Arsenal confirm Bellerin blow and now we suddenly have two transfer targets?

It certainly didn’t look good when Hector Bellerin was stretchered off in Arsenal’s great win against Chelsea at the weekend, and now the Gunners have official confirmed that the Spaniard is certainly going to miss the rest of this season and maybe even longer. The club announced.….

Further to the injury sustained during our match against Chelsea on Saturday, we can confirm that Hector has ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee.

Hector will undergo surgery to repair this in the coming days. The rehabilitation process is expected to take between six to nine months and therefore rules Hector out of action for the remainder of this season.

Everyone at the club will now be working as hard as we can to ensure Hector is back on the pitch as soon as possible next season.

We can only feel sorry for Hector, but it has left Emery with a difficult situation as we only have the 35 year-old Stephan Lichtsteiner as a true backup right-back, although many fans would rather see Maitland-Niles played out of position as cover. That is hardly going to fill us with confidence but none of us really believed that the club would splash the cash for an emergency. Even Emery implied that he was only hopeful of bringing in one player on loan this January (can you guess his name? lol), but now the BBC’s Arsenal oracle David Ornstein has revealed that we are suddenly targeting two players after the injury to Hector.

He tweeted last night….

Obviously nobody has any idea who the second target could be as yet, probably because they have only just thought about it because of this emergency problem with Bellerin, but fingers crossed we can get in able replacement or our chances of making Top Four will be severely weakened….



  1. gotanidea says:

    I hope the second target is not another old player like Banega, but a hungry and brave winger like Ismaila Sarr or Florian Thauvin

    1. ACE says:

      Arsenal may pursue Sarr in the summer but
      slim to no chance imho that Emery will be
      given the green light by Kroenke to buy such
      players like Lozano, Thauvin, Bailey, Malcom,
      Pepe, etc in the next few days of the January
      window. The priority should be either CB or RB
      imho. I personally dont trust nor fancy ANY of
      Arsenals options to replace Hector and think
      bringing in a Sidibe(Monaco) type of player to
      sure up the position would be a shrewd move.
      A perfect end of the window would see the
      following happen:

      *Ozil leaves for Atletico(£20M fee and AFC
      subsidizes some of the wages).

      Suarez joins on loan (£2M fee) with the OPTION
      to Buy clause in the summer.

      Ramsey joins Juve for £10M if Arsenal are able
      to convince James Rodriguez to move to the
      Northside of London for the balance of the EPL
      season. (Reported £3M loan fee).

      Sidibe joins from Monaco on a season ending
      loan deal or discounted fee (£10-15M)

      Sell El Neny to either Southhampton or LC for

      Adding Suarez, James and Sidibe would be
      a fantastic January haul for the Gunners as
      well definitively address the glaring issues of
      Ozils future and the crisis at RB


      1. Dan kit says:

        Why would you want arsenal to sign James though ?
        This is a player who scored one goal 4 and a half years ago and got famous and has done absolutely nothing since .fans talk about wanting ozil out for being lazy but then mention James ,he’s ozil mark ll but with less skill .also Ramsey isnt going till the summer so that’s a no no straight away .atleast you didn’t put iwobi in you’re starting 11 for that I applaud you

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Agree Dan, Rodriguez is not an upgrade on Ozil.

      2. McLovin says:

        Theres an alternative for Sibide. Enock Kwateng of Nantes. 21 years old, 6 months left in contract and he averages like 3 tackles and,3 alternatives per match. Surely he’s worth a million or two!

        1. ACE says:

          Cant say I know anything about the lad
          McLovin but those stats are quite impressive
          for his tender futboling age. He may be worth
          a punt this summer but I personally think
          adding someone like Sidibe with loads
          of experience at the highest levels in Europe
          might be more what Arsenal need ATM.

    2. Dan kit says:

      If we do get a winger it looks like between martins and the dude from Chinese super league we all know arsenal like to shop thrifty.

      1. ACE says:

        I cant see Arsenal splashing the cash for Carasco(if that’s the Chinese league
        dude your referring to) in the last week of
        the window unless Raul and Emery are able
        to move Ozil and Ramsey out the door for
        around what the Belgium would cost.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Dan, Carasco is not a “thrifty” option, due to what will be high wage demands. From what I read, he is on £170 million in China.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Oops, got carried away, wage is £170k!

    3. enagic says:

      Banega old? what about his quality and how old Messi is? and cristiano ronald?

      1. Durand says:

        Ha, comparing Banega to Messi and Ronaldo. Age is the ONLY thing those 3 have in common. Thanks for the laugh, I surely need one after the way Arsenal is going in the news.
        Classic post tho, Banega’s quality and Messi and Ronaldo; guess we can start comparing everyone to Banega now and no need to bring up Messi and Ronaldo.

        1. enagic says:

          Go on YouTube and watch him then come back and air your opinion probably that will help you to see how good he is as a playmaker very next thing to Carzola something we dont have right now.

          1. Durand says:

            First, You Tube is not the metric used by anyone with common sense to value and judge players. Second, no one is the next thing to Carzola;its like claiming some one is the next TH14. Don’t judge players on You Tube best bits, bound to flatter and leave you disappointed compared to real life.

            Banega is an OK player, fine for rotation, but I would not want him starting if I had aim to challenge for the title.

  2. Donald says:

    arsenal seems cursed with injuries if not how else do we explain the outrageous number of players with long term injuries in 1 season compared to other top tier clubs…Kos, Rob, Welbz, Dinos now Hector and maybe we not even done yet

    1. John0711 says:

      Arsenal seemed cursed with lies and bul**** at the moment. If Wenger was still in charge he would be getting slated at the moment. Cardiff has more money then we do? and don’t give me the wages bo88ox are you telling me we pay out more than City or Liverpool

      ffp my a**e

  3. John says:

    Buy……buy……why dont they promote youngsters..,…the new football has less to do with exceptional talent… need players to play their role in the team frame….,.oxymoron too cos every one playing football professionally must be talented…, point is that it is time to see who is ready to fill Bellerin’s place….

  4. Sue says:


    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Team bonding, can’t be all work! Haha

      1. Sue says:

        Saw pictures on Twitter- quite amusing!

  5. famousHawai says:

    Arsenal needs deliverance because if it’s not coach today, tomorrow it is injuries but what baffles me most is that the coach has not made any effort to sign a player. Yet he goes about speculating news of him loaning 2 players

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I’m surprised how long they’re taking, Raul and his contact book came from Barca, you would think he could get us some good deals on Barca players.

      1. ken1945 says:

        BOT, funny that and I agree with you.
        What is even more puzzling is the man who was accused of panic buying at the last minute is no longer here.

        Wonder what is holding up the transfers?

        Anything to do with money perhaps?

        It seems that we just haven’t got a ready made scapegoat anymore and darent name any of the new regime.

        The reality of the situation, be it missing millions, transfers, type of player affordable, contracts, power crazy back room staff, injury problems etc etc are now, finally, starting to be questioned by the fan base.

        I wonder who the next scapegoat will be? I pity them, whoever they are!

        1. ozziegunner says:

          famousHawai, if you had been following the posts on Just Arsenal, you would be well aware that Unai Emery has not been gjven any funds to buy players.
          Also in the current management structure, Emery doesn’t seek out and scout players; but has a final input into whether they are signed.

  6. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Hopefully, the other player better be a winger, because we need that width in games.
    AMN can replace Bellerin for rest of the season, even though I don’t like playing him out of position.
    I hope we bring in both players on loan though, players who will help the team. Not old age players

    1. Skills1000 says:

      We are a top club. We have the funds. We should go for either Isco or Asensio. Take any one of them on loan. We should aim higher. We don’t need to sign a replacement for bellerin. Jenkinson, AMN can play in that position. We need top quality going forward. Two loan deals imo should be Isco and Gary Cahill

  7. pires says:

    The folks who were criticising wenger for lack of transfers ,Kallastrom …Bla ,Bla!!!!Are now seeing the difference!!!!!….We must be carefull for what we which with Emery cause the problem lies elsewhere:Up stairs!!!!

    1. Cliff says:

      @pires the least we mention Wenger the better for every one coz this is a discussion we can have all day with no agreement.
      The arsenal fraternity is torn in the middle in their opinion about Wenger.
      I am among those who give him credit for the initial success he brought but for the last ten or so years of his tenure he became part of the cartel that has almost brought Arsenal to its knees. I wish he left earlier.

      1. ozziegunner says:


    2. Gunner22 says:

      Very true, i was thinking the same. Injuries, rubbish loan deals, 30+ yrs player signings, selling players all the blame went to Wenger.Emery is last of any managers worth for arsenal, hope he stays for his contract. Nothings changed at AFC

    3. jon fox says:

      pires, Was it “upstairs” who never coached our defenders to properly defend, who sent both full backs together upfield and made us prone to breakaway attacks; who bought the slowest Prem defender ever and played him regularly in the FASTEST PACED league in world football; who never got a proper DM, for a whole decade since Gilberto left; who never bothered with analysing oppponents; who encouraged lazy and unmotivated players; who played his favourites always and who always made subs around the 70th minute. WAS IT? Wonder who it could possibly have been then!!!

      1. Midkemma says:

        “who sent both full backs together upfield and made us prone to breakaway attacks”
        Talking about Emery?
        He gets his fullbacks to push forward and IMO they are more aggressive going forward than when Wenger was here.

        As for Per, he and Kos built up one of the best partnerships, they was let down by a lack of a quality DM. Speed isn’t everything, Adams done well for a slow CB, pace isn’t everything.

        Now we await the capital letter reply about how you are right and Emery doesn’t play his fullbacks like wingers, it was all Wengers fault and that Adams wasn’t slow as he was a top CB.

        “who never got a proper DM”
        Proper DM, Coquelin was a proper DM, quality wasn’t high enough but he was a proper DM… He wasn’t a secret CF who was only pretending at DM.

        “who encouraged lazy and unmotivated players”
        Rich coming from a guy who has no idea what lazy is, Lazy must be running a lot and being ignored by the stupid. Go on Jon, tell me I am wrong about this as well, go get the distance charts and prove Ozil is lazy. We all know you mean him. Go on, charts.. Facts? Evidence to support your senile claims?

        You will not produce anything but you’ll reply and that post will have random capital letters inserted which does nothing but distracted from what the message is.

  8. Cliff says:

    Let’s be realistic. Its highly unlikely that the scrooge of an owner we have at the club can avail funds to fill Bellerins position for now.Therefore we have to do with AMN as full back.I hope he takes this as a golden opportunity to cement his position in the team with big performances.
    I also think that Jenkinson should be given an equal chance to prove himself in EPL matches.I like him because he is an arsenal fan,he plays with his heart for the team.He is naturally a full back with EPL experience therefore he should be pushing AMN all the way for the starting spot every week.If he fails to perform then we can ship him out in the summer with no regrets.

  9. achaks says:

    This ACL and PCL injuries are becoming a curse of calamity for arsenal. Welbeck, holding and Bellarin all same season? And the stingy kroenke still insisting on padlocking his pocket. It’s alright

  10. Durand says:

    Injuries hit Arsenal hard every year, regardless of Wenger or Emery. What’s astounding is that they still don’t have backups or rotation players to step up, not even talent competing for spots. Other clubs do have injuries, difference is they have talented depth to step up. Sterling gets injured, Sane steps up; De Bryune gets injured they have quality on the bench.

    Unfortunately we have cheap owner with his self serving model, so we will never have the quality depth, and unless we have youngsters or academy players surge in their development, we never will have quality available in reserve to offset injury bugs.

    1. ACE says:

      I could only LOL during the City game when
      the camera briefly glanced to the bench where
      the likes of Mahrez, KDB, Fernandino and
      Jesus were leisurely chatting amongst
      themselves. I understand that the Citizens are
      no longer a fair comparison to the once mighty Arsenal but the difference in class and collective
      talent is literally staggering at times.

      Little over a week and counting till the window
      closes and yet Arsenal still cant seem to push
      any meaningful deals over the line.

      Guess Stan is to busy frollicking in the Euphoria
      of his beloved Rams marching on to the SB in
      Atlanta. Wonder if he knows the starting QB’s
      name? ??

      1. ken1945 says:

        Ace, what’s the difference this season to last then?
        City have had oil money for over four years now, that situation isn’t new is it?
        Likewise, kronkie has held the pursestrings for ten years, so why anyone finds the situation strange,I don’t understand.l
        Wasn’t we accused of panic buying every transfer window?
        Another example of same old Same old it seems.

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      I hate Kroenke, but not even he can compete with a country! City must have racked up massive debts by now.

      The other reason we have a lack of depth, is the previous regime wasting hundreds of millions refusing to sell, and giving huge wages to deadwood. We lost around £140 million in only a year and a half on Sanchez, Ramsey, and Ozil alone! Ozil’s wage could be paying for 3 players right now!

      1. Durand says:

        I agree with you. The money issue hasn’t changed with Kronke, just disappointed we pay such high wages to average players, and haven’t sold deadwood fast enough.

        We should not be in this situation year after year; like club hasn’t learned from past mistakes. Mismanagement no doubt, hopefully Raul can clean up Ivan’s mess, and stop overpaying average players.

        This Summer will be quite a defining moment; new kit deal, free up huge wages, and test ambition of owner and club. Can’t cry poverty with tens of millions off wage books, spots open in 1st team, and opportunity and money to sign couple top players.

        Over to you Stan.

        1. ozziegunner says:


        2. jon fox says:

          Stan? What’s it to do with him? He cares nothing and is not bothered! Surely you know that!!!

  11. Midkemma says:

    Emerson? (Atletico Mineiro)

    We have been linked to him a couple times and I recently seen an article mentioning him, rumor fee is around £8 million so it doesn’t sound like it will break the bank…

    He is 6ft and looks to have a bit of pace to him, being just 19 he would also represent a potential profit if we get a better youth develop.


    1. enagic says:

      since we have Raul and Emery and probably Monchi there is a big chance of that happening if not him specifically thats the new route arsenal will be taking now in terms of recruitment samething as Seville did with Alves, Baptista, renato etc (unknown gems) with high football IQ

  12. Ibrahim says:

    And the Suarez deal has just collapsed!

  13. Anthony peelo says:

    I think we should sign aaron wan-bissaka now if not now get it done in summer transfer window

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