Arsenal continue to pay Mesut Ozil in excess of 300K per week

Mesut Ozil is still living largely off the monster contract that he signed with Arsenal, despite leaving the club in January.

The former German international joined the club from Real Madrid back in 2013 and went onto make 184 Premier League appearances for our side.

After a number of impressive seasons, the midfielder was rewarded with a new monster deal in January 2018, which would keep him tied to the club until the summer of 2021, but as we now know, things didn’t go according to plan soon after.

Ozil played limited first-team football following the departure of Arsene Wenger, with Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta both preferring other options largely.

His downfall complete when he was completely left out of Arsenal’s Premier League and Europa League squads for the current campaign, despite remaining as the club’s highest earner, and he eventually agreed to leave the club in January, joining Fenerbahce in the Turkish Super Lig.

Many fans rejoiced at the departure of their once-heralded star, but that initially happiness may well have been partially misplaced as TheAthletic claims that we are still shelling out over 90% of the money we were paying him regardless.

Why would our club agree to pay over 90% of Ozil’s contract just to see him leave the club six months early?



  1. Just had a bad weekend and this horrible news to start the week.Why Patrich, why? The only reasons could be to pay him to leave – we “honor” our part of the contract and get a bad influence out of the club and secondly make space for a more exciting player (Odegard). This will be music to the fan boy club, but who cares? Our dear AFC bleeds.

  2. This was trumpeted at the time as Arteta getting rid of the deadwood.
    So are we still paying Mustafi, Socritis and Mkhitaryan? Probably.
    Auba Lacazette Pepe Willian Cedric Bellerin Gabriel Partey Xhaka Kolasinac Torreira Guendouzi Saliba Mavropanos Willock Nelson Niles Martinelli Nketia loom as
    future Ozil type contractual disasters.
    Nobody will leave their hefty Arsenal salary preferring to run down the contract so as to leave on a free and therefor get a bigger salary at their next club. No one will leave if Arsenal ask for a transfer fee as that would slash their salary.

    1. soler, if you were offered a legally binding contract, why would you think it wouldn’t /shouldn’t be honoured.
      After all, it was the club who decided he wasn’t wanted.

      1. and he proved to the club he was not wanted.One goal and two assists? Hahaha! Joe got 4 goals for the magpies!that says it all

        1. But who’s still laughing😂😂
          Ozil has got everything he was entitled to and no matter how much you try to belittle him, there is only one winner and it sure isn’t the club…. now let’s see how Willian and Aubemeyang prosper from Arteta’s decisions shall we? Hahaha😂😂😂😂

  3. These are sadly wengers last years legacy…. I don’t question wenger impact at the club but he should have understand how to leave properly. For me, after the 2017 cup. At the times he was even letting the club waiting for him (will i sign, will i not sign…). But i understand that he was stubborn too. You have to deal with the pros and cons. That’s absolutely understandable he would have like to try again and again to win a last PL or european trophy. Unfortunately missed it.

    1. @Johnze, I think just calling out Arsene is not the whole perspectives
      Ozil last contract, though was sanctioned by AW, its aftermath was squarely on Ivan Gazidis. This is because, WHY, work on Ozil contract recommendation by AW, who you intended to force out of the club. And even, if AW had stayed he had only one more season.

    2. Now there’s a thing Johnze, just check who was in charge of contracts when Ozil was offered that insane contract…. then check who was in charge of contracts when Willian and Aubemeyang were offered their new deals.

    3. well, it wasnt wenger that offered him the contract, it was Gazidis.

      Also Wenger always said he would honour any contract and would only look at a new deal at the end of a season.

      The grass hasnt been greener since the club let wenger go

      I know the club needed a change as we were stagnant, but to me, stagnant is better than free falling the way we have been since he left.

      Also, Wenger was never given the amount of money the club have spent since, i honestly believe that he would have atleast kept us current

      1. Exactly Val… I’ve been saying this over and over again, but those who want to blame Wenger for every/anything just will not admit that gazidis was the architect.
        All they have to do, is to go back and check the official website for when gazidis took over… it was also him who signed Aubemeyang by the way.

  4. I have been saying this time without number that poor management, not lack of quality players, is the bane of Arsenal FC

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