Arsenal comfortably beat our noisy neighbours Spurs in four-goal thriller

Arsenal have earned a much-deserved 3-1 win over Tottenham Hotspur in today’s North London Derby clash to move four points clear at the top of the Premier League table.

It was normal service resumed today with our team playing their usual up-tempo attacking football, and Spurs will to allow us to come at them was always a risk.

Our opening goal came thanks to a wonderous strike from Thomas Partey, with Tottenham granting the Ghanaian way too much space on the edge of the box to pick his spot.

Our lead was short-lived however after a mean counter-attack was turned into a penalty kick thanks to an unnecessary lunge by Gabriel Magalhaes which brought down his international counterpart Richarlison, with Harry Kane firing down the middle to beat his Three Lions’ team-mate.

While we went into the break level, the feeling remained positive knowing that if things continued as they were, we should have no issue picking up all three points, and we didn’t have to wait long after the restart before Gabriel Jesus took full advantage of the mistake by Hugo Lloris, as he tussled his way beyond both Christian Romero and the keeper to tuck the ball into the net.

We continued on the front foot after regaining our lead also, and things went from bad-to-worse when Emerson Royale decided to lash out at Gabriel Martinelli, fouling him from behind, and leaving his side with just 10 men to play out the final 25 minutes of play, and almost straight away, our lead was doubled.

Granit Xhaka was the man to pile the misery on this time, picking up the ball on the edge of the box before peeling off to his left into space, before his low drive into the right-hand side of the goal.

Conte seemed to give up shortly after, making four changes in one window, removing both Son and Richarlison for defensive options, and that move seemed to get the desired effect, stopping us from adding any further goals, not that we didn’t put Hugo Lloris to work to keep the scoreline the same, with Kieran Tierney’s long distance effort a notable chance.


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  1. Partey has so much to offer going forward and there’s a reason why Arteta says he scores screamers in training. Spurs’ record at the Emirates is tragic thus I expected a win so how we did it was more important to me. I think we need to be more careful in how we structure ourselves in dealing with dangerous counter attacks.  This dominant win has set up an interesting match against Liverpool and I can’t wait. I hope Artera will play his best team because we are in it to win it.

    1. I think big teams will always score at least one goal against us in each match, because they have world class attackers who usually don’t waste chances in counter-attacks

      I agree that the match against Liverpool will be interesting, since Klopp would likely not park the bus as Conte did. Unless we dominate the ball possession against them

      1. We need to check that thing we’ve been doing with Zinchenko moving into midfield. I also think Tomiyasu’s influence makes Saka and the whole team better. When Odegaard is ineffective he needs not to be kept on for so long. We should take him out and bring in another player. Against big teams these may be the problematic areas.

        1. In my opinion, White has been doing a great job in defending and passing, so we shouldn’t replace him with Tomiyasu or Soares

          As for Odegaard, he’d likely get harassed by the big teams’ flat-track bullies, so he has got to be ready for that. Henderson and Fabinho would likely target him in the upcoming match

          1. White is not better than Tomiyasu. I watched him today and even though he did well he was basic. His game is simple. Tomiyasu does that and far better. It must be preference because Tomi is superior in every way. Even when he played at CB for Japan be was solid. As for Odegaard he doesn’t do so great in big games so if he’s underperforming Arteta should sub him out. When he underperformed it affects us a lot.

            1. I am a bit worried about how easy we are broken down on the counter or a normal attack. There is something not right with our transition. Just something we need to sort out.

              1. Zinchenko coming into midfield worsens the problem and also the high line. Man Utd cooked us on the counter and could’ve even scored more. We commit a lot of bodies forward but when you look at the team the players who can actually defend are few.

                1. Agree, we are looking better going forwards but vulnerable when attacked. Utd mugged us a Spuds were threatening to do the same until their wreckless red card, which helped stem their threat. It isn’t moaning, its an observation.

                  1. TBF if you were to make a list of the best counter attack side in the prem Spurs, United, Palace, Leicester and Brentford would be right up there at the top. Doesn’t mean we can’t improve but I wouldn’t be worried given the teams we’ve already faced.

                    1. Do you mean Leicester sitting at the bottom of the PL who have lost their last six games

                  2. When Arteta first came they said his tactic is defensive, he is parking the bus, he needs to attack, that d best form of defence is to attack. Now the story is changing to attack is too much we are been counter attacked. Which team doesn’t get counter attacked? The best team in get counter attacked city, pool, Madrid, even barca in their prime got beaten with counter attacked.

                    The only thing you can do about it, is to get world class 5 and 6 to deal with the counters

                    1. Exactly! If you dominate possession regularly for large periods of the game , then the ONLY way the opponents can ever score is through a COUNTER ATTACK!
                      Only a confirmed misery guts pessimist could ever make that ahem”observation”! Eh Reggie!!

                2. Blablablabla

                  Tell me one big team that doesn’t get counter attacked?

                  Every position based team faces more counter attack than feel lying teams.

                  We can only limit the number of counter attacks but we can’t stop it from happening every game.

                  We have seen City, Liverpool been counter attacked by Spurs, Chelsea, Utd in the last few months.

                  So it’s not really an Arsenal thing but a certainty, we can’t control all aspect of the game.

    2. Partey is so pivotal to this team. He defends, he read the game well and he is also forward thinking when he gets the ball at his feet. He only need to stay fit and arsenal will be up there at the end of the season, especially if the team continue to play like how they are playing at the moment. Love the win.

    3. Partey is a critical key component in midfield against the Top teams.
      With him around. It will open up terrifying attacks on opponents.

  2. Ramsdale made a fantastic safe in the first half although I thought Spuds were offside and Saliba was excellent throughout the match. Saka redeemed himself by making a fierce shot that eventually assisted Jesus

    Xhaka was still very productive in his advanced role and dictated the tempo with Partey/ Zinchenko/ Magalhaes. Hopefully Martinelli is okay

    1. Can we like go back to the past and someone whisper in arsene ear and tell him to play Xhaka in a forward midfield role. The guy is just playing fantastic football at the moment and for all the stick I for one give him since he has been at Arsenal, he have been excellent from the start of the season and long may it continue.

        1. Little point in looking back. We now have a team that is playing very good football and looking increasingly like one of the most exciting projects in Europe.

          1. Yes, we play like Guardiola’s team now. Maybe we can challenge them for the title, if our key players don’t get injured

  3. They say we won’t make top4 this season. What they fail to realize is top4 ain’t the target. Winning the premier league is the target. COYGs

  4. Great win. Everyone was immense today. Xhaka and Partey did such an awesome job in midfield. Those two strikes. Wow. Hats off to the boys for a job well done

  5. Party dominated the midfield, irreplaceable. Saka on fire. Xhaka reborn. Fantastic performance lads….all of you.

  6. Great win, excellent from Partey, Martinelli, Saliba and Saka, they were the catylist for the win. The sending off secured the win but i think we would have sqeaked it anyway. A word for Xhaka, he played well also. Looking forwards to Liverpool!!!!!

    1. Exactly 💯 my delight…
      Dan, the pessimist, amused himself in predicting a 2-2 scoreline, stating his ‘fact’ we would be facing a ‘proper’ team supposedly coached by a proper coach.
      Evidently, a more proper team comfortably dispatched Dan’s ‘proper’ team! 😅🤣😂

  7. We no be mate!!!
    We will reclaim that bragging rights totally soon. A few more win which should include on their turf will put them in their place.
    Arsenal>>>>>Spuds……always and forever.

  8. This report doesn’t give any credit to Saka and Matinelli respectively who ochestrated the moves for our 2nd and 3rd goals. That’s not fair.

  9. A deserved win, and a reminder to those who see conspiracy theories with each negative refereeing decision. It goes both ways.

        1. The red card could have been a yellow. If that had gone against us, plenty would call it soft and evidence of conspiracy. It was a bad foul, but you could have justified giving him the benefit of the doubt (especially if you were anti arsenal)

          1. Compared to which the red cards we’ve received? Gist of the original post was noone should moan about poor decisions previously because it balanced out. When? Compare this with Xhaka’s red v city which is softer? Double yellow for Martinelli? Could go on not in the mood tonight, today has been a good day. Regardless the idea the ref favoured us in this game is laughable, rewatch it.

            1. I don’t think the ref favoured us, that’s not what I said. All I’m saying is, if the ref was truly biased, he could have justified not giving a red card there.

              1. Fortunately, as I, almost alone on JA, have been saying for many years, refs are NOT biased!

                They are however , in most cases, very incompetent. Incompetence is not being biased though; it is simply not being fit for purpose.

  10. The camera switched to Conte in the 83rd minute who was visibly crying. The spuds were complaining that Arsenal were not taking long enough over dead ball situations

    1. bb, YES! It certainly looked as if he was crying!

      Perhaps he had just heard that his cat had died, ‘cos his team certainly had!

  11. Everyone including our fans talking about how we have no squad depth. Imagine Kulusevski and Moura injured and look at that ridiculous bench. Conte accepting defeat and bringing defenders on in the 70th minute.
    Now compare that to Arteta taking off Zinchenko for KT, Ødegaard for Viera, Ben White For Tomiyasu’s, and we’re the ones with no depth?
    London is red. Still top of the table!!!
    Take the fight to Liverpool from start next weekend, their defense is sus, take it to them and we’ll win.
    Saliba’s composure on the ball is out of this world.
    Gabriel is really doing an old version of Xhaka with silly errors whenever we’re leading.
    I’ll like to see a game of Saliba and Ben White pairing.
    Happy to remain top

      1. I might prefer to see tomiyasu at CB with saliba. White’s looking good at RB and I think Tomi’s the better defender

      2. Will go with that as well, Grandad, either Tomiyasu at full back or a proper wing back signed during the window. Gabriel is an accident waiting to happen.

  12. The rebirth of Xhaka..
    Totally impressed with his new attitude and play..

    Good goal from Partey.
    Delighted with the three point…

    Welldone boys

    1. I think his attitude has always been good. If anything he’s tried too hard when played in a position he’s not really comfortable in – and that leads to some costly problems.

      In the past though, he’s been trying to cover for mistakes made by other people further up the field.

      I’m glad to see him happy and playing so well – in this role he’s showing that he is the player we thought we were buying years ago.

    2. My only problem with Zhaka today was seeing him calming Ricalison after the red card.
      Let the him fight his way into a booking…

      This team just gives me joy with the way they respond to setbacks. The old Arsenal could have let their moral drop after the penalty, but this team always seem to keep going no matter what.

  13. Artetaball!!!
    Not a comfortable win, we were just better
    Everyone was awesome, Odegaard should have come off earlier

  14. What to have for dinner? Maybe… mashed spuds and roast chicken?

    Roast chicken to remind me of Conte settling for losing 3-1 with 20 minutes to play. Puk puk puk.

  15. We’ve got super mik Arteta, he knows exactly we need, with whoever at the back, whoever in attack, arsenal depth to champions league!

  16. North London is red what a day! Top of the league, been a long long time since I felt this good about our club! Onwards and upwards!

  17. Man Utd celebrate being the only team to beat Arsenal this season till date. They know what we’ve become.

    I ain’t capping. Arsenal, this season, will do very well.

    Let’s wait for their next reason as to why we top of the table 🤣

    Fingers crossed.
    What’s it gonna be….

    1. @Sokie
      Am beginning to understand why Partey said he would like to play in a midfield with Xhaka one year before joining Arsenal

  18. Should we sack Arteta now 🤣🤣
    The cynical Italian team got totally outplayed by a superb Arsenal team ❤️

    1. DP
      The Kroenke knew what they were doing by renewing the gaffer contract before the end of the season against strong criticism from armchair managers

    1. I’d honestly be very worried as a Liverpool fan and I can’t remember the last time I’d of truly 100% thought that.

      1. Liverpool are losing against Brighton

        I think they’re highly vulnerable against counter-attacks, just like us. Unfortunately, we would likely not park the bus at the Emirates next week

    2. Yes Liverpool next

      There is going to be a lot of mind games from Jergen Klopp between today and Sunday.

      There will be two high line teams slugging it out, but the law of average have long decided this one.

  19. I’m shaking in my boots ……. I can’t imagine it was said we were about to give Xhaka away to Mourinho at some point ……. world would have been laughing at us all the way

    Thanks, MA for keeping our hero!!

  20. Amazing win, but I think Arteta got his tactics wrong again in first half. I don’t understand why we play so open against big teams who have pace to burn? Why do we play with such a high line like we are loosing the match and need to score? We did it against united and got punished by a poor united team, we did it against spuds and were almost punished again. I would like to see us be more cautious and control the game better when we take a lead against the top 6. Don’t play such high line with pressing football when you are against teams who have quality pace and finish.

      1. @Ackshay, u smoking some weird stuff or this is normal u? Well in both cases u need to get it head checked.

    1. @logic
      We now have the players to play that high line and pressing ball game, we will perfect it when we add a very mobile number six.

      That’s why we wont sign Tielemans.

    2. Some of you guys that keep talking about high line stuff are totally ridiculous.

      How do you expect a top team to press her opponent higher up the pitch without using a high line?

      From Guardiola Barcelona days we have seen that the best team suffocates you in your own half, but if you are lucky to escape there will be wide space for you to run into. Liverpool during their glory days under Klopp did this to perfection, VVD plays as the last man on the center of the pitch.

      Your Midfielders and attackers can’t push up high and you defenders will decide to sit closer to your keeper, you will see a big hole in Midfield.

      So you guys should try to learn football and stop all these high line talks shit.

  21. The real stat is 65% possession, 3 goals to one. For once the truth came through. We, Arsenal, were by far, the better, more interesting team. Just the crazy energy…amazeballs!

  22. Nothing as tasty as a spurs defeat,

    Again we’ve shown that hunger, hopefully we are able to stay hungry till January when we sign more hungry players,

    I really thing Oedegaard needs to hit the gym, he’s easily bullied and Lokonga needs to learn positional skills, he tends to leave the midfield open,

    I hope we beat Liverpool too,

  23. And to say we all wanted Xhaka out because of his constant struggles and series of mistakes not knowing the guy was played out of position by all the former coaches. Thanks to Arteta for for helping him rediscover himself and playing him in this forward position. What a man. What a player. I liked the way he called back all Arsenal players after celebrating Partey’s goal for a short talk. I don’t know what he was telling all of his teammates. That is leadership. I love this man…..Xhaka boom!!! As for Thomas Partey, if we must achieve anything serious this season, then, Thomas Partey needs to stay fit. He just makes midfield looks so easy to play and makes things so easy for the rest of the team. Real baller. Please stay fit and strong our dear Thomas Partey

    1. TBH IMO, Partey’s acquisition is the real deal. Xhaka was often played deep in the absence of a good DM, where his lack of pace and untimely tackles were really exposed.
      Now, he’s got freedom going forward, no longer bears that burden of “breaking attacks,” has a beast of a guy in Partey, and (seems to) have learnt over the years.
      Not taking a thing from him, the man is a monster, especially considering his fallout with fans, the really ugly times he’s had – big ups to him.

      1. 👍 great comment, dO2. Now all we need is Partey to stay fit and Xhaka to continue his best Arsenal season, with no brain explosions.
        Odegaard appears to get little credit for quietly going about his work linking the two midfielders to the forward line.

  24. Gallas tried to belittle Saliba, he said he needs experience near him, forgetting that Saliba has a brain if transplanted in Gallas big head will definitely bust his skull.

    1. Did you hear Fabregas?he said that when he moved to France,an Arsenal scout asked him about Saliba,saying he wanted to sign him.when Monaco played his team,Cesc was injured and was asked to watch him and report.he told the scout that Saliba was the best player that day.

      1. Siamois, also one of the commentators asked whether anybody had seen a better CB at 21 years of age? His ability to sense danger, his speed to cover the threat and his poise and serenity under pressure are outstanding.

  25. Gallas tried to belittle Saliba, he said he needs experience near him, forgetting that Saliba has a brain if transplanted in Gallas big head will definitely burst out his skull.

  26. I see a few of us complaining about the high line but what they are not considering is that the high line is by design and one of the reasons we are doing well offensively. Just because it is risky doesn’t mean we should abandon it – isn’t said that high risk can bring high reward ? All great football sides of the past decade play with a high line including Liverpool and City. Just like playing out from the back,playing with a high line is part of the new norm in modern football. We just need to perfect the craft because we have the players suited to it. So far so good because today the team handled the high line better than at United – perharps part of it had to do with Partey’s presence.

    1. Exactly. This is due to the rule change stopping pass-back to the keeper whenever you like.

      The dinosaur coaches took years to realise that they should be playing differently – eventually the high press was the result of that rule change, since the keeper is no longer an easy outlet when defenders are under pressure.

    2. Strongly agree Onyango.

      One massive advantage with high line is , it forces action in the opposition half and mistakes and panics which can be devastating to the opposition.

  27. A great performance and win against a decent spurs team and and all the likes of Kev and co can do is slag off Ødegaard, White and Zinchenko, some people’s agendas really show them up as constant complainers who just want to look through their prejudiced eyes and not see or acknowledge the good things in a game that these players bring.

    1. And the like of you do what? Kev and his co never slagged anyone off, he is having a debate with people and a good one at that, he like others are entitledto their opinions and he said nothing of the sort you are slagging him for. Get over yourself!!!!!!! Dont spoil a great day for Arsenal by slagging your own fans off for no real reason at all. Dont get you!!!!!!

      1. So you want GB to enjoy the win and not slag off his own fan, but Kev chose to slag off his own team players after a derby win?

        You feel Kev’s opinion is right but GB’s opinion is wrong?

        1. No he didn’t READ THE POST PROPERLY. He never SLAGGED anyone off. He had an opinion and it was an observation. Dont make something out to be something it isnt.

  28. A very deserved win today. Arsenal were playing football on a much higher lever than Spurs. Well done, Arteta.

  29. 2 3 4 1 in essence is how we managed spurs. They got deeper and deeper because our movement wasn’t static, it wasn’t sidewards and so we outdid conte.

    The penalty was unfortunate. Xhaka didn’t clear it, made Gabriel make a sudden decision, but equally Saliba’s header wasn’t bright.

    But we managed the half out and in the 2nd half we didn’t give them a single shot on goal.
    Gabi scored a crucial goal. His presence is enough to worry opponents.
    Xhaka scores a perfect goal at the perfect time.
    Only disappointment is we should of scored a 4th to improve the GD

    Can’t give you a MOTM because the team was top. Couldn’t fault a single one.

  30. As us widely have expected it will go for us in the game against Spurs today, so it went for us. Therefore, we give thanks and glory to God for this win that we got to remain at the top of League. Let us control to be basking in the euphoria of our home EPL match win success over Spurs today as much as us want to.

  31. As us widely have expected it will go for us in the game against Spurs today, so it went for us. Therefore, we give thanks and glory to God for this win that we got to remain at the top of League. Let us continue to be basking in the euphoria of our home EPL match win success over Spurs today as much as us want to.

  32. A very very good win!!!

    I think Spurs, despite their unbeaten record until they met us, are not as good a team as Man Utd.

    I think Spurs have some good forwards, but their midfield and defence are currently not top 4 quality.

    I must say I am looking forward to the Europa League game on Thursday, just to see what starting team Arteta puts out.

    Remember we play Liverpool at home on Sunday, and I suspect Arteta will rest most, if not all, of what he sees as his starting 11 on Thursday.

  33. Some poor planning saw me watch the game in its entirety on catch up

    Absolutely on top and a real sense of a team fizzing. Ok, I knew the result so wasn’t on the edge of my seat but Arsenal looked the real deal. Partey’s goal was a screamer. Jesus was that fox who finished the ball off and Xhaka who has overcome so much scored and showed what a stalwart he is.
    It was a game that showed a team in full flow. Spurs were well beaten

    1. Yes Sue great game and a great result. We do normally beat Spuds at home but they usually beat us away. We did last season, in fact under Arteta we haven’t lost at home against them. For me last seasons ghost hasn’t been buried but we are looking like we have belief. I do have a worry about Jesus, he is getting battered from pillar to post up front. I cant see him going the season without injury and i think we will regret not getting a battering ram of our own to support him or cover him. But we will see how that goes when it happens.

      1. Yes Reggie
        It is a worry that Jesus gets clobbered and you are right that the mentality has improved this season. You used the word belief and that is so important and the team are growing in confidence. Those attributes go a long, long way

    2. Sue P, Poor planning is a capital offence! An unforgivable crime in fact.
      And guess what? I was guilty too and only came back from a boat holiday last evening, so missed watching the game LIVE , til last night, having at least recorded it.

      Off with BOTH our heads then! CHOP CHOP!

      1. Jon
        I was in the finals of a competition at my golf club so couldn’t watch AND to add to my shame won’t be watching next Sunday either as I’m on a golf break with a crowd from the club Grrr!
        Hope you enjoyed your trip. Don’t know what sort of boating holiday you had but we had a narrow boat for a number of years and absolutely loved it. Poodling along from one canal side pub to another Bliss

  34. I don’t know what happened in the France international last week when Saliba was hauled off and one English commentator apparently calling him a clown but yesterday Saliba was everything you’d want from a centre back, composed and powerful. Long may he wear the Arsenal shirt.

    1. @Joe S
      Denmark were running through Frances back line. Saliba and Co were getting skinned royally. IJS

  35. Idk about y’all, but Xhaka has to be among the favourites for MVP this season right, as crazy as it sounds?

  36. Congratulations to Mikel Arteta and the team on a fine performance against an unbeaten Spurs.
    Prior to the game a punditry team I watched, compared the teams Arsenal has beaten to those beaten by Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs and despite some arguing that “Arsenal have beaten nobody”, the teams beaten by Arsenal currently hold higher positions in the the table, than those beaten by City and Spurs.
    Now for Liverpool FC at the Emirates to continue the progress.

  37. Well done to the boys and the manager. Hopefully we buy a DM and the Partey can start playing b2b, will be great.

  38. All these many welcome posts but such a tiny few praising the man MOST responsible, ARTETA.

    Angus , Ozziegunner and PJ-SA, being welcome exceptions and keen observers of the REAL reason for our transformation.

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