Arsenal could be the biggest winners if this Premier League season is called off

Arsenal could become the biggest winners if this Premier League season is declared null and void.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has forced the Premier League to suspend the English top-flight and they have been looking for solutions.

This season still has 9/10 games to run before it is complete as Liverpool remain on the verge of sealing their first league title in 30 years.

The Reds have been in fine form all season and it would be extremely harsh on them if this season is declared null and void.

West Ham’s Karen Brady has called for this campaign to be annulled among other solutions that have been proposed for the end of this campaign and if the Premier League adopts that approach, Arsenal would be the biggest winners.

The Gunners are currently ninth on the league table and they are struggling to end this season in a European place.

There is no guarantee that Mikel Arteta can lead them back into Europe, however, cancelling this season could see the team play in the Champions League next season.

If this season is declared null and void and Manchester City’s Champions League ban is upheld, Arsenal fifth-place finish last season would guarantee them a place in the Champions League.

Premier League clubs are set to meet again this week to determine the future of the competition.


  1. Not sure what decision the authorities will take, but if the season is annulled it would be extremely harsh on Liverpool, unless they are crowned Champions, because they have worked so hard to reach this stage and have played some great football. They deserve the title.

    1. They have deserved the title but have NOT won it yet. If first place finish is determined so must be the other positions as well. And that is impossible considering how close the difference between teams is. Consider it this way, if the season was still on would you hand over the title to Liverpool now or would you wait for them to reach a position where no one has any chance of catching them? The same logic should apply now as well. And, of course, it would be incredibly harsh on them.

  2. Oh bloody hell, just give them the title, I’m fed up with hearing all this bleedin’ moaning… oh poor Liverpool, it’s been 30 years, ah they’re so hard done by, how dare the chinese start this virus to halt everything…sod every other team, just as long as Liverpool are champions, even though they haven’t won it yet…ffs….

  3. Must admit I had never thought of this, albeit remote, possibility. I do not believe the season will be completed but also not called null and void. I think , on balance, the most likely outcome is to regard the season as now decided with existing positions counting. ALL options are unfair to some and may benefit others.
    But we all are , effectively,as far as society is concerned and that very much includes all football, already in a wartime situation. That is the unpleasant reality we are all forced to face.

  4. Whats the use of playing champions league when Arsenal can’t even beat Sheffield United? Playing with Xhaka and Ozil, it’ll be a big embarrassment against big teams

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