Arsenal could easily replace Partey with signing Rabiot on a free transfer

Did Arsenal decision-makers catch France’s 1-0 Euro win over Austria? If so, they might have considered French midfielder Adrien Rabiot as a potential transfer option.

Arsenal is reportedly on the hunt for a new LCM to strengthen its midfield lineup. Rabiot, who recently put in a shift against Austria, seems to be sending a clear message to Arsenal that he could be the missing piece they’re looking for.

For those who watched that game, Ngolo Kante definitely stole the show, but Rabiot also had a fantastic performance. He did it all: he harassed, pressed (recovered five balls), showed technical accuracy, and played a crucial role in blocking the left side. His 55th-minute face-to-face pass to Mbappé in a small space was one highlight of his performance.

Given that his contract expires at the end of this month, Arsenal has a fantastic opportunity to sign him this summer. The Italian giants Juventus are making an effort to keep him on board with a new deal on the table. However, there is no guarantee that he will agree to it as I’m sure he will not be short of offers.

Arsenal’s been having a bit of a tricky time finding a midfielder, but Rabiot could be a transfer option worth thinking about. He is 29 years old but will still have a few years at the top level in front of him and will bring a wealth of experience to help our young squad….

What do you think?

Daniel O


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  1. If his wages is reasonable, then yes. We don’t want another greedy bench warmer to add to the wage bill.

    1. he has deliberately run down his contract so he can cash in on his ‘free transfer’ with massive wages and sign-on etc

      at 29 his last big pay day (in Europe at least)

      so no his wages won’t reasonable

    2. Name one player who is not greedy.

      Name one person who doesn’t want a fat paycheck.

      Would you have done otherwise in his place?

      1. hi HH – not sure if reply is to me or Daveg?

        if me, then I not blaming the player for running down his contract for a big pay day, especially at this stage in his career, his last chance

        simply stating that in that case his wage demands are unlikely be in the ‘reasonable’ range Daveg refers to

        1. It was for Daveg. I don’t think it’s right to say players are greedy when they seek out big payday as you rightly put.

  2. Rabiot has been linked with Arsenal for what feels like the last 10 years!

    it will Morata as our striker next

    one Rabiot and Morata have in common is they have never quite lived up to hype

    after all this time i don’t see this one happening now, free transfer or not

  3. Interesting that you see the “signing on fee” in the same way that I do Aesenal1886.

    As there is no signing on fee, the club would give him a one off amount, not linked to any other part of his contract (has to pay tax of course).

    If I had to choose between Partey and Rabiot, the former would get my vote every time.
    Furthermore, I would rather sign a player who wants to play for us and hadn’t turned the club down

  4. This never ending Rabiot transfer rumour is turning into the Benzema, Draxler, M’Villa, Melo etc rumours. These names always came up every transfer window as potential signing for us back in the day.

  5. Rabiot is an excellent player. He will definitely make a difference in Arsenal midfield. Let’s get him.

    1. let’s get everyone!

      the primary difference Rabiot would make is slow Arsenal’s midfield down

      Arsenal needs to inject some younger legs, speed of thinking and energetic determination in to the midfield (so did England today), Rabiot does not fit the bill

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