Arsenal consider making Mauricio Pochettino their next manager

Arsenal are keen on making Mauricio Pochettino their new manager after they fired Unai Emery on Friday.

Several managers from the great to the inexperienced have been linked with the job. The likes of Mikel Arteta, Brendan Rodgers, Carlo Ancellotti and Max Allegri have all been mentioned.

One name that has also been added to the list has been that of former Tottenham boss, Mauricio Pochettino.

Most football fans and analysts who know the rivalry between the clubs would not even consider such a move, but reports from subscription-based the Athletic via 101GreatGoals claim that the Argentinean is in the running for the job.

Poch spent five years at Tottenham and helped them become a top-four side as well as reach the final of the Champions League last season.

He was replaced by Jose Mourinho last week, but his reputation in England with Southampton and Tottenham means he won’t struggle to get a new job and Athletics’ David Ornstein claims he is ‘viewed by Arsenal as a credible option to become their next permanent head coach after the sacking of Unai Emery.’

The big task for Arsenal would be to convince Poch to make the move across North London after he has claimed in the past that he cannot manage Spurs’ biggest rivals.

On a personal level, I just do not want to see him in the dugout at the Emirates as regular readers on here know. However, it does seem that the club is definitely keen.


  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Arsenal consider?
    You’re yet to get the real deal. Aresenal ain’t considering shít, he’s top of the list to replace Emery. The only person closer to him is Arteta.
    Himaey and Arteta are the two genuine contenders. Forget it cus Allegri is our of it, BTW Arsenal are genuinely thinking about approaching Bodgers

  2. Mogunna says:

    Kroenke and board first choices are Wolves manager and Allegri. He won’t come in such a mess now, needs to adapt to team and vice versa, almost no way then to make it to top4. Why bother and live 5 months of stress as Emery and be sacked, devaluated by summer?

    What happened with Emery shows how big Wenger made Arsenal, can’t compare pSg even with money power, Wenger made Arsenal a huge club, Sir Alex bows, he knows, Man U is the biggest club with Real but Arsenal became that club to stand next to them.

    In 2013 with stadium paid for and promises of a budget to Wenger then: Kroenke ruined Suarez deal! We would have been Champions next year indeed! Same for Kante in 2015 who also wanted to join Wenger, Kroenke cheap bastard ruined it again, Chelsea put the ,28M + wage and signed him to become champions!

    That was it, City, reds, passed us for good; they still there for a minute!

    All you laim ignorant fans asked Wenger out, sitting in a stadium he built and paid for, and all he brought to this club!

    No one can save Arsenal today but Wenger! Wenger in! Idiots!

  3. ozziegunner says:

    The major issue with Ponchettino is that he publicly stated that he would not go to Barcelona, because of his relationship with Espanol. Therefore it would be surprising if he came across North London to coach Arsenal after Tottenham. Then again we don’t know what underlying animosity there is in the manner of his sacking by Tottenham. Coming to Arsenal would be a great way to prove a point.

    1. Impenia says:

      Read the article trying to see how “keen” Arsenal are trying to get Poch. Too much desperation to post just about anything on here, doesn’t matter if it’d a bird that whispered it.

  4. He would be a good option, but will he come? I would prefer Allegri, Bennitez or Ancillati. They are proven title winners. Also let us give Freddy a chance.

  5. GAVANA says:

    He’ll be better than Emery!

  6. Godswill says:

    I will prefer authoritative manager than this calm Poch. Get me someone in the like of Max that had won a lot, managed a big team Juv, wants to be among the top ones, has trophy winning mentality and can talk to the board and be respected. Someone that knows he wouldn’t lack a job if he leaves the job.

  7. Terry Garratt says:

    What are people’s views on Gerrard as new Arsenal manager!

  8. Dan the cannon says:

    I have to say Benitez is a name I like and is fast becoming my preferred choice the more I think about it. He knows the premier league well, has a proven track record, gets teams organised and is not a controversial figure. I don’t think I can recall any players speaking out about him. He may not be box office these days but could well be the main to start the improvement transition and is use to working to financial constraint at Newcastle.

    1. John Banda says:

      I love Beautiful. He transformed Newcastle into a solid side on a meagre budget.

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