Arsenal concerned over Hector Bellerin diet following struggle to get fit

Arsenal is concerned that Hector Bellerin’s diet might be stopping him from making quicker recoveries from injuries, according to the Express.

The Spaniard has struggled with injuries recently and despite returning from a nine months injury layoff not so long ago, he is still struggling to get back to full fitness and the club’s medical team are beginning to think that it may be because of his diet.

The Spain international has been a vegan since 2016. He has joined the likes of Lewis Hamilton and that may have been slowing down his healing process, the club believes.

Bellerin has been Arsenal’s first-choice right-back for a long time now and the club doesn’t exactly have a replacement for him.

They signed Cedric Soares in the last transfer window but the Portugal international came injured.

By the time the Premier League season resumes, Mikel Arteta will hope to have all his players fit for the remainder of the season.

The Gunners are still in the Premier League top five race as well as the FA Cup. Winning the FA Cup would be a major achievement for the Spaniard in his first season as a manager.

There is also going to be concern about match fitness, the break these players are on right now could end up being a longer break than the normal summer one and that is always full of friendlies and tours. That is not the case right now.


  1. I’m certainly not a vegan and I happily go along with the jokes about vegans but the article in the Express is totally unsubstantiated rubbish.
    On a lighter note I’ve had the vegan chilli in Harvester twice and it’s bloody good.

    1. Aguero and Messi are vegans!!!
      You can’t beat a bit of quorn, GB or some good old veggies!! 😉 (nothing died on my plate!!)

      1. Well Sue, if it died while ON your plate, I think you would be even MORE determined not to eat it. I am a meat eater though mostly white, not red meat but all the chickens and turkeys on my plate, I make sure are ALREADY dead. I am called FOX after all! Boom Boom!

        And you are wrong about Aguero and Messi , they are from Argentine not Planet Vega!

    2. Veggie chile delicious! On the other hand a friend of mine in the UK has posted on his FB page that he’d just got in from doing his panic buying (he seems to think it’s compulsory) 🙂 and said he’s now got enough beer and cigarettes to last him three months.

      1. Oops – no, I don’t eat people from Chile. That would not be vegetarian would it. Chilli yes!

  2. I feel like it depends a lot on your body and what works best for it. If Bellerin’s injuries are down to his diet (idk how that would be determined), then he needs to change it and listen. Seems like shades of Wilshere not willing change the damaging way he ran and then bemoaning his bad luck. Best to listen to the people who have studied sports science and nutritionists in the end.

  3. Hi RSH – I agree “Best to listen to the people who have studied sports science and nutritionists in the end.”
    A good one would probably by Giuliano Poser, the guy who sorted Messi out.

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