Arsenal cool and calm to end Ole’s unbeaten United start

I would be lying if I wasn’t a little surprised, but Arsenal have put Manchester United to the sword, cutting them down off of a whopping unbeaten run of 12 league games.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer has finally endured defeat as Man United boss. Of course PSG was the first team to beat them in 90 minutes since he joined as head coach, but after they overturned that deficit in midweek, this has to be considered as his first actual loss.

Arsenal started the game on the backfoot, with our opponents looking like they should have opened the scoring inside the opening 10 minutes, but thanks to some last ditch saves and defending, we managed to steer ourselves clear of trouble.

In all fairness the opening half was very even and very open, with both sides ploughing forward at every opportunity, but it was only us who managed to managed to bag that all important goal. Some neat work on the right wing by Alexandre Lacazette had the defenders on the retreat, and he manages to find Granit Xhaka in space. The Swiss midfielder strikes the ball so sweetly that the ball looks to be heading to De Gea’s left, before curling to his right, with the shotstopper having already moved onto his wrong foot.

Amazingly that was the only goal, although the game could easily have been 2-2 come the interval, with the post being hit more than once also but we would obviously have to be happy with the midway result.

I thought that both teams would try and tighten things up after the break, with both sides looking much better going forward then at the back, but the managers both seemed to simply ask for more of the same, or at least the football appeared that way.

We both come out fighting, and it must have been as good a watch for the neutrals as it was for us (after being on the winning side), and it was also refreshing that the penalty decision which ended up giving us the daylight to see the game out was a fair decision also.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang brought his Premier League tally up to 20 goals for the campaign with plenty of the season remaining with the neat penalty, which he put confidently down the middle. Lacazette was brought down to an immediate whistle by the referee, and this all but sealed the fate of the visitors.

The best team won in the end, and you have to give credit to the manager as well as the players for a very disciplined and upbeat performance, especially coming back from a disastrous and morale-draining match-up on Thursday in France.

Has Emery finally shown his true colours? Is his team finally getting the new philosophy? And will this derail the Red Devils push for a top four finish?

With the words ‘Tottenham Hotspur, we’re coming for you’ ringing around the stadium, you would have to say that there is plenty to look forward to on that performance.


  1. The top four place is Arsenal’s for the taking, but the match could have gone differently. The defense is still horrible, shown by the three Man United’s golden chances, fortunately the lady luck was on our side

    De Gea and Arrizabalaga showed that big price tag cannot help their erratic behaviours. Xhaka and Lacazette were lucky, but deservedly won the match due to their extra efforts

    Kolasinac was constantly threatening in this match, as he always does as an LWB. About the right wing, Arsenal should find a better competitor for Bellerin next season, unless Maitland-Niles can improve his game

    1. Niles had good game today. Only Auba was a little off until he did what he does best hence 100% satisfied. Good game boys ??? we love you. Thank you to Me Emery for having faith in our stars.

      1. Yeah I prefer to see how Lacazette played today instead of Aubameyang

        As usual, Emery uses different tactic and players to counter the opponent’s strategy

      2. I did say on here that I was happy when Emery joined our club. But since joining I am of the view that this manager prefers to take stardom away from his top players. I have been asking Emery for one thing and that is to play our star players and play them week in week out so they can gel. He did today so I give him his due respect. Did you see the love and willingness our top players showed today even in Auba penalty.

        1. And run the players into the ground. Rotation is essential, particularly mid season when Arsenal were competing in the EPL, 2 cups and the Europa League. It is a long season.

      1. Yes, they were good in the second half

        But Man United had three sitters in the first half, due to the defenders’ miscommunication

        1. The defense was split through easily on some occasions but some important last minute interceptions and saves from Leno made sure we didn’t concede.We were also helped by Utd’s poor

      2. We are not only 1 point behind Spurs in 3rd.

        We are just 1 goal difference behind too

        St Totteringham’s Day about to be super lit this year!!!

  2. Arsenal out battled man utd, Chelsea, tottenham, Liverpool at home this season. Tell me that’s not improvement. When did last happen? 15 years ago

    1. Arsenal are not pushovers anymore because of Emery and this is just his first season

      I was not worried of this big game because the players tend to be excited due to its prestige

      I’m worried about the upcoming away games against the poorer/ weaker teams. Arsenal should change their system or culture to pump these players up in those types of games

  3. Leno 10
    Sokratis 8
    Kos 7
    Monreal 7
    Niles 8
    Ramsey 8
    Xhaka 9
    Kolasinac 10
    Ozil 7
    Laza 7
    Auba 8

    Great spirit! Great formation, great of keeping formation… Bravo! I liked the most how we pressed them after 2nd goal, and Im so glad about Auba’s goal.

    1. How can youu give Auba and Laca the same rating? Lacazette was everywhere and Aubas only contribution was the penalty.
      Also, Ozil was totally invisible, and as usual not willing to go in for tackles.
      Ozil should get a 4 or 5 at best.

      1. Ha ha ha, hey man, Ozil was our connection from mid to attack, he almost played box to box midfield today. I agree that Laza was more all over then Auba, but Laza missed some half chances and Auba scored after missing against 5pur2.
        Enjoy hating Ozil but he is still our most skillful player and it is Emery’s job to lead him to his old glory.

        1. Ozil is rusty. If you go back to the game where Man U was beaten 3 nil few years back, that was beautiful soccer. He must play consistently for 1st or 2nd half to get back to finest. If Emery don’t want him, he should go to other club. BTW, he is Germany national team Player of the Year in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016.

      2. Ozil creates the most chances in the whole game. I don’t know which game are you watching.

    2. MOTM should be Leno or Lacazette.Auba once again proved that he’s a ball to feet player and not good enough with the ball.

      1. It’s between Leno and Xhaka for me

        Lacazette’s trick gave us the dirty penalty, but Leno kept Arsenal in the game and Xhaka stole the first goal that made Man United players nervous

      2. Imagine your grandkids asking you to describe the style of play of a “FOOTBALLER” of past days and all you can tell them is that he was a “Ball to Feet” player…?

  4. I criticised the selection but I was wrong, our defence is still shaky but the the top 4 is in our back own hands
    In fact it should be the minimum now

  5. Unbeaten against top 6 at home this season except for City but I can forgive since it was the very first game.
    Also, unbeaten at home in PL after CITY game!!!!
    Clearly Arsenal have improved. However, other teams have improved as well so in that respect you might say Emery hasn’t done much. But compared to previous years there is improvement.

  6. Amn plays with his head. That’s the beauty with spirited, talented young players.

    Bottom line, Kola is my big MOTM

  7. A ton of great performances today. Leno, AMN, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Xhaka really stepped up today. This puts us in a great spot to get UCL football. No more top 6 sides but now a handful of tricky away ties like Wolves/Leicester/Watford. Time to FOCUS now boys. Let’s do this!

  8. Even a blind man can now see, we are much better this season.
    We have 12 points more than last year after 30 games, and we have 12 points in games against the other top 6 teams. last year we had 6.

    1. I calculated that as well. Considering this is a transitional year, we aren’t doing that badly.

      1. transitional years can go very bad. Being 4th with this many games to go is definitely better than I was expecting. Emery’s done a good job. That really can’t be disputed. He’s ruffled feathers but that’s exactly what you should expect when a new manager is trying to make his mark on a team. Give this man competent defenders and we will do even better next season.

        1. Pleased to see Unai Emery, after having “a bad day at the office” at Rennes, getting the cudos of the fans. Credit too to the players, who gave their all and carried out Emery’s instructions to the tee.

    1. yes. He had 8 tackles today. I think there were a ton of choices to choose from so personally no problem with that.

            1. St Totteringham’s day is loading. We have to be ruthless against rennes. High tempo game.4:1 to Arsenal

                1. Sue, by the way thanks for enquiring about my health. After 3 weeks my hip is going well, walking freely and able to leap in the air at this great result!
                  Arsenal’s destiny is in its hands. COYG!

                2. lol. We just have to be in the champions league next season. We need to fix our defence. Mavropanos and Holding being fit next season. If we can make top four and win the europa league, then it would have been a successful season

                  1. Big shout out to Kos & Sokratis though, who have been really good for us (not Thursday night, I know ?)
                    Yes I can’t wait to see Mavropanos & hope Holding comes back even better (& Hector ?)

                  2. what if we drop out of europa to compete for top four. really think players might be exhausted.

        1. Sue what a lovely day. I gave everyone 10, and Emery too. We need everything to work for us on Thursday.

        2. U explain that to pple & they just won’t understand, I’ve always complained that only Torreira knows what it means to block ur defenders and actually throw tackles

          I was scared that we we would be opened up too easily as it was in the 1st Half of the Tottenham match until Torreira came in and sealed up the midfield

          But today, Ramsey did a very good job blocking the defenders, not giving the Man Utd attackers easy chances, they had to do spectacular things to open us up unlike how the defence used to be a basket without Torreira

          Xhaka is always a fantastic deep lying playmaker when paired with someone who relieves him off that blocking and tackling duties

    2. Kolasinac for me, and about Ramsey… it is sad that he needed to sign for other club to start keeping formation playing for Arsenal. Good game for Ramsey and Xhaka in mid today.

  9. When I said we were coming third – nobody believed me! Tottenshit still have Man City and Liverpool to play. United have Chelski and Man City to play and Chelski got Liverpool and Man United to play… we are in pole position now. Win at least 7 out of the 8 and we will be back in the Champions League.

  10. According to the BBC website One Danny Mills said this on radio 5:

    ”Romelu Lukaku’s miss early in the game set the tone really and a part from that Bernd Leno wasn’t tested

    – and every time he was he matched it.’
    Did he really say that?

    If so it is on a par with who ever said:
    ‘I never make predictions and I never will’

  11. As what I have commented days before. Arsenal against top 6 in this season has improved. I also list out the result against the other 5 teams and expecting a win drawing the similarity of 1 win & 1 draw against Tottenham. However, our defence can give us heart attack. Some money have to spend to improve in this area.

  12. 2-0,
    That is a good score line.
    Clean sheet against Manchester Useless.
    Up gunners
    Top 4 is the least to demand for

  13. i doubted we could reclaim 4th place – i’m so glad we did. Damn why do we wait till almost all our hope is gone before performing like this. seem to me wE save our best ’till last. Champions league football isn’t enjoyable for me unless we have a part to play in it. Come on gunners show us your determined to be playing among europes in form and elite sides.

  14. Great job, they played as a real team today. Everyone pulled their weight, and we won the midfield battle today. Laca such a complete player and unselfish at the right times.

    We can’t get over confident with the rest of PL games, but we definitely control our own destiny.

    Love to overtake spuds and grab 3rd; would be wonderful. Actually, having Utd snatch 4th from spuds would be wonderful. Their time in the sun coming to an end; stadium debt, how long will kane stay and remain trophyless, Eriksson too for that matter.

    1. Auba miss killed my optimism, now is zero (happy zero), and I am waiting for Thursday for get it back!

  15. Auba penalty was bang average . TBH he is lucky , de gea low on confidence . LACA ,KOLA or XHAKA MOM for me

  16. I have to apologise for my lack of faith. I was expecting us to collect another L but the boys came through! Job well done! Am very happy with this so vital 3 points. We must hold on now till the end. Oh and De Gea played like a mango today.

  17. Special kudos to xhaka ,ppl dont mention him probably because they dislike him, today he got everything right, he and Leno are my men of d match. Lacca,kola, Ramsey,AMN and Suarez, thumbs up

  18. I believe if we keep up with our average of 2 points a game, we will definitely make top 4

  19. Before you just me I want to say I’m really happy with this result in addition to Tottenham’s loss and Chelsea’s draw. Had Man Utd taken their chances or had the ref not given that soft penalty we would surely be talking about a draw or a loss… Our defensive performance tonight was overall good, apart from Man Utd missed chances.. Emery’s choice of an atracking-minded midfield paid out; I thought Ramsey and Xhaka were outstanding. He could have introduced Torreira or Gouendouzi after the 2-0 but he substituted attacking players instead.. We do need to convert our chances better though, we didn’t have many shots on target despite getting in good positions. Let’s keep the same momentum against Rennes and show the what’s playing against The Arsenal!

  20. Leno is proving to be a very fine goalkeeper indeed and was my man of the match.Every Arsenal player put in a real shift and while Lukaku missed 2/3 good chances our defence did very well in the second half.AMN who lost Shaw on a number of occasions in the first half came on to a very decent game .

    1. Leno’s judgement and positioning were superb today. For example the shot which hit the upright Leno has it covered, he left his area to break up a United attack and saved from feet twice.

  21. Now were are the conspiracy theorist that have conviced themselves that there is a bias against us by referees?

    1. If you think refs favour us just look at what spuds have got away with in the last few weeks and ask would we be so lucky.

      1. Goonstar, the comments by myself, Kenny Rolfe and others on the officiating this season, has been focused on the overall standard of refereeing, not that it is anti Arsenal.
        Icebox, you only have to look at the criticism levelled at Lacazette’s penalty award, compared to the lack of comments on Ali, Kane etc at Spurs.

  22. I just hope Mr. Emery now see that the men are better than the boys. Give us a break on iwobi and show the big players some respect.

    1. And Gwendozi they are not ready to start big games with too much expectation. Niles was enuh in the mix. Good game from the laf hats off.

      1. Why would we drag Iwobi into it?He only came on when it was over.You Child.
        Look what happens when you start with your BEST PLAYERS on from the start

    2. It’s about time YOU GREW UP AND STOPPED CALLING FOR EMERY TO BE SACKED. I have thought you a ridiculous fan for many weeks since reading your constant nonsense. NOW all can also see it too. You ought to hide your head tonight , NOT g-hav eth nerve to come on here and show excitement. At least I know one thing; you actually are a fan and not a troll, as I had wondered. But fans need brains as well as hearts. You have a heart I’ll admit. NOW you just need to get a BRAIN too and stop calling for Emerys sacking. Or at the least, publicly apologise!

        1. dIF by any chance you thought it was meant for you, though I cannot see WHY you MIGHT, only MIGHT have thought it meant for you. I have NO DOUBT,nor ever have had, that YOU are among the most passionate and true fans of us all. There has been , inho , much too much and far too hasty criticism of Emery by a number of folk on here who really ought to give him at least a decent chance to show what he can do , as he has done too. Most thinking fans will probably agree that we have the weakest squad, esp and by far, in defnce of all thr top six. Thi sis thanks to Kroenke Gzidis and let us not forget too a certain Arsene Wenger, who has scarcely EVER bought a top class CB (his only exceptions being CAMPBELL, ON A FREE AND KOS, in 22 years; I never rated Gallas nor Merts personally!) Yet we stand just an Auba saved penalty from being two points clear in third place. I regard that as a magnificent achievement by a dynamic and pro -active manager who I – AND YOU – have longed for and who has brought back pride in our shirt and stopped us being patsys to the top six with regular away thrashings. In Emery all thinking fans trust.

  23. Good hard performance today and a clean sheet. De light ed!!! Well done lads you redeemed your selves a bit for Thursday night’s debacle.

  24. Great collective work rate sweet win no Buts

    To those who seem to find a But after good performance or a win I wonder which planet you all are from… Is it a bad thing to just compliment a nice win without a But?…the best defense in a league will always conceive chance to its opponents… Do you really believe a game with utd will result in them not having a clear chance? They actually did get great chances thanks to Luck and good defending from the lads… Stop moaning and enjoy the win as everyone else, stop criticizing a defense that just keep a clean sheet against M.Utd
    Good job Emery
    Enjoying the win till Thursday
    Leno… 10
    Ramsey… 9
    Auba…7…contributed nothing except for the pen
    Laca… 10 deserve a goal today for his work rate… Had a hand in two goals. My MOTM

  25. How cool is AMN?! He makes it look so easy, was very impressed with him today!!
    I have to brag (big time!) to all the Mancs I know ??

    1. Really cool he did everything right… Very composed keeping out shaw and Rash altogether… He really had a mature game today?@Sue one of those days you never wanted to end… #feeling the vibes

        1. He sure does.. For his confidence… No use playing mustaphi there when there is Niles… Emery is A master at rotating players… He has done really well trying to keep the boys fresh… Speedy recovery to Micki… Mustaphi getting a well deserve rest for Thursday… Can’t wait to see Niles dominating play again on Thursday

  26. The best performers today were:
    – Leno
    – Lacazette
    – Kolasinac
    – Ramsey

    Followed closely by
    – Xhaka
    – Maitland
    – Koscielny
    – Sokratis

    Monreal did his part

    Ozil was good in the first half when he had more of the ball – the second half was more of defending and hitting them on a counter and defending is not his thing

    Auba, still annoying, sometimes looks too weak/lazy to me but he’s good at chasing down opposition attackers on the flanks (did I just describe Walcott?)

    Lacazette to me is the most talented player in that team, he’s a fighter (like Ramsey and Torreira).At a point he seemed the only player hungry and pushing for a second goal AND YEAH he got it

    Seems we still need a goal puncher though

    Ramsey did the Torreira job finely thus allowing Xhaka to thrive in his preferred Deep-Lying PlayMaker role

    Leno was superb, especially when Lukaku tried dribbling him

    Maitland had a shaky first half but was thumping with supreme confidence in the second half

    Then Kolasinac – UHH! he knows how to do what he does, he has that King-Aura when attacking down the left, when last have we had someone who can put in precise crosses and square-plays steadily

  27. From Tottenham down to Chelsea there is nothing that can separate them other then a small margin of points.

    Last season we conceded 1.34 goals per game. At the moment we are conceding 1.3 goals. (Yet long term injuries)
    We could end the season conceding 49.4 goals which wouldn’t be too different to last season…but again I must highlight the fact we have long term injuries and change in formations (playing with a 4 or a 3) to learn.

    Goals scored we could end up with 79 goals…more then the goals scored last season under the free flowing approach.

    Right now there is 75% stats we can use to see where we are likely to finish. Like being third on the from league behind City and United – and on par with United If we take away the only lost in last 5 (being against City).

    Now joint second in the form guide averaging 2.1 goals per game and conceding 1 per game.
    Only city have scored more (3 goals) in the last 6 games then us and only 3 teams have conceded less then us.

    All of this means nothing, a bit of fun in working out where we are as a squad.

    I always remained true to the fact I would rather we finish in top 4 then win the Europa Cup – based on the fact we can see where we are processing…

    But I still Want us to beat Rennes. On to the next game…

  28. Well Ole is off the wheel ? so glad, now we have a mountain to climb on Thursday but mountains are there to be climbed ?

    1. ? very true John! Nice one btw ?
      Boy did I love that earlier… although I couldn’t watch when Auba took the penalty hahaha!

      1. Climbing mountains is my own touch Sue ?? haha I knew he would score, I just jumped up with a big yessssssssss neighbours were probably wondering what’s going on haha. Sue I would love to see Ferdinands face tonight, I read keown said arsenal will replace utd in top 4 next week and Ferdinand more or less laughed, who looks stupid now ?

        1. ? haha brilliant… I shouted that when the penalty was awarded!! I nearly fainted, as Laca never gets a penalty & I honestly didn’t think he’d give us one ? haha you don’t write us off Rio!!
          MOTD2… time to watch it all again John ? and I’m recording it too ?

          1. Your watching motd ?? haha and the ref was giving utd every decision Sue, booked Sokratis and Pogba grabbed Ramsey round the neck and he doesn’t even blink ? Bernd Leno Sue what a keeper as good as any ? scream it out loud did you Sue ?

            1. I know it’s unheard of ? Phil Neville – be interesting to hear what rubbish he comes out with!! Plus Chappers is a Manc ?
              I know he was frustrating me at times (& that was just watching him running up & down the pitch, trying to keep up!) I think he was relieved when Xhaka scored & they celebrated so he could stand still & catch his breath!! ? Pogba should have had 2 yellows, was so annoyed he bottled that ?
              Omg John, Leno was superb today… he’s just getting better & better.. what a great buy!! ?
              Oh yes! It was great ??

              1. Sue , I told you the other day Unai will have something up his sleeve ? was Phil Neville knows wouldn’t fill a matchbox ? ah terribly fat ref Sue he’s actually got fatter since I last saw him ? I know Sue but he was never sending a utd player off they don’t want to upset Ole or Fergie ? isn’t he Sue, I don’t think he gets the credit he should because we didn’t spend 70 mil on him tbh I think Alisson looks clumbsy looks awkward with the ball at his feet but he’s called the best keeper in the world ? van dijk makes Alisson look good, fact!

                1. You sure did & I said I should listen to you ? Phil Neville really does annoy me & you’re right ? plus he can’t even count ?
                  I found myself watching him a few times, running, he looked like a little chubby elf ?
                  He just quietly gets on with his job (& does it well!) He doesn’t need a VVD to make himself look good ( he has Sokratis for that ?)

                  1. Haha sarri can’t take it ? he’s just a bitter old man ? he’s a Manc Sue he’s clueless and a boring pundit, Morse code is more exciting ? haha Elf 2 starring Jonathan Moss ? hasn’t got him on Thursday but we probably don’t have Leno either ? now after we beat Rennes on Thursday there’s no football for nearly 3 weeks ?

                    1. I’d rather Leno plays Thursday. But can’t see it happening. Yes I’m gutted – no AFC next weekend ? our next game is Newcastle on April Fool’s day ? how will we cope until then??

                    2. So would I Sue but it is what it is, all that matters is that were going into the quarter finals ? too long and bloody internationals ? go on a movie binge ? ??

                    3. Oh that’s a pisser… the international break bores me to tears…. yes a movie binge it is & maybe even a Stranger Things binge (to get ready for season 3 ?)
                      Well you’re very confident of that (but I am listening ??)

                    4. Oh if your doing a stranger things, I’ll do a supernatural binge from season 1 ? haven’t enjoyed international football since the 98 world cup ? your half listening Sue (you still have doubts) you’ll be fully listening on Thursday night ?

                    5. Haha well why not John ? just for a change ? my fav world cup was 1990…
                      Can’t stand watching England anymore
                      Although I can’t wait to watch Harry’s hero’s next week… Harry Redknapp with a load of ex players Parlour, Barnes, Ruddock & others.. looks hilarious.. although Ruddock was half naked & had tucked his willy/balls between his legs- it wasn’t pretty ?
                      Haha well hopefully I will be ?

                    6. Well my old man was Irish so I was kinda split between the Republic of Ireland and England but was never a great fan of either tbh international football didn’t excite me like club football ? bet you remember that one well Sue ? hahaha you’ll have nightmares now ? trust the process Sue ?

                    7. Ooh you have the luck of the Irish in you then ? that’s why I should listen then, just not when you offer me lottery numbers ?
                      Jeez John time flies when you’re talking about the greatest team in the world (as well as other things ?) work tomorrow, next day off is Friday (roll on!) I may be celebrating then (a QF place!) Goodnight John (don’t you have nightmares about Ruddock’s balls ?) ?

                    8. It’s in my DNA somewhere I think ? haha well I’m not mystic meg ? lol oh it certainly does Sue you aren’t wrong there ? not a bad day to have off when your celebrating a quarter final ? ain’t that an appetite killer ? haha alrighty Sue Goodnight ? ?

                  1. Evening Paul, we certainly did ? love how Emery was first to do it, absolutely buzzing ? can’t wait for Thursday, Ben Arfa was doing some bragging, now hopefully we settle that score as well which I’m very confident we will ?

                  2. It’ll be a fantastic week Paul, all doom and gloom will turn to joy. That’s the key, early goal and that will make them nervous.. Sokratis missing is a blow but we should still have enough.. lets make it happen ?

  29. Great result that took advantage of the point dropping around us.

    On another day it could have gone another way but we rode our luck and got some back after mares with Tottenham and Renes.

    Defence was strong on the whole buy that is still our weakest point that needs addressing but Leno is really blossoming.

    Good day all round. Now let’s not slip up against the ‘lesser’ teams and champs league is ours!

  30. In 90 minutes; Just witnessed an incredible ageing process phenomena.

    This was Ole’s ageing process which was from a beaming, grinning, smiley, happy BABY face at the start of the game to being a grumpy, sad, depressed, dried and wrinkled up OLD face at the end of the game.

    What a startling phenomena !!

  31. The post match pundits across the board were a disgrace after this match. Full of excuses, not giving any credit to Emery and the Arsenal players and forgetting any number of games where Arsenal has peppered the Manchester United goal and David De Gea has played out of his skin.

  32. It’s in our hands. We have a reasonable run in and if we don’t get 4th we can blame no one but ourselves. To me the good news is that Koscielny and Socratis are willing to die for the cause. Much depends on those two staying fit. The big danger is Mustafi. He can single-handedly lose us games. Also well-done AMN. I was worried you would be a bit casual but you played well. It’s there for the taking lads.

    1. Don’t forget Leicester and Everton, both also away..

      We only have 3 home matches left, against Newcastle, Palace and Brighton. They shouldn’t be a problem.

  33. Excited to start making invitations for the return of ST Totteringhams day. THE EMIRATES IS NOT A DANCE FLOOR ya united scum


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