Arsenal continue to surprise as Arteta’s hard work is paying dividends at last

Another perfect weekend for the Arsenal! by Shenel

There is no doubt that all Gooners smiles would have been big this morning but after Sunday’s events they are for sure even wider today.

And even Piers Morgan should be smiling!

Not only because we got a hard fought tough three points against a sturdy Leeds side, but because being an Arsenal fan has been made even sweeter by the fact that we are now four points clear at the top of the Premier League table ahead of second place Manchester City.

And yes, as I have said before, I know it is early days to be running our mouths off and getting our hopes us, and no I do not think we will be running away with the title as there will be so many more twists, turns, injuries to deal with and ups and downs to come, but we have to deal with it the best we can if we want to win!

But as so many pundits also still seem to be ruling us out of even challenging for the title. We do not want to get too ahead of ourselves, but you cannot deny that it is nice to be sitting at the top of the table with a bit of a points gap, and that has all come about because of hard work.

And we all know that hard work reaps rewards and for once we can say we deserve it. Because sitting at the top of the table in more recent years has not been easy to come by for our beloved club as it is, something as Arsenal fans we have only managed to admire from afar with other teams doing the same thing as we sit trailing behind.

You can also sense the big change this season, because had it been this time last year we would have very easily lost or even drawn the game. We showed our character, mentality and strength to get through the game, not being at our best yet walking away with a win and all three points.

And to be a champion that is the sort of mentality you need to have, and if we continue going step by step and game by game with managing players and game time, then long may that continue!

Well here’s hoping hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman



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  1. Kroenke, Arteta and Edu are definitely visionary. They weren’t afraid to make big changes and get rid of several highly decorated players

    As for EPL title challenge, I agree with the pundits. We’d better not overburden the players and stick to a top four finish or EL trophy, although I’d prefer the European title

    Man City dominated Liverpool at Anfield since the first half, whereas we couldn’t even win the ball possession against Liverpool in the first half at the Emirates. Liverpool trashed Rangers in Scotland, who’re far more dangerous than any Norwegian team, yet we were hardly able to capitalize on Bodo/Glimt’s mistakes

    If we can dominate the big teams at their turfs since the first halves, then EPL title will be a big possibility. We’ll see our progress in Stamford Bridge next month

    1. I know ur how your reason works……. So many things go through ur head when u writing and u just want to put them down even if it’s nt coherent.
      Patern of play of each team hav different effects on each other…..
      Rangers can beat celtic, Liverpool will beat rangers , while celtic beat Liverpool.
      Remember last season we had more possession at home to mancity, we could hav won dat game but they beat us. This season we had more possession against man u but they beat us. So what’s all this fuss about possession, its nt everytime we need to hav possession sometimes we just need d 3 point.

      1. It’s based on the latest results. The current Rangers team are still far better than Bodo/Glimt

        We didn’t dominate Man City in the first half last season nor did we do that to Man United this season. We only managed to dominate at Old Trafford in the second half, after Man United scored and let us take over to launch counter-attacks

        1. Not sure Rangers are clearly bettwe than Bodo – when did Rangers last beat Celtic 6-1 over 2 legs?

  2. The past weekend has been a bonus. We got away with a hard fought win which allowed us to see the best and worst in the team while at the same time our main rival stumbled. Like most fans my biggest worries are that some of our key players are looking tired and also that opposing managers will be able to nullify Arsenal’s tactics. No problems against Southampton but Chelsea will be an interesting test.

  3. I believe Arteta and the players are wise enough to take it game by game and see how far we will go about this.

    Apart from the Man United game, we have been getting some luck with the decisions from the referees and V.A.R which makes me believe Mother Nature 🌬 is on our side this season.
    And we have earned this luck because of Josh Kroenke, Edu, Arteta, and all the current players hard work 😓 and determination to win every game we play.

    The way we get a nitro boost to score a goal immediately after conceding one is the die hard mentality Arteta has instilled in the lads and long may it continue.

    Hopefully, Mother Luck continues to shine her light 💡 on us and we don’t have any injury to our key players.

    And also the board should provide funds in January and Edu and Arteta should make proper use of it by giving us at least a good DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER.

    A winger or any other positions are not of pressing needs right now. Hopefully, no much injuries would affect any position seriously.

    If everything continues to be put in place, and my mind tells me everything will align positively for us.

    Then we will emerge as eventual champions of the Europa League and or the Premier League come May.

    Onwards and Upwards my Gunners!! Cheers !!! 🥂 🍻

  4. You don’t win cups in October.
    Enjoy the moment and see how we are doing come March!
    Nothing wrong in dreaming but seems some are getting carried away to quickly

  5. VAR has nothing to do with “luck”.
    It looks at crucial decisions and decides if they are correct and if a referee should take another look.

    So we have NOT been lucky with VAR, we have been lucky that it is in place to overturn bad decisions.

  6. Happy to hear from you Shenel.

    Happy to sit on top of the league with a little breathing space, am seeing lots of tee shirts these days describing Arsenal fans, some very complimentary.

    Remember one season at Chelsea Morhihio was leading the league, he told the press he was not going for the big jug that year as it was the following year he was preparing for, but quietly he would be telling his dressing room whoever’s catches them shall surely win.

    Expectations are so high now we got to be around somewhere when the big jug being decided

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