Arsenal complete another signing already

Well things certainly have changed from the Wenger era as it would appear that after the official Arsenal website confirming that we had signed Stephan Lichtsteiner yesterday, we now have reports that we have signed the PSG youngster Yacine Adli from Paris Saint-Germain on a three-year contract.

The Metro got the story from France and reported it thus….

Arsenal have completed their deal to sign Yacine Adli from Paris Saint-Germain, according to reports in France. The 17-year-old midfielder is widely regarded as one of the brightest prospects in European football. Adli reportedly rejected the offer of a professional contract from PSG, which means he would be able to officially sign a deal with Arsenal when he turns in July. Arsenal would have to pay a €255,000 (£223,000) compensation fee to PSG in order to sign Adli. According to RMC Sport, the midfielder has committed to a three-year contract with Arsenal, which also has the option for a further two seasons.

Adli is only 17 but made his debut for PSG in Unai Emery’s last game at the French giants, and is tipped to have a massive future. To get such a prospect for just £223,000 is an amazing bit of business!

So two signings done already. I’m beginning to like this new setup!



  1. Ray says:

    Good news about Adli if true but, Stephan Lichtsteiner?

    Seriously. At 34 he could be another Mertesacker? I hope i’m wrong but right now it looks like Arsenal do only have a limited (£50 million) kitty to work with!

    I’m not exactly brimming with confidence for next season so far and, as we have come to expect in the past. Our transfers have been pretty uninspiring. I just hope Emry will pull all the stops out and give us Arsenal some much needed lifting!!

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      I share your lack of enthusiasm with Arsenals transfer dealings thus far but the futbol realist in me isnt surprised one bit.

      Arsenal is NEVER going to compete financially with the Manchester clubs during any transfer window and speculation of Emery and co. being interested in big money players like Forsberg, Toliso, Oblak, Koulibaly, etc is simply disingenuous and a click bait opportunity for rags such as the Sun and Daily Star to ratchet up business.

      I have reservations about players like Lichsteiner, Socratis, possibly Felani but I also commend Emery for realizing that AFC lacks the professionalism and futbol passion that these veteran players epitomize. Characters in the locker room and on the pitch have been sorely lacking @ the Emirates for far to long and with Kroenke unwilling to financially support the club Emery and co. have been somewhat forced to target these types.

      1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

        All very true.

        The difference between Lichtsteiner and this year’s version of Mertesacker is that at 33/34, Lichtsteiner played 32 games for Juventus and is still the captain of the Swiss n. t.
        I feel he is capable of playing for us not only this year, but possibly one more year (he’s closer to Giggs at 34 in his physical condition than to Mert)

        But for one year, to see if Hector can improve enough to continue with us, is a good deal. We have to wait 1 more year to see if we need a young RB, and Kroenke is not going to spend on backups, that’s for sure…

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          ? Also Felaini is not coming to Arsenal as he has priced himself out. He has been offered £80,000 per week by Man U and is trying to squeeze more.

  2. gotanidea says:

    223K? Sounds like Mahrez’s price when Leicester bought him. I hope he can turn into a good player like Mahrez

  3. st sass says:

    welcome lad, hope it’s not another player we need to offer on loan. at this stage arsenal need ready made players.

  4. Pablo Picasso says:

    One for the future I guess. A couple of questions hoping someone here has some ideas:

    1. What position does he play in?
    2. Will he be training with Mert, Unai or loaned?
    3. What are his strengths?

    1. Angus says:

      1.) CM with an attacking tendency similar to Ramsey so CAM is possible too. He has however also played on the right wing for France. With his build I’d expect him to be most effective in the middle long term.

      2.) Unai certainly. This guy is a top rated talent. PSG wanted to keep him and he reportedly had offers from Bayern/Real. He’s a real genuine coup for us. He wouldn’t of come to us without being offered 1st team that is for sure so probably rotation until proven I’d guess.

      3.) Not an expert here but he is tall and strong with great technique for his age especially given his build. For his height/power he is actually pretty pacy but obviously with that build he’s not an out and out speedster. He has a great eye for a pass /passing technique for his age too. Not sure in full detail though such as his shooting etc. He’s mostly compared to Rabiot given the fact they both came through PSG’s youth and look very similar if that helps.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. Drayton says:

      1) He’s listed as a right midfielder but played center midfield as well. Position probably isn’t set yet given his wide range of abilities, but he’s a midfielder.
      2) Not sure.
      3) Great dribbling skills, very comfortable on the ball. Big size but does lack strength. Good passer with an eye for an incisive pass. Don’t know much else.

  5. tas says:

    there are gossip that Lacazette’s agent is in talks with Fenerbahce

    why would we want to sell him that would leave us short unless……? Dembele or Lucas is back

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      Love Laca, but unless Emery plays two at the top the Frenchman will be playing second fiddle to PEA.
      If the Turkish side can guarantee him as first choice striker and match his weekly wages why wouldnt he listen?

      1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

        Lacazette in Turkey. LOL

        He would be one of top 10 strikers in La Liga, so I can guarantee you he’s not going to Turkey any time soon. Welbeck, on the other hand…

        1. for the first time in 2 decades we have 2 top strikers – necessary when you fight on 4 fronts
        2. Lacazette can play amazingly well behind PEA
        3. We will have roughly 55 – 60 matches, so without ANY injuries to PEA (unlikely), Laca will have 20 – 22 starts as a sole striker, numerous appearances as a sub, and at least some starts when both play together… Again, any injury to PEA and we’re lost without Laca – Lucas Perez is about two levels below Laca (as a CF at least)

        But considering Arsenal is massively massively better going forward when both play (do check the stats!), be sure Laca is going to get enough time to prove himself, especially as he is better than PEA against defensive-minded teams since his technique is better.

        Only Spain’s La Liga could tempt Laca to leave…

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          ?as per my previous post.

  6. Diana says:

    In all honesty i am impressed for a bumber of different reasons.
    1. First off, it shows we are thinking about the gaps we had. There were games this season we could have won but inexperience made all the difference and we ended up either drawing or losing. So for me, signing someone who is a national team captain means not only is it about his play( which is very good) but also his leadership on and off the pitch. I hope we can get another mature experienced person- even if they dont start every game because we want the mental strength to start showing in first team and all the youngsters. It could be the extra 5-8 points that can determine Europa or Champions League

    2. While pundits and media outlets usually like to take Arsenal fans on a roller coast ride, all the rumours this season have been consistent with regards to our priority areas. Yes one or two not so much. But all reports are circling around prospects that the club have actually enquired about and interested in, even if some of them may end up elsewhere.

    3. I have not heard of anyone, from top to bottom who has been offered big contracts particularly those very young(prospects yes, but unproven) and over 30( may not make the desired mark) which means even if they are a miss, we are not stuck with them too long.

    4. They are at least trying( not sure if we can pull it off)- to get all transfers done before the preseason kick off. Preseason could be the season changer particularly with a new coach. I know some of our players will ne given an extra break because of the world cup but those not playing can start early. I am hoping all deals are finalised soon, as a few have been declared done with one or two things left before announcing.

    I do have reservations about some people we have been linked with, like everyone else i guess, but i can at least see the thinking behind some of those (eg Fellaini). I do also have a few that have not been in the media that i am hoping we are able to wrap up. Anyone has the latest on Max Meyer and G Martins??

    But like i said when Wenger left, until perfomance is worse that Wenger’s, i will support the team all out. Even when i dont get or understand Unai’s approach, its about the club and we have seen how trying the inpredictable has worked in the last few seasons(our competitors of course not us). So why not.

    1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

      Max Mayer is an attacking midfielder. We need a GK, CB, DM, and then if we can afford it, a specialized winger (especially on the left). Don’t see the Mayer deal happening – it was Wenger’s Arsenal that was interested ( as was the case for almost every AM).

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Diana, Max MEYER has been signed by Hoffenheim.

  7. Diana says:


    1. Sue says:

      I thought Meyer had opted for Hoffenheim

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  8. Phil says:

    It’s still very early to criticise the Management team regarding who they are bringing to the Club.They will have been working on the prime targets for the problem areas eg CDM and CB and I’m sure they will bring in the players we need who can immediately make an impact.
    Lichstiener for me is a good signing.He cost nothing and is proven.Just his experience alone SHOULD get better and more consistent performances out of Bellerin.If Bellerin doesn’t perform (like the last TWO seasons) then the Swiss will be in the team.
    The Aldi transfer is one for the Manager.He is lauded as a great prospect and he will get plenty of game time in the Carabao and Europa Cups.
    Let’s wait and see who else comes in.Im convinced the right players in the right areas will be bought.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  9. Roachie says:

    If its in the Metro it must be true…..

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      You beat me to it!

  10. drew says:

    if it’s true then I’m following KEV on twitter, Facebook and Instagram coz I heard it from him first. my man!

  11. Grandad says:

    Yacine Aldi could well turn out to be the best signing this year.He has tremendous composure on the ball and has all the attributes to make it at the top level as evidenced by the number of top European Clubs who were after him.A very impressive young player who could well be a star before too long.

    1. Kris Advaya says:

      It’s ADLI not Aldi (just correcting as I got tired of all the ‘Carzola’ posts on various forums)

      Pronounced AdlEE (somewhat similar to ‘at least’).

  12. Simon Williams says:

    2 good players – almost no cash spent. That’s ok by me. If they improve the team – and I think both will.

    Wenger was right when he said price does not guarantee quality, talent, fit.

    I welcome these with open arms.

    More talent welcome too!

  13. Boliviangunner says:

    Lichsteiner is in good shape. He is great muscle. He has Never been seriously injured which clearly infers that he is responsible at personal life. He balances life and work very professionally. He is Swiss captain. He has been for 8 years. Captain of national team? At 26? Give me 4 of those and I’ll show you league title! His first task at the Arsenal is to set Xhaka straight. He wont be the pretty boy anymore! You cant count on that!

  14. l says:

    Yaya Toure anyone? Lol.

    1. st sass says:

      we ain’t a garbage team yet. lol

    2. Abel says:

      If Yaya stays in premiership, he’ll play for Westham. Fits their recent recruitment policy; Evra, Zabaleta et all.
      Plus his previous manager Pellegrini now coaches them.

  15. Broccoli says:


    1. Sue says:

      I prefer Sokratis ?

  16. jon fox says:

    I find it depressing how many folk are criticizing the new regime, which is totally without foundation , IMHO. After so many years of inaction by Wenger all the happenings seem to be most pro-active now. I gain the impression that, at long last, the true professionals are now in charge. I only hope that by August at latest, much of the long term proven deadwood will be gone. To be fair to WENGER, WHEN HE FIRST ARRIVED HE GOT RID OF MUCH OF THE THEN EXISTING DEADWOOD REALLY QUICKLY. Of course, he later began collecting a forest load of his own; about eleven years ago actually. I welcome experience , if it is proven good experience, like Lichtsteiner whose record is top class at top level clubs like Juventus. I am amazed how many fans prefer the dreadful BELLERIN WHO HAS NO IDEA HOW TO DEFEND AT ALL. I realise most people consider fullbacks to be wide attacking players BUT I believe defenders prime duty is to be able to defend well. If they cannot, then they are useless. To me, Dixon and Winterburn plus Cole were by far the best fullbacks Arsenal has had since Wenger arrived. I could almost say the only ones, since LAUREN, though also top class, was really a converted midfielder. Those apart, I have seen no quality fullbacks at all at Arsenal since Sansom; some adequate ones maybe but not top class. Far too much notice is taken of actual physical age, when what really matters is sheer effectiveness. Or lack of it, eh, Bellerin! I crave Bellerins exit from Arsenal.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  17. Aussie Jack says:

    It`s all up to Emery, I`ll make a comment when I`ve got something to comment about.

  18. igwe says:

    @ozziegunners, fellaini isn’t going to sign a new contract with man utd cos utd already got a replacement in Fred the Brazilian

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      igwe, you may be right, but Fred is only 1.69 m tall and therefore he doesn’t provide Mourinho his “Plan B” going forward. Thus he may still agree terms with Man U.
      For his asking wages Fellaini would not be good value for the Arsenal.

  19. We need to sign two diffender and Nzonzi and seri this will be a fantastique move

  20. igwe says:

    Yacine Adil is good, he is a prospect, but should be played alongside the first-team in the epl, not restricted to playing with the second string during cup matches, this is because the youth players featured in those matches tend to struggle cos the team are always playing under pressure because of the team assembled for the day

  21. Tatek Girma says:

    This guy is really full of talent. His physical appearance looks like Rabiot.

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