Arsenal confirmed team to face Chelsea in the Europa Final – No surprises

We were all at JustArsenal very sure that Unai Emery would put out his very best team for the most important game of the season, so this is the starting XI that we predicted earlier….


And this is the team that Emery has confirmed just now…..

At least we now know that Emery completely agrees on who makes our very best starting XI, especially when they are all fit…

Well if we don’t win tonight, at least we won’t be able to blame Emery’s choice of starters! (Except maybe Cech of course lol!)


Updated: May 29, 2019 — 7:04 pm


  1. I hope Ozil doesn’t neglect his duty to harass Jorginho throughout the match

    Prefer to see Iwobi start over Ozil, but I believe Ozil would put in extra effort tonight to attract other clubs

    1. justanidea, good to know you are privvy to what UE is telling his players what their personal roles are tonight.
      What else is Ue expecting of him? Create some goals, run up and down like a yo-yo on a string, cover Cech when he tries to play the ball out???
      There are sooo many issues that you keep continueing to try and lay at his door, what will you say if we win?
      I predict it will be he was our worst player?
      Just give it a rest mate, because it is getting so predictable and boring and any impact you are trying to make is like water off a ducks back.

      1. We could win this game if Ozil presses Chelsea’s deep-lying playmaker as what Ramsey did at the Emirates in January

        As what I have said, Ozil plays in the most important attacking position tonight and he might work harder than the usual

        1. gotanidea what were you saying about Ozil??

    2. This is a final and all u had to say is hate! … stop talking like an old woman and support the f//kin team!

  2. No Iwobi! ? ??

  3. Calling my crib and I ain't even give you my numbers

    No Mustafi makes things easier

  4. @iffy let’s hope he isn’t fully fit… Kante just came back from injury. He had to start because they missed loftus Cheek who has done well in this competition

    This is a strong line up… Not a strong bench but wish the lineup make it happen. Welbeck might come in to score A goal Like icing on the cake. Oh well…. I m fcuking nervous. Arsenal please….

  5. Chelsea would most likely dictate the tempo of tonight’s game, because they have more midfielders. Not using 4-1-2-1-2 again could be costly here, but I hope Arsenal defense are ready to weather Chelsea’s attacks

    Arsenal are strong on the flanks, but weak in the middle. Our strikers must not forget they have to play wider, otherwise Chelsea’s fullbacks would have less pressure in distributing the ball to their wingers

  6. Now all we need is desire and the boys to give their all we can’t afford to loose this .,

  7. for me Kepa touched Laca

    1. he should at least be using VAR since he has it.

  8. If only it were possible, I’ll get Ramsey in and bring off Ozil.
    He’s been missing all day, Kolasinac as usual is wasting ball over there at the left flank.

    1. yup all too close to GK or he’s a second too late to get it out. Chelsea’s chances have been better than ours. Also, looking again, I think we should’ve had a pen.

    2. I can’t believe I say this, but Ozil has been Jorginho’s shadow in at least twenty minutes. Apparently Emery instructed him to mark Jorginho tightly as what Ramsey did in January, which is proven to be effective in breaking Chelsea’s flow

      Chelsea’s defenders cannot distribute the ball to their deep-lying playmaker and forced to pass it directly to their mezzalas, which could be robbed easily by our wingbacks

      I’d say Arsenal’s pressing works well so far

  9. Kolasinac has done enough justice to the ball he has seen so far tonight.

    1. He’s been rubbish, I agree.

  10. Give Chelsea a taste of iwobi on the left am sure the goals will come.

    1. Prefer to keep Aubameyang/ Lacazette as wide forwards and replace Ozil the CAM with Iwobi

      But better do it after sixty minutes, when all Chelsea’s defenders are tired, so Iwobi can be a nuisance with his runs in the middle

      As predicted, Chelsea dominate the midfield because they have more midfielders. Aubameyang and Lacazette are more threatening than Chelsea’s forwards though

  11. klopp took 5 season to win the champs league

    this is Emery first season…he must be given time

    1. Why give a manager who wasn’t even first choice more time

  12. Ozil is invisible like I’ve said….and Lacazette hasn’t been any threat upfront, you still see PEA trying to do something.
    two goals down.
    Suddenly it’s becoming a nightmare….
    I’m not even done typing and
    Niles ruined this game by gaving away a penalty, this game is lost

    1. and i hope people see why Ozil is insulted .
      Chelsea is not playing well and yet we are clueless .

    2. Sorry Eddie, I knew the result was going to be bad. I actually dreamed about it.

      1. Lol Pat, this is embarrassing, the whole team been absolutely poor, even if we needed to lose, look at the way we gave away space and leaked goals

  13. We are so deluded to think we deserve to be in the champions League. If arsenal don’t wake up soon they will find themselves in the championship in a couple of seasons. We have become a laughing stock in football

  14. Who is laughing know… Arsenal or Cech… We don’t have any buildup play, the ball that comes to Cech always end up in the chealsea half to restart their play… Chelsea does have more of the ball and they are dominating tempo of the game… I knew it only a matter of time before we conceive… I see this coming provided Cech is in Goal… And Tbh kolasinac is rubbish

    1. Really? WtF does Czech have to do with this? Did you see how we lost the ball carelessly and how open our defense has been??.
      the whole team been poor, Look how TF Ozil is walking out instead of running out.
      We’re not even a threat upfront, without even Mustafi we’re leaking at the back and you’re pointing fingers at Cech

      1. Mate yea I will… If you are a strategic person you’ll know keeping the ball… Building play from the back draws opposition team out creating space to exploit… They did that perfectly drawing our players out of possession… The only thing we do is running after them….

        And are you surprised the two match we lost against chealshit this season is when Cech is in Goal… We kept a clean sheet with Leno… That should tell you something instead of just watching the match without thought of where our problem is coming from…

        1. Spot on, always play your best team

  15. I feel sorry for the idiots who paid good money to go out to Baku and watch this crap. It would have been better to have thrown your money in the bin

  16. Willock even did better than ozil already

    1. Doing better than Ozil isn’t an accomplishment anymore. Borderline insult to suggest somebody cannot do better than him.

  17. Plus I stop watching that crap…Because that is what we are playing… I feel so sorry for the traveling fans in the stand to watch this horrible showing… All in the name of Cech got us there

    Why Chealshit did not use cabellero instead… A f**king joke club

  18. After tonight me think there should be no best eleven without iwobi in the mix

  19. Iwobi did more than Ozil did in a short space of time, Williock did better than Ozil. This is an embarrassing loss.
    Lol well like I’ve said months ago before the season ended, If we don’t make it to UCL I ain’t watching a single Europa league game next season.
    Sue baby please come out???

    1. So am I… There will be need to even convince me to watch the League… Am sick and tired of watching stupid football

  20. Have you seen iwobie multiple good passes today which we never convert am sorry but he’s our creator

  21. I put all blame on Emery, he wasted easy chances to get into top four for this crap! He needs to be sacked. Allegri in.

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