Arsenal confident they have the best chance of signing £50 million striker

Arsenal is full of confidence they will end this transfer window with Gabriel Jesus in their squad despite competition from Chelsea for the Brazilian striker.

Jesus is leaving Manchester City after a trophy-laden spell following the arrival of Julian Alvarez and Erling Haaland at the Etihad.

The Brazilian is on the radar of many top clubs, but Arsenal has been persistent in their pursuit of his signature, and it could eventually pay off.

The Times report that Arsenal is confident they will reach an agreement to add him to their squad even though their initial offer has been rejected.

It was reportedly worth around £30m, but City is looking to sell him for £50m.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Jesus would be a good fit for our system and because he has worked with Mikel Arteta before, it should be easy for him to flourish.

He was never trusted to be the main striker at the Etihad for long, so we didn’t really see the best of the Brazilian.

Hopefully, at Arsenal, he will score more goals and lead us to win a few trophies.

We might not pay up to £50m, but we should find an agreement with an improved offer in the coming days.

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  1. on our way to have the tiniest and slowest starting 11 known to mankind…here’s hoping that a bona fide Striker, with some height and pace, is on our recruitment list

    1. Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are all around 5′ 7″ and played slow build up tika taka. But they won a trophy or two. Maradona 5′ 5″ + Pele 5′ 7″ scored one or two goals so I am led to believe. I stand to be corrected though.

      1. I believe you are correct, but the players you mentioned are generational talents. Jesus Gabriel hardly fits into that category.

        More likely to look at the talent rich squad around him at City and his underwhelming goal tally.

  2. Still trying to figure out how Jesus is worth 50mil…

    – 0.36 goals per game (or 1 goal every 160 minutes played)
    – 1 year left on his contract

    Keep in my that those EPL goal stats are playing with some of the best players on the planet, in one of the best teams on the planet while being a seasoned EPL player.

    He improves our team yes but can anyone provide a logical reason why he’s so expensive? Besides the fact that we often overpay and everyone knows that.

    1. Brilliant explanation. It makes no sense to splash that money on him.
      Although he’s better that what we got right now, but he doesn’t have that impressive stats to back it up.
      However who knows, he might prove himself worthy of that price but that’s not certain.

    2. What really surprises me is some of our fans who are saying we give Pepe away for peanut or nothing are saying he will be a good addition. If he can not score freely in that mancity team he would struggle to score in Arteta team.

  3. Hes not worth 50m for 1 year contract left….
    But we speaking about city, who have unlimited money, so seem city dont care if jesus left for free next season.
    And if jesus became free next season, our chance to get jesus is very unlikely

  4. Why pay 50m pounds for average Jesus, when a superior Gnabry (world class) is available for 42m pounds.

  5. Tielamans next. Not sold on Jesus, but what are our options? The Nigerian kid would be perfect, but we don’t have CL to offer (and we won’t spend what it takes to get him), but he looks like the type of striker we could really use.

    1. As times goes on I am afraid Arsenal never had any intention of signing Tielemans and the “efforts” they have made were invented by journalists mostly on papers.

  6. Just a smoke screen it seems, none saw or commented about the Fabio events leading to his signing. Brilliant Mikel must be upto something to surprise us all.

    1. No one commented because no one had heard of him ,and that includes you ,to suggest that this is an amazing signing for nearly 40 million pounds without even knowing who he is ,just because Mikel (lol) signed him shows me just how many posters of Arteta you have on your wall .
      Atleast watch the kid play before suggesting brilliant Mikel .lol.

      1. It’s cringe mate ,a little bit creepy for my liken
        We all know that FF (Wyoming,David )is a baiter.

      2. DK, somehow my comment got binned within a matter of minutes…hopefully you got a chance to read it before it was summarily removed LOL

      3. Dan, the stats do not lie, 6 goals + 14 assists in 27 outings seems exciting to me. For some 1 goal + 2 assists for 350K/week seems like a brilliant piece of business and an undisputed Ballon de Or winner. The lad is good because he performed not because Mikel signed him, the other lad got dumped (by 3 managers hahaha) because he is poor.

  7. I don’t bother reading their comments any more as it makes me wanna listen to anything that Gary Neville, Graham Souness, Jamie Carragher and Redknapp, Shearer and Roy Keane has to say on repeat.

    I’d rather grind my knackers with a blunt cheese grater.

  8. It just struck me. Could Arsenal on purpose be used to draw out the time by Jesus´ agent just to increase more interest in the striker from CL clubs?

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