Arsenal could become the next Leeds? AFTV are embarrassing themselves again

Arsenal 100-1 To Be The Next Leeds, Calm Down Everyone by Dan Smith

AFTV have took another battering from the media this week after saying that Arsenal could become the next Leeds. The man who runs the channel, Robbie, has come out fighting, putting on the PR spin that they give fans the chance to have their voices heard, unlike on the mainstream media.

Of course he’s going to say that. Like any business, his priority is to make as much money as possible, not to do what’s best for his fellow gooners. He can’t do anything else but try to portray himself as the man of the people. In reality, he knows no one is arguing that supporters shouldn’t be allowed to share their opinions

Whether it’s Gary Neville, John Cross or most recently Simon Jordan, their argument has never been individuals speaking their mind, it’s how the message is being portrayed. They are trying to explain that you can express feelings without having to swear, verbally abuse people, disrespect legends and just be negative to suit your own agenda.

They recognise that with the club on its knees, the platform is doing nothing to help the situation. It just adds to the toxic atmosphere at the Emirates, doesn’t help players fragile confidence, and worse wrongly educates the next generation that this is how you behave on a match-day.

Robbie knows this but it’s better for him to play the underdog instead of questioning that at times are they going too far. He wants to compare himself to journalists and institutions like Sky, adding the only difference is he pays for his seat. Yet in reality, what would happen on live TV/ radio, if a pundit spoke how the majority of his guests did?

Andy Gray was one of the greatest analysts of all time and he explained the game without having to shout, scream and be abusive.

You can’t have it both ways. Either you want to compete with these media giants as an alternative, or you want to say and do what you want with zero boundaries. You can’t just pick and choose when you want to be treated like professionals, or like it’s an episode of the Football Factory.

Don’t tell me you can’t have a debate without having to use bad language. If that’s the case, then don’t be offended if people then question your IQ, which happened on Talk Sport (the irony!).

There are a lot more important things going on in the world, there are people under a lot more pressure than your team not winning a football match, who manage to get by while showing respect for their fellow human being.

A classic example is this week many of the talking heads, who get the majority of views on AFTV, have led the talk that Arsenal could become the next Leeds and get relegated. Do you actually believe that’s what they think?

How many of them do you think walked into the bookies this week and put a bet down on us finishing in the bottom three? I can find you odds as big as 100/1 by the way. So surely these men, so sure of themselves would at least throw a tenner at that price. Those returns certainly would soften the blow of being in the championship.

I mean if that’s truly your prediction, isn’t it financially irresponsible to your family not to be all over that?

How many of you haven’t even considered parting with a pound even though the reward is 100 pounds plus your pound back?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not boasting because I believe there might at least be three worse teams then us. It’s embarrassing that we have fallen so low that I even have to argue that our status in this league is safe.

I know who I blame. The Kroenke family; who seem to have given up on the promise that at this stage in their tenure we would be competing with the likes of Bayern Munich.

Don’t think I’m defending anyone. I’m as unhappy as anyone that we left Highbury for this mess. Anyone regular to this site will know I can be as critical as anyone else, especially to our American owners. Yet you have to find a balance. You can’t put doom and gloom on everyone else all the time. There is an element of accepting that in sport you can win or lose.

We are in a bad moment, but my job as a supporter is to support. The quicker the majority do that, the more likely our squad will find some self-belief.

The more a manager might actually want to take the job and who knows, one day maybe a Billionaire might see us as a smart investment.

Please remember AFTV make a lot of money by trying to get you riled up. Do you think what they say is truly what’s good for the club or their pockets, even to the point where some have now been able to give up work? This is the same channel who patted themselves on the back for forcing out the greatest manager in our history.

Were they right? Have we gone forward or backwards since Mr Wenger left?

Now they want to rewrite history by teaching their audience, especially those young enough not to remember, that Arsenal could become the next Leeds United and end up in the Championship.

That’s correct, a fan who has earned so many subscribers and has been given his own sponsorship deals, etc for talking about football, was shown up this week for knowing very little. He wanted to scare you by using Leeds as the example that no team is too good to go down. As he listed the names they had and talked about how they had gone from Champions League to relegation I wonder why not one person, the host, other regulars on there didn’t correct him?

Why didn’t they remind him that Bowyer, Fowler, Keane and Dacourt were all sold because they were in financial peril? That Terry Venables then threatened to walk away when he was forced to sell Woodgate?

That this led to a famous press conference where Peter Ridsdale, under no illusions, spelt out to everyone that the club was losing money. Why did no one point out that a squad with Kewell, Viduka and Smith survived relegation with one game to spare before selling Kewell that summer.

Why did no one challenge Robbie on the notion that the world knew about the Yorkshire outfit’s financial issues to such an extent that at the start of the 2003/4 campaign they were one of the favourites to be relegated?

Again, we are 100-1, no side has gone down with those odds. It would be the biggest shock in the history of football if Arsenal could become the next Leeds, even more then Leicester winning the Premier League.

Please tell me why none of the facts I have just given were not brought up? Do they know something we don’t?

Is there about to be a fire sale?

Is Silent Stan about to declare bankruptcy?

Are Adidas now not paying us our most lucrative kit deal in our history?

Do we not make more matchday revenue them most of the other 19 clubs?

So why have they been allowed to compare our situation with Leeds and not be challenged?

Either they don’t know, so hence maybe those on TV and radio are more qualified to give an opinion after all?

Or they benefit from scaring you, being negative, putting the fear into you. They want you to swear at Xhaka and verbally abuse Ozil. They want to bring banners to matches and see empty seats. So will tell you false information…

Arsenal could become the next Leeds?

Either you’re being lied too, or they don’t know their history. It can’t be both.

Dan Smith


  1. Well if you don’t win games then your bang in trouble and for the last 2 months we haven’t beaten anyone! Team is a mess, they have no leadership qualities and quite easily collapse when the pressure is on and to top it off apparently they get scared they were scared of Watford and were scared of Brighton! I have no idea right now where this team will finish but if they continue as they are indeed they will be hovering around the relegation zone.

      1. There not right about the Leeds comparison which I think some are missing as the point of the article
        They are making out Leeds went from top 4 to wow they were relegated , implying that can happen to us
        In reality Leeds announced to the world they were in financial peril , nearly going bust so were relegated due to how they were run off the pitch
        As bad as things are for us it would be offensive to Leeds fans to compare out financial situation to what they went through ?
        Even if you like AFTV if they point blank give wrong information, there is nothing wrong in pointing that out

        1. Great stuff Dan. I am sick of these so called fans and their lack of support. Yes we are not doing well. But continual negativity does not help. If fans care about this club they will shout out their support so that the team and the management staff go into the nextmatcb feeling a measure of support and self belief.

  2. From the moment Stan Kroenke showed his fraudulent narcissistic face and spent all his energy acquiring Arsenal we were doomed. All the love of the supporters was betrayed in that moment. Whether Danny Fiszman or Lady Donuts, all of them sold out. For money and fake news they sold Arsenal out. Surely an Uzbek called Usmanov was a baddie and our American Trump clone, Stan Kroenke was a goody. History and the heart now tells us Kroenke is a man who has money for breakfast, money for lunch and shit for dinner. Who looked like a good’un was in fact toxic poison. Until the heart returns to Arsenal the club and supporters will suffer. We are suffering the karma of a lowlife called Kroenke. Read his American adventures to see what a narcissistic, self serving fraud he is. Until that lowlife is gone from Arsenal we will be cursed with his bad shite.

    1. True that…. Some of these same complaining Arsenal fan are just racist. They posted bad comments about Usmanov just because he is Urzeb and favoured Kroenke. Even the useless board refused A U to join the board

  3. SEAN WILLIAMS, is it safe to assume that you would not be a fan of stan ?, those are the vibes i am getting here !.

    1. Gerry, Wow! How perceptive of you to know that! Not being sarcastic old chum, honestly! Merely a rather poor attempt to be humourous, in a vain effort to forget that awful man who owns us. Your post is precisely the sort of comment I am often prone to make when in depressing situations!

  4. Bet me guys… Even Championship football would be hectic for AFC to play ..
    The likes of Wigan, QPR, Stoke, Fulham etc will surely welcome us AFC with open arms.
    Imagine playing Championship match in our Big Emirates stadium.. Oh Lord!
    What a disgrace.

  5. How does Robbie make money from Arsenal? As far as I know, YouTube have a strict policy on the type of content that can be monetized and videos with strong language are never monetized. Robbie has never asked anyone to support him on patreon and neither has he ever given out his Paypal, Bitcoin, or whatever account. I’ve only ever seen him sponsored once, for a season, by Ladbrokes. Robbie has never been in it for the money. The man attends nearly every single game of the season. Maybe he could ask people to stop swearing on the videos, but then again people are pretty emotional after watching your love getting pounded.

    After what I saw from the City fans yesterday night, I think the lot on AFTV behave pretty well..minus Troopz and DT ofcos.

    1. Thank you for this comment QD. Again with the AFTV, this coming from our own fans.

      So instead of asking yourself why the comparison to leeds was made in the first place….

      FYI we have not won in almost 2months if not more, we concede the most amount of chances in the league, we have failed to beat the so called lesser teams and are soon to face the top dogs, but hey lets concentrate on AFTV, who in my opinion would be influential, one way or the other, in spreading the message that our club is in crisis to the so called board of ours.

      You say that AFTV affects our players mentality. Well if their criticisms do not make our buckle up then what does that say of our players mentality.

      For christ Sakes even Freddie came out to say the players were scared, again!!!

      Insults, not every one there uses foul language, if Dan Smith watches the other shows there he would know of this.

      Dont attack the help Dan!

      1. You can ‘t give miss information
        As i n our situation different to Leeds
        You point out our own fans ‘again’ attacking AFTV?
        The irony being that it:s okay for them to point how how bad Arsenal are doing but don’t like when i t is done to them ?

    2. QD, I suspect the truth is that Robbie is playing thelonger game with AFTV.He has already become a well recognised and sometimes sought after guest on mainstream football media sites and his own profile has shot up. I think he was and is a dyed in the wool Gooner who, partly(only partly though) through circumstance, stumbled upon this publicity vehicle and my take is that he is an honourable man and tries his best to let other fans, some far less considered than he, (mentioning no names,eh Troopz and DT!)and who have become real mates to him, to have their say. He puts a load of time and effort into this site and has given up his previous work to run it. If he makes good money from it, then I say good luck to him as he has given, rightly or wrongly, real fans, whether bright or dull thinkers, a public platform and created something of interest. Of course AFTV has pros and cons, and though it can be horrid at times , it has moved the experience of being a Gooner forward, more than taken it backward. Much now depends on where he takes it from here. If definitely needs far less filthy language,IF it is to become FAR more popular than it is right now.Troops and DT need to be told, in an “or else” fashion , to moderate their filth, though NOT their passion. Just my take though!

          1. Am sure AFTV is not arsenal biggest problem the the time you take to write this article of none sense i think it would have help more sharing your views of what you think is the way forward to get us out of this mess that the club is in,don’t you think booing the players at half time and full is worse i bet you didn’t think about that,you’re just trying to make the channel look bad but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the everyone that supports the club is happy when the club win and sad when it lose some of the pundits and journalist are worse than some of the fans on AFTV in term of there criticism about arsenal and that a fact.

          2. Does well for this site too at times.
            The basic premise put forward by AFTV was that no club is too big to be relegated. One could have argues Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest as well as Leeds United. Football games aren’t won by the “names” on the team sheet, they are won by performances on the pitch. Simple truth is that too many Arsenal players have poor character, mentality and professional pride; they are not playing for the shirt or the Club.

  6. There are very interesting players in Championship.

    Kalvin Phillips,Jarrod Bowen, Bogle of Derby..

    I don’t understand why we won’t trust them more. Bowen is a winger, top scorer and frer agent next summer.

    I mean, Holding is arguably our best CB and he cost just £2m. I think he’s a decent squad player. I don’t think anyone here would pick Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi ahead of him.

  7. Wrong. AFTV are guilty of being too damn popular so there’s a typically British jealousy reaction which is very sad. They love our club, they were going home and away long before the channel became famous, how can you doubt their sincerity? They’re so popular because they represent the heart beat of a club being run into the ground by greedy uncaring businessmen. When we win, when we’re playing well and it looks like the players care do they shout and swear? No, they don’t. Stop hiding from the truth, stop making excuses, stop blaming others and face the reality that we’re deep in trouble and if the decline is not arrested very soon we’re finished.

  8. Admin instead of wasting time writing about aftv and how they have lied and shouting their mouths off about this that and the other.

    I deleted the rest because Admin did not write this. Maybe instead of wasting your time attacking the author you would first work out who the author is.

    1. All I was trying to get across was instead of slating aftv I believe it’s the very platform we need to get fans uniting as one and having a voice that this joke of a board with a prehistoric “business model” they currently employ has run its course.. kronekes roots are getting deeper ever year into our beloved club!! Its not gonna happen quickly.. if we are gonna have a chance of getting kroneke out I believe aftv is a good start to voice our concerns.. cause let’s face it we are still to hire a new head coach.. spurs sacked one of their best managers and hired an elite replacement within 48hours.. and why did they get him in because they paid the MONEY!! There was no interview 14 odd candidates and dither around trying to get a cheap deal somewhere.. put it this way emery was on 6m a year.. Mourinho 16.5m a year.. if u want the best u pay the money it’s as simple as that!!

  9. Problem being news is only news if it’s new. AFTV help maintain the issues at arsenal without realising it.
    The news is AFTV is more popular then Arsenal! Indication of what leeches can do!

    Arsenal will take another decade to get to somewhere were we want them to be because we will need to loss a generation of spoilt brats who call themselves fans and are holding us back.

    Robbie and co are everything you need to see if you want to know what a so called fan is.

    But if you want to see a true fan, go see Vera Cohen and her sister Olga Halon. Both loyal Man City fans who can teach you and me a thing or too…and Robbie too

  10. We do basically the exact same thing Aftv does on just arsenal. so what’s the fuss about. Again I see nothing but jealousy and pettiness from you Dan Smith because Aftv is in the limelight and you’re not. what Aftv does is echo what the majority of fans are thinking so you can’t blame them for anything. in fact many times, the Robbie you’re right now attacking tries to see things in a more positive light but unfortunately there are more negatives happening at arsenal right now than any positive. So Yes, of a truth. we’re at the moment doing a Leeds United. Everyone has left Arsenal behind. Sheffield came from championship and are topping us right now. what a shame. rather than channel your anger towards the appropriate quarters [the board and players] you’re busy wasting your time over pettiness writing such a long article about aggrieved fans complaining about the situation at their club.

    1. Focus on that then how are we doing a Leeds United ?
      So in one swoop they sold Ferdinand Fowler , Keane , dacourt, bowyer and Woodgate
      Can you give me an example of where that happened in the summer?

      1. Leeds United sold these players, Dan; Arsenal players just “down tools” and undermine the head coach.

    2. Really? please find me one single article that uses swear words and then I will read the rest of your comment.

      1. Admin Martin I’m implying the fans here. we vent our frustrations in words. most of us wouldn’t act differently than what Aftv is doing after watching your team being thrashed by lesser teams and not having won a match in 2 months. so why come for them when we would do the exact same thing.

        1. But it is not done on here, I deleted posts with bad language, which is not too much and almost no vile abuse.

  11. AFTV is not my personal choice but they are fairly representative of how life on the web operates. Are they extreme and over the top, of course, but read the comments section of any large paper now and that is how it goes, reasonableness and discourse does not lead the way on line.

    I would say thought that I have been thinking of the comparison between AFC and Leeds for some time. We are in a lot of trouble and it doesn’t take a huge leap to see us continuing the slide. We are four points above the drop zone and playing like crap.

    The club was complacent for a long time under Wenger – top four and the money kept coming, but the writing was on the wall and changes should have been made. Add the ownership battles and questionable (in hindsight if not at the time) appointments to the executive level and here we are: with a team in shambles, no identity and very few decent players.

    Some complain about Leno but he has been the busiest goalie on earth and I am surprised that he hasn’t had some type of breakdown. For me, he is our player of the year so far (perhaps damning with faint praise). Sure Auba scores, but his attitude and workrate has gone off the cliff, he doesn’t want to be there, and he is getting on in age. If someone wants to give us a pile of cash, take it. I like Lacazette, he seems to care and he can score. The young guys are worth keeping around based on potential and we need bodies.

    After that all can be replaced as far as I am concerned – they either aren’t that good or don’t want to be there. It will be a question of triaging and filling the worst holes first, starting at the back (if I see one more post about an exciting winger I will scream).

    Leeds ran into some trouble, did not rationalize their budget assuming automatic promotion and wandered off into the hinterland to languish. Mgmt is now putting out financials showing loses (cry me crocodile tears), relegation is not a ridiculous prospect considering our play and the unlikelihood of help in January, or at least help on the scale needed. Owners will be reluctant to spend too much as we won’t be playing in Europe next year baring a Europa League miracle.

    So yes, AFTV is way over the top, but they may not be wrong on this one…

  12. The fans who appear on AFTV do, at least, go to The Emirates, attend matches, spend their own money in/at the club and ar not just keyboard gangsters (thanks Wee-Fella!!).

    They do actually SUPPORT the club, rather than pontificate on how things should be done, whilst doing absolutely nothing themselves except complain and declaring how everyone else has got it wrong.

    I simply refuse to watch and listen to the site, as I can’t stand the language and attitude, but defend their rights to show others who and what they are and represent in life.

    I’d rather give my views on here, be challenged by like minded sensible gooners, proved wrong sometimes and right other times… and try to shame these, seemingly all knowing “fans” into actually following the club with their feet, rather than via their keyboards…after all, Sue (a real supporter) has told us how many tickets are available to buy, so why not go and buy one and, then, your comments might hold a little more water!!!

    1. Their comments hold an ocean of water. Just because you do not like them and just because they do not attend matches does not make their comments any less valuable. AFTV is a vile channel and I have far more respect for those that have the courage to condemn that channel rather than those sitting behind a keyboard pontificating about others sitting behind a keyboard.

      1. AdminMartin, what is it with you???

        First of all, AFTV is a vile channel, so I don’t watch it – just like I don’t watch porn channels, religious channels or shopping channels BECAUSE THAT is my choice…just as it is an individuals choice to watch/appear/buy on said channnels.
        You KNOW my views on AFTV, so why are you trying make it seem otherwise?

        If you had read what I said, when I remarked their attitude and reactions show the world their values…vile to you AND me… I thought that was PERFECTLY clear, but let’s be perfectly clear, you and I are not their keepers or judges.

        Now on to the keyboard part of your post…vile as you see these AFTV fans, they have actually attended the games, or travelled to The Emirates and know exactly what has occuring, they have spent their money and can, therefore, speak with a knowledge of what happened. Unless, of course, you think that is not their right in a democratic society?

        YOU have decided that, for whatever reason, I “don’t like them” but that’s not what I said is it? “Like minded, sensible gooners”, who sometimes proved me wrong is actually what I typed…not vile fans, but justarsenal fans…I thought you would have spotted the difference.

        You obviously missed that part of the post, when sitting behind YOUR keyboard, pontificating about AFTV, then pontificating about what I didn’t say behind my keyboard, about others who pontificated behind their keyboards, commenting on games they didn’t attend or demandinng actions that they don’t intend to do themselves.
        I have said that they should get off their backsides, buy tickets and show their support by attending the same games as the AFTV fans actually do – then they can challenge them on an equal footing.
        I haven’t said, as you imply, that their comments aren’t of any value, or that I “don’t like them”…what a misleading comment to make.

        If I had to debate a game with a AFTV fan, it would be with the knowledge he had watched the same game as I have…when I read SOME of the comments on here, it is obvious they have not attended the game, for whatever reason, yet proceed to pontificate as if they had.
        In your opinion, what view would be more informative and hold more water?

      1. That would be a no Ken, I have delayed absolutely nothing of yours, I will have aa look and see what has happened. Pleaase note I am not the only one that manages the comments.

      2. Post now back up, neither I or Pat deleted it and we have no idea why it was. We suspect a glitch in the anti spam software.

        1. Thanks Martin, got that off our chests then!!

          Just to confirm AFTV we both agree 100% on regarding content, comment and disrespecting the club.

          1. ninety per cent of it yes, they do have the odd good show I do watch, Kevin Campbell, the analysis etc but no time for the after-match interviews or those shows with the abusers.

  13. AFTV are parasitic pieces of 💩, but we could easily be the next Leeds.
    Big club, relegated and took years to get back up, as they certainly will this season.
    I’m really worried about our current position as we could take longer to recover.

  14. I absolutely agree with the writer’s dismay at the freedom of speech. It’s something I hate the most, coming from an ex-Yugoslavian region. How dare they use their right of free speech?!? I’m telling you, this PC culture that allows fans that are being ripped off to watch games voice their discontent with the poorly-managed club, will be the end of Arsenal, football in general, and probably world piece. #robbieout #banfreespeech

    1. Assuming the clear sarcasm you used is true, I am totally with you. Ken seems to think that only fans who attend have the right to an opinion, and yet he sticks up for free speech, which is correct, even though he wishes to deny that chance to others. UNLESS THEY ATTEND!. I cannot be the only one who notes the irony and hypocrisy in that!

      1. Jon, I am REALLY disappointed that you are trying to skew what I said, when I know you actually are aware of what I am saying.

        If I was to discuss ANYTHING with either – someone who had witnessed something first hand OR someone who was forming their discussion on their personal opinions, who would you think would be better informed?
        There are ample seats at the Emirates to go and watch our team play and these people who appear on AFTV have spent their time, money and energy to go and watch a game.
        Surely they are entitled to express their opinions and it follows that, no matter how much those opinions are obnoxious in there delivery, they carry more weight and meaning than someone who hasn’t witnessed said event?

        As a perfect example for you Jon: The IRONY that you fail to see, is the example that when those people who attend matches, try and correct your views that the “vast majority” see Ozil as not being popular.
        When those informed fans explain to you that his name is chanted, sung and applauded at every game, you fail to recognise this and carry on telling all and sundry that your views are correct.

        When you used my s/t, Phil asked you if you had heard the chanting…guess what, you simply didn’t acknowledge his post!!!

        The added IRONY is that you never answer or acknowledge this or other FACTS that can only be said if one attends the games – nothing to do with free speech, opinions or any other mud slinging anecdotes you are trying to introduce.

        At no time have I said “UNLESS THEY ATTEND” their opinions are not valid and you give yourself no credit whatsoever in saying such an untruthfull and ridiculous thing.

        Funnily enough Jon, you seem to be the only one who wants to dissect my post this way, while inviting others to see it as you do, is that because you see some reflection of yourself in what I am saying?
        Let me ask you this, when you advocate empty seats, mass protests, withholding purchases etc apart from the games you used my s/ticket, how many times have you been to The Emirates to join in these protest you so fervently urge others to participate in since you gave up your s/t, what was it twelve years ago?

        Did you even go to watch the early days of UE, the man you told us all to back to the hilt? I did and told you he was not the man, but you told me I was wrong once again without first hand knowledge.
        That is why I give these AFTV lot some creedance, they at least back up their words with actions.

        I’m sure you can tell how p***ed off I am with your comment Jon, it was uncalled for and below the belt – so the least I expect is a reply and answers.

    2. Yeah because you have to swear to have free speech
      You can’t make a point without verbally abusing people
      I mean everywhere else you are taught to express yourself while respecting people but no not in a football stadium
      If you feel ripped off it’s not like you can’t go, you have to pay those prices
      But your right, imagine a world where you could discuss Arsenal without swearing , abusing players or making lies up
      Without the power of swearing like yous aid end of world peace ?

  15. I’m sure they just mean that if things continue as they are, then there is a good chance we could end up in a relegation scrap. I don’t see anything wrong in that, they may be wrong but it’s a valid opinion/belief. Sure we had the VPN wobs saying it when Wenger was here before he even reached 20 CL seasonal appearances in a row. Then over his last two seasons it was said again in each season. Our form of late looks like bottom of table form.

    That said, I expect the players to start playing harder and faster and for our forwards to hit form, I think we will pull ourselves up, but a few more weeks of this like we are now, it would make me worry as we aren’t even at the halfway point. You’re helping A Fan TV with all these article stuff about the site.

    We need our fullbacks to stop messing about, players need to go in hard on Bellerin in training so that he knows it has healed stronger than before. He needs to throw himself into tackles, like how Ramsey came back. Ramsey was a good soldier, pitty some VPN fans turned on him because of disagreements they had with fans who liked him and Wenger, if you can’t argue on the strength of your argument then just get out of the way and don’t be childish about it. Tierney, what the heck is holding you up, pull your socks up lad and get stuck in, what are you waiting for. Then the management needs to stop playing a repeat offender, come on, we can’t keep seeing a player or two not holding onto our leads, then giving away leads, get organized, drill them Freddie.

  16. What are you on about are greatest ever manager it’s his fault we’re in this mess .he’s the one who wasted millions on buying shitting like Mustafi Xhaka kolasanac and giving ozil 350000 a week and by the way George Graham was a better manager

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