Arsenal confirms first winter signing

Arsenal has completed the signing of Omar Rekik from Hertha Berlin as he becomes their first signing of the winter transfer window.

The 19-year-old joins from Hertha Berlin, and he will link up with the club’s Under23 team.

Rekik was first linked with a move to Arsenal in the last transfer window after Matteo Guendouzi had left the club for the German side on loan for the rest of the season.

However, the Gunners couldn’t complete the transfer at the time, they have just done that.

He has had spells with Manchester City and PSV before now, and he will be hoping to break into Mikel Arteta’s senior squad soon.

He spoke to the club media after signing his professional contract with the club, and he revealed that he has been around for three weeks before his transfer was made public.

He told the club’s website:

“It feels great to be here after a long time of hard work. It feels great. I moved in three weeks ago and I’ve been in quarantine, so I can’t wait to get started. ”

When asked why he chose to join Arsenal, he said: “The warmth of the people and the interest that they showed in me, and of course, when a club like Arsenal is interested, I don’t think anyone needs to think twice.”

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  1. West ham considering bidding for Nketiah or Balogun.

    What would be a fair price for either player?

    Personally I think we would be better off selling Aubameyang or Lacazette for 30 or 20 respectively then giving the other 2 decent pay rises.

  2. This isn’t a new signing….this was part of some weird deal they made with Hertha when they were loaning out Guendo because his wages were too high…more sneaky weaseling by our classy club

    1. see Oct 5th article which suggested we were in a race against time for a young, supposedly talented CB that even Hertha didn’t want…congrats on buying either someone unwanted junk or a problem child…they got rid of his older brother too

      1. So whenever a club decides to buy or another decides to sell, it means the selling club is trying to get rid?
        What absurd notion and mentality, especially considering its a young player.
        So Newell Old boys didn’t want Messi?
        Southampton didn’t want Bale?
        Sporting Lisbon didn’t want Ronaldo?
        Santos didn’t want Neymar?
        Monaco and Juve didn’t want Henry?

        Dude, Players are bound and meant to move clubs thats why its called the transfer window.
        Only problem i have with transfers is when it has to do with an old player who is past it.
        Definitely not a young and promising player

        1. Thank goodness you didn’t exaggerate too much with your examples…so you’re comparing this kid to Messi, Bale, Ronaldo, Neymar and Henry…that’s some real high expectations you’ve placed on someone you wouldn’t know if they were literally standing beside you right now!!! So you think in a world where everyone and their brother is looking for young CB talent that somehow our savvy executive pried away this “young” talent from a club that relies on nurturing prospects, who btw is 19 and playing in the 4th division of German football and who’s brother was likewise sold by the team in September, but it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with underachievement and/or disciplinary issues or the fact that we had to finagle a deal with them to take on a loan for an overpriced, according to their wage structure, Guendo in the 11th hour…swamp land anyone???

      2. TRVL, Don’t you think you are being a little hasty , as we have not even seen him play yet? There are countless examples even in todays world, of little cost players becoming big stars, while expensive imports become flops. MARTINELLI and PEPE are prime examples.

  3. We messed up with Saliba who IMO played for the first team at St.Etienne, his ex colleague is doing well at LC and we sign some trash from HB who will play for the reserves.
    One word EDUOUT. Well it could be a good signing from the AFC perspective as we readily accept trash, deadwood, attitude and ill disciplined players and then blame the coach/manager for all the woes. Emery felt it, luckily Arteta has the grit to turn it around, but for how long can he hold the fort with these useless duds being shoved upon him. I fear he will move to some better team this summer with better players. Within 6 months he won 2 majors with a rag tag team, instead of improving we add trash (Gabriel and Partey excluded, the rest are trash of the top order)
    Disappointed with this signing.

    1. I wouldn’t call Mari trash from what I’ve seen so far this season. In my opinion he’s even better than Gabriel in certain aspects. As a SQUAD PLAYER, I think Soares has also done well in the Europa league;there are hardly any back up RBs than him in my opinion. It’s therefore unfair to suggest our recent signings have been so poor.

  4. I thing arsenal should wake up and start being trophy challenging club and stop being wasteful.

  5. Only deluded fans think Mari is better than Gabriel. Because he played well when the pressure was off and giving away a silly penalty against chelshit

  6. When you buy a young player for 1/2 a million or so keep him for a year or so and it doesn’t work out you can sell them and make money on them, but if you give 72 million for a flop like Pepe and it doesn’t work out you loose millions..

  7. When will our club be serious in the transfer window? They got rid of william saliba indirectly and brought another 19 year old boy. We need to fix the current problems at Arsenal, not those tom and jerry kind of signings. Maccabre!!!

    1. Henry, Sorry to disillusion you but “macabre” is used incorrectly .Macabre meanS concerned with death and cannot properly be used in a football context at all, unless death related.

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