Arsenal confirm 18-month loan for exciting prospect

Per Mertesacker admitted a few months ago that Arsenal would be sending more and more of our youngsters out on loan to gain experience of playing regularly in front of big crowds and to help develop their skills.

Our young defender Harry Clarke has had a successful 6 months on loan at Ross County in Scotland since the summer, and had been recalled this month. Arsenal have now confirmed that he has signed for Hibernian for an unusual 18 month loan period, although Arsenal have the right to recall him if things don’t work out.

The Hibs Manager Shaun Maloney said: “Harry has very good technical attributes in both attacking and defensive actions, and I’m really pleased we’ve been able to secure him for the Club.
“He will bring an exciting energy and speed in both areas, and I have no doubt he’ll be a big asset for us going forward.

“In speaking to him, I know how hungry he is to succeed and be a part of this Club and over the coming days I’m very much looking forward to working with him.”

The 20 year-old Clarke has come through our academy ranks since 2015, but now has a good level of experience having played 32 games on loan at Oldham in League 2 last season, before going staight into Ross County’s first team this season.

After another 18 months, we can all hope he will be ready to come back and challenge for a first team place at Arsenal…

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  1. Clark is getting on a bit having been at the academy since 1915 but no doubt the six shillings a week wage swayed him to head north. I reckon he might get a call up to the National squad in France soon.

  2. 1915? That said, he seems to be a great prospect for Arsenal, by the look of it. The best thing going on for Arsenal right now is our Academy strength. There are atleast 4-5 players ready to play for the first team in the next 1 year. PM has done a great job at the Academy, kudos to him, the fruits of his efforts will be seen soon over the years.

  3. @gunnerforlife
    Yes Per is doing a spectacular job as we can all see now and in the future. You must also remember that these are the fruits of Wenger’s labour, structure, philosophy and ideas. He chose Saka, Emile, Azeez, Balogun, etc. to be developed in the academy which he established in 1998 by the way.

    In essence, the man established solidity in the Arsenal way that we are striving to get back to.

  4. @UtterGunna
    You are right. Its Wenger, the Professor, who laid the foundation for a strong structure.

  5. I want to comment on DANS “shame on Arsenal fans” video. Two separate points .

    Firstly he is 100% correct.
    Secondly , it took him, for whatever reason, almost ten minutes to say what he could have easily said in 2-3 minutes, had he chosen not to repeat himself many times and had a normal speed delivery, instead of this boring slowcoach type speech.
    The moral of what I write should be that however valid a point you have to make, it can always be spoiled by disastrous and boring delivery.

    Perhaps DAN would be suited to be inPARLIAMENT with all the other droning on folk.

    Believe it or not DAN, I am actually trying to help you, albeit in my usual blunt and to the point way!

    And I applaud the points you make , of course I do. But unless you speed up, you bore us to tears and many will not sit right through your message, and thats a great shame, as you have lots of fine things to say.

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