Arsenal comfortably dispatch Aston Villa at Villa Park

Arsenal may not have won by a major scoreline against Aston Villa this afternoon, but it was a relatively easy victory in all fairness.

Our team started as they meant to go on, pressing from the off and immediately putting our rivals under pressure both on and off the ball.

We nearly managed to open the scoring relatively early one, when Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard combined down the right to break into the box before trying to lay it off to Aleandre Lacazette near the penalty spot, but the Frenchman and Emile Smith Rowe appeared to get in each other’s way and the final effort went just wide of the post.

We did finally break the deadlock on the half-hour mark when the defender failed to clear after the corner, and it bounced to Saka just outside the area to place his effort into the left of the goal, and we now had a much-deserved lead.

Shortly after, you have to think that the home side are extremely lucky to keep 11-men on the field. Tyrone Mings floors Bukayo Saka with a slide tackle with his studs up, and appears to have avoided a red because his foot was extremely close to the ground, but whether you believed that was a red card or not, he was seen to have shoved Granit Xhaka directly in the face amidst the controversy as the two teams pleaded with the official to influence his decision.

The youngster limped off the field but did manage to re-enter, and eventually continued until the 70th minute when he was replaced by Nicolas Pepe.

The game did get a bit scrappy with a number of fouls slowing the game right down, but with the lead it wasn’t a huge deal for us as we continued to control the game. Villa appeared to be growing frustrated with their lack of success on the field, and likely feel like they were stifled out of playing to the best of their abilities, which is credit upon himself to the setup imposed by Mikel Arteta.

We eventually held onto the 1-0 win despite a few mediocre chances for the Villains late on, but all-in-all it was a solid performance, and we tighten our grip on fourth spot in the table ahead of Man United, who now trail us by four points having played once more than us.



  1. The tired Arsenal made Villa look awful. Arteta and the coaches tirelessly gave instructions from the sideline

    Lacazette stole the ball from Villa at least three times and Partey showed his superiority over the other midfielders in the game. Leno’s long passing skills seemed rusty and didn’t have much to do in the game, thanks to our great defense and organization

        1. Soares has been playing well in the last three matches, but it’s only a matter of time before the opposition bully him in aerial duels. That’s why we need Tomiyasu fit as a backup

      1. 3 points is the real deal ff, its one of the most important points they will help us in top 4 this season….. Thank you Gunners for a job weldone….

      1. In my opinion:

        – Saka and Xhaka were good

        – Villa didn’t give Odegaard enough space

        – Partey was world class in tight spaces, as compared to the other midfielders and Villa’s. Can’t imagine if he gets injured


      1. That we’ll finish in top four? No, because it just takes one defeat to make Spurs’ position only three points away from ours

        1. Tomorrow will be a 2-2 draw
          More drop points
          A game in hand
          As long as we draw as a min with the spuds then they won’t get back in to the race for 4th spot

          1. I don’t think Spuds can be stopped by West Ham, because:

            – Spuds just beat Brighton

            – West Ham played a tough game against Sevilla yesterday

            – The game will be played at Spuds’ stadium

  2. pulled a win out even when it wasn’t our best day. great first half, and showed the grit that is needed for some EPL matches in the 2nd half. Love all the boys crowding Leno at the end after he came up with that big save. We need that spirit. Away matches can get tough but we stuck it out and got the win. Big, big three points right there!

  3. What does Pepe have to dobto start a game? Therevyou hsve your answer. He offers fvck all defensively and loses the ball way too much. Leno’s distribution has certainly gottrn worse. Too poor eith hid bsll distribution. We needed to grinf out thst result, and I don’t think anyone doesn’t see what s proper finisher will offer us next season. Lacazette seems to be getting poorer each game too.

    P.S: Just saw the article about Arteta embarrassing Arsenal by complaining we’re playing early kick-off today. Nah, what’s embarrassing is your witch hunt and obsession against the manager.
    The EPL itself said there would be no scheduling of early KO games for teams that played late Wednesday night, but they’ve gone ahead to do it twice to us during our most crucial run. Against Liverpool and City, and also in the coming fixtures against Chelsea and United. Both games late KO Wednesday and early KO Saturday. You should be more embarrassed yourself that you think that’s a fair deal and that the manager looking to get his players the best recovery time is embarrassing. At least you and the others who keeps on peddling lies saying Arsenal had games postponed and all sorts of rubbish.

    Happy for the win, getting stronger and stronger no matter what anyone throws at us.

      1. Was thinking the same thing. Also seemingly ignoring his goals and assists last year is being a bit harsh.

        Based on the judgement of Pepe, Laca was also trash and Xhaka did nothing, if applying the same standards that Pepe gets.

        Is it odd how someone complains about unfairly criticizing manager, then proceeds to unfairly criticize players?

        Asking for a friend

        1. We signed Pepe for £70 million. He has been here since summer 19/20 season.
          Has zero consistency as compared to others in our team, all most of them have been inconsistent themselves.
          We have been waiting season after season for him to at least show some balls, but as always, has good patches here in there whenever he plays. That’s not good enough.
          Younger players like Ode, Saka, Martinelli, ESR etc have taken their opportunities when they have been afford to them.

          Pepe seems to have a tortoise kind of personality. Likeable guy but always hides and does not seem to be learning or improving his game. It’s the same Pepe we signed on August 1st 2019. Just remained stagnant in every department.

          I think some of us are tired of these kinds of personalities. The Arteta era seems to be about fight, grit and personal responsibility. No more over cuddling (weak personalities) or bumlicking (primadonnas).

          I am just so ready for Arsenal to go back to the early wenger times where we had fighters. Arteta seems to be instilling this kind of attitude into this current crop. Lets not distract him with our sentiments towards our personal favourite players.

      2. Nah, except you want to be bias. Pepe has been awful defensively every time he came on this season, and he’s always been awful defensively since he came here, and everyone knows that for a fact. So I don’t get where your based on 11 minutes is from when he only just as usual reminded us that he’s always been awful defensively.
        We watch Saka, ESR and Martinelli attack and defend effectively. Are we going to give Pepe the pass and act like he’s a baby? Considering he’s consistent at it.

        1. Really so we bought Pepe just to come and defend 🤔. So you are ignoring his goalscoring record just because he can’t defend, that’s brilliant

          1. Bro, I love Pepe’s offensive contribution. Hell I love the human even more than the footballer as he’s been a calm guy and level headed fellow.
            I’m not ignoring any goalscoring records, he was great last season. This season Saka has been great, and even I expected Pepe to start today but Saka did and still came up with the goal, still proved he needed to start ahead of Pepe.
            So are you also insinuating we ignore his defensive frailties because he contributes further up pitch? Just like Ozil defensive frailties were ignored? Even Auba at some point had to step up defensively for us. We’ve not been carrying any passenger this season, it’s why everyone so far this season has an important contribution to our league position so far. All I’m saying is Pepe needs to do better and needs to stop losing the ball poorly please.
            The kids are doing way better than him, and you think he deserves a free pass just because he does a part of what the kids do effectively?

            1. I don’t why People are not getting what Eddie is saying. Pepe can’t be half good. He needs to step up his defensive side , period!

          2. @Leno
            We had this same conversation during the Ozil / Auba sagas times. “But but so and so was not brought in to defend, tackle, track back or fight. That is not his job blah blah.”

            Those times of laziness or one dimensional players are long gone. Players that just lazy around doing one thing. It’s a new era of football, you need the whole team working as a unit (defend and help out attack-wise when needed.).

            You bring in a lazy one dimensional player and that will definitely affect the whole chain.

            So if Pepe is not willing to take a page out of the Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Odegaard, Laca book when it comes to be more rounded then he will continue struggling to get serious game time. Might end up being ruthlessly cut off like our other primadonnas.

        2. Eddie , You and I seem to be among a very small minority who see clearly the decline of LACA .

          HE IS A HARD WORKER BUT THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN AS READ BY ALL PLAYERS. That apart, I fail to see what he does.

          No pace, no goals, no heading ability, links fairly well when playing in midfield, as he is not a striker , thats for sure. I want afar better player next year and hope he leaves this summer.
          Nothing personal but I PUT THE TEAM FIRST, and he is not effective hardly at all. Reality!!

          1. Jon I’m sick of Lacazette’s inability to be a finisher. Yes I credit him a lot for his work rate and assists, but he also needs to know he’s a striker who should learn to properly get himself in good positions. Even the commentators today made a statement saying he’s a number 9 and he should be questioning his goal tally all season. 6 goals in 26 appearances or so is what the commentators mentioned.
            I hope we get a proper finished this summer.

          2. I don’t think anybody wants him to be our no1 striker next year but we dont have better now and he is being effective enough. We saw the difference with a disinterested auba – the Team is better with laca in it than anybody else we have.
            There’s really no point complaining so much about this, he’s helping the team for now, but next year he should be replaced – if he’s still no 1 I’ll understand your complaints.

          3. I would keep Laca as a backup striker just to ease in the new striker we might get. I think it’s going to be very difficult to find a top striker in the market as currently there any that many.

        3. This was a good mature performance on the whole. I agree with Eddie’s points about Pepe.
          Arsenal are not there yet but the team is developing into a sound and consistent team. The midfield with Xhaka and Partey looks quite strong at the moment. Partey’s recent performances in particular have been near world class.
          As for those with an anti-Arteta agenda, I would suggest they be ignored. As long as others can air their views we should not worry too much about them.
          Previously, the naysayers have tried to dominate sites such as these by belittling and insulting those with alternative views but they will look increasingly silly as Arsenal continue steady progress.

        4. @ Eddie, please don’t mind the bias fans, if Pepe is good enough or consistent, will there be any saka now or won’t saka be in bench or even of possible on loan but because of his deficiency and others, saka rises and overtake him…… Its better we sell him and let’s move on with new and young gunners…..

      3. I was also gonna say this. Let him play 90mins and judge him after that. Bet Eddie wasn’t saying this after wolves game were we could have lost.

      4. Pepe was poor,have been poor and shows no sign of switching lane. Need to be replaced in the summer, and no, not because of today alone but the whole season and season before. He will score a few wonder goal here and there and show sublime skills in few patches. Overall his total game play, how he defends,attacks, his game management and team play has been poor since he arrives. Arsenal need something different than Pepe. Happy for the win today. Great team effort.

        1. True. Despite Pepe has some qualities, it is really difficult to see him being chosen over any of the other players we have in the same position.

        2. I wouldn’t write him off so soon

          I reckon he’s stronger, pacier and better in the air than Saka/ Hutchinson. He just needs to improve his decision making skills

          1. Improve?
            Pepe is turning 27 years of age in June, that about 3 months away.
            You are talking about him like he is 19 year old or 23 years old.

            He should be in his prime right now. But we are still still referring to him in youngster / potential terms. “He will come good, he need more time, he just needs to improve his decision making skills etc”.

            If you made such statement la without mentioning names I would think you were talking about a rookie 21 year old first team graduate and not a nearly 27 year old seasoned player.

            1. We could sell him if there’s a good offer, but he’s currently our best option to force Saka work his socks off. I don’t think Hutchinson is physical enough for the RW position

    1. Thanks so much,
      Slowly they are drowning in their negativitys about Arteta and soon they will be bitter minded about Arsenal Success.

    2. It seems that Dan Smith either wasn’t around in Wenger’s first two seasons, or he completely forgot about him moaning about fixtures while we went of of European competitions at the first hurdle.

      1. They were, very tired actually. It was very obvious, that’s why I so much appreciate the 3 point. I like how they were pushing with their last energy left.

  4. HUGE, HUGE WIN!!! Was worried we may have had a hangover from midweek – thankfully not the case!

    Saka with MOTM and our 2,000th goal in the PL 👍 Fantastic save right at the end, Leno! Was really nice seeing Leno and Ramsdale hugging – loving the togetherness in our team!
    Massive shout out to our fans; vocal all afternoon and some lucky sods went home with shirts (love it when they get their shirts off 😂)
    Well done, boys!!
    Ooh to
    Ooh to be
    Ooh to be a gooner 👌

    1. lovely win Sue, and second the love Leno got at the end. I love how different players step up every week and come up with big moments. We’re getting closer and closer to our goal, but lots of important games are right around the corner. bouncing back after that liverpool loss was essential though.

      1. And all that talk in the summer of Villa being a more exciting project than us, and we’ve just done the double over them haha!
        Great comment, RSH.. completely agree… one game at a time 👍
        Now another bloody international break… yaaaaaaaawn!!!!

    2. yes Sue. this was a massive win. Looking forward to St Totteringham’s day at the end of the season.

  5. Both teams looked awful ,one to forget that’s for sure .
    16 day break now so should be nice and fresh on return .
    Onwards and onwards.

    1. Arsenal didn’t look awful.
      A very professional and controlled display. Once again, I might add.

      1. Well everyone sees things different mate .
        4 shots on goal between the 2 teams not really end to end stuff .
        Obviously it was effective as we got the 3 points so I can not complain ,

    2. I fear for you Dan, even if ure just been negative just to drive traffic on this site, if care not taken u may slow drown in your eye test / I see things differently negative comment and slowly ure looking like someone who’s Arsenal / Arteta success is making bitter.
      What’s your prediction again after we lost 3games in the season opener?

      1. Negative ,lmao ,I’m confused seroti did you read my post or just jump on Jon’s pathetic comment ,grow up and learn to except other commenters opinions .
        I did not enjoy the game as I found it boring i also did say it was effective so onwards and onwards .

    3. @Dan kit

      The fact you just said Arsenal looked awful, tells us everything we need to know about your footballing knowledge.

      We just won a 5th away game in a row, kept a clean sheet, controlled the game, and Leno had almost nothing to do. On top of that, we created so many offensive opportunities as well. What were you expecting then? A 5 nil win for us, 30 shots on target?

      Your agenda against Arteta is just getting embarrassing now. Seriously mate, get a job at CNN, because they are the best at creating fake agendas!! You’d love it there, spreading the hate, the negativity and fake news!!!

      1. Ah yes the bandwagon jumper ,sees an opportunity to get in with the crowd ,nice one jonbo 👍but like I said to seroti above I honestly did not enjoy the game is that such a big problem for some of you to actually deal with ?
        I thought we played better in the Liverpool game and gave praise ,I also said it was effective today but obviously you only read what you want to read and put 2 and 2 together and come up with anti Arteta agenda .

        1. @ Goonster

          Of course, they’d bad as well, in fact, ALL mainstream media have become a complete joke, but none in the same bracket as CNN. Just look at how many of their lies have been exposed recently.

          It makes me laugh that all the mainstream media and governments constantly talk about misinformation and disinformation, yet they’re the ones spreading it!!!

    4. Come on Dan
      One thing having a difference of opinion with JF, its another thing lowering the tone with some sad comments.
      It’s the time of the season where points counts more than performances. Performance was good and the 3 points even bigger
      6 more wins 3 draws and we there
      Onwards and upwards

      1. DK
        Been here for a while and I have come across JF
        Gentlemen can we not be civil towards one another If you cannot get on then ignore each others posts and move on
        Life to short and we should be celebrating together rather then bickering

  6. Great win. To think we played on Wednesday with same players today aside (Smith n LeNo) shows how much the team needs this. Great three points and delighted SAKA got the goal. Going into the intl break pretty cool. 6 wins and we are sure of top 4. Yay

  7. Anyway, I once said before that Arteta’s low block is actually one of the best and most frustrating ones for oppositions. Soon as , I saw Holding edging to come on, I knew it was over. Lol.
    Whenever Holding comes on and we’ve switched to a low block, we’ve conceded zero goals I think. This has happened in more than five matches.

    1. Well said, Arteta has organized the defense in ways we haven’t seen for over a decade. His game management has really improved this year, hat’s off to him.

      OT, but I’d also like to mention our play in general. We’re starting to see flair, slick passing, and more direct football in general.

      Seeing these ingredients now is what has me excited about the team going forward. Progress is clearly seen and undeniable, and consistency is starting to appear.

      Well done to players and Arteta and his staff.

      1. Amen to that. I enjoy the slick accurate passes too. Everyone seems to be in their groove. Everyone including the players on the sidelines.. I didn’t expect I’d enjoy Cedric play in place of Tomiyasu. He’s been great so far, a few Defensive lapses, but that triangle on the right hand side with Saka and Ode has made it possible to not miss Tomiyasu.
        With out moves going forward, I can’t wait to see what next when we gets striker who knows how to get in proper position

        1. Cedric has been a capable backup, but Tomi walks back into lineup when fit.

          Tomi has been the most consistent player this year, and best defender by far; in my opinion.

          Laca tries, but geez he offers nothing as a striker. Can’t press like Arteta wants, and dropping into midfield is not what we need from him. Not to mention his anemic goal tally.

          Never a good fit for the PL since he came, even with several of our managers. Need to let him go this Summer. Wages too high and isn’t the plan B we need.

          Love to see us have a plan A and plan B striker next year. A veteran plan B hold up player, and aerial threat in the box.

        2. I think our chance creation has improved HUGELY.

          What we are missing the final killer instinct finishing. We saw that against Pool, saw it today.

          No doubt a new striker and a midfielder will help a ton, and hopefully ESR/Saka/Martinelli will get better at finishing with age.

  8. 6 out of 9 points from Leicester, Liverpool, Villa within 6days!
    These are games that usually destroy our momentum and define our season, next time we would be in similar week is , Chelsea, Utd, westharm, hopefully we get at least 5points
    Great win today, kudos to the team

    1. The next game is the most important, lets not get too far ahead but good 6 points this week, what was realistically possible.

      1. game by game mentality is the way to do it. Had to wipe liverpool from our minds as quick as possible and get back on track. im sure there will be some more bumps before the end of the season just becuse of the nature of the league. getting right back on track is gonna be crucial though. It’s why i think united and spurs are gunna struggle even more. Espescially United who are all over the place.

        1. We aren’t fighting Liverpool RSH and yes, we got the defeat out of our heads and did what we had to do.

    2. We were able to keep up with Liverpool and almost score, but Ramsdale had a bad day and Liverpool’s forwards were highly clinical

  9. Hope those who were waiting for us to lose, so they can crucify Areta nd d team re disappointed. See guys if u re not seeing improvement in this team then i don’t know what u re seein. Manc and liv only beat us becos of team talent not because of gameplay or structure. Based on tactics and structure we stood toe to toe with them unlike in d first leg and past seasons. Seriously only livpool and city re really better than us nd maybe chelshit a little bit. With d right addition in the summer we’ll become a world class team. Pls guyz lets support d team

  10. Very good performance today, especially first half, just a bit tighter than it should have been looking at both teams today. Partey is starting to look the top class player we bought, MOM for me by a country mile but good performances from all and saw the game out. Not a worry today because we won but the second goal proved far harder to get than it should. Onwards and upwards, great 3 points.

    1. Agree Reggie – Partey is looking world class every game he plays now.
      Our defence is becoming so good as a unit that it’s really difficult to choose one defender as MOM – this game Gabriel was superb after some previous wobbles (he only seems to get nervous vs the very top teams) and previously White was great but its such a group thing I often struggle to pick one. Was concerned about Leno but they protected him all game.
      For me a very very slick and confident performance. I notice as so often Dan K says the opposition was poor instead of praising the serious passing and pressing on show today that didn’t allow Villa to play.
      We are incredibly thin on players, and were obviously tired second half but still never looked in danger. A seriously well set up team – kudos to Arteta.
      With no striker and Laca visibly wilting lately (and not looking currently worth keeping even as backup) imagine how good we could be next season. I think most will agree virtually every player (bar Laca and Pepe) is visibly improving, and I have no doubt even a young striker below the very highest level will also develop under Arteta.

      1. I said both teams were poor guy atleast get it right before trying to slag me off buddy .
        I also said it was an effective.

    1. Yeah Gabriel was really goos today.

      where was Ramsdale because Leno distribution was worst I have ever seen

  11. Good win this lunch time. A bit worried when I saw Leno was playing, but apart from the save at the end, he didn’t have much to do.


  12. Massive three points, I told you this may just have been the most important game of our season.

    Am convinced Arteta is miles and shoulders above Gerrard in the coaching arena, watching the game at Villa Park you think Villa is the team played two days ago and playing away.

    A team that had a full week to rest and bless with such quality players was poor from the get go, the gaffer is looking like a genius each day, the decision to sign Odegaard over Gwendiea the Argentine was the right move.

    The future is bright as the bragging rights slowly turning Red

  13. I heard Leno made a great save at the end..couldn’t watch that last minute free kick cos i was scared…proud of the boys😁👍🏽

    1. @Chuxzzy
      Ols dnt be scared just remember that after 28 games this season Arsenal has not conceded from set-plays either through conner of free kick so pls even in 95th min just enjoy Holding Heading the ball out

      1. @seroti..truth be told Leno never gave me confidence when it comes to crosses or set pieces…but kudos to him for that save HAPPY DAYS AHEAD

  14. Glad to see no one has complained on here about the boys celebrating oo much after the final whistle… smh.

    A week ago I had top four if we won 8 out of the last 13 games. Now it’s 6 out of 10. Lots of work to do bit liking our odds.

    The ease at which we can play through the lines is so impressive. Can’t wait to see what happens if we can get a worldie at 9.

  15. Watkins looked good. Coutinho and Buendia sucked

    I think Watkins will fit into Arteta’s system perfectly, due to his pace and physicality

    1. Personally i didn’t think Watkins looked that good and definitely not for us. Step down on Auba and Lacca.

      1. He almost scored and White seemed struggling to contain him

        I think 40 M is reasonable for a good homegrown CF like him. But if Villa ask for more than that, we’d better gamble on a younger one

            1. Sue, i dont apologies, i want far better and we need far better, if we are to progress beyond 4th.

          1. Agree Reggie, im fine to move on from this player. I’d take him as a second option if we were to buy two strikers. But not as a No 9.

            1. RSH, i would rather keep Lacca than replace him with Watkins. We need better and can get better.

        1. I reckon Ivan Toney’s playing style would suit better with this team. He’s like a Laca on steroids. Tall n fast. great agility for his size. Like the movement of his lanky legs. Aware of the situation around him and very calm and his composure on the ball is underated. Would be a great additional. Really like him. Underated striker. Imo

  16. Well I only saw the first half as had a prior appointment but we played well within ourselves as Villa didn’t really offer anything and it was fairly comfortable in the end. Good three points and we are looking strong at present. Seems Ramsdale could be missing for a few games and my only worry about Leno is he doesn’t come our for crosses as well but at least with our two CBs in good form help. Still a way to go but m feeling more confident of getting into the CL pl@ces.

  17. Not a classic but thanks to solid defence and partey’s dominance in the midfield we were largely in control .. right now our best players are saka (once he’s had a rest) smith Rowe esr partey and odegaard .. arteta hasn’t found a way to start them all but needs to in the run in .. I think cedric merits a shout … he’s been solid since tomiyasu was injured .. even though he’s likely to leave in summer .. v professional

    1. Martinelli merits a shout also, he’s played very well. Loved watching him turn Liverpool defenders inside out.

      When he beat TAA, Henderson, and then Matip to cut the ball back was fantastic! Shame Laca wasn’t close to finish like Firmino was with the Robertson pass.

      Partey finally showing the skills we’ve been waiting on. Top class in midfield lately, defending, transitions, technique with the ball.

      1. You are right and I meant to include his name .. I still think a front three of ear martinelli and saka is our best hope for goals

      1. I can’t find it Sue and I can’t remember my predictions 😑 some united fan wrote everyone apart from Arsenal fans know Sancho is better than Saka he’s like had one good half season. It’s really true man utd supporters are absolutely 💯 delusional 🤪

        1. You mean you didn’t take a screenshot? 😜 You’re on 4 points. If you click on all news in the top left hand corner then scroll down a couple of pages it’s there.
          Half season? Are you sure? 🤣

          1. No I was in a hurry last night Sue 😅 4 for today 😄 how many did you get ? Haha half a season do you think they actually believe Sancho is better Sue ? Or is it because they know he hasn’t lived up to the hype and they are just backing they’re guy 🧐

            1. 2 🤣 It’s Kenya you have to keep an eye on, not me!
              They’re trying to justify the 73m they shelled out for him!! Of course they do and I bet they also think Slab-head is better than White!

              1. Haha the 80 million pound fridge 😂 oh I forgot they have the Rolls Royce Varane don’t they 😂 yeah because if your sitting on the fence as a neutral there’s no way you say with a straight face Sancho is better than Saka 😑 don’t rule yourself out yet Sue I was nowhere then had a great week remember? 😄

                  1. Sue have you watched never have ever with Arteta on YouTube? 😂 Hahaha your aiming to win if you do that you won’t win 😂😂 I have to admit I’m beginning to trust the process Sue I can’t believe I’m saying that 😆

                    1. Haha no it’s just like a fun interview with Arteta he’s got a little ping pong bat with I have and I haven’t written on either side 😂😂 watching Aftv now Sue fans seem in good spirits are you enjoying the football (Liverpool aside) ? 😀

                    2. Yes I am, Kev, we have a good side. Just need that striker in the summer and we’re good to go.
                      AFTV in good spirits??! That’s because one of them is inside!

  18. Just get to the end of the line to say well done to the players on the field for getting the job done. At this stage the three points is massive and will determine how the team is to be improved in the next transfer window.

  19. 1-0 to the Arsenal. Well done to Mikel Arteta and the players. Note that Saka was queried on his post match talk to the referee, where he discussed some of the Villa tackling. The officials appear to be waiting until a player is crippled.

  20. I love new Arteta song, after years with negativity and a very toxic atmosphere. Positive energy is a powerful tool creating togetherness and makes us stronger.

    We’ve got Super Mik Arteta, he knows exactly what we need, Kieran at the back, Gabi in attack, Arsenal on the way to Champions League!

    Listen to our great away supporters singing in Birmingham, they are doing an incredible job

    Oh man I’m so tired of all the negativity that have been surrounding our club, we have really needed a fresh breath.

    1. DP
      totally agree with you
      Been a breath of fresh air..
      Only a minority still don’t quite believe but are slowly coming around. Can sort off understand there feeling as there has been so many false dawns.
      I cannot see us failing but if we do I will be so dissapointed but the winning feel good factor has been so good.
      MA has done a grand job to date and the players have risen to the challenge
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Spot on, I’m very happy for all people loving Arsenal. Match by match, step by step ❤️

  21. Have made an interesting observation, I have a lot of football loving friends, must admit most are fans of Arsenal and that includes my entire family.

    What I have notice those who are not Arsenal fans and who may have supported Pool , Chelsea etc, all have Arsenal as there second choice. Find this very very interesting.

    I do however think Arsenal have one of the most negative fan base, who are quick to criticize, the team and players.

    This may have born out of many years of frustration, I remember one season when the fans was at there peak in wanting Wenger to go, we didn’t make any signing and opposing teams were strengthening, We had a few long term injury players out and Wenger excuses was that they were like a new signing coming back in the team.

    Those sentiments only infuriated the fans more . A mass demonstration was plan for the beginning of the season, things was plan for Wenger out, but Everton was the first match and we hammered them heavily,

    Fans left the stadium confuse and could not understand how on earth Wenger was able to pull off such a convincingly victory without a single reinforcement.

    These days are are the best since Wenger good old days.

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