Arsenal considers Ramsey’s wages too high amidst links to his return

Arsenal is eager to re-sign Aaron Ramsey and the Welshman also wants to return to the Emirates.

However, his current wages might be a problem, according to Calciomercato.

The midfielder left the Gunners to join Juventus on a free transfer in 2019, but his time in Italy has been a poor one.

He has struggled with injuries and inconsistent form as the Bianconeri seek to remain at the top of Italian football.

His poor form is one reason they couldn’t retain the Serie A title last season and only squeeze into the top four.

Ramsey remains a key member of the Juventus squad, but the Italians are struggling to manage his fitness and that has been an issue for him.

The medical staff at the Welsh national team understands him well, just as did those he worked with at Arsenal.

He has been shining for his national team at the Euros and the report says Juve is looking to take advantage of that to sell him.

The report says Juve will look to meet his representatives to discuss offers for him and he favours a return to England.

Arsenal will face competition from West Ham and Crystal Palace to sign him, but even more importantly, they cannot afford his Juventus wages which amounts to around 7m euros per season.

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  1. Must we always go after dead or sick old horses? Why’s Arsenal turning 2 a dump site?

    1. Have you not been watching his performances in the euros?
      You can class yourself as a dead or sick old horse, but open your eyes and watch Ramsey performing at the top level still!!!

      I don’t know if our club do want him back, but to read such utter rubbish about a player still performing at the top level and about to play in the last sixteen of the biggest European Country competition is bordering on insanity!!!

  2. Ramsey is a still Top players!! Still got great energy levels and scores Goals too..
    Let’s not be Sentimental!
    If Arsenal brings him back,, wat re we going to do with Willock, ESR and Odergaard??

  3. I’d love to see Ramsey back at Arsenal but can’t see it happening. Arteta would have to show some serious cajones to go back for an aged 30 plus player on massive wages after the debacle that is the Willian signing.

  4. CAN I ISSUE A HEARTFELT PLEA TO FINALLY CEASE THIS NONSENSE LINKING RAMSEY TO AN AFC RETURN. It is never going to happen and all wise fans know it, without a shadow of doubt. He will soon be 31; he had a long and in and out -more out than in- career at Arsenal and turned down a far too high offer to remain. Thankfully too as it turned out.

    There is not a cat in hells chance of this far too highly paid man ever returning and all sensible fans know this for certain.

    IF Ramsey signs for Arsenal this close season I will donate £100 of my own money to any charity that JA care to nominate, PROVIDED THAT JA do not first write another single Ramsey returning to Arsenal article! HAVE WE A DEAL AD PAT?

  5. Please let this just be what it is “A rumour”.
    This guy is one of the most overrated players I have ever seen at Arsenal.

    Lucky we did not give into his ridiculous wage demands back then.

    And we are tired of being a dumping groud for dead or near retirees looking for a last big payday.

    Don’t waste any penny on such players anymore.

  6. Yet another unfounded rumour which beggars belief in a number of ways.Pitiful really.The time for turning the clock back is long gone, and the recruitment of talented , low mileage youngsters is the way ahead.

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