Arsenal confirm new signing BEFORE Petr Cech finally arrives!

Well we have all been waiting desperately for Arsenal to finally confirm that the Gunners have finally completed the deal for Chelsea’s Petr Cech, but it has just been reported that there is likely to be an official announcement about Arsenal signing “one of the most talented players in Europe” before the Cech deal is complete.

Today’s Express has revealed that the 16-year-old Vlad Dragomir is set to officially join the Gunners on June 29 after confirming that a contract was signed today. The player’s agent Catalin Sarmasan told Romanian website Prosport: “I proposed a move to Arsenal a year and a half ago, and they have monitored him closely since then.

“In my opinion, Vlad is one of the most talented players in Europe at the moment.”

Dragomir currently plays as a midfielder at FC Timisoara in Romania and is obviously extremely highly rated, which is why Arsenal are willing to pay a reported £70,000 in compensation for the youngster. There is not much information around about Vlad at the moment, but I have found a video made six months ago showing his talent.

See what you think…..


  1. Vlad Dragomir
    That’s a cool name.

    Mixture of Vlad the Impaler and Drago from Rocky 4 lol.

    Anyway, hope he succeeds.

    It would be cool to see Vlad, Bielik, Hayden, Zelalem, Crowley etc, in a few years time as Arsenal stars.

    1. okay we have signed 16yr old vlad dragomir the dragon….our Long Term Target……. He would aid us in our quest for premier League glory next season ……Yippee ! …….. We need more kids signed up ASAP

      1. Wouldn’t you be happy if we had snapped up Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba when they were 16 year olds?

        1. oh c’mon Twig…. I’m not against us signing future world class children……. Just what we need at the moment…… These super Kids would be a bonus ……and its not like there are bidding war for em from other clubs(Something we are so bad at) ….we will drag on the Cech saga instead of tying up the deal once and for all……and while we do, Liverpool are beating up teams like Manure to the signing of the firminos et al (Ridiculous 29miL transfer)….. i’m only saying, we need to show more intent in the Transfer market, we need to be agile but prudent……That’s the way forward!

          1. I think the way you imagine the transfer market to be and how it is in reality are two completely different things. There are many people involved and they can work on several deals at the same time.

            The idea that they can’t complete a youth signing until other deals are in place is completely ridiculous.

            1. Yerrrp! Would not surprise me in the slightest if Wenger actually had nothing to do with this coup at all.. These reactions pop up all the time, I don’t think many fans really understand or respect youth academies.

        2. We was offered Messi when he was young but we the Arsenal wouldn’t pay his familys accommodation fees so they went to Barcelona

      2. You won’t be complaint when /if in 4 years he becomes a great player and is also classed as home grown..protect the future now not later

    2. Also Fred, isnt Drago a run off from Dracula too. Worry a little if the boy only plays late kick off.

  2. Hard to tell at
    16. Often the
    early developers
    stand out.
    Not as amazing as that
    Argentinian beast Maxi Romero.
    Mind you he looked bigger than
    those he was playing against.

    1. yeah i know. I would’ve much preferred we signed someone super quickly last season instead of taking our time on Sanchez’s transfer.

  3. Oh whoopee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    another youngster that may or may not make the grade in three or four seasons time, Glad to see that the priorities are right again as in January, three weeks to sign Beliek , whom has seemingly disappeared off the radar (or into the youth system) Ive no doubt that he will be a pproven player in years to come BUT isn’t it about time we started seeking to sign the other two players we need NOW!!! a DM and another striker to compliment OG

    1. Coquelin signed up as 17 year old, Cesc signed as 16 year old, Bellerin signed as 16 year old. We need younger signings as well.

      1. Campbell signed as a 16 year old, Sanogo signed as an 18years old, Ryo signed as a 17 year old….

        1. Honestly speaking, Campbell and Sanogo are NOT failure yet. It is just because we are under pressure! Imagine we have some deadly finishers (strikers), Campbell and Sanogo wouldn’t be bad substitutions at 80′ in a game when we are leading 3-0 comfortably.
          When we have an all-round good team , (which I forsee this season), these guys will do wonders especially in COC competition.

  4. Might as well get the talent when their young and will be counted as a home grown in a few years too.

    1. I think it’s like one in 600
      youth players make our
      senior team. But I
      guess it gives “hope” to youngsters
      and some kind of image that it’s not
      just about signing multi million pound foreigners
      even though it really is. The owners American
      the CEO is Greek South African the manager’s French
      and most of those who actually play are foreigners.
      Even the English quota rule can be watered down
      Chelsea only plays 2 English players while Arsenals
      best 11 last season had no English players.
      Now we sign a Romanian kid and next week a Czech
      goal keeper then a foreign DM and striker.
      Then tell every one we promote English youth Lol.
      All politics and marketing.

      1. Stop, Wilshere, Gibbs, Walcott. I’m counting 3 English players with Ramsey being British

  5. Never have a real opinion on signings like these. 16 years old is (generally) too young to even tell an accurate thing about his future, highlights in that video didn’t look very special to me either except the fact that he’s got great dribbling and always goes forward.

    1. Hahahaha You must be trolling? – I can only imagine that you never played any form of footie. This guy has imagination and the ability to pull it off. Looks like a really good buy, great prospect in my opinion. Is this all in one game? He might be Batman

  6. why do we continue with this youth system yet pretty much all our best players we buy..cazorla,ozil,sanchez,koscielny,monreal,walcott,giroud,mertesacker…

    1. From out youth system we have Wilshere, Gibbs, Bellerin, Walcott, Szczesny, Martinez, Gnabry, Coquelin, Akpom. Plus some prospects in Zelalem, Crawley and Hayden. What I am i missing here.

        1. All players everywhere came from a youth system. Even if these boys are finding it difficult to make an impact at Arsenal, we still have a duty to prepare them for some level of football and for life lessons in general. They all end up with a good education, great life experience, and for most a place within another football club.

    2. Some fans inability to fathom one of the biggest sporting clubs in the world’s existence beyond the first-team really dumbfounds me… The money, staff and resources invested into the youth academy is peanuts in comparison to the world-wide revenue Arsenal accumulates.
      Arsenal is more than just the first-team.

  7. Jackson Martinez has gone to Atletico Madrid, Liverpool just confirmed the signing of Roberto Firmino and here we are signing this kid that would probably (if he’s lucky) play for our first team in half a decade’s time. We are still crossing our fingers that Cech would come for god’s sake, let alone sign a striker!!

    Sincerely yours,
    Frustrated Gunners

    1. Ohhh don’t say that DavidK
      You’ll be thumbed down so much your head will hurt, How dare you say anything that may vaguely criticize the current Hierarchy at the club lol
      I have to laugh at the generic mentality of most of the sites readers lol though not all.
      how ever much you love the club if you say anything that may call the board and managers competence into question at any point you get a massive thumbs down lol
      Cracks me up

      1. Come on Ozzy, no-one is bothered about the AFC hierarchy being criticised – it is all standard stuff on here. But it does get boring listening to the constant whining about nobody is signed a week before the window is officially open with over 2 months to go. It is like having a mini-bus full of 6 year olds on a long journey asking “are we there yet, are we there yet” every mile or so. United have done one piece of early business, Chelsea nothing announced, City nothing – just Liverpool doing a re-run of last year. And not to mention, we are actually close to making a significant signing – but it appears that doesn’t count for anything.

      2. Thumb down more for the fact that I couldn’t care less what other clubs are doing or aren’t doing. The players there signing I’m 99% sure aren’t our targets anyway and wouldn’t really improve our team. People make out the likes of Martinez is a superstar in reality a very good player but nowhere near a superstar. Transfers happen when they happen it’s a complicated business some transfers are much easier than others i.e. Less competition, player wants the move, clubs willing to sell. I’m sure people are working hard to improve the team and bring in the right players. People would take any old $hite just to see us signing some players.

        Also I like the signing of youngsters the unknown of a player making the step up and proving themselves to be a first team regular. It’s more exciting than someone already proven.

  8. now let sign a LW to provide competition and cover Alexis….

    Alexis cant play every games and if he gets injured we are screwed….no one is good enough in the current squad to replace him…

    1. Awesome Hafiz, I mean why not. We apparently need cover for Coquelin so why not for Alexis? I think if we get Check we should buy another back up GK as well. We might also start looking for a back up kit sponsor, in case Puma gets injured halfway through the season.

  9. OK let’s just sign proven players and ignore young prospects……. the youth team isn’t still a part of the Arsenal…….! most fans on here are just cry babies, Nothing ever works wiv em…. jeez!

  10. I have never commented on this site before. What has persuaded me to do this is so many of the stupid childish comments written by morons who think managing a football club is like Football Manager. Arsenal fans complaining that Liverpool have signed Firmino {sp}. That we should of signed Martinez, that we need Vidal and what is the point of signing this young player. I have to say you are all clueless not only about football and the current needs of a squad versus the players available on the market at a realistic price. You are short sighted and blinkered. Players are not born world class they are young prospects at some point, The Ox, Ramsey, Coq, Bellerin, Fabregas, VP, This players were brought in young and all have been or have the potential to be absoloutley world class for small or no amounts of money. How much would Arsenal have had to spend to bring thos players in to the club is finished articles? Lets also not forgot the steady stream of players that are flogged for a couple of million here and there maintaining a steady stream of income. Arsene Wenger and the board have proven they will buy world class players when the time is right and at a fair price. Not when silly little boys complain and have a little hissy fit because Liverpool have signed some little chump named Firmino who none of you had ever heard of last year for nearly £30 million, Almost the same price as Sanchez. You should be applauding them for sidestepping such disasters. The transfer window hasn’t opened. We don’t know if any agreements are in place, Arsenal do not publicise this kind of stuff. Stop complaining and carry on playing Football Manager proving to yourselves that you kind do a better job of managing an elite football club.

    1. …. So you’re saying we won’t be signing Aguero!!!!? I’m furious, they sold me to him on Fifa for 40million!! We could sell zelalem, crowley, wilshere, ox and ramsey to fund it. Easy business

  11. this will be a jonker signing(as i think wenger has delegated all power at that level to him now.) along with all future purchase of younger talent, that jonkers own scouts(am very surprised we are not scouring the dutch market more they seem to produce some of the the best young talent in Europe more often than not.) look out for as i think jonker has full control over the academy, and who they bring in. i would imagine that mr law is just there to over see the transfer procedures done right.
    but it is good that jonker is looking far and wide to find the latest talent to work with, would be nice if we could find the next bergkamp from holland. tough that would be his lasting legacy here, or making sure that hale end is knocking out the latest English/British talent like a machine gun one after another.

  12. so that what dick law looks like i have never seen a picture of him before, he looks very old i was thinking he was a much younger guy, very typical at the top of the arsenal hierarchy to have an old geezer help running things lol. but if he gets the job done then good for him. speaks a few languages so he must be very useful in negotiating with south American and Spanish/Portuguese clubs, a deal is almost definitely getting done when he gets involved he is wengers’ “transfer hitman” his mr big in the transfers world.

  13. Typical wenger, after hours of negotiations, he signed Petr Cech for 10.9m rather than the suspected 11m. He saved the 100k for the kid. Wouldn’t be surprised if Harvard called him and asked to teach business xD

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