Arsenal considering apps that would let their fans cheer them from home

Arsenal is one of several English teams considering adopting an app idea that would help to bring sounds from fans at home to the stadium when the Premier League resumes behind closed doors as looks to be the case, reports the Daily Mail.

Crowd noises have been an important part of the game, but with the coronavirus set to keep fans at home and force the remaining Premier League games to be played behind closed doors, clubs are looking for how to keep the atmosphere at their home ground noisy.

A German company has taken advantage of the current situation to develop an app that could give fans the chances to cheer on their teams from the comfort of their homes.

The mobile app, MyApplause is developed by hack-CARE and it gives fans who have the app on their phone the chance to send cheers that would be broadcast in the stadiums when their team is playing.

The app which gives them the option of sending a cheer, a jeer, applause and whistles reportedly has the capacity to take up to one million users.

To make the reactions as close to the real thing, the app owners claim that it takes very little time for the sounds to be sent to the stadium when any button is pressed.

Arsenal is one of the teams that would suffer if their fans aren’t allowed into the stands for the remaining games of the season and this idea could help their players feel the support of the fans even with their physical absence.

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