Arsenal ‘contact’ reveals ‘disharmony in the changing room’ isn’t Arteta’s fault

Matt Le Tissier claims that he has been informed of ‘disharmony’ in the Arsenal changing room that is through no fault of the manager.

Mikel Arteta is favourite in the Premier League sack race at present having opened their season with three straight league defeats, and a further loss to Norwich this weekend could well see them set the record for worst start to a PL season ever.

It is now being reported that all is not well behind the scenes at the Emirates, with problems in the dressing room at present, although Le Tissier claims his inside information states that it not a problem linked to manager Arteta.

“I can tell you from a contact inside the Arsenal camp,” the former Southampton star told the Where’s Jeff Podcast. “At Arsenal the problem isn’t with the manager, the problem is all in the changing room from what I’m hearing.

“There is a lot of disharmony in the changing room and that’s something which is very difficult for a manager.

“Even though it might be the players fault, we always know what happens when things goes wrong, and it’s always the manager who carries the can.”

It sounds like something is ticking over behind the scenes, but we will have to wait for the actual details to emerge at a later time, and while Le Tissier insists that Arteta isn’t involved in the issue, it still remains his job to get the best out of his players no matter what is going down.

From other whispers, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was about players not getting vaccinated, but that could well be me putting two and two together and getting 16.


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  1. People get annoyed in all walks , its no excuse for slacking on the field.
    Our lack of effort in some games is what gets me more than the results.

  2. Vaccination should be mandatory in team sports. And for some reason I just cannot see Xhaka as anything other than a disruptive

      1. @ThirdManJw
        But what if the club mandates all its staff to be fully vaccinated and for those that don’t want should be asked to not come anywhere near the club’s premises.
        I would be up for that..

      2. @TMJW
        It’s all fine and dandy, when whatever you do with your body only affects you. It becomes another story when your ignorance endangers the lives of others…IJS

        1. So by all own comments about mandatory vaccinations, that’s means mandatory flu vaccinations as well then. Alcohol, smoking, fast food, processed groceries, kill even more as well, so they would need to be banned asap…if it’s all about health and safety and protecting people.

          For me, its absolutely insane that people think it’s ok that governments, employers, and even schools can have a right to your body. It’s also crazy that people now think segregation is a great thing, and arresting people for just walking around.

          Have you all completely forgotten about slavery, and what happened to the Jews? You guys think North Korea and China’s human rights violations are what we should be aspiring to?

          1. TMJW, I resisted the temptation to respond earlier, as you had only dipped your toes in the pool of utter stupidity, but now that you’ve jumped in and are swimming around flapping your gums, I just couldn’t hold my tongue any further…no one cares about your foolish diatribes about things you no nothing about, so how about you just keep your opinions to yourself…obviously I can only hope you live alone, deep within the barren countryside so that no one else is inundated with your conspiratorial nonsense, but if that’s not the case, I pray for those who have or are being subjected to your nonsensical rhetoric on a regular basis…on a side note, how’s your polio recovery coming along?

          2. We literally don’t allow people to smoke inside in public because of the health dangers to others.

            Alcohol, fast food, etc. all only impact the user… except when someone drinks alcohol and drives where they endanger others, which is, unsurprising, illegal.

            The flu is about 1/100 as dangerous so, yeah, not the same thing.

            I’m not even going to bother with the insane segregation comparison, hahaha.

          3. Well said Bob
            Smoking and drinking is a choice ,catching covid is not ,silly conspiracy theories that do more harm with wild claims that are made up in someone’s basement .
            Let’s forget what scientists say and believe some weirdo in his yfronts pretending he’s hacked into the government database and as more knowledge than some experts and it’s all a front to get us to be chipped and followed by said governments.

          4. Senor Bob with the Man City defeat and reports of trouble in the dressing room you will forgive some for not thinking straight. Not after all the energy they spent on propaganda against the great Arsene with numerous defeats and all, or all the praise sang to Mikel Arteta the manager of Arsenal for getting rid of the clique (paying them to leave that is).

            It is very hard to watch the lies someone has taken so much pain to build and spread getting untangled one knot at a time.

            In a way I sympathise, or not 🤣

          5. @TNJW

            This is ABSOLUTELY your last chance. The next time you even mention Covid, jews, north Korea or any other bullshit conspiracy theories, you are banned for good.

            Do not even respond to this. Last, very last, and absolute last warning.

            this site is JUST Arsenal okay…

          6. TMJW It’s your body and if they made you have the vaccination and your body rejected it and you became ill what then you should be in charge of your body no else

          7. TMJW, no matter how many red herrings you constantly mention whenever the vaccine subject arises, you will never win this argument .


            There are as you rightly say- and you list some of them – many other things wrong with life but none of these other wrongs makes your vaccine views right.

            Why add to these appalling outcomes by being obstinately stupid with your vaccine views?

          8. Bob, I had a chain smoking associate who killed his own wife, with cancer caused by passive smoking.
            Unfortunately people like TMJW, have lost the sense of the “common weal” ; it is all about selfishness.

      3. @admin

        If this is my last chance, then fine then.

        In the comments that have just been written, for all to be seen. We have seen misinformation, lies, and people throwing support behind horrendous social concepts, yet I get the warning?

        So you find what the other users said acceptable then?:

        Loss of human rights
        Misinformation on Covid and Influenza

        And I get the warning for saying those are all very bad things.

        Finally, if part of your trumped up warning, is because my comments were about Covid, and not football, then why hasn’t Silentstan be warned? His pro violation of human rights comment, that had nothing to do with football, was the one that actually started this whole debate!

        If you ban me, that’s fine, it’s your site, but note that you are, and will be on the wrong side of history, along with others on here.

        Clearly they is a lot of dumb, sheep like people on here, that believe ANYTHING governments, and mainstream media are telling us, and that they ONLY have our best interests at heart. It is laughable that you think the governments would never do harm to their own people.

        A lot of you seriously need some history lessons on human rights violations. As a starting point, look up:
        Chairman Mao
        North Korea
        Saudia Arabia
        Afghanistan as of right now!

        Enjoy your tyranny guys!

        1. And you actually “think” that such as Boris Johnson, Biden Macron, Merkel, for all their undoubted faults, can be seriously compared to them?

          Never heard such complete rot! Grow up and behave as an adult should.

          You speak like a child, instead of a mature and older adult. You are simply making your selflook incredibly foolish in the eyes of many fans who think you should know better. You are hugely embarraassing yourself.

          That saddens me, as I know in other life and football areas you are not the naively simplistic fool, that your vaccine views portray you as being. Sigh!

          1. Also Jon, in regards to public health and safety, and protecting the vulnerable (esp children), with vaccine passports, chew on this:

            In NSW (where I now live), there are 4344 child sex offenders on the protection register as of 2019, who are NOT required to carry a card or “passport” that identifies them or segregates them – because it “violates their privacy”.

        2. I read this hoping there would be at least one response to the dismantling of your original arguments.

          I was unsurprising disappointed. It’s almost like conspiracy theorists don’t work on facts.

          1. Bob, there were quite a few more from him and many arguments against.
            I deleted most of them and banned him, I’ve had enough mate…

          2. Admin Pat, as someone else, who lives in NSW in isolation and double vaccinated, unfortunately people like TMJW are going out of their way to prove Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. If they risk their own health that’s one thing, but what gives them the right to selfishly risk the health of others? Where is the sense of the “common weal”, the welfare of all for the common good?

    1. Some of us have been making this point since last season. The players need to be held responsible. This is why we had to have a major clear out. Our senior players need to pull their socks very fast. We sacked Arsene because of them, then sacked Emery, this time round we are holding players responsible. Shape up or Ship out!!!

    1. Anf it is not our captain that does not led anything that could help in any way right now… Truth is thay we dont really have long term captain persons right now. Saka is too young to be arsenal captain even of he constantly led the team on the field anf would deserve it based on perfs. Tierney is also there but injury prone, also rather young. Partey could have been but arrived only last year. Xhaka is a leader but look at that errors and red cards…. One that could have been (sorry to mention him again), because at the club for so long and so strong character would have been Emi Martinez. Unfortunately gone. Otherwise it is very hard to see a strong leader here, that loves the club, was here for quite a time, lead by example and if possible homegrown.

          1. Rvp, Henry, Cesc were great players, not sure about leaders of men though. Kos always seemed too quiet to be a leader, and made too many key errors in big games to be a top top player, although he was still very good.

    1. Exactly. Look what he did at Villarreal. They are playing champions league this year. Not to mention that they held their own against Chelsea and lost on penalties.

      1. 👍 Plus one from me. Too bad Arsenal didn’t support a highly competent coach and manager to sort out the dressing room, or in the transfer market!

    2. siamois I said weeks ago there was a problem in the dressing room whether it is Arteta plan or system or simply the players I don’t know but you could see it for yourself on the field of play all was not right

  3. If there is trouble in the dressing room then it all falls down to the manager ,if he cannot sort then he’s not fit to lead it’s simple ,the amount of stories that we have read that he has rid the club of trouble makers now seems just like a cover story and players are not happy with the way he’s running this club if this story is true .

    Regarding some of the nonsense that I’m reading above about covid ,just a little snippet from me regarding my next door neighbour.

    65 years old been double jabbed and as COPD ,caught covid 3 weeks ago and had a little cough and no more symptoms,now imagine if him at that age without being jabbed what might have happened,I would suggest people to listen to experts and not weirdos sat in their mums basement spreading absolute bullsh1t about this terrible pandemic .
    The mind boggles that that these morons pretend they know more about this kind of thing than scientists.
    Anyway enough of non related football talk


    1. The plain thruth is that, of older people who have caught Covid, despite being double vacced and who are really ill, most will have co morbidities and most are overweight or obese , some morbidly obese!


      I run almost every day, eat right, do Pilates daily, stay lean and play bowls virtually every day. That is why, at 70, I am extremely fit, lean and active.
      It is, to a greater extent than most realise, the result of individual lifestyle choice. I do not claim that is a guarantee of good health, BUT it loads the dice in your favour!

      1. Good for you JF.

        I might have to take a leaf out of your book dear sir but I thought drinking is requisite of being an Arsenal fan these days🤣

  4. The main reason for disharmony :
    They look at each other and see some average duds playing championship football then suddenly they remember they themselves are average duds.
    So they laugh together

  5. This doesn’t surprise me.

    Maybe this is why we are paying for players to leave…

    The problem is though is that when the rot sets in it takes a frigging age to clear up no matter what you throw at it.

    Could be the reason for Artedu’s summer transfer policy… out with the old and in with the youth… unfortunately, we didn’t get rid of the old bad eggs… well not all of them.

  6. Surely there are sites out there for you all to discuss covid until the cows come home… last time I checked this was Just ARSENAL!! 🙄

  7. Any player that refuses a vaccine should have his contract torn up. All players should have to have it, it is to save lives and protect the vulnerable.

  8. I can’t see how there can be disharmony and it is not the manager’s fault. Are the wrong players being favoured? Is the manager’s football brain not being respected? Is the manager too pedantic? Are the wrong people being chosen for leadership roles? These , if true are all issues which the manager has had ample time to deal with. Worrying as it is, although I respect Matt Le Tissier, I don’t respect his so called source, probably Ray Parlour, if he has one at all.

    1. That’s the whole point of a manager,….to motivate, inspire, coach and create an integrated dominant group. If the manager can’t do that should he blame his tools? Arteta has not got the ability to motivate. After two seasons that should be obvious. Too many clutching on to straws.

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