Arsenal confirm that Unai Emery is the new coach! Are we happy? (Poll)

Just for a change Arsenal have not kept us on tenterhooks and made us wait ages for us to have our new manager confirmed, and they have already given out the official announcement on the Arsenal website.

To save time and energy I am just going to give you the complete statement from the club….

Unai Emery is to become our new head coach. He joins the club after completing a two-year spell at Paris Saint-Germain, where he recently landed the treble of Ligue 1, Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue.

Unai, 46, previously spent three seasons with Sevilla, leading them to an unprecedented three consecutive Europa League titles, establishing the club as a major force in the Spanish league.

Announcing the appointment, chief executive Ivan Gazidis said: “Unai has an outstanding track record of success throughout his career, has developed some of the best young talent in Europe and plays an exciting, progressive style of football that fits Arsenal perfectly. His hard-working and passionate approach and his sense of values on and off the pitch make him the ideal person to take us forward.

“We conducted a confidential, wide-ranging and rigorous search involving extensive background references, data and video analysis, and personal meetings with all the candidates we shortlisted. All were interested in the position and we were unanimous in our choice of Unai to drive the next chapter of our history.”

Majority owner Stan Kroenke said: “We’re delighted to welcome Unai to Arsenal. He’s a proven winner. We’re confident that he is the right person for the job and that he will work to deliver the triumphs our fans, staff and everyone who cares about Arsenal want.

“Several things stood out during his interview and the entire process; his football knowledge, energy, determination and love of the game. His familiarity with our club and our players, the Premier League and the game in Europe were all very impressive. He shares our vision to move forward, to build on the platform created by Arsène Wenger and help this club enjoy greater success.”

Unai said: “I am thrilled to be joining one of the great clubs in the game. Arsenal is known and loved throughout the world for its style of play, its commitment to young players, the fantastic stadium, the way the club is run. I’m very excited to be given the responsibility to start this important new chapter in Arsenal’s history. I have met Stan and Josh Kroenke and it’s clear they have great ambitions for the club and are committed to bringing future success. I’m excited about what we can do together and I look forward to giving everyone who loves Arsenal some special moments and memories.”

Unai started his coaching career at Lorca Deportiva in 2005 after playing mostly in the Spanish second division. He went on to coach Almeria, Valencia and Spartak Moscow before joining Sevilla and Paris Saint-Germain.

The appointment is subject to the completion of regulatory processes.


So after all the complaints when we thought that Mikel Arteta was going to be appointed, let us now see whether the Arsenal fans are happy that Unai got the job instead….

Are you happy that Arsenal have appointed Unai Emery?

  • Yes (92%, 1,021 Votes)
  • No (8%, 88 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,109

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  1. John Legend says:

    Welcome on board Emirates, Unai
    We wish you a wonderful and successful time with us

    1. Big Charley says:

      I join you in welcoming him to Arsenal Football Club. He has my full support. ❤️❤️❤️ Arsenal FC

      1. John Legend says:

        Yeah yeah

        I am really excited with his appointment. There is medium to low risk, a more careful appointment. Our previously below avearge players will become better under him.

        I hope we give him ample time to turn things around for good.

        1. Malcolm Townsend says:

          I agree he will shape these players up they will not. pick which games they want to play he will tell them to shape up or ship out

      2. jojo says:

        Arsene must be laughing his socks off…Arsenal are even more years behind Man City, Liverpool and Spurs…

        1. Godswill says:

          Are you serious?
          Damn it. You are an exception.
          I pity you because it seems you an unsolvable problem.
          WELCOME U. EMERY.

        2. Pussyorarsenal says:

          Lol… Emery has never won against guardiola and mourinho ???????

          1. Mark Kitching says:

            But Emery was managing either Valencia or Sevilla, with no money in comparison to Barcelona and Real Madrid.

            On the plus side he has a 100% win record vs Klopp and a very good record vs Pochettino.

          2. gooner4life says:

            So what how many times did Arsene win against them .

          3. Godswill says:

            As him.
            Some people can never be happy.

          4. Lakre says:

            Yet wenger has only won twice against both coaches, once each I reckon, in very many failed attempts!!! So what’s your point mate?

        3. Big Charley says:

          You must have something against everyone of us who supports Emery! ? ? ?, move on it’s done already!!!!

  2. pires says:

    Thank God it’s not Arteta.I personnaly prefers Ancelotti but i am still delighted . Great prospecte

    1. jojo says:

      Ancelotti refuse to be Arsenal manager due to not having any say in hiring and firing…thank the useless board member KROEKNE!!!! Not happy with Emery…Grass aint greener “Wenger Haters”….

      1. Big Charley says:

        I don’t think Ancelotti was interviewed at all. So please stop spreading falsehood. 92% of us are happy with the appointment.

    2. Invisible says:

      Thank God it was not an ancelotti, would have preferred sanogo instead of him. ?????????

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    very..the king is dead.. long live the king!

    1. Phil says:

      No mate -The “King”is not dead.He was SACKED

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        mate…was speaking metaphorically;)

      2. Ken1945 says:

        Oh dear Phil,
        Still not letting go?
        I always thought that if someone was sacked then they left immediately.
        Isn’t that the case?
        Wenger was NOT sacked, but was stabbed in the back by Gazidis.
        Arsene then turned the tables by announcing his decision to leave.
        We have differing views, but isn’t it time you moved on and by doing so let others move on?l
        Unless of course you have FACTS that I haven’t got!

        1. Mwsupporter says:

          Well said Ken.

      3. Enagic says:

        The King was abusing power he was fired – he thought was was helping Kroenke run the club in the best way

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Enagic,Please supply the proof or let it go and enjoy the past, present and the future of our great club.
          By the way, if you were sacked today, when would you actually be told to go?
          Just curious that’s all.

  4. Big Charley says:

    I know he will have his ups and downs, but he has everything we lack under Arsene Wenger since all these updated mangers came to premier league. So I know we will be up for the fight even if we lose. But hopefully we won’t lose too much!!

    1. jojo says:

      Just arsenal are a bunch of TWATS…

      1. Big Charley says:

        Jojo blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, move on mate! Or the rest of us will march on without you. Or march on you! Your choice

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner, but he knew it couldn’t last. Jojo left his home in Tuscan, Arizona, for some Californian grass. Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged. Get back Jojo!!!

  5. Hadnuff says:

    Atlast a manager who will go toe to toe with Pep Klopp Mo Poch etc etc on and off the field!

    1. Enagic says:

      Also will listened to other people’s opinion

  6. Incarnate says:

    Masterstroke! Three consecutive Europa League titles with a relatively handicap like Sevilla, financially speaking, He can only do better here…Welcome boss!

    1. Mobella says:

      Not to mention that he promoted Lorca to second division for the first time in their history as a 32 year old rookie coach. Finished 5th with them in 2nd and moved to Almeria Which he also promoted to LA liga for the first time in their history as well in 2007 and finished 8 with them in their first season in liga. He qualified Valencia for Europa league and champions leagues in his 3 seasons with them. Move to Spartak Moscow 2012 may got sacked in nov for poor results. Move back to Spain with Seville and subsequently to psg where he won 3 consecutive Europa leagues like you mentioned and 7 tittles with PSG subject to correction. Why these appointment doesn’t seat well with our ex players some pundits in English bit me. It is because they are afraid his appointment with now make them insignificant as a whole lot of them gather their followership and audience because of constant failure with last regime.

      1. McLovin says:

        People criticize Emery for not winning the CL with PSG though money was spent but applaud Pep for winning the league, YET failing in the CL as well despite the huge amount of money spent.

        1. Mobella says:

          Do they think his psg teams for his 1st & 2nd had enough quality to beat barca, Madrid, juve and even bayarn team to cl. Pep spent over 600m in his first 2 seasons with just one EPL to show for it and he is genius but Emery is not having won more because he is now our coach. My worry is our fans the moment things go south we will buy into what these nitwit are saying and turn on our coach. We are that frivolous.

          1. Ozziegunner says:


          2. Mduh says:

            It strange indeed that people are writing our new manager off, Lets us all give full support to him, I am sure he will do well sooner or later.

          3. Hilary says:

            On point mate, you unfortunately on point. It’s just sad.
            Arsenal comes 4th and wins the FA cup, and everyone downplays it. Someone else archives the same after having spent probably 5 times what we spent and they are geniuses.
            So much negativity around here! It’s just draining…SHM!

          4. Ken1945 says:

            You and I and thousands of others also with reference to 4th place etc.

        2. Enagic says:

          During wenger’s era even Gazidis couldnt tell him Walcott was not good eought to play for arsenal due to how the setup was included in his contract

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Is that your opinion, or do you have any actual FACTS?
            So easy to be judgemental, so would love to know how you are privy to such intimate contract agreements.
            Please let us all know your sources and don’t let it be Kev!!

      2. Ken1945 says:

        Constant failures of last regime?
        So let’s forget what Emery has said about the legacy he is inheriting (read his words not mine).
        He appreciates what he has come too, about time certain of our fans realised it too.

  7. Kumagaya says:

    I also sent my resume. Admin could u please followup. I dint even receive regret note

    1. Yunqmuan says:

      Sorry bro, u will be contacted when Emery’s contract expires

    2. jojo says:

      My three legged collie also sent his resume…Was over qualified….

      1. Mwsupporter says:

        I think you need help.

  8. Unai Emery is a magnificent coach! Only greatness and success awaits us now no more humiliations! Fully behind him. Now can the new season start already! So excited.

  9. wenger says:

    A different style manager to Wenger, very intersting. Good luck

  10. Joel Folorunso says:

    I am really impressed and optimistic for the new season… Welcome to the family

  11. Ks-gunner says:

    He was not the first manager which came into my mind but one thing i can tell. He has all the paterns i ask from a manager to have. All the best to him. I am very happy.

  12. Lupe says:

    We now have a modern manager at last, we should be able to compete with these young managers in the premier league. Welcome Unai Emery!! Please do your europa league magic and get us back into the champions league. If you think about it, he is the best option out of all the available managers that wanted to come to us.

  13. Chekwube Kwentua says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! sit back and enjoy yourselves while we win football trophies….welcome Emery!

    1. jojo says:

      Really such an optimist I really think Arsenal will struggle….

  14. uzor chibuike says:

    well all we arsenal fans are saying is that, welcome emery and wishing all the best at arsenal football club?

  15. Ruelando says:

    Good signing, he has some new ideas, intense training , videos of error and recommendation on how to correct the errors, high tempo attacks and speed on the wings.

    Should be an interesting era, for the fans and players

    Welcome Unai Emery

  16. CorporateMan says:

    Phew! Imagine if was Arteta, I would have gone into hiding ??

    1. ndajona says:

      you are on point

  17. Chizzy Nigeria says:

    So happy. For the first time in a few years I’m very optimistic about our future. I know it would take time but he has my full support. Let’s get to business and get the team running asap.. COYG

    1. Adepegba Azeez says:

      Chris ooooo….congratulations on this appointment bro…chizzy the ace my guy…this is azeez(heyzee)…doc.

  18. Kedar says:

    Only 2 years deal??? Is he going to be short term solutions for problems???

    1. Lupe says:

      This is how european teams operate now and i am happy we are going this route. Tuchel also got 2 years at psg. What a short contract does is let the manager know he must perform or he will be let go, and if he performs he gets rewarded with a new contract. I am happy we are acting loke a proper modern football club now and not giving the new guy too much power.

      1. McLovin says:

        Clubs don’t wanna end up like Chelsea and United. Give The Enemy of Football Jose a 5 year deal, and sack him after 3rd, only end up to pay the clown tens of millions as separation money.

    2. jojo says:

      He wont solve Arsenals problem…. They will be sorted when Kroetne leaves….ASAP…

      1. Cossy2 says:

        Exactly spot on mate!

      2. Enagic says:

        No the problem was wenger who could not see we didnt have good players to compete,

    3. Justice George says:

      Its normal & would extend based on performance just like Pep, Klopp & even the shit head at manure…

  19. finally there is ana excitment in the new season. he is a good manager (say the least)
    i am very positive about the new era.
    Hope he can bring di maria and draxler with him.

  20. Evans says:

    I personally cannot wait to see how those lazy players react to his tactics next season. Iwobi, Ramsay, Ozil,Bellerin n co.
    These guys need to be shout at to perform

  21. Christopher Loum says:

    I hope our blood pressure will reduce as supporters of the Club, i wish him the best in Arsenal. Thanks to Arsenal Board Members

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Yes Christopher, despite the moanings of certain pundits because the Arsenal board kept their cards close to their chests, it is apparent that the Arsenal management showed due diligence in undertaking comprehensive interviews of all candidates.
      From the statements made by Arsenal, Emery put in the hard yards to win the position preparing and presenting detailed reports on each player, with playing history, strengths and weaknesses and injury history, as well as his views on how to improve the club and players. The board was justifiably impressed and apparently can’t work out where he got his information!

  22. Diana says:

    Unai Emery has my full support. I do hope though that as part of his backroom, he will appoint really good and strong people with one or two Arsenal legends, hopefully invincibles. It will help with buy in

    Its exciting to know that this season, i can be JUST an Arsenal fan and supporter, without thinking about the ridiculousness of our play. Will it be easy. Hell no, we are playing catch up with the top 5 and the ones behind us are uncomfortably close, so im not even expecting to necessarily finish top 4, but i wanna see us DO IT with some Gunner pride. I wanna see a win over Man U and Tottenham, a draw with Liverpool because we were leading most of the game and they score late, or a loss to Man CIty they steal in the 95th min- NOT be finished in the first 5 mins and know that we are in trouble as was the case under Wenger. Im excited

    1. Big Charley says:

      One of the best comments!!! Two invincibles and I will extremely happy.

  23. tas says:

    Unai Emery welcome to our club and pls respect the fans we have had a decade of secrecy hope you are more transparent then the last regime,

    glad we sorted this out early so the man can select and spend time with his players on tour if there is a tour this summer?

    i wonder how many of his backroom staff can translate to him or to our players from him

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Given Emery’s professionalism he will work hard on learning English, given he is already multi lingual.

  24. Mihado says:

    Unia is the real deal… Winning 3Europa league title for sevila and transforming mediocre player’s to intelligent players, it no fluke, managing the likes of Neymar, Cavani, Verrati and tge likes… He is definitely going to add steel to Arsenal. I for one is delighted with his appointment #yaGunnersya#

  25. Nelson Cryptic says:

    Alas!!,the great red invincible army arises again,terror awaits all those in its wake.I fully support this appointment. #ArsenalForever #WakandaForever

  26. Sue says:

    Happy days ?

  27. Gunner4ever says:

    Welcome on board our new boss ..I hope your coming will give us hope for champions league football

  28. Gooner says:

    genuinely excited by all this.. be really interesting to see what happens in the coming months.. COYG #Welcomeunai

  29. Foot gunner 3617 says:

    unai emery who?

  30. jon fox says:

    I have to presume the 7 % who are not happy will: A/ never be happy , unless they win the Lottery every week: B/ are relatives of Arteta: C/ are closet Spuds/ Chelsea etc fans or D/ WEARING A STRAITJACKET RIGHT NOW! And yes, perhaps I am a little forthright but I honestly cannot even begin to understand where their reasoning – if that is the right word – comes from!

    1. jon fox says:

      Of ALL the comments on here every one is positive , save the one immediately above my own which says” unai emery who?”. That lone voice was clearly written by a serious student of European football , was it not? No , I thought not either! THERE IS ALWAYS ONE. In this case , so far, literally ONLY one. But, apparently, according to the “non rigged” poll, still 7% do not like him. Where are they from? The land of illiterates perhaps? Mars? If anyone comes across one of these mythological creatures, please notify the Natural History Museum accordingly!

      1. Midkemma says:

        They’re hanging out with the unicorns next to the leprechauns pot of gold, don’t move too quick else you’ll startle them and they’ll flee into your subconscious.


      2. Trudeau says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the appointment but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand why some folks are not happy. Emery hasn’t been hugely successful outside of Spain (or put another way he has been as hugely successful as Bredon Rogers has been in Scotland); he doesn’t speak English and he hasn’t proved he can handle egos at a big club. Again, I’m behind him 100% but that’s no reason to call those who aren’t illiterate.

        1. jon fox says:

          Odd though, isn’t it how these invisible Emery opponents – bar one or two- are not brave enough to state why, on here. Only cowards, or illiterates, press a poll button but refuse- or are unable – to state why. This is the reason I applaud the thumbs going; it got rid of so many dullards, semi/full illiterates and uplifted the quality of debate on this site. MANY WERE ONLY OUT TO GARNER LIKES, AS LITTLE KIDS DO ON THE INTERNET. This is a site for adults and the better for it. With adults you can debate and agree to differ; kids usually think that a disagreement is the end of their own private world and lowers their hardly existing self esteem still further.

      3. Namo says:

        I actually think foot gunner3617, was just trying to replicate what the press said when Wenger was appointed (Arsene who?).
        For me, Ive never felt this excited about AFC since the past 10years. I’m positive that the team will be stronger. No more strolling around on the pitch. Some of the players that were lazy under Wenger, will toughen up. Now let’s get some good signings and start preparing early enough.

  31. Jeremy says:

    Some AH press are already picking on the new man.

    Give the man a break… his past had nothing to do with the present.

    Arsenal hating press… FO pls.

  32. Kenya 001 Arsenal says:

    Oooh yeah emery- tes hear we come bring on the fixtures when do we begin our pre season cant wait enthrilled

  33. Sheet Head says:

    Huhuuu..!! Welcome Unai 😀 😀

  34. Midkemma says:

    Welcome to Arsenal Emery.
    Teach our young kids how to defend well and we should be alright, we have some great talent that needs someone to unlock their potential.

    1. Andrew E says:


  35. Kenya 001 Arsenal says:

    Now fans help me to the emirates i nid to watch our first game at the emirates we have a-rmery now guns blazing

    1. stubill says:

      Book hotel, book flight, buy ticket for match, watch match, and return home.

      There you go, all the help you need.

      1. jon fox says:

        He might also need some financial help! Are you up for that? No? Thought not! Me neither!

    2. Broccoli says:

      Bro unatuaibisha

  36. Andrew E says:

    Unai Emery’s PSG (his first ‘big’ club) stats:

    Wins 76% – Losses 11% – Draws 13%

    Enough said, he get’s a big welcome from me, but current Arsenal players beware, the lazy, hazy days of summer are over, he is going to work your a***s off and about time too!!!

    1. Andrew E says:

      As a guide, Pep Guardiola’s Man City stats:

      Wins 72% – Losses 11% – Draws 17%

      Stats from the EPL. The Emery stats from the Evening Standard.


  37. sameoldexcuses says:


  38. Barren says:

    Welcome to afc!!! We are 100% behind you

  39. Grandad says:

    A sensible appointment based on a man who is experienced and has a very good track record.I,,m sure he will move quickly to address our defensive issues and aided by Mislantat, hopefully his recruits will be more successful than those of his predecessor during the past 2/3years.All the best Mr Emery.

  40. jojo says:

    I was never a “Wenger Out” person…I believe we have in Emery a “Yes” man like Wenger…Other and much better suitors have rejected us as the board (The waste of space Kroenke) will not give the Manager freedom to hire and fire..We will be playing Port Vale in the second Division soon!!!!

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      You’ve got to be kidding; have you even studied Unai Emery’s career as a manager? What he has achieved in gaining promotion with 2 clubs and keeping them up, competing in Spain with giants Real Madrid and Barcellona with limited rrsources in comparison, 3 Europa Leagues in a row with Sevilla and managing PSG, where the star players undermine the manager’s authority by going straight to the owners.

      1. John Wick says:

        That jojo sounds like a sp**s fan Ozziegunner better just to ignore him he’s only looking for attention

    2. Justice George says:

      No modern football club gives any manager such powers, thats y they have head of recruitment, head of player contracts, director of football & in some clubs(Like the new Arsenal) head coach. That way the head coach will focus mainly on what happens on the field & not get distracted by other stuff. The head coach will only advise & tell the kind of player he needs & the other guys is tasked to make sure it happens.

    3. jon fox says:

      jojo, the facts of football life are that no manager of any top club worldwide , also runs the clubs finances in it’s entirety. You are proposing the unattainable. In Wenger it was clear the club had a total control freak who would bear no dissention to his outdated methods . And so we regressed. There has been a clear departure from this way with the new set up being installed, well before Emery also came. What you propose is last century thinking and WILL NOT HAPPEN. Realists among us, also known as the vast majority, fully know and welcome this. I DOUBT ANY WOULD MIND YOU JOINING US BUT THAT WOULD INVOLVE A COMPLETE RETHINK ON YOUR PART. ONLY YOU KNOW WHETHER THAT IS POSSIBLE.

    4. Lupe says:

      Stop with the negativity please. Just reverse time and clone wenger so he can stay for another 100 years. I am now sure fans like you will complain no matter who the new manager is. What exactly do you want? Go and check, no top club give their managers total control anymore, this is a new era, get used to it. Seems most fans are happy expect you.

  41. Apheesena says:

    welcome Unai Emry , I think he is better than Arteta he is experienced and he is a winner.
    welcome to the ARSENAL FC family

  42. Eben says:

    ARSENE leaves ARSENal, EMERY arrives EMERates. Wow!!

    1. Incarnate says:

      Lol or Emery to the Armoury

      1. Broccoli says:

        Nice one Emery to the Armoury

  43. Innit says:

    It doesn’t matter what we think now. He is the official manager and we need to support him 100% and also give him time to settle in.

  44. AB says:

    Love to see the entire family welcoming our new head coach. Now hoping that Sven and Ivan get him some decent players in our gap areas.

  45. John says:

    Welcome to Arsenal…… let’s win some trophies…….

  46. AndersS says:

    Really happy. Great news.

  47. Abdi says:

    i am very happy with the bew announcement, i am expecting him to win the league, nothing else. just the league. that is where my interest lies. i want to see arsenal lifting the premier League trophy after 15 years.

  48. sol says:

    A new day has come

  49. fluent says:


  50. GB says:

    Yes welcome Unai Emery

  51. David Rusa says:

    I don’t have much to say except to welcome Unai Emery to Arsenal and wish him well. However I have to express my disappointment with some people who claim to be Gooners but all they specialise in is to denigrate the Club and it’s management. Why don’t such people ever see anything good with Arsenal? Why don’t they go and support other clubs which are to their tastes. As for the true Gooners we are excited with our new manager and look forward to achieving success.

  52. Drew says:

    From Mr Emery’s press conference, unless I am mistaken, he was speaking in English to a reasonable degree: so those who were saying he needs a translator are either lying or being misinformed themselves.

    Anyway, like most I wish him every success for his and Arsenal’s future.

    1. Trudeau says:

      I wouldn’t call his English a reasonable degree based on his press conference today. He strikes me as the kind of guy who will want to get fluent. If not, and if he doesn’t want a translator, then I can see quite a challenge in his ability to change tactics quickly during games.

  53. Lexynal says:

    Welcome to Arsenal FC Unai Emery. You have my absolute support. It may or it may not be smooth at the begining but i trust that before long, you wll figure out the winning formula as you build further on the brilliant legacy created by AW. I pray for wisdom and guidance to help you succeed overwhelmingly with values of the club remaining intact under your watch. Good luck….Arsene at Arsenal era is gone; it is now Emry at the Emirates!!!!

  54. Khaligraph says:

    Welcome home Emery…Am optimistic about the future

  55. chris says:

    Ramsy and ozil are the reason why wennga is jobless and for once in years arsenal has tried to do somtin rit and that’s this manager, had they appointed arteta ild be an Everton fan this season

  56. dboy says:

    100% Behind our New manager. Not expecting miracles immediately as next season will be to rebuild and get rid of some deadwood. Welcome Unai!!!

  57. big g says:

    Best of luck Unai, hoping you become our next legend.

  58. Bonny says:

    Exactly. Fans must get behind him as soon as possible. He must be given some time to prove his worth.

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