Arsenal continue to be disrespected and that is fine

When a team like West Ham put together a great run of results they are applauded and rightfully so.

Tottenham hires a new manager, an elite one, and as soon as they put together a mini unbeaten run (league only) a revolution and new era is talked about (SportingLife).

But when it is Arsenal, it seems that everyone is expecting them to fail no matter how well they are doing.

For example, Tottenham and Man Utd are shorter with the bookies to finish top four, the same Man Utd that are below us and literally tearing themselves apart, the same Tottenham that was humiliated by Mura in the Europa Conference League and could not beat a ten-man Southampton.

Fair enough, that’s the bookies for you, it is the weight of money that determines a market most of the time but listen to the pundits on TV and in the press, how many say Arsenal will finish top-four? Not many, but they do predict United or Spurs (Football365) despite the fact that it is Arsenal that is playing far better football now.

When Gabriel gets sent off it takes up a huge amount of space in the press and is discussed to death, and the young man is castigated and partly blamed for the City loss (Metro).

But Sadio Mane and Harry Kane escape red cards and apart from a day or two of condemnation in the media you hear almost nothing, especially with Mane.

But when it is Granit Xhaka we even have our own fans on their ridiculous Youtube channels attacking him days later.

This is pure disrespect and has nothing to do with Arsenal being a big club, both Man Utd and Spurs are considered top-six teams but you never see as much negative press with them as you do Arsenal and they are not exactly in a better position.

They can all carry on, that is just fine if they and by they I mean the media, pundits and Youtubers etc, want to carry on disrespecting us then they can go for it, it will make no difference to us going forward.

I am still on the fence over Arteta, but right now he is being vindicated and he has my support. I may be petty, but I for one will not just celebrate any success that Arteta brings, but will also grab the opportunity to stick it to those that have consistently disrespected Arsenal football club.

THE JUST ARSENAL SHOW – Dan Smith discusses the fallout from Auba’s argument with Arteta

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  1. I trust this arteta I stand is consistent..I trust the project. I can name you all the young gunners who cannot make it in the arsenal first team..jay Emmanuel Thomas,Rio mikayachi,Carlos vella,and so on ..

    1. You are sporton
      But don’t take responsibility of the hecklers. Let them do there as we play our game. Gurners 4rever

  2. You’re absolutely right in everything you’ve stated. But do you know how best to deal with all the negative bias against our great team ? Win the league! That will shut up everyone. So until then let’s continue to move forward.

      1. Win the league and shut them up simple. Don’t wait for referees to exploit us. The xakhas give them such chances. Let’s shut these guys up. They will keep quiet

    1. You would like to think that winning the league would shut them up. But such is the level of their bias and dislike for Arsenal. They would probably be of the opinion that arsenal didn’t win the league, the others lost it due to other factors and we were just fortunate to be in a position to exploit them.

      Even when the pundits and media do get round to giving us any sort of faint praise. It’s usually only conciliatory and comes with the expectation that we are going to fail!

  3. It’s good to be an underdog in EPL race, especially if we can surprise the big teams with our tactics. I fell in love with Arsenal because they were an underdog

    1. Man City did beat us but var,we are victims of var .I think referees should be people who played football in their lives . only players understands emotions attached to it

  4. This kind of situation is self inflicted by some of our irrational fans on AFTV and even here on Justarsenal. You Admin are not any less guilty! Why should you expect others to respect you if you disrespect yourself? Some of our people always express doubt in our team’s ability while others are ever calling for Arteta’s sacking. What do you expect of those who read and hear such sentiments? We should always be careful in our utterances. The old saying goes that you give a dog a bad name and you hang him. Let me hope these observations will instill a lot of more responsibility in some of our people.

    1. Spoton mate, even the article by the admin shows he’s literally waiting for pur downfall, there’s little optimism towards what we are svput and hope to achieve except general acceptance that it is what it is. Im nkt against criticism of the team, management etc for failing in some cases. But i love the fire the team is showing. There will be mistakes mo doubt but we are playing well and getting results except in cases where officiating has been questionable on so many levels.
      I think we have been self-critical for far too long and some struggle to adjust and notice the good and posibility that we might just be on the upward spiral now. In stead of doubting Arteta and the team who lets be frank has done well this season baring the 3 games were we had so many injuries and covid issues, then the lucky united win, and self destruct agaiant everton, Liverpool is still better than us so is City but we take heart, apart feon Pool and City and Chelsea on a good day, i fancy our chances against anyone else. And that says a lot.
      The pundits and everyone in the media gets the energy from people like our admin who is a fan and yet has very low expectations of Arteta, will speak glowingly of Conte at Spuds, and yet Arteta has changed the team from what it was wheb he took over, even the Emirates is no longer a library, he’s lost just 2 games at hpme all season, the man deserves to be praised for the work he’s done. For how he turned the corner and how the team is playing some entertaining football. Scoring goals, getting shots, standing tall against the best in the league in City who had to thank Stuart Attwell for his defensive work in block Martinelli, VAR screw ups, and red cards.
      I think more should be said on the officials and their inconsistance especially with us.
      I would rather admin spends more time on highlighting the injustices that knuckling under while questioning our run and when it might fall apart. You have the platforms show the injustices to the world and force a reform of the refereeing in the league and ensure they are impartial.
      Stuart Attwell may bave handed City the league and took our top 4 away from us. That is the problem right here. He gets zero punishment, and we get a £20k fine for being robbed. How does that make sense. Someone breaks into your house steals your tv set and you go to court only to be charged for not using better security, and you have to pay the legal costs. It’s insane.

  5. It sadden me much when I see much on The arsenal fc, a club of such legendary status suffering murderous hatred, it, is not ordinary but highly demonic at the spiritual sphere. But why is it so? Well, lets leave the matter for another day. But I pray 🙏 Mr stan kroenke please continue to support the manager to take the club the champions league once again so that this so call 📱 pundits or bookmakers would be silenced for now, since champions league is, according to them, the parameter for measuring successful football 🏈 climbing.

  6. Pure nonsense.
    Repeat of an earlier article on Arsenal being disadvantaged by refereeing decisions.
    But is this click bait article also having a laugh at some Arsenal fans? With no football to talk about for a while I guess it’s a struggle to get comments. So I will enjoy this joke article for what it is 🙂 COYG

    1. I will stop believing referees conspiracy when one person can tell me why in my more than 20 years of following the Premier League I have never seen bad officiating costing Man Utd? Why bad officiating always help them win games?

      English referees are bad that is known but why are they bad only to some clubs like Arsenal and not the others like Man Utd?

      1. HH, ask Utd fans and they feel the refs are against them, i know a few and they are alway saying other teams get decisions they dont. They don’t think they get any favours. It is just fans that feel their team get nothing, we and they are no different.

    2. Oooohhhh Fairfan, Obviously this article offends you because it deflects attention from your ‘clickbait’ comments!

      1. oh my, never did I ever think I would see you holding FF’s feet to the fire…kudos AdPat

  7. One thing that l am sure about is that despite their disrespect for Arsenal, our recent 1st half performance against Manchester city has created some fear in their minds. They now know that if they don’t have their best team playing well against Arsenal, they will be beaten, unless of course they are helped by the match officials. This young Arsenal team is fearless and will to the fight to any team in the premier league at home or away.

  8. Again with this pathetic victim mentality! If you act like a victim, you’ll end up as one.

    Seriously though I hope the people writing these whinging, moany, wimpy articles never coach young kids for sport….they’ll never succeed with attitudes like this. Life’s not fair, get on with it.

  9. Nothing new here. It has been like this for as long as I can remember. English pundits are hardcore fans disguised as analysts, a perfect example of a wolf in sheep clothing. I can smell their bias 5000km away.

    This is rooted from the Arsene era because Arsenal was unique and had something all wished their clubs had. Naturally that caused envy from every corner.

    1. As an Oldie I can testify first hand that it goes back a lot further than Arsene HH, in fact Arsene was able to turn that around and for a while, we were every other fan’s 2nd favourite team and media darlings, not early on when it felt like Vieira was being sent off every other week but as the Bergkamp/Henry/Pires team took over, mainly Theirry to be fair and Bobby correctly got some stick at times for diving but mostly it was about the way we played then, introduced by Wenger

      It long predates me as a fan as well the “Lucky Arsenal” tag started in the thirties because we were the first top team to play with an extra defender and scored loads of goals on the break to win titles and the dislike was an inverted snobbery thing from back then as well, we had a self appointed aloofness as a Club of high standards, Highbury’s Marble Hall, Art Deco stands, underfloor heating in the changing rooms etc

      The “Remember Who you are, What you are and Who you represent” came from back then was captioned by Bertie Mee who had a plum in his mouth but a coupla snarling dogs out on the pitch playing for him in the 70s, George Graham’s teams made sure our image came back on negative point and in my opinion he never got the recognition his two titles at the turn of the 80s/90’s deserved because of it before true to Arsenal shooting themselves in the foot reputation taking one too many “Brown Envelopes”

      Loved every minute myself by the way, particularly enjoyed going to away games up North in the 70’s and all that went with it, happy days

      To bring things up to date (and I don’t personally subscribe to referee bias) witness the media debate as to whether Mane got yellow or red against Chelsea when he did exactly what he had previously done to Tomi at Anfield when we got a dicking, no free kick, certainly no booking and no debate, Mane went on to score the first goals in both games by the way

      1. Great post Fingers brings back some great memories. Btw was one of Bertie’s snarling dogs Peter Storey by any chance? He made Norman Hunter look like a choirboy!!!

      2. Thank you for your input and a bit of history FingersFurnell. Glad to learn how things were long ago from your first hand experience. Really appreciate it.

        1. Cheers guys

          Storey was certainly our “enforcer” at the time but we had a few ballers as well back then but general quality of football these days is definitely superior

    2. Agreed you have to think how much Arsenal upset the apple cartwhen we disrupted the Utd monopoly on the league. Not only did we win we did it better and more stylishly than anyone who had won titles before. Then the worst thing that could have happened happened we went unbeaten through an entire season. It wasn’t allowed to be Arsenal, it should have been Utd, Liverpool or Spurs.

      Then the filthy oil money come in and the entire media related world got their wish the demise of a deserving champion

  10. This has been happening with the media since Rooney took the dive to end the invincible run. It is always infuriating how they always mention the draws and not the fact that we went a WHOLE SEASON unbeaten.

    The way I look at it… let the performances do the talking and 🦆 em’.

  11. You got that right @HH. Most of these so call pundits are former spurs, united, blues and ”always walking with company” players. It’s embedded in their nature to be biased toward arsenal but that’s alright coz all their comments is why we are here. A sleeping dragon is stirring. The Cannon is out of the store. COYG

  12. Oh please stop with the poor me I’m an Arsenal fan and everyone hates my club. Some of you need to grow a pair and get over yourselves.
    I had some decorating done this week by a dyed in the wool spurs supporter who is embarrassed by his team at present, dreading the NLD and listening to TalkSport today with everyone ripping the pee out of his beloved team. We are not unique in the way we sometimes feel about our team but all this cr*p about the media having a constant downer on us is childish.

  13. Arsenal lost to Liverpool , Everton man u and City
    Beat saints , west ham , Leeds and Norwich
    In other words they beat the team’s they should beat and lose to the team’s you exspect them too
    That’s not a run your going to get credit for nor should you exspect any

  14. if it’s “fine” why are you whining about it??? much like in the our pre-Emirates years, when we actually do something noteworthy, the respect will inevitably return…until then, we should be elated that we’re even part of the conversation, regardless of the tenor or tone of the intended message

  15. Arsenal must play the right football in the right spirit as they have been doing for decades and win matches irrespective of who is saying what. Lets do the talking on the pitch.

  16. Arsenal are not victims of anything and we should not
    consider us as one, put our heads up and march
    forward.. what goes around comes around, Lady Luck
    will favour us sometime !!

  17. Gunners forever Arteta do not hear what s they say agood team work we like it .proud to be arsenal fan.

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