Arsenal comes fifth on the list of UK’s most favourite teams after fan poll

Premier League football has been suspended for some weeks now, but every team still has their fans cheering them on at home and waiting for the game to restart again.

Arsenal remains one of the biggest clubs in the world and the Gunners, for years, played a brand of football that got everyone around the globe speaking about the club.

The club suffered some poor form in the latter years of Arsene Wenger’s reign and they haven’t fully recovered yet and it seems that has affected the number of people who like them as well.

Yougov recently did a poll in which they asked the members of the UK public to name their favourite team and not all of them thought Arsenal was their favourite.

The Gunners did figure in the top ten of the UK’s favourite teams but they were far from the top.

Champions-elect, Liverpool came out top with 8.3% of the people claiming that they are their favourite team.

Arsenal came in fifth on the list with just 2.0% of the votes cast, which is far less than what Liverpool polled.

The Gunners, however, polled more than their bitter rivals, Tottenham who only got 1.8% of the votes cast.

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  1. Well that’s obvious.

    Liverpool have alot of older fans who have been supporting since before the premier league.

    I discussed with my nephew who is 15 and we predicted the line up before even reading the article.

    Only difference in his top 5 was its ahead of liverpool. I guess this is down to his age and not knowing life before premier league where liverpool dominated. I my self am only 28 so dont know this well but know that alot of my older friends and relatives talk about the liverpool days.

    Anyway just goes to show arsenal have alot of work to do and what I have been saying for years.

    Several other polls and studies such as looking at number of instagram followers nationally etc. have shown that over the years arsenals fan base has declines especially since the chelsea era.

    We are a sinking ship that can be saved but we need a serious injection of cash in order to restore us to our former glory. Let’s hope DANGOTE steps in after Corona as it appears Africa’s economy is not taking the same hit as the UK and US

  2. The traditional top 3 support has always been Manure & The Arsenal or mickey mousers, globally.The status quo has shifted slightly because of the growth of prem tv worldwide.which has opened up for “ support” for the Johnny come latelys of the chavs & citeh.Because there is a large element of fans & particularly children who will latch onto whoever is winning & financially doping their clubs.especially in China & Asia.( expect Newcastle to be on that list soon if deal goes through)If Arsenal ever get back to trophy winning ways their support will dwarf the above.Trust me.

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