Arsenal copying Leicester and Spurs to keep title race going?

It may just be that the Arsenal injury list and the form of some of the Gunners who are fit have all but given Arsene Wenger no choice in his team selection recently. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens if and when Aaron Ramsey is fit again, which could be as soon as the trip to West Ham on Saturday.

I would assume that Petr Cech will come straight back into the side but that does not really affect things as much as a change in the outfield and I have a feeling that the boss has taken a leaf out of the books of our title rivals Leicester and Tottenham as he tries to chase down this elusive EPL trophy.

Both of the clubs above us have been playing with the same core of players all season and it has certainly worked for them. Wenger would not have been able to do that even if he had wanted to with all our injuries but I do not think he would anyway. The Frenchman has always tried to rotate his squad and when you are in the Champions League as well as two domestic cups you can understand why.

But there is also a theory that this does not help a team find it’s fluency and play at a consistent level. Has Wenger learned from the Foxes and the Spuds and should we now see the same 11 Arsenal players starting every game?

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  1. Wenger has only oncelearnt from his economics text books, he ain’t learnt a goddam thing in the last 12 years!

    1. Not true re not learning a thing in the last 12 years! A few months ago he figured out how to use a washing machine!

    1. Arsene Wenger claims to have built Arsenal without any outside assistance and to have built it into what it is today. The arrogance of the man!

      During the ten years prior to Wenger joining Arsenal we were the top club in London and had won the League title twice.

      We are no longer the top club in London and during the last 10 years of Wenger’s stewardship we have not won the Premiership at all.

      The only topic of vital interest to Arsenal is when we are going to appoint a top manager who will win us the Premiership (and in the process make us the top club in London again).

      1. Textbook fan?

        Do you remember what we was like under GG?
        Didn’t have much consistency apart from winning 1-0, less than 50% win ratio… Real great top team there guys.

        Put this into comparison to SAF and Wenger;
        SAF: 59.7% Win ratio.
        Wenger: 57.3% Win ratio.

        GG has finished outside the top 10 with Arsenal, real TOP manager here guys…

        GG was good, he knew how to build a def and that bought us victories and glory but it wasn’t good enough, he didn’t even obtain a 50% win ratio FFS!

        The only topic of vital interest to Arsenal is when are the fans going to stick together and get Silent Stan out so we can have a board that wants to win titles and as such gives Wenger the goal to win the EPL rather than secure CL football and make profit.

        I mean, when talking about top managers, doesn’t the manager who went unbeaten with support count as one of those?

  2. leicester and tottenham dont have an easy ride now.
    Tottenham might draw with manu stoke and chelsea as the season ends.
    For us to catch leicester they need two losses and a draw.
    I believe our squad is better than those two but they have the commitment and hunger that we lack.
    They have to always keep pushing

  3. to be fare AW has filed a position in midfield this January that was badly needed for the past three seasons and Elneny looks to be the right man next to coq, now lets hope he learns to get a top striker to partner Danny Welbeck and super sub OG

    1. And for the first time in ages i feel confident that we will do well, we are back to playing some sexy football again lets hope it will last,

      we don’t need any more midfielders we have enough what with Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere coming back and what with Alex Iwobi playing the way he is and its time Theo Walcott started playing on the right wing like he use to, so it remains us to concentrate on a WC striker and may be an understudy to Laurent Koscielny/ Per Mertesacker

      don’t think we have a chance in hell of winning the title but hoping for second position πŸ™‚

  4. Wenger likes to rotate does he?
    Please tell that to the invincible, see how many of those was rotation players.

    Look at how Wenger persisted with the defense, he didn’t rotate Per or Kos with Gab did he?
    Then how about CM? Coquelin and Cazorla was the prime pair and they wasn’t rotated.
    Bellerin and Monreal are not rotated with Gibbs and Chambers…
    If Alexis is fit then he isn’t rotated.

    There are some core players and they are not rotated unless forced to.

    Other players… well.. Maybe Wenger doesn’t think they are good enough?

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