Arsenal confirmed to face Michael Carrick’s Man United

Michael Carrick will remain in charge of Manchester United as they take on Arsenal on Thursday.

The Red Devils have already agreed for Ralf Rangnick to take over as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s successor until the end of the season, but delays in attaining his work permit denied him the chance to face Chelsea at the weekend, and he it has now been confirmed that he misses the clash with Arsenal also.

Carrick isn’t to be underestimated, having helped his side to an important win over Villarreal last week before denying Chelsea a win at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

Watching the second match however, they have to consider themselves extremely lucky to have come away with a point, with the Blues carving out a number of chances only to send many of them wide, or to be saved by David De Gea.

Old Trafford is never an easy place to go to win, and we will need to be at our best regardless of who is in charge if we are to claim all three points. As we learned when going to Liverpool, form can count for nothing in these big games, and we will need to bring our ultimate focus.

Should we consider Carrick being in charge as a boost to our chances?


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  1. Hi me heartiest, in Arteta we trust. Yes we can feel a little easy on Carrick, as he has 2x things against him. 1x he must start Renaldo as the fans and Mr Alex will say so. No high press with him in side. More scope for Mr. White. 2 because of the above and he is about to be replaced (next week) he won’t be to happy.

  2. No, as Rangnick will be there giving instructions to Carrick as he has been doing with their training and that’s why their style has suddenly evolved in to Rangnicks pressing game as seen against Chelsea.

  3. It matters not who is in charge of the opposition but how we approach the game and perform on the day.We should not go into this match with any sense of inferiority as others have shown that Man Utd are no longer a great side.

  4. Hello l am a arsenal fan but l think man utd are going to win dat game, cause with their new coach at the helm and his new pressing philosophy and tatics, it is going to cause us a lot of promblem especially our backline. l think the space of rashford and sancho will be key to their tatics also let not forget about ronaldo match winning instints let us just hope we dont concive more dan we expected.

  5. I agree with Grandad. However, United are always a threat and at OT, they are a real force to reckon with. Arsenal must play to a plan to win.

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