Arsenal complains to PGMOL about opponents’ treatment of Saka

Bukayo Saka has become Arsenal’s key player, particularly in his prominent role on the right wing under Mikel Arteta. Teams facing Arsenal recognise the danger he poses, and the Gunners have significantly improved with Saka on the pitch.

Stats reveal that Saka is the third most fouled player in the Premier League in 2023 and ranks third in fouls suffered this season. The Euro 2020 finalist is often targeted by opponents, sometimes facing fouls without apparent reason.

In response to concerns about the treatment of Saka, Arsenal has reportedly lodged a complaint with the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), seeking increased protection for their influential attacker. The Daily Mail reports that the Gunners have specifically called for referees to issue cautions to players upon committing the first foul on Saka, rather than waiting for multiple fouls to occur before taking action.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Everyone knows Saka is our star man and is certainly being targeted deliberately.

We have done the right thing to file a complaint, but the opposition will see it as asking for too much.

We also do not expect the situation to change, but this shows we are serious about protecting our players.

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  1. This is pure deflection from Arsenal. It’s true that Saka has been fouled maybe more than other players but to complain to the PGMOL, is disguising the real problem. We didn’t lose because of the kicks on Saka; we lost because the entire team played poorly, and we have not played well since the Liverpool game.

  2. What it says is Saka gets the third most free kicks in the prem. More than any other player bar two. Why complain about that. Do we want less?

    1. I don’t think that’s particularly relevant Reggie. For one, a free kick doesn’t automatically bring a goal and two and very important, is the prospect of serious injury to Saka.

      1. A free kick round the box can. And i would agree, if he has or had been injured, being tackled but he seems to be an ever present. Fouls don’t injure you, bad tackles do.

  3. It is high time indeed that Arsenal launched a complaint with PGMOL. Saka is being fouled multiple number of times in each match and the officials hardly do anything about it. These fouls could be dangerous to our star player and Arsenal should do all in its power to protect him.

  4. Coming just shortly after the ‘brush’ with the authorities arising from Arteta’s outburst after the Newcastle game, the club’s statement there on, and the manager escaping a charge, the timing of this complaint is bad, imo. No need constantly being seen as standing off with the system.

    1. I agree with you CorporateMan and cannot understand why this has become public knowledge.
      Of course we have all seen this happen to Saka game after game and I’m not interested in what occurs from the free kick.
      It’s the inability of the officials to see and control the situation that disturbs me.
      The Arsenal have every right to bring it to the notice of the PGMOL, but I fail to see what making the complaint public has done to help the situation.

        1. Don’t see that he will be “embarrassed” Jax, he’s been kicked from pillar to post, keeps pointing it out to the officials and gets no protection whatsoever.
          Well done to The Arsenal for standing up, once again, to weak officials.

  5. I don’t have a problem with arsenal raising this. It is noticeable that refs often decide against booking defenders, despite repeated fouls – and not just against Saka. I do think there is a bit of an issue where they care more about “not ruining the game” than player safety at times.
    I’d only ask that refs were mindful of repeated fouling, and tried to be more consistent when deciding what constitutes a yellow card.

  6. It seems that The Arsenal have not made an official complaint, but say the officials are aware of the situation!!
    That’s from MA himself.

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