Arsenal could be playing this seasons FA Cup in October

It seems that the footballing authorities are determined to finish this season competitions no matter how long it takes, well, that appears to be the position with the Football Association.

As things stand today all English football is suspended and the end of April has been pencilled in as a return date, however, that is looking very unlikely all things considered.

According to Yorkshire Live the FA Cup final could take place as late as October, what that would mean for next seasons competition is anyone’s guess.

The Premier League will demand that its club competition takes precedence and you have to think there will be a serious scheduling conflict down the line.

The FA may not have much choice but to abandon their competition if the Premier League teams withdraw, which is a possibility, though it is more likely that they would field youth teams if push came to crunch.

Arsenal is supposed to be playing Sheffield United in the quarter-finals at Bramall Lane and the winners of the competition would be guaranteed a place in next seasons Europa League, though even that is no longer certain anymore.

But, right now, the FA remains steadfast in its desire to complete this seasons competition.

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