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Arsenal Confirmed teams against Wolves – Is it good enough?

So here is the team I predicted earlier and i wasn’t too far out…

Bellerin Sokratis  Holding Kolasinac
Xhaka Torreira Guendouzi
Ozil  Aubameyang

I only got a couple wrong, but either way this should be enough for the Gunners to register another win.

Here is Emery’s confirmed team to face the Wolves….

We are going to tame the Wolves!

43 thoughts on “Arsenal Confirmed teams against Wolves – Is it good enough?

      1. kev

        Waiting to hear the excuse for him today too.Apparently, him and Torreira represent a world class midfield which we will see win many major .trophies for us.It will tarry but eventually he will be put of the lineup and out of Arsenal too.Hoping that average CB follows him out.
        I see us winning this easily provided we do not complicate passes in the final third.Wolves’ formation negates Emery’s 2v1 at the flanks tactic a bit buy hopefully we’ll win.

  1. Bur

    Back to their dead beat passing across and back across and back. Pure dung no energy no impetuous. Pure dung.

  2. Eddie Hoyte

    The whole team been pissful poor today, Iwobi and Lacazette both misplacing passes anyhow, we are lucky we ain’t 3 nil down tbh

  3. RSH

    Emery needs to consider dropping Auba. It throws Iwobi on the right where he is not nearly as influential. it takes him longer to do anything and he’s much more predictable on that side, meanwhile Auba adds nothing to our attack if he isn’t scoring a tap-in. Ozil… there’s a reason he isn’t considered world class. Bad form up until the Leicester game, and since the Leicester game he’s been average again. If he wants to prove people wrong, he needs to start putting in much better displays. His passes are very predictable and he dwells on the ball far too long. Besides that, everyone seems to be giving the ball away cheaply today. Time to hope for another 2nd half masterclass of some sort because so far this game looks like we have suddenly regressed and stopped doing all the good things we were doing earlier this season. Psychologically, there is something very wrong with how we approach 1st halfs.

    1. GanjaMan

      I thought I was the only one that sees Auba needs to be dropped. It’s either him or Lacazette up top with proper wingers on both sides and for me Lacazette starts all day as he is clearly the more complete striker.

  4. Amj

    kolasinac is one of the weak links but I believe we wud have a better 2nd half.Very poor first half though.

  5. GanjaMan

    Our first halves are ridiculous. Everytime a team is on the down good ol Arsenal hands them a revival.

    It’s pathetic how we were up for Liverpool and then resort back to this to lower teams.

    I knew when I saw pictures of the players coming in in their custom suits it was going to be a dead first half.

  6. lcebox

    Glad to see comments thought i was in twillight zone watching that must be worst half of the season no shots on target at home tut tut …. still think we will win cant be that bad this half.

  7. Leon

    Arsenal look like they cannot be bothered.
    The spirit of Wenger lives on.
    Arsenal are just blowing everything for themselves….
    I say give Emery this season.
    No champions league no job.
    Simple as that…

  8. Leon

    I fancy Wolves to win this.
    Arsenal look like they cannot be bothered.
    I say give Emery this season.
    If no champions league qualification then no job.
    The CL is the gauge for improvement – nothing else matters…

  9. Leon

    This is just like under Wenger.
    Do nothing then panic towards the end of the game.
    Nothing has changed at Arsenal.
    A sequence of wins against teams who, lets be honest anyone in the top six would beat comfortably just papered over the cracks.
    Arsenal are not a top four team.
    Its as simple as that.
    A false dawn – nothing has changed…

  10. Rkw

    Just too many average players am sorry to say … Until we replace the likes of bellerin mustafi xhaka Ramsey kolasinac with top quality it’s always going to be a hit and miss affair … Some good moments but always vulnerable and a frightening lack of pace

    1. Break-on-through

      Seriously, that ref though. He kept stopping the play in Wolves favor, wouldn’t let us take quick frees nor would he allow advantage play. He let Wolves take the piss with time wasting.

  11. Innit

    Finally 1-1
    BUT Anything other than a win at home against Wolves will be a major disappointment
    We need another

  12. Leon

    Sorry but thoroughly undeserved.
    Arsenal are just simply average and thats it.
    Wolves were the better side and deserved and should have got the three points.
    I don’t see much improvement under Emery.
    Arsenal are still shambolic – a little extra energy doesn’t equate to improvement.
    Points – valuable points thrown away at home against a team playing in the championship last season.
    Simply not good enough…
    I don’t see Emery lasting it…

  13. Gily

    When I saw Chelsea draw their match earlier, I knew today would be it.
    Happy to come out with a point, and consecutive unbeaten.

  14. Break-on-through

    Really poor, seriously disappointed with the players, I said allot of nice things before and during the game and then they do this. Wolves should’ve won that game, we strolled around for 65 minutes, that’s the type of thing that sticks with me.

    This is why title talk this early is such a foolish idiotic thing. The goal we scored was lucky, we had good chances but Wolves could’ve really put the knife in too.

    I can’t believe they played like this straight after that Liv game, what was the point doing that v pool then have a crapper like this. Would’ve been better off losing the Liv game and winning this one. Reality check kicks in, it’s a b**ch. Very disappointed with the spirit of that performance.

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