Arsenal confirm two more loan deals

We are now exactly seven weeks into this summer’s transfer window, and Mikel Arteta and Edu have definitely been very busy so far, but Arsenal fans are still expecting to see so much more business done by our transfer team, both incoming and outgoing.

Well, yesterday, the Gunners sorted out two more loan deals for a couple of our peripheral players, and one is the very exciting prospect Nicolaj Moller, who has gone to Viktoria Koln in Germany.

The 19 year-old scored 8 times in 18 games for our under 23s last season alongside Falorin Balogun and now he will have another year of competitive football to aid his development…

The second loan is for Dejan Iliev, who surprisingly, at the age of 26, is still yet to make any senior appearance for the Gunners in any competition.

It was announced on that he will be returning to Slovakia for a year-long loan with SKF Sered, after spending some time last season in League One with Shrewsbury Town.

He has always been highly regarded, but it is notoriously difficult to break into the Gunners first team as a goalkeeper…

Good luck to both of them….

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  1. With no European football one assumes our squad will be trimmed significantly.
    But with the slack covid market and many players unwilling to give up their generous Arsenal salaries unless Arsenal is prepared to sell at a loss the trimming is more likely to be more loans. Many of these players will just use the “loan” as a fill in time while they run down their contracts so they can lave on a free for a better salary at their next club while Arsenal is hoping some one will take them off our hands or at least pay some of their salary.
    Surely there is a better way to run professional football?

    1. Yes there indeed IS a far better way But that involves a complete sea change in thremonstrosity of groosly ooverpaid players (and thir dreadful parasite agents).
      I have ongbeen calling, decades long actually, for a reduction in ALL Prem wages of a mimimum of 70-90%. That is the only action that will regain a large degree of ethical thinking into our sport and eradicate the massive and widespread greed that is so harming it.


      1. Dear Mr jon fox,
        Unless our club pledge to become the English version of Athletic Bilbao and all the fans back them up in that policy, nothing’s gonna change.

        p.s: Like I commented a few days ago in a different article in JA, I’ll be happily cheering a team full of our academy graduates in Championship football than a bunch of mercenaries faking their loyalty for the badge in the Champions League. But, it’ll be a lonesome feeling.

  2. Surely we need some back ups big names that will help us this time break through
    Let the young boy go but I know he will return with good hope

    1. Return with good hope?

      Like Saliba came after two loan spells in France and labelled “NOT READY FOR PL”.

  3. Moller is a good striker, tall and fast, will be useful to Arsenal in the long run. Best of luck to both of them.

    1. What good it is in the long run for us to have Moller in our squad, IF we are planning to sign Tammy Abraham in this summer transfer window?

  4. If Dejan Iliev has always been highly regarded, I wonder why our management is sending him out on loan while actively searching for a second-choice GK to cover for our current No.1. If Iliev is still not ready to be a back-up at 26 and after spending almost a decade with us, he better be sold that loaned out.

      1. Sure. He’s “home-grown”. But, there is no use in keeping a “home-grown” talent for years without actually including him in the final squad for the season and at least play him occasionally. If he is not going to start in the domestic cup competitions, how can he prepare himself to compete for a starting place in the PL. Even after a season long loan spell in Slovak, he’ll be termed “NOT READY FOR ENGLISH FOOTBALL” because of his lack of top-flight experience in England. Our club is willing to risk a few million quids on an unfamiliar backup while already having someone who has always been highly regarded. Why fool around when this can be ended by simply selling him out-right and prepare for the future?

  5. Well said VasC, why keep him if they doubt his ability, he should be sold or is the club scared of backlash if he eventually becomes solid after been sold?

  6. This comment is in direct response to Jon Fox.

    It’s very very clear to me that you are a communist left wing radicle.

    The idea that you wish to reduce salaries by 90% clearly demonstrates this fact.

    The players salaries are determined by the free market based on their value.

    They all mostly come from very poor backgrounds work there asses off to get where they are and have a very short career in which to set their families up for life.

    The idea that you would seek to decimate their earning capacity is both morally and economically wrong and unjust.

    What you are advocating is a communist model where basically everyone is paid the same wage.

    The reason this doesn’t work is that all people are not equal in value to what they contribute to society.

    Furthermore what you are proposing is also fundamentally flawed in the fact you would then reconcentrate the power into already greedy owners and all that extra money would then go to them.

    So for me your argument is completely morally, economically and ethically flawed.

    All of these players who are paid these high wages are tax payers and pay 40% approx of their earnings in tax which in turn pays for teachers, nurses, doctors etc etc.

    Stop living in the past and begruding young hungry people the opportunity to better themselves.

    It was that same thinking which the empire was built on and ultimately why it failed.
    Allow the free market to determine the value of people’s worth not your outdated left wing failed communist ideas.

    If you feel like I am directly attacking you it’s because communism sickens me to my very core and the left wing have made it so that ppl are afraid to express anything these days.

    When real communism takes root people are afraid to even speak to their families, their kids , Thier neighbours their co workers etc. They are told when they can and can’t leave their houses, they are told how many people can be in their home and how many can visit, told how many people they can talk to in public, what time they can stay out until………
    OH WAIT A MOMENT…let me.think!!? Where could this be?

    They all had their wages predetermined also and were all paid a 90% less than what they were worth.
    Tell did that work out for them?

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