Arsenal could be on the verge of making a huge mistake just as they did with Serge Gnabry

Arsenal is set to lose yet another top teenage star just a few years after we lost Serge Gnabry, who had struggled to break into our first team.

The Athletic reports that Arsenal is set to lose Folarin Balogun in the summer, as the teenage striker can’t seem to agree on a new deal with the Gunners.

The 18-year-old is one of the most prolific strikers in his age-grade and he has been scoring goals for fun in the Arsenal youth teams.

He, however, knows that his path to the first team is blocked with the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah firmly ahead of him.

He hasn’t been considered for the first-team even in the cup competitions and this is enough reason for him to want out.

Balogun has scored 10 goals in 15 games for our reserve team this season, and it’s easy to see why Brentford wanted to sign him in the last transfer window (Mail).

I know that the club cannot keep every player happy or guarantee that every player would make a breakthrough, however, I am worried that he might become the next Serge Gnabry or Ismael Bennacer.

These are players who struggled to make the grade at the Emirates, but they have gone on to do greater things for Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

Think about that for a minute, good enough for Bayern and Milan but not good enough for Arsenal who currently sits ninth in the Premier League, well, will be tenth after tonight’s game between Crystal Palace and Burnley.

This smells of another huge mistake by the club.

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  1. I hope Arsenal would at least insert a buy back clause or a hefty sell on clause on him… that seems like the only thing that we can do…

  2. Arsenal are at the pinnacle of ineptitude right now. Can’t believe they are selling such a prolific goal scorer. Reminds me of the Andy Cole screw up.

    1. They have no choice, when it comes to contracts and renewal, it’s mostly a delicate one especially for the club, the players mostly have the bargaining power that’s why most times, it’s difficult to get it over the line. We are not the only one loosing out on our young prospects, it happens to all big clubs, KD, Mo Sallah, Pogba, we’re academics graduates and we all know the story

  3. From what I can gather… 69 games… 50 goals…. 12 assists…
    Now it appears Southampton are interested…
    I wonder why they couldn’t come to an agreement, especially with those stats!!

    1. If Saka gets 5k/we, he must be at 2, they offered him what?

      4 or 5k? He is a goal machine, a phenomenal talent!

      Just as Saka, 1 year left in contract,…

      What else to say, so tiring and hope this is just a rumor but obviously, he looks at Saka who didn’t want to sign,, not reassuring. What a management !!!

      Club is so lost, players can’t commit.

      Technically, not being able to put money with top players, we should sell all of the one bankable we have and build a young squad with strong potential.

      Leno, Marcey, Holding, Chambers, Saliba, Partey, Niles, Gendouzi, Willock, benrhama, Martinelli,Saka, Nelson, Pepe, Tierny, Bellerin, Balogun,…

      Out Torreira, Xhaka, Auba, Laca, Ozil, Mustafi, Sokra, Miki, Luiz,…

      Some type of logc and ambition, plan.

      1. 👍 Tying up prospects coming through the Academy is cost effective and should be the number 2 priority, behind retention or purchase of experienced mentors.
        Arsenal must target its available funding and limit waste.

    2. Sue, I can assure you this kind of deal with Balogun couldn’t have fell through because of financial reasons alone, probably he wanted assurance of first team football which the club couldnt guarantee, with his stats he should be aiming at playing at the top. Possibly that’s why a deal couldn’t be reach, at this point we can only hope a buy back clause or equivalent is inserted in his contract when sold

      1. He has the same agent as Nketiah and Saka – we haven’t even tied Saka down yet…maybe it is a case of he has to leave to progress – first team football leading to more opportunities
        leading to more commission for the agent!! 😉
        He’s down the pecking order, but I honestly thought he was to be our future star, especially with those stats!!! Such a shame…..

      2. Sadly it is the best option for the young man and arsenal……he needs first team football and he won’t get that at arsenal….don’t think it I it’s all about money….

  4. It’s hard to keep a player so good in the reserves. Sell one of your strikers if you want to keep him or insert a buy back clause, offer him to go on loan also. Pay him the money

    1. 👍 Lots of options, but competent contract negotiations are outside the skill set of the current Arsenal management.

  5. Really frustrated to hear this, i rate him higher than nketiah, smith rowe, joe willock. He can finish, but more important he can create chances, dribble, something we lack in our first team. Prefer losing joe willock, smith rowe, ozil, pepe than losing him

  6. I agree with Francis . I hope Saka can be tied down too. Insert buy back clauses as well as a
    certain %of sale.
    In the SU game ,our boys were easily bullied ina one on one .We need tough guys who could stand their ground . Much as I admire our SA terrier,he is easily bullied

  7. As long as there’s a decent clause in there, it’s not all doom and gloom. Martinelli is the next big thing, huge potential, and Nketiah is a good back up, plus Auba and Laca are still Arsenal players as well. So tough to see when Balogun would get any game time anyway.

    1. TMJW, on what I have seen in U23 games on YouTube, Balogun is better than Nketiah. He is a better dribbler, more skilful and a more clinical finisher.
      Also Aubameyang and/or Lacazette may be sold and Arsenal have thrown away a home grown future star.

  8. Agree wholeheartedly Ozziegunner..At the very least we should encourage him to go on loan to say a well managed,good footballing team like Brentford or Leeds where he would learn to look after himself in competitive matches.That said both of these sides could be in the EPL next season?

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