Arsenal condemn racism directed at Saka – “Hold your head high”

Considering the accolades and positivity that Bukayo Saka gained from his first ever international tournament, where he was one of the stand-out performers in the star studded England team, it could not have been nice for him to come home to see racist comments directed at him from lowlife scum on social media.


Arsenal fans though can only be proud of the way he performed in the last month, and his bravery at stepping up to take the fifth and final penalty for England.


His achievements were acknowledged on the official Arsenal website, but they also admitted their sorrow that a great tournament had to end on such a bad note. They have promised to support our young star and can only hope it doesn’t have a lasting effect on the humble starlet.


The statement from Arsenal reads….

Bukayo has been with us since he was seven and the whole club couldn’t have been prouder to see him represent England throughout the tournament. You could feel it right across the club.

Last night we witnessed the leadership and character we’ve always known and loved in Bukayo. However, this feeling of pride quickly turned to sorrow at the racist comments our young player was subjected to on his social media platforms after the final whistle.

Once again, we are sad to have to say we condemn the racism towards a number of black players. This cannot continue and the social media platforms and authorities must act to ensure this disgusting abuse to which our players are subjected on a daily basis stops now.

We have processes in place internally at Arsenal to ensure our players are supported both emotionally and practically on this issue but sadly there is only so much we can do.

Our message to Bukayo is: hold your head high, we are so very proud of you and we cannot wait to welcome you back home to Arsenal soon.

Saka has performed excellently, but we do still have to realise that he is still only 19 years old, so although he has gained invaluable experience of top level football, he may still have quite a few life lessons to learn.

When he makes his next appearance at the Emirates, I hope he gets the warmest welcome ever and can take his mind off the mindless trolls and keyboard warriors that thrive on upsetting people. We need to let his know that these people are in a minority…


  1. speedy says:

    i cant bring my self to rewatch the match, it too emotional for me. so imagine what saka is going through right now. Stay strong young man. Still cant believe he is only 19.

    1. Siamois says:

      I know it has nothing to do with nationalities but I’m French and i was closed to tears just watching Saka being so distraught.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I think the abusers had low quality education and poor social environment. They don’t always come from poor families or neighbourhood, but they’re likely surrounded by racists or fascists

    1. Siamois says:

      GAI ignorance is no excuse especially in this day and age when at the push of a button anyone (bar few exceptions) can educate themselves if they wish to do so!

      1. gotanidea says:

        Agreed. Some people are just too judgemental towards other people of different skin colors and cultures

        1. Siamois says:

          Sadly true!

  3. Abdul iliyasu salifu says:

    Sometimes I don’t get it.Is it someone’s fault he/she is born black or white?

    It is not by choice to come from a certain Clan,race or Family.

    All human beings are equal.

  4. NY_Gunner says:

    Once more, for those in the cheap seats. “ Racism is a mental disorder”
    Full Stop…😠

  5. Hypocrits says:

    But booing to everyone that’s has not “England” written in their passports its ok, even when their national anthems play?

    You englishmen are such hypocrits…

  6. Amin says:

    When you read stories like this is very disgusting and I feel like not supporting England team again in every Tournament. That behavior is awkward and can only be describe as childish. For Bukayo to undergo such treatment is very bad. The German national coach regreted for the way Ozil was treated and we all must learn a lesson from these.

  7. Martin Saenyi Makanda says:

    Those abusing others because of
    skin colour shall be heavily judged one of these days..
    “Stay strong our lovely Bukayo..”

  8. Ayan says:

    Racist are irrational human being! Should be totally condemned! Bukayo Saka will grow!

  9. Son says:

    Stupid ignorant racist low life oafs, at 19 these boffons were not even known nor did they have any relevance in their community. Stupid low life idiots, insulting a 19 year old with not just national relevance but a global reputation how low can they really go?

    To take my mind off the sadness of the finals, i just imagine if it was saka’s penalty kick that won Euro 2020 for England, such bravery for a 19year old.
    Come back home to the gunners family we love you, what you achieved are many 19 year old’ fairy tale dream

    1. Kawina singoyi says:

      I agree with you. Imagine if saka scored the winning goal, the same idiots would have been allover media rejoicing.

  10. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    All the 3 penalty missers were missed for England against Italy in the last Euro 2020 football tournament were all from the back players of, Rashford, Sanco and Saka as us all know.

    The England fans disappointments that followed their missing their penalty kicks shoot out for England that consequently made the Three Lions to lose the Nation Cup on the night to Italy were unimaginably grave. More especially the kick missed by Saka. Which would have won the Cup for England had he scored it cannot to be quantify in mere words saying to describe the disappointments. For the disappointments were so painfully huge to the core for the die hard England fans.

    I did opin on this site that Saka was too elated in the media hype that hyped him that he has arrived there. Whereas to me, he’s yet to arrive there. Cristiano Ronaldo was at Saka’s age when he arrived there for Man Utd under the tutilage of SAF.

    I wrote on this site the night that Saka fluff his penalty kick lines to miss for England which consequently turnout to have their hopes of lifting a major tournament Cup killed since 1966 when they won the World Cup. But I was immediately shutdown by many on this site when I commented that Saka missing his penalty kick for England is a bad football image marketing for Arsenal. And I think has given buttress to my comment.

    If Saka has arrived there as he might have thought he has. He should have scored his pen kick to give victory to England and write his name in the football history books in platinum tip pen. But alas! He hasn’t arrive there.

    You don’t miss such an important crucial penalty shoot out kick for your country in a major tournament which if you score it will give vanquishing victory to your country over the opposition team. Or do you Saka? To start getting racial abuses on your social platform. Which your intellects should inform you to know it could happen before you stepped forward to take the kick.

    Whch if you had scored, you will claim the glory for been the player who won the Euro 2020 tourney for England. Or would you not?

    I think what is left for you Saka now to do after you have hugely disappointmented your country and yourself is to first of all forget about your being overly hyped in the media and by the football pundits who told you that you have arrived there. Whereas you are yet to. And go back to the drawing board to rediscovered yourself footballingly in all aspects of playing the game. So that you may arrive there finally for Arsenal and England.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @Samuel AA
      Saka’s penalty would only have sent it into “sudden death”. It would not have won the draw…

    2. dO2 says:

      Educate yourself about football mate; you seem to have no clue on what is.

    3. Perry ames says:

      What a load of crap

    4. damy says:

      Who wrote this crap…. doesn’t even make me a proud Nigerian….given that saka is even Nigerian by origin…..
      What crap comment

    5. Ernest says:

      This is childish. I don’t comment here regularly but read almost every post. Saks wouldn’t have won it for England. I remember your celebrated CR7 missed a penalty in one Champions league final. Penalty is oftentimes of luck than expertise. Even Gorghino missed

    6. Alanball08 says:

      You have made a volatile statement on here that cannot be substantiated
      Some of the greatest players who are put in to the category as being World class have missed during penalty shoot outs
      I am very dismayed that you as a human being first and a so called Arsenal supporter 2nd has written such tripe
      I will put this down to pure ignorance
      Which may I say is no excuse
      I am all for people’s opinions but this one is only fit for the bin

    7. Sue says:

      Samuel.. I’m so disappointed to be reading this again, it was bad enough the first time round.

    8. LW says:

      Without a shadow of doubt i hereby recommend that Samuel Akinsola Adebosin should be banned from posting any views on this platform. I further recommend that this broda seeks services from qualified mental health specialists and psychiatrists bcoz with this kind of outbursts, sth is a miss in this brothers head!!! Shame!!! You’re a total disgrace to mankind!!.

    9. Namo says:

      Samuel, I couldn’t even wait to finish reading the rubbish you’re spewing out. Haven’t you seen world class players miss their penalty kicks? Roberto Baggio missed his kick at USA94 world cup. Trezeguet missed for France, Kanu Nwanko has missed a penalty kick for Nigeria before. So what are you talking about?
      Saka’s kick wouldn’t even have won the game for England. Who or what even makes you feel that Saka thinks “he has arrived?”
      He’s only 19. He stays calm if he doesn’t start a game, he doesn’t complain when he’s subbed off. The dude just gives his best. Cut him some slack and do away with your negative mentality about him.

    10. Baba Sagna says:

      This is an example of someone who disgraces my part of the world, so pained that he is my tribe too. Imagine this clown using someone’s misery to vindicate his useless opinion..😡😡😡 I fear for the future of Humans in general, the basis of humanity is long gone. We might as well go back to the primitive ages. Samuel, get Ur acts together and prove you’re still human, you can do it 💪💪💪

  11. Tony says:

    Samuel your a disgrace!

    1. Perry ames says:

      I’m all for people having an opinion but what the hell is he going on about. I do like reading some of the posts on here especially jon fox who I find to always have a point to what he writes and is very articulate but I have read samuel’s post a couple of times and cant work out what he is going on about.
      And we lost to hibernian

    2. Namo says:

      A big one at that….

  12. Sue says:

    Bukayo Saka has been nominated for the Freedom of Ealing Borough.
    Councillor Peter Mason: “I hope this will send a clear message that Saka is Ealing’s own, that we are proud of him, and that he is one of our heroes.”
    (Chris Wheatley) 👏

  13. Sean Williams says:

    We are all the same value. Saka is a great footballer and a real human being. Let’s praise his qualities….he is the future of Arsenal Football Club.

    1. Andrew Elder says:

      I agree Sean, Saka along with ESR and KT are the future of this club. He’ll get over it, it’s not the end of the world, at the end of the day it’s just a game of football. Nobody died as Boris Becker once said after losing a Wimbledon final.

      As for those cowardly keyboard racists, the less said the better, they thrive on publicity!!!

  14. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I am always an honour but not a disgrace if you might know. And I do give food for thought a times.

    I am not a so called Arsenal supporter. But a passionate fan of the club ever since I know the club many many years ago.
    Admitted. Some great players do miss vital or match winning penalty shoot outs kick to sink their team/country from winning a regional or global tournament. But that marks the difference between the winners and the losers And when they lost, their team got sunk to not celebrate.

    Don’t be disappointmented in me for my chastening Saka for his not reposing the confidence that Gareth Southgate the 3Lions Manager had in him. When he chose him ahead of others to take part in the 5 pen shoot outs kicks. But Saka missed to deny England the chance to goin to sudden death kicks. Which if Saka had scored his own shoot outs kick and England went in to the sudden death. The 3Lions may lift the Euro 2020 Nations Cup. Or they may not. But whichever ways it goes, Saka will not have been carrying the curse that saw England not getting the sudden death chance to possibly lift the Euro 2020 Nation Cup.

    And@damy. It wasn’t a crab comment I’ve made. But a sensible one in the light of what Saka did for England to hugely disappointed millions of 3Lions fans.
    I am a Nigerian man of Yoruba speaking tribe. Who was born in Nigeria bread, buttered and schooled in Nigeria. You know what? I like Saka and support him. More especially as he’s a Arsenal player who has been well for the club that I am supporting.
    But one thing with me is that I will not any tribal affiliations or my supporting him as a Arsenal player of Nigerian descent to be beclouded my sense of reasoning and judgement.

    Saka has shown at club level the requisite potential in him to become a grate Gunner in the foreseeable future. But if he shun over hyping him in the media and by football pundits who are telling him he’s there at the top as world class before he’s actually there in true sense of it.

    I can see the knives being drawn out to cut me after my Saka comment. But nevertheless, I refuse to be cut.

    Hibbernians 2-1 Arsenal was the result of the first pre-season friendly match played today by Arsenal. But I see this Hibs defeat to Arsenal as pathetic. And I hope Arteta will wake up from his slumbering to make sure the Gunners he will select to play against Rangers also wake up from any slumberings that could be in them. And beat Rangers FC before they travel to the US in continuation of their pre-season tour games. Friendly or competitive matches, winning them is always a good thing. But losing them is bad and disheartening.

  15. Quantic Dream says:

    No Hibernian review?!

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Given the score line, it’s probably best to just brush it under the carpet.

      1. Quantic Dream says:


      2. MartinelliTheBench says:

        This carpet we have is becoming very large haha

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          Definitely a trip hazard now!

  16. Prof.Wenger says:

    Stay strong Saka, although I’m not an England fan they had all the necessary skills to win the title, not sure what’s wrong with the coach and his selection!

    Saka should not be the one to take the blame.

  17. gunnerforlife says:

    We all love you Saka, you are our hero. You are strong, brave and courageous, stay like that. You are a inspiration to millions of kids wanting to make football as a career and also an inspiration to the general humanity, because at the end of the day humanity is the biggest value on earth, which sadly is not there amongst the keyboard cowards who can only hide behind the scenes and can do no good to the society at large. Disgusting and disgraceful not worth being called human beings, these racists. We are with you Saka, stay strong. You have achieved something unimaginable at such a young age of 19, something great with your exceptional talent. We are so so proud of you.

  18. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    One thing that us should not be taking it for granted when it comes to abusive language being used on any players by football fans be it racist in kind or whatever. Is football fans can insult, condemn, blast or racially abused any footballer. Be he or she a Black or White player doesn’t matter to they the die hard football fans when they are down grossly disappointmented to see the team they are supporting lost an important big Cup final. Especially if it happened through the negligent performance of a player that cost their darling team victory success. More so, if the success is a big one that has long been craved for to succeed winning it.

    Take for example, how will us Gooners feel? If Arsenal are just a penalty goal score away from winning the PL title next season. But the Gunner who is saddled with the responsibility of taking the pen kick be him Black or White skin looking happens to miss the penalty to consequently make Arsenal to miss out on the title since the 2003-2004 season that they last won it. Will the penalty missing Gunner be spared from all sorts of being abused by the Gooners? Well!

    Victor Ikpeba missed a match winning penalty shoot outs kick for Nigeria in one Afcon final played in Lagos. Which if he had scored it, It would had handed the Afcon Unity Cup to Nigeria for keeps. But his missing his kick took he match to sudden death and the Cameroun Indomitable Lions prevailed over the Super Eagles of Nigeria in the sudden death to win the Cup for keeps insead of Nigeria winning it for keeps. As both countries have previously won it twice. But did the Nigerian football fans spare Victor Ikpeba from all sorts of abuse? I think us didn’t. Because I was one of them.

    1. Perry ames says:

      I think there is something seriously wrong with you

      1. ken1945 says:

        Perry, that comment of yours gave me the biggest laugh of the day 😂🤣😂🤣

    2. LW says:

      This is a Lost case. At this point there is no turning back. Man down!!!. JA fam Don’t take him seriously. It’s not his fault.

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