Arsenal complete yet another “reject” signing

It certainly looks like Arsenal are concentrating on trying to find more youngsters that have been discarded by other clubs, in the hope that they can be improved by coming to the Gunners Academy.

The latest arrival is the 20 year-old Jonathan Dinzeyi who has been released by Tottenham. Dinzeyi has been capped at England Under-18 level but failed to get anywhere near the Tottenham first team.

This follows on from the news yesterday that we had signed the Huddersfield “reject”, 19-year-old Tim Akinola. The story goes that Arsenal simply watched some videos on his performances and thought he would not even need to complete a trial with us.

One that did come and do a trial (and apparently impressed) was the young Norwegian George Lewis, who famously couldn’t even find a club in his home country (although he was born in Rwanda, I don’t suppose that Rwanda is one of our biggest sponsors could have had anything to do with that, could it?).

But it is very interesting that the club are trying to find young free agents that have not made it with other clubs, and it is likely to be a clue to Arsenal’s future scouting techniques now that all of ours have been sacked!

Obviously it makes sense to try and find the pick of the released youngsters, as then there is no compensation to pay once they’ve parted ways, but is it a risk to take on other clubs discards?

To that I can only say that Harry Kane was an Arsenal “reject” before being taken on by Spurs…


  1. Watched Videos of the Akinola kid. He’s fierce and he’s tenacious. I love how he tackles, goes to the ground and gets the ball without fouling his man.
    Though with his style of play he reminds me of prime Kante, I think he has red card written all over him.. Also for a DM the kid is too bloody technical FFS, very technical. I can see why Arsenal wasted no time in signing him.
    He wanted a wage increase and new contract at Huddersfield, they couldn’t afford it because of the whole Covid thing and he had a year left, so they terminated it.
    Other clubs were interested also, it’s why Arsenal wasted no time in getting him.
    I hope to see him move up to the senior team soon and watching him play the Carling Cup or FA cup

    1. I also watched his clips and he really impressed me with his skills, and besides Africa are known to produced good Dm so fingers crossed, I hope he make it.

          1. they speak for themselves tho. Officially, he is english and can decide which country to represent later.

  2. Nketiah was Chelsea reject. De Bruyne was a failed winger at Chelsea, before becoming a world class right mezzala under Guardiola’s system at Man City

    Salah and Cuadrado were thrown away by Mourinho from Chelsea. Henry was a failed winger at Juventus and Vieira played mainly in AC Milan’s reserves

    1. Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp the two greatest “rejects” Arsenal ever bought.
      One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.

  3. young and two footed … Right being the dominant one. 188cm tall. If he has a half decent run in cup games … Lesser English teams would line up for him … Which means a profit with very little investment. We are getting really creative 😸

  4. Other clubs picked up our “rejects” and turned them into first-name-on-team-list players. The likes of Benacer, Adelaide, etc.
    So, who knows? We could do same?

    1. Adelaide is not a Lyon starter. I dont get why people regret getting rid of him. The only part we failed on was negotiating a higher fee.

    1. That is another one that almost get away. I thought Napoli has beaten us to his signature. It reminds me of Ivan quote statement.. those who know don’t say….

    2. That’s good news, but Arsenal announcing Partey is what would really excite me 😀….. I do hope we have a brilliant next season, we have to get it right in the transfer window though.

  5. I am beginning to believe what Sue said in the previous post that, Gabriel, Partey and Ceballos would sign before the window shuts. COYG.

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if this guy became a first team regular one day? Arsenal hasn’t produced a top academy CB probably since Tony. Turning a former Spurs product into one would be great! Good luck kid!

    1. That’s right and the reason why I support Gunners. Nature new blood and if a player decides to move on, let it be

  7. You guys have said it all.. did we not throw out Serge Gnabry and Malen.. I have said it time and again we complain too much as supporters every move the club makes we criticize instead of support which is why we are fans in the first place.. I still trust the club will do the right thing.. our dark days are behind us from here it is upward I have always felt that way since MA walked in.. I hope you guys are being serious about Gabriel!!! Coyg.

    1. Nothing in the news about GABRIEL. Someone who announced it on here has jumped the gun, methinks!

  8. Up Arsenal.
    Arteta is doing a good job at rejuvenating Arsenal. As a fan i am 100%in support of what he is doing.

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