on.

But luckily Martin Odegaard popped up with his first League goal for the Gunners just before half-time, although it took a wicked deflection of Arsenal-fan Matt Doherty to guide it in Lloris’ goal.

So we went into the break level, but the second half was even more exciting although we only got one more goal, the excellent penalty from Alex Lacazette and then we carried on biting our nails right up until the final whistle.

Lamela only played because Son went off injured, and Lacazette was only on because Aubameyang turned up late for the game, so it was definitely a weird derby, but thank god we came away with Arteta’s first win over Jose Mourinho, and now we are only four points behind our bitter rivals.

Can Arteta perform miracles and get us up into the Top Six before the end of the season?


  1. In the first half Spurs literally asked to be beaten. I mean Bale don’t track back so it was always a 2 v 1 with Tierney and Smith-Rowe vs Doherty. The game should’ve been ended there. They made it easy for us. I for one isn’t impressed with our mid-block. I mean Spurs go 10 men down and we still don’t press them effectively. We allow teams at times we are even dominating come too much on to us. We need to press but Arteta may fear because our defence individually isn’t good enough hence the mid-block. This performance is reminiscent of a lot where we at times seem to create loads in the 1st half but fall asleep in the 2nd. For me it was a good performance not great. I feel if Spurs actually had a go at us we could’ve been in trouble. I’m not happy with the performance and our decision making but I’ll take the 3 points. We need to be ruthless if we are to win the Europa. So far it’s not looking great and that’s the reality.

      1. I’m sorry but that’s how I saw it. Not everyone must see it that way. I am honest to myself. In the first half we created some chances as we were afforded many 2 v 1 situations from the right side with Bale not tracking back. In the2nd half we were above average. When Spurs actually had a go at us we looked vulnerable. Laca couldn’t even take his chance and then had a penalty which saved him face from a mistimed kick. I’m happy with the result but not the performance.

          1. That was helped by Bale not tracking back. That forced Mou to change him too as the risk of him not tracking back wasn’t balanced by any proper output from him in attack. We did well in the first half but added to that is Spurs unwillingness to try. When they did they scored and had us on the back foot with 10 men.

        1. An astoundingly pessimistic view from you, that all the evidence says is nonsense! We totally dominated a side with three huge name players in Son, Bale, Kane who were all invisible, UNTIL at long last KANE came to life in the last 15 mins only.
          No credit at all from you for the extraordinary way we nullified their top players and such a plain wrong view of what was a sterling and dominant perf by ALL our lads.


          Fans like you make me want to weep at their negativity!

          1. I don’t care if you think I’m speaking nonsense Jon as you think you are the wisest here. I have raised points which no one including you has actually countered because they are clearly accurate. As for you thinking I’m negative that is such a short-sighted view from you. You know nothing about me as a person and even as an Arsenal fan. If you knew you won’t say that naively. I stay true to myself and what I see on the pitch. I do not say what everyone says and thats just me. Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with me saying I’m happy with the result but not the performance. The only times Spurs did have a go at us we looked vulnerable and this is a team that was completely negative today. Seen several matches where we dominated in the first half, couldn’t finish off and returned with an above average 2nd half just like this one.

          2. Kev, I do NOT think I am the wisest here, so please don’t put YOUR words and thought in my mouth. As a matter of fact I have long believed that Grandad is the most consistently wise on here.

            I DO believe I am wiser than you but that is not saying very much, in fact!

          3. Jon Fox, you don’t need to state explicitly that you think you are the wisest. Your arrogance shows in your comments. If you want to raise a proper debate bring it up and stop that cheap option of calling me negative. As far as I’m concerned I’ve stated what is accurate which leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some of you.

        2. Bale hasn’t backtracked for years but has been a key player in Spurs unbeaten run until today. A lot of credit needs to go to Arteta’s gameplan, and the execution by Tierney and ESR, which exploited Bale’s lack of helping out on the defensive end. Second half we came out stronger which is a nice change from recent performances. I think we can all agree that we were flat out horrible after Lamela was sent off. I agree Kev it wasnt a perfect performance but definitely one to build upon.

          1. We were good in the first but I don’t think we were in the 2nd half. Thats just me and how I saw it. We couldn’t finish them off in the first when we should have which is usually typical of us. Also as I said, when Spurs actually had a go we looked vulnerable and they were doing nothing special too which is worrying. For me that is how is how I saw. I’m not being negative but staying true to myself

          2. I don’t think you’re being particularly negative Kev although I do think we were better than you’re giving us credit for in second half until the last 15. To be honest, I hope Arteta is looking at the game as critically as you are as, like I said above, it wasn’t a perfect performance but a pretty solid building block if we dont get too carried away.

            But hey! It’s the NLD and we turned them over so maybe Arteta waits until tomorrow to cast a critical eye over the tape.

    1. Arh, come on. We were the better team, and for 80 minutes, while we weret 11 against 11, we were a level above. A bit too nervous in the end, but never mind.

      1. Sorry but that’s how I saw the game. Feel free to disagree but I see what I’m saying abut both halves to be accurate.

        1. The home team deserve kudos for the overall performance, Tottenham have nothing to defend nor protect after being reduced to 10 men with a goal deficit and that’s what made it easy for them to bombard a team full of individual errors and arsenal at the receiving end are too conscious of commiting blurders and counter attack from the visitor. Though arsenal should have done better in the last 15minutes of game but the boys still gave a brilliant performance owing to the 2 to 3 shots that hit the pole bar.

        2. Kev- for what it’s worth I am totally with you. We dominated, but could have drawn. Been there before over the years don’t you think?
          The result was needed. We got the result. We deserved the result. But, if we had allowed then back into the game after going down to 10 men then you have more complaint on here than praising.
          A big shout out to Arteta for the line up though. Makes you wonder where we would be in the EPL if he had been as adventurous from the start of the season

    2. A good performance but not great

      Spurs didn’t have enough of a go

      so ultimately they lost and we won Yippee

    3. It’s about time we had a bit of luck, a deflection and a dodgy penalty yehoooooo, I’ll take that anytime of the season. Good result.

    4. Did you also consider that they couldn’t have a go at us not because they don’t want to but because of the way we set up. An for man spurs have a better 11 but to out play them like that the team need some credit.

      The good thing about out performance is that we finish the game with almost the same energy we start with and that’s because we press carefully. By carefully I mean pressing when it’s necessary not all the time because pressing tea a lot of stamina.

      Good but not great I agree but on the other hand a victory against a side with 5 wins in a row is always gonna be great. We are definitely improving so credit to the coach and the team.

  2. Unlucky Arsenal hitting the goalpost twice after dominating.
    My team my manager. This was never in doubt, lineup delivered.
    Credits to all 11 starters and the manager.
    My football club, My manager.😍

    I don’t know how I’d survive as a Spurs fan watching how they play negative this way.
    It’s the past now.
    Onto Thursday

    1. Arteta’s detractors need to be more positive because we’re still in EL. The team needs all fans’ supports in this crucial stage, so the angry ones need stop making unconstructive comments

  3. Great effort from all Gunners, despite the switching off and the nervousness after Lamela was sent off. The penalty shouldn’t have been given, but we deserved to win after pinning Spuds down throughout the match

    Mourinho should’ve updated his old tactics, otherwise younger managers like Arteta and Nagelsmann would overtake him

    1. This match was the same thing we’ve been seeing as usual. Great at times in the first half and then flat in the 2nd. In the first half Spurs sat back and asked to be ebeaten yet we still couldnt do anything. Shocking in game management from Mourinho meant we were afforded freedom from the right to do what we wanted to Doherty. We aren’t ruthless and this is likely to cost us in the future. I don’t like the way Laca is so lax when he gets chances.

      1. Mourinho’s tactic was bad, but we made at least three clear-cut chances in the first half. I never saw this creativity consistency before Arteta came

      2. You keep coming on ans slagging of our performance and I will keep coming on and having a go at you Kev. This is how Spurs have been beating a lot of teams this season. We were just too much better than them, and we were off the boil for only the last 15 minutes. We know we are short of an ideal team, we need a real striker, a better keeper, some experience at closing games, and some shooting practice is all. Annoys me people saying that when we lose we are rubbish, and when we win THEY are rubbish. Our fans are in fact often the ones that are rubbish. I thought the guys were great today.
        For me ESR showed he can live with the best for the first time. He, Odegaard and (for 80 minutes until he tired rapidly) Partey, had their best games yet for Arsenal, Xhaka showed he can play one-touch forward football. Only concern from the game remains Leno.

        1. Haha I want you to have a go at me as long as its not full of abuse. I did not say we were not better than them. I just broke down the two halves and stated what was obvious. to the eye as I always do. Also our performance was good not great and once again we lack ruthlessness. You think I haven’t seen matches this season where we would create loads in the first and then lose our shape and play in the 2nd?? Spurs did not really have a go but when they did we looked vulnerable which is the hard truth. I see no lies there.

          1. “Spurs did not have ago” you continue to emphasize? They didn’t because Arsenal contained them tactically. I don’t always appreciate Arsenal condemning the team when they loose and at the same time running them down when they win. Let’s appreciate when necessary and point out the necessary areas of adjustment. This is the best form of positive support as fans. Spurs played the same way last match and got us beaten 2-0. They did same against Fulham the last match penultimate to ours and won. If Bale was reduced to a mere persenger, Kane pocketted and the midfielders overrun, we should see it as a positive sign. At local derby, you won’t expect a club like Spurs dominated for 85 minutes non-stop.

    2. Mourinho will never change. Not to take credit away from our performance, but spurs were so negative and did nothing to put pressure on our defense like every other side lately. You’ve got in form Bale and Kane just sitting in. Madness

        1. I agree they are definitely obsolete but they are still above us. So what does that say about our tactics?

          1. As you can see today, Arteta’s tactics are exellent. It was the players’ bad tempraments and awful decisions that made us lose

          2. 1 day means little although great. Consistency matters and that’s exactly what a league table shows.

    3. I totally agree @GOT.And if Arteta had produced this result a bit more regularly then he would not have attracted quite so much of the deserved criticism that he has received.
      Today? Great result. The performance? A very very good display for 70 minutes only. Let’s keep some perspective here.

  4. Huge result and a great performance. Lemela goal is just a ton of luck but credit to the team for coming back. Lots of great performances, and credit to Arteta as well for setting up a positive team and having a positive approach to the game. I’m not sure about European hopes being there still, but can finish better than 10th would be nice.

  5. I was happy thinking we were going to go above Villa 😦 i see we are still 10th ah man.

    Considering they’ve won 1 game in the last 6 it shows how inconsistent we have been. But anyway very happy we won and will hopefully put something consistent together now. Not looking to win every game but mote to show stability.

  6. Very important win… Everyone gave their all.
    We wanted the 3 points we got it.
    No complaints but one; how the hell did we end up being a man down😠

  7. When the ref pointed to the spot for the pk, I said oh no. VAR won’t award this simply because its Arsenal. Lol. Thankfully it was given and lacazette scored… Lacazette said he was lucky that pk was given
    Oh well….😊

    Without brain fart, luiz is a good defender on his day. He had a good game with some nice long passes in the first half. Gabriel was superb too…

    Good to win without Aubamenyang but he should check his attitude..

    Well deserved win.. we played some wonderful football in the first half and hit the woodwork twice…

    Lamela goal was breath taking but that red card was inevitable from the way he was playing..

    And Kane didn’t score. Yessssss…..

    1. Lamela scored a beautiful goal, but he’s a hot head like Xhaka. Luckily Xhaka didn’t lose his temper after Lamela’s deliberate kick

  8. arteta vindicated (?)

    odergard quickly turning into my personal favourite. partey lost his party after the red card. unusual but solid performance from xhaka. at long last, a little smile from lady luck.

    onwards and upwards gunners!

  9. Great win today! It hurts that I missed most of the match.. and when I tuned in we were getting rickrolled by 10 men Totts lol! Mikel has come up with some great results recently so I tip my hat towards him. His unpredictable subs usually do work really well.
    Only a few negatives from what I watched- Thomas needs to work on his fitness and concentration. Most of those last 5 10 mins spurs pressured us he was the one who got dispossessed or had a lose touch. Now he might have a great overall game but this was something I noticed. Also Mo should give Thomas shooting lessons😂😂.
    David Luiz was brilliant and Gabi saved our blushes with that block in the end. So all the players played well dor almoat the entire game and only went off the boil the last 15 minutes. Also now that Mikel has beaten Jose, I hope he comes up with a perfect counter for him. Great week to enjoy for all the Gooners!

  10. Big win and hopefully brings a bit of self-belief.

    Xhaka and Partey were massive (until the last ten minutes which we wont talk about)

    So many candidates for MOTM but I’d give it to Gabriel for that header off the line.

    Arteta got the team selection spot on.

    One final comment. What a dirty s.o.b. Kane is – that off the ball shoulder charge on Gabriel was a nasty piece of work. Hold your head in shame Kane.

    1. England’s golden boy can get away with anything he wants. He does stuff like that often. In front of the refs. And nothing ever happens. Can’t have the golden boy picking up cards

      1. It’ll be interesting to see what the reaction will be if one of his cheap shots seriously injure someone. The way he is going it’s just a matter of time.

    2. He should’ve been penalized for that and Magalhaes was immense today. If we don’t make mistakes, I think only a few EPL teams could win against us

      1. The problem has been that one of those teams has been us. Cut out the fatal mistakes and I agree with you.

  11. Fantastic from the boys well until they had a man sent off and then we looked like the team down to 10 men lol… Anyway I don’t care, well deserved and beating Mourinho is reason for double celebration 🥳 onto Thursday now COYG 👊🔴🔴🔴🔴

    1. Sending them packing with nowt – awesome, Kev!!
      So, our week from hell is turning out to be pretty darn good!! 👊

      1. 2 points for me this week sue 😂
        What you on ?
        Starting to get worried I’m goer get caught 😂

          1. 1 point for result and 3 for correct score ,this as been my worst week ,usually get around 7 points but it’s been a mission the last few weeks to get results .

        1. Only 4, Dan. You haven’t got to worry about me, it’s Declan and HH who are breathing down your neck!! 😄

      2. Yessss Sue and outplaying them for majority of the game.. such a great feeling and happy for Arteta to get one over Mourinho so early in his managerial career 😃 it’s been a fantastic week and I was worried the team would have been a little fatigued today but nope they were the ones who looked fatigued and they played at home against croatian farmers 😂 a couple early goals on Thursday Sue and it will be easy street 👊 and BTW I called the result today 😉

        1. 3rd time lucky for MA, Kev!! We were good, really good. Remained calm and took our chances… everything gelled today! Kane, Bale and Son – meh!!!
          Easy street – love it 😝
          If only you’d predicted every week!! I thought 2-2.. shucks 😂 Well done, Kev!

          1. Yes Sue and if he didn’t get one over him early on it could have become a mental block like wenger had so thankfully we did it today 👊 haha yeah I’ve been hearing all week how Bale is back but from what I’ve seen today he’s still very much on the golf course 😆 ah well I’ll come back next season from the start too much catching up to do now 😂 easy street but we don’t do easy probably be 2 down after 10 mins and win in extra time 😂

          2. The Manc/Hammers game wasn’t the greatest!! Although after our game it was always going to be after the lord mayor’s show 😉

          3. It was awful Sue, man utd bore the life out of me 😂 and West Ham just played identical to the cup game, as soon as fans come back they will be back to where they belong hovering above the relegation zone 😂

          4. Hahaha yes jesse and his twinkle toes 😂😂 that goldbridge fella needs to take his head for a wobble Luke Shaw best LB in the league 😂 fat boy is better than Robertson, Tierney, Cancelo ? It wasn’t long ago he said Shaw is like watching Roberto carlos for a 41 year old man he sounds like a school boy my uncle would beat your uncle my dog is bigger than yours 😂😂

          5. He must get paid for talking Sh*t Sue there can’t be any other reason and his obsession with Luke Shaw is scary.. restraining order time ? 😂😂. I hope they get dumped out Thursday and then dumped out of fa cup next week it will be hilarious 😆 I’ll let you enjoy MOTD Sue as I know you’ll be glued to the TV now 😉

          6. I hope Ibra returns and scores, that’d be brilliant!!
            Not often I get to watch MOTD these days, Kev 😉 have to make the most of it!!

  12. Hopefully the Auba discipline gets solved and we move on as a team.
    I can’t imagine what fans would’ve been saying if we had lost after dropping Auba.
    Okay his disciplinary record seems to scream nobody is the boss Among the players.
    Hopefully Auba leads us to the quarter final on Thursday

    1. it’s a result based business. if we lost he would’ve gotten criticism for keeping our captain benched in a big game, and rightly so because his job is to the win the game. Instead I give him credit because he still managed to put out a team that could win the game. Arteta should be judged on results. 10th in teh table is not good. EL we look okay with at the moment and that will determine if the season was successful or not.

    2. Just saw on Athletic that Auba was dropped for being late today.
      Okay was dropping him too much? Urrrrm maybe? But that requires huge balls, and Arteta keeps showing he’s not gon bow for any player.
      if we’re gonna change the culture, then everyone must follow the rules and regulations, including the captain.
      If you think otherwise, then you doubt you lead people.

      Also Lacazette said he’s sure it’s nothing serious between Auba and Arteta

      1. Eddie
        By all accounts it wasn’t the first time
        He is the club captain with years of seniority. Poor show for me if he can’t act like one.

        1. SueP I’m tired of all these weak ass mentality players we keep making captain. Time to give Tierney the armband, I don’t care, I feel like he’s proper captain material

          1. Yeah me too. When he (Tesco) is dressed like a headmaster u know the opponent gonna get schooled lolz 😂

    3. Arsenal did the right thing by dropping him, but I was appalled by some comments about Arteta’s arrogance for dropping Aubameyang. Some fans are just too biased against Arteta

      1. Hmmm – The manager’s arrogance for dropping a player who, not for the first time, breaks the rules? Surely they are being ironic? A big part of the reason we have sunk so low is because players have got away with walking roughshod over managers for too long.

      2. Bro some will never support him no matter what.
        The article says today isn’t even the first time Auba would come late.. Good thing he got dropped. Can’t be breaking rules because you’re the captain

  13. ESR ..A true footballer ,MOTM for me
    Both CBS were immense today and put to bed the suggestion that they shouldn’t be playing ,luiz was a beast today And has been our best defender all season ,I hope he stays on beyond this season,absolutely brilliant from him .
    I was critical before kick off about Odaagard and still stand by that he shouldn’t be getting minutes before other Arsenal players ,Martinelli getting dropped is a big no from me , not sure what he’s done but all is not right where he is concerned espy as Auba was late (apparently) but still takes his spot on the bench .for me ESR should be taken odegaard place and Martinelli or pepe starting on the wing in front of TIerney .
    Overall a Good performance until the last 10 mins when we should be going more goals not sitting back against 10 men which nearly backfired .

    1. Maybe you didn’t notice today but both ESR and Odegaard played, and Im pretty sure thats the preferred line up. If we ignore the fact that 3 of our four duracell bunnies (Tierney, ESR, Martinelli but excluding Saka) all get a lot of injuries if they play to often – probably because they are all high energy, high impact guys). Maybe just look at how poorly he HAS played this season when he has appeared – enthusiastic but at nowhere near last season’s quality. We all love him but he is 19 – be patient. Who else should play instead of Odegaard? Nelson? Nketiah? Elneny? Ceballos?

    2. Yes Dan, i am amazed every time I see ESR play. He is very wise on the ball and he has quick mind to know where to pass and deliver it at right time

    3. Dan, shouldn’t Arteta select what he thinks is his best team and not have to bench Odegaard because he is on loan?
      Arsenal won the game and there is the “proof of the pudding.” Arteta will be rightly judged on his selections and corresponding results.

  14. Sorry to the haters who hoped we would lose. We actually bossed the game. Tottenham was always in trouble, even before the game kicked off. COYG!!!!

    1. currently listening to him blaming the refs. He knows he’s full of nonsense. The pen is as clear as day. He’s such a joker.

  15. “No post match interview for referees?”
    “Some big players were hiding.”
    – Classic Mourinho

  16. We were no doubt the better side for the first 70 minutes…Spurs fans will be asking questions about their manager’s tactics and the player’s efforts, considering their lineup and our propensity to give up things when facing the press…horrific penalty call, well taken though…Lamela seemed determined to get a red, but once he was gone we were an abject mess…pleased to get 3 points, but we must spend considerable time on the training ground practicing our shot-taking in and around the box…no matter, I’m certainly not looking a gift horse in the mouth

    1. yup shot-taking, finishing and closiing out games. But did you notice – lot’s more long clearances and less subsequent goalmouth panics. Leno still worrying the life out of me though.
      Despite that, great performance until Partey got exhausted.

  17. Not going to read any comments because I’m sure a few on here still having a moan.

    Arsenal 2-1 Sp*rs !!! And we were the better team 80+ minutes.

  18. Son and Bale did not play – though they were there on the field wearing the Spuds shirt. Kane did likewise until Spuds went behind.

    Effectivelytherefore, Spuds had only eight and a quarter men out there. We were magnificent until going ahead but were timid in the last ten minutes or so.
    But all the superb perfs were by our players, Tierney, ESR, Odegaard best of all!
    It looks at last as if we finally have a midfield with two excellent creative players in ESR and ODEGAARD, both believing in earning their money by hard work aligned to their obvious talent!

    1. What about the CBS ?
      I see you didn’t mention them in your post ,strange as they keep one of the best centre forwards in English football quite all game .

      1. Cmon Dan – we could just list the whole team as it was universally good. Make for pretty dull posts though.

      2. Amazing comment! I credit what I think were our three best players and you need to ask about the CB’s. Perhaps you did not notice that Spuds forwards were missing for most of thegame and though both our CB’s played well, they had very little to do in reality. Til that final last frantic 15 mins anyway.

    2. Cmon Jon that’s not fair. They were on the pitch and perhaps we didn’t allow them to play well. Son was substututed by their goalscorer so how does that make them a man down?
      Be a little more generous as until Partey ran (or was kicked) out of steam I thought the whole team was magnificent.
      A special mention please for Xhaka? (;-))

      1. What is not fair! Giving my opinion that our three best players were the three I listed? I do think all our team played well but surely I am allowed to pick those I think were best and not be chided as I did not mention them ALL by name!

  19. Arteta should ignore any comment from any fan. We’ve beaten spurs and still see negative comments here.

    It happens, the boys gave us some excellent performance today and the negativity here is overshadowing the victory.

    Kev can go to hell.

    1. @phenom no need to be rude, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I might not agree with what Kiev said but I do respect his opinion. He’s just stating what he saw from the match, we all analyze things differently. So you’ll please cut him some slack.

    2. Kev is only stating the truth, if not for luck the game should have ended in a draw, am happy for the result as well but not happy with the way we got outplayed by 10 men

      1. Lol…if not for luck that spurs had, we’d have won that game 4-1.
        How about that? Can y’all just admit for once and credit the team instead of the constant bûllshítting because y’all dislike the manager and players.
        When we lose, we are shít, when we win, it’s because they’re shît and we were lucky. Is this how to be a fan?

        1. Eddie, Some fans love to wallow in their own private misery and are not happy unless they do. So glad that you and I are the opposite of this!

      2. @walex I could also make an argument and say Spurs were also lucky. The match should have ended in the first half with a scoreline of 3-1 in favour of Arsenal and thats me not exaggerating.

      3. Whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaat?
        Yes Walex we were lucky to concede that goal to a speculive Rabona, lucky to hit the woodwork twice. Lucky that we completely dominated the first half and bossed the game for 30 minutes, but of course we were lucky as for you it should have been a draw. I think even a spuds fan would laugh in your face for that one.
        Just carry on “supporting” your team like that

    3. You have a weak mentality. If you’re man enough counter my arguments. Anyone who watched the game and saw my breakdown of the first and 2nd half knows what I’m saying is 100% accurate. You don’t have to agree but your comment is weak. You’re just a person who knows nothing about me and football in general

      1. fight the good fight Kev…too often on this site, following a positive result, some fans get the equivalent of beer goggles and can’t accept or comprehend constructive criticism…for far too long a fairly large contingent of our fans have enabled this organization to fundamentally lower it’s standards, which is why we are who we are presently…providing an honest critique of a performance is exactly what this club needs, if we ever hope to build a winning culture again, whereas some will always mistakenly see this as a pseudo-treasonous act…keep it up, as this club “overhaul” has an incredibly long way to go yet

        1. Thanks for that. I stay true to myself just like I believe everyone does. If I saw a game my way I don’t have to side with how others see it. I hate that hence why some might think I’m controversial but its just that I dont go with the flow. So far I haven’t seen one person say what I said was a lie. All they are saying is we were the better team for 75 mins. It was obvious we were the better team in the first half but in the 2nd we returned to our old selves where our whole play was messed up. Even you wouldn’t be shocked that we were later dominated by a 10 men Spurs side that were so negative today. In the few time s they had a go at us we looked vulnerable.

          1. Admin why is my reply to@phenom under moderation, so he’s allowed to use a foul language but I’m not allowed to. That’s hypocrisy.

        2. Must of us come down to earth next day RVL. We talk negatively about the team all week, and also during (too) many weekends when we don’t get results or play awfully.
          We have just won a n london derby and damaged Spuds Euro ambitions into the bargain. In most peoples opinions we deserved to win and played pretty well compared with other games over the last few weeks and seasons.
          Do you read anybody saying this is the best team ever? No you don’t.
          We just want to enjoy the win. Tonight. “Enjoy” does not seem to be a word in some peoples vocabulary until we again have a team capable of winning the treble. Well they could have a very long wait until they smile again then, if ever.
          We don’t want to criticise our team tonight. We want to celebrate, And if you think we are delusional to want this, its your loss.
          We will all be back to blaming everyone tomorrow, but until then have a little toerance for people who remember how to enjoy football.

          1. Feel free to celebrate all you want Guy, but no need to verbally castigate someone who comes onto the site with a clear-headed, rational take on the match…reserve those barbs for those who attack the club with nonsensical banter, which obviously wasn’t the case with Kev’s commentary…btw your last comment was incredibly misleading, as it seemed to suggest that he and/or I had posted unprovoked negative comments towards those who were “enjoying” the result and minding their own business, which wasn’t the case whatsoever…trust me, I remember how to enjoy football, as I watch a plethora of enjoyable games, from a variety of differing Leagues, but to suggest that it’s somehow my fault that my ability to enjoy Arsenal has been severely hampered over the past decade is a monumentally ridiculous take on your part, especially so that you can “enjoy” one match without getting your feathers ruffled

      2. Kev, “Anyone who watched knows etc” And then, “you dont have to agree”.

        Which of these two contradictory statements do you wish to reject as false, since they cannot possibly BOTH be true?

  20. Good performance, nervy for the last 10 mins but the previous 75 mins very good. We done the simple things first and applied enough energy and desire to keep Spurs at bay. We were a bit profligate at times with Partey at times giving the ball away. But his shortcomings were overcome by the support of the rest of the team.

    Tierney and ESR were dominant on the left, Cedric and Saka were equally impressive on the right. Luiz and Gabrielle kept Kane at Bay. Bale was poor (not complaining) which is why Mourinho doesn’t really like him as he’s not a grafter. But even when he did get the ball we closed him down and kept him tight on the line.

    If Aubamayang and Bellerin were starters that result would have been different and definitely not 8n our favour.

    All in All, good performance, good result, good application. Just hope the team remembers this is what we need to do for every game.

  21. Team was fantastic today. we defended from the front today. Leno cleared long when he had to. luiz is just a calm defender even on his off day. Xhaka was good today,better than Partey who is the only one for me who gave a below par performance today. overall team bosses spurs with Mourinho defensive tactics. hope arteta can keep the team ticking like this or ever better. Upward Gunners.

        1. Partey was having a good game but made a bad error, got a bollocking from Luiz (of all people) and was rattled after that and went from good to not very good.

  22. My objective opinion:

    -beat the scum
    -dominated the game
    -another goal from midfield
    -Tesco better and better
    -Cedric solid and intelligent

    -weak mentality still clear at end
    -for all domination, could’ve drawn
    -still 10th on the log
    -no consistency this season
    -Auba is no captain

    1. OS
      Nothing wrong with your assessment other than bemoaning the league table which today’s win couldn’t alter

  23. Partey was terrible. He takes too many touches instead of simply passing the ball and gave away too many free kicks in dangerous areas. I think he is overrated.

    Saka was really poor today as well. ESR is the real deal as well as odeergard. Tierney a monster.

    1. I thought Partey was good until the last 10minutes of the game which I felt had something to do with his fitness level.

      1. Watch the match again. Countless times he gave away the ball and he complicated the flow. Arteta appeared frustrated with him at times.

    2. I am hoping Partey is just acclimatising to his new surroundings. you can see that he can be a top player but need to think quicker when he have the ball. breaking up play and being in the right positions for all the stray passes he is on top. with the ball at his feet he need to make better and quicker decisions.

      1. Really wished that scorcher from Cedric had gone in and not unluckily hit the post. Would have shown Arsenal’s right can produce like the left.

  24. Wasn’t quite the 5-2 I predicted but we should have scored 3 more and they should have got another so I’m ok with that. The best team won, we dominated from the start until 10 minutes from the end but I didn’t think it was a penalty for us.
    I am so happy for the players but especially for Arteta. The Aubamayang problem, if there was one, was something and nothing and the boss wouldn’t say after the game why he didn’t play so its all speculation. Well done boys!

  25. Great win, well deserved. Laca should be sold in summer and also we should look for another Goal keeper as well. That last one for Kane of the post should not have happened. He was well out side and the strike was not good either it was poor goal keeping again by Leno. Good tactics by Arteta, specially bringing back ESR in place of Willian. Up we go.

  26. As an Arsenal fan the last thing I want to talk about is how Spurs played.For 75 mins we were the better side but whenever Lemela was sent off our game management was appalling.This is mental fragility which in our case have way to panic throughout the team with the notable exception of David Luis who, along with Lucas Maura, was the best player on the pitch.And this from an old man who feels that DL is past his best.What he lacks in terms of pace he more than made up for in terms of resilience and leadership on the pitch.As I said seems ago, Luis is cut out for football Management and I hope he serves his apprenticeship in some capacity at Arsenal.We deserved to win the game and Arteta displayed strong Management by leaving out our Captain for apparently turning up late.A reminder that no player is indespensible.

    1. @Grandad, I also agree with you regarding Luiz, yes he’s error prone but whenever he’s not making errors he’s one of our best defenders, even world class defenders like koulibaly make errors.

    2. I so agree with you Grandad. Luiz is just top notch. seeing luiz on the ball just makes me smile. do calm and compose. the attackers most times just don’t even press him to make a mistake. wish he was a few years younger he would be a mainstay in this team for a long time.

  27. ESR was excellent again today and plays better on the left than centrally, in my opinion. His link up play with Tierney and Xhaka was outstanding. Cedric is nailed on now as first choice right back. Luiz and Xhaka had good games again.

  28. This was a master class by Arteta and our boys. The best way to defeat Mourinho is to take the game to him not to attempt to catch him on the counter-attack because that is his master stroke. The moment we started on the offensive any analytical observer could see that we stood a big chance. Our boys never gave Mourinho a chance to pack his bus after scoring. Thus he was left with limited options. His usual antics of playing the victim couldn’t work either. Arteta has done in three games what took Wenger twelve games to achieve! Even last time our loss was an unlucky one.
    I am always amused by some fans’ negative comments even after such a good win! It is always good to give credit where it is due.

  29. Sue!!!!!! Sing the song Ma’am!
    Oh to be a Gunner!
    Damn all the negativity, I am going to be enjoy this win and sleep well.

    1. I’m amazed at some of the comments, Kobin. We’ve just beaten our fiercest rivals – the one fixture we should want to win at all costs.. we did it and still some aren’t happy!! Amazing!!

      You and me both, Kobin! Sweet dreams tonight!!

  30. Great for 80 minutes and played some good stuff but that last 10 mins against 10 men was scary to put it mildly. Tierney, ESR, odergaard and Cedric played very well but again another calming display from Luiz at the back. The game management in the 80 minutes was great, the last 10 was unexplainable.

  31. Great performance by the fellas today, good job by Arteta in ensuring they were up for it. Credit to him for bringing the intensity, he delivered a big win with pressure on.

    Cedric has to be a lock at RB now, and Gabriel should get Lion’s share of opportunities as LCB. Thought Xhaka played well, Pepe looked dangerous and brilliant pass to find Laca.

    Hopefully this can be a springboard to finish strong and crack the top 10.

    1. Durand, I’m glad you commented on Pepe’s superb pass to set up Lacazette for his air swing that led to the penalty. No one else has and a lot of Pepe’s positive contributions often go unnoticed.

  32. Performances are certainly better under Mikel Arteta. Good structure and tempo to our play. Though he didn’t have the greatest game today, I’ve always rated Cedric above Bellerin and I’m glad that MA made the correct call at RB.

  33. ESR is the MOTM for me – how I wish MA had played him from the start of the season.
    We had an excellent all round game, with no self destruct buttons being activated.
    I suggested in an earlier article, that Luiz is a player brought in by MA for other reasons than his playing skills… had an excellent game today and I feel that with the recognised CB’s we have (both in the squad and out on loan) that he will be very important in their development next season…. but not necessarily playing himself.
    MA got it spot on with his tactics, substitutions and post match summing up – 10/10 for me.
    FINALLY, a word on the referee.
    Not because he gave us a penalty, but I thought he had a very good Derby vgame – although he did miss the niggling and consistent fouls by Lanana and Kane, both of whom could have been sent off for two yellow cards.
    Great result – COYG!!!!

    1. A very satisfying 90 minutes, Ken!! We’re slowly creeping up the table – going to be an exciting end to the season as it’s rather tight around us!
      I agree, thought Oliver had a good game – no burst blood vessels today haha!
      I think hell will freeze over before we see Kane given his marching orders! He is a dirty sod, but is also the golden mbe boy!

      1. Sue, what Kane gets away with, reminds me a little of Alan Shearer – along with the fact that both are English and, seemingly, untouchable!

        A great day today and seeing Mourinho with a face like thunder, made it all the sweeter.
        How are your scouser workmates reacting to the meltdown of their club by the way?
        We are within touching distance of them now!!!

        1. Untouchable – you’re not wrong!

          It has been wonderful, Ken. They’ve been so quiet… until I remind them of the score and ask how many on the spin it is they’ve lost at Anfield, followed by a chuckle of course!!
          Let’s hope Wolves do a job on them tomorrow… 👍

    2. Ken, I am totally disgusted by the apparent leniency of referees on the cynical cyclical fouling of Arsenal’s young prospect Saka. In my opinion opposition teams realize his attacking threat and are brazenly trying to kick him off the park. He and other young quality players deserve protection but are ignored. It will be tragic, if Saka ends up injured.

      1. You are so correct ozziegunner, I’m sure you will remember the way Reyes was treated in the same way?
        I did compliment the ref earlier, but you have reminded me of what Reguilon and Lamela were doing.

        The problem is, the “ganging up” by players makes it difficult for a ref to single out anyone for a yellow card.

        Sue – we’re not seeing so much of those brilliant white teeth these days 😂😂😂

        1. ken, the treatment of Reyes, particularly by the thugs at Manchester United, was a disgrace to the name of that great club and football.
          Who knows what he could have achieved he hadn’t been forced out of England by being kicked off the park?
          Saka has to be protected and managed well.

  34. Laca has always been a better ball player than Auba and dare I say a more intelligent footballer all round (defense,dribbling, passing, hold-up play). Auba only edges it because he does priority 1 like no other (a goal scoring beast).

  35. Is it only me but did the lack of clangers today appear to equate to many more instances of defenders making long-ball clearances? Add in the fact that it did’t detract noticeably from either our possession or attacking threat. I’d go so far as to say it was at times either quicker or caught Spuds unawares.

    1. That’s what I always say if under too much pressure clear long and restart again. better than giving away a goal.

  36. Good win not great but good win.
    Kane is not performing well but he still can get a goal!
    Against 10 men we can kill them with more goals!

    The key players performed really well. ESR, Martin n Tierney excellent.
    Thomas performed good but have not his best yet n Xhaka is great possibly cos of other players teamwork, playing style and influence.
    Saka has been a bit quiet last 2 games but still decent nothing bad.
    Defense is great.
    Beginning I have faith in MA though sometimes his subs n unpredictable lineups did irritate me at times nevertheless I still support him and see what he can do this and next season.
    Sometimes we need new innovations.
    Salute him for dropping Aub for displinary actions.
    Have to be strict if Arsenal is to be progress. Mentally we have to be tough in order to win big games like these.

    Still Arsenal need to have killer instincts. Goal poacher or striking department need to really upgrade to strike fear.

    Overall good win. Hopefully this will set the ground work for the rest of season.

    Arsenal can never be that bad. Arsenal is always great at a certain level.

  37. Not sure if the subs were the right call,but three points is three points so who am I to argue. Still, reading the above comments, it appears that some people are easily pleased. We were the better team for most of the game, but should have been much more dangerous in and around the penalty area. Someone has to step up and take those chances. There were so many delicious balls coming in from the left with hardly anyone in the right place to take advantage of them. Also what exactly happened in the final 15 minutes. Why the mad scramble to defend when our midfield leaders should have taken control.

  38. AFC got the job done!

    So happy for the team and Mikel, and they came from behind to beat the cretins.

    Bring on Europa!

    Going to have a beer tonight for sure!

  39. We played well today and Tottenham were just unable to keep up with our energy. We dominated them up till the animal Lamela was sent off. Let’s hope we can dominate and outplay some of the lower quality sides now. Next it’s Thursday and the road to Europe. Well played lads….assertive, dominating football.

  40. Did any one notice after saka and ESR went off we struggled even against 10man Totts. I am still not convinced with Pepe and Willian.
    The team becomes weaker with them on and the defense starts to suffer

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