Arsenal contacts Podolski for advice on 19-year-old winger

Arsenal is always on the lookout for the best talents around Europe, and they have identified one new star in the making.

Mikel Arteta has continued the club’s tradition of fielding players who have shown they can make it in the senior team regardless of their age.

Emile Smith Rowe and Bukayo Saka have benefited from this to become top players, and they could be joined at the Emirates by a 19-year-old soon.

Tag24 claims the Gunners are interested in FC Koln’s winger, Jan Thielmann as he develops his game at the Bundesliga side.

Despite his age, he has played 26 league games for them in this campaign, and this has caught the attention of Arsenal.

The Gunners continue to bolster their squad, and they believe he is a top talent who will make an impact on their team.

The report claims they have even spoken to Lukas Podolski about the winger, and Koln will hardly say no to an offer from them because they need money.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Thielmann must be a very important player for his present club to have played that many matches in this campaign.

This will prepare him to develop more than some players his age at other clubs.

If he joins Arsenal now, he might struggle to keep playing regularly, so we probably need to allow him to spend another season in the Bundesliga before signing him.

VIDEO – A great win for the Gunners at Stamford Bridge and Mikel Arteta was in an upbeat mood after the game…


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  1. Let’s keep bringing them,who knows he may become one of the best in the future cos knowing we missed out on the now world best players in ronaldo and messi when we could have easily signed them still hurts.


      After all it won’t matter to us if we have a squad of over three hundred quite soon! Will it !

  2. Sign him on 6 year deal leave him where he is for another year or 2 with transfer window reviews, I think this is the kinda thing we need to do more. Cuts out middlemen but doesn’t interrupt their rapid development which is why we are seeing them in the first year place. We get 3 or 4 years out of them the selling club gets money when it’s needed and still get to use the player it’s win win in most cases.

  3. This narrative of youth project is enough.
    We are yet to see any new lad of our academic graduates feature regularly in this team.
    And don’t say because we have less competition this season, that’s just an excuse. This is his 3 year and we can’t identify any new academic player with him that has feature regularly.
    Chealse have been feeding their academic products more than we are in the team which is very unusual thing to see.
    They have four of their academic products started yesterday game.
    Even nketia and Esr were theirs to begin with .
    We can attributes a lot of things with Arteta, but you all need to stop this narrative of youth stuff.
    Even man united have more academic products in their team right now than we do.
    And I have not been seeing them claiming any youth project.

    Most of our signing might be young, but I won’t count it as a youth project if Arteta wouldn’t have any academic products feature regularly.
    Yesterday was a perfect example.
    Those boys were just there to full the bench and nothing more.

  4. Kaay you may be right but where you go wrong is where you say about how many of academy graduates our opponents have than arsenal but fail to see how they have impacted the game both ours and theirs! You don’t just throw any young guy in the field without prior knowledge of how it’s going to be! The two teams you have mentioned their youth productions are and have been competing in many different competitions and cups! In a season when two or three of your academy productions make it to the senior team and impact the game and grow as a manager you feel happy. You see how many graduates have been sent out on loan the past two seasons and it tells you that the work is in progress so let them gain experience in a competitive level and you can go ahead and question arteta after they are ok to be introduced into the team and he fails to do so!

    1. I would have agreed with you with the less competition comment but the two previous seasons is why I will disagree with you.
      Last season and season before we had multiple competition to play with even more squad.
      We can make the excuse for this season but not last season and season before where we had multiple competitions to play in and look back to that how many names came to your mind that was initated by this current manager.
      The only two productive academic products we have in the team currently were both brought in by the previous managers.
      When you consider the number of squad we had then, and we still see them get featured.
      Now we have less squad meaning there should be more to come in but we barely see any.
      Back to the two clubs I mentioned.
      Chealse top scorer in league are their academic products and but contributed to their ucl win immensely. That’s a huge impact if you ask me.
      They had Abraham getting double figures before he was sold simply they believe they need better striker.
      Man u has rashford and greenwood getting double figures of goals each season except for this current campaign.
      Let me take you back to how Rashford was initated, it could be seen as not ready then too, but he was call up and ever since then he has been one of their top lad.
      Greenwood has been out and guess what he was replaced by another academic products. The boy name elanga, you could count how many times he has featured for them this season despite having a big names like Ronaldo, and cavani in front.
      Nketia is just getting his second start in the league all season and we all know why that is happening if not for laca be dropped for covid.
      So if you ask me they were all making impact but you wouldn’t know if you don’t follow..
      So our coach needs to do better with that, at least we were told the culture is being restored and that’s a significant part of the culture regardless.
      3 years is enough to access and see those who have progress enough and if he couldn’t have any of academic feature regularly then what’s the main culture that is being restored or what is youth project???

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