Arsenal could face Ospina transfer but MUST start Cech

There seems to be a growing feeling in the football media that Arsenal are struggling to convince the Colombian international keeper David Ospina at the club, despite the fact that Arsene Wenger did manage to keep him in the summer by sending Wojciech Szczesny out to the Serie A club Roma on loan.

There have been suggestions that the boss made some sort of promise to Ospina about his playing opportunities and from the first two games in the Champions League, especially the second game against Olympiacos when we were under great pressure to win, it seems like the Colombian is the first choice for all of the Arsenal cup games.

And with reports like the one in the Metro today, Wenger must feel under pressure to stick with the Colombian for the next European game at home to Bayern Munich tomorrow. The report reveals that Marseille are ready to take Ospina back to the French Ligue 1 where he starred for Nice before joining Arsenal.

All they need, apparently, is some encouragement from the shot stopper that he is ready to leave in order to be first choice again. Wenger, though, must ignore this and not bow to the pressure. After all, the credit or blame for the results falls to him and no player should be immune to being dropped after a poor performance. Imagine if Wenger stuck with Ospina and he cost us another game. How much grief would Wenger get then?

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  1. If it’s true I can’t believe Ospina is trying to give Arsene an ultimatum over this. ie he leaves if he doesn’t play tomorrow.

    Easy, if he wants to play in big games then don’t make hurrendous mistakes which cost us so much, if we doesn’t like that then bye bye Ospina!!

    1. Ospina is a top class player and that’s y he wudnt settle for bench. So If he doesn’t get his chances in ucl he may want to leave and dats okay wid me. We have cech for a gud 3 years at least and than there’s our own szcesny. Cech must start tomorrow!

      1. He’s a top class keeper, who made a massive mistake in a crucial game. If Wenger wants to pick him tomorrow regardless then that’s the bosses choice, but trying to put pressure on by throwing his toys out of his pram doesn’t cover him in glory.

        I’d choose Chesney over Ospina any day of week, and not just cos of the Olypiacos calamity!

        If Cech is fit he plays, all season (Micky Mouse cups aside)

    2. How easy we speak now. Same as you lot did with Szceszny last season : sell him! Loan him, option for buy. Ospina in the goal is the way to go.
      First of all I don’t believe a thing that Ospina made an ultimatum to Wenger, he knows he blundered. It’s all past now. It is really unfair to blame Ospina for the loss when the whole team did not turned up. Say he did not let that goal in (no replay proved it was behind the line so we must trust the ref) the result would probably be a draw. We needed to win that game, that simple. And we did not. What is wrong with you so called “supporters” ? Our players need support and not the stick after such a bad time. Seriously, learn to support your team when is tough not when you have won two games in a row.

      1. Wow, so we’re got only discussing opinions based on news stories etc, but also the validity of the new story itself now.

        This is going to get complicated haha

          1. Uuuum no it’s not that, it’s more that I don’t know if I can be bothered to argue or think about such an irrelevant premise.

            You could just say “Yeah but it might not be true” to anything. Seems like a complete waste of yours and everybody else’s time to me.

            1. So now you’re everybody. Not talking too small about yourself, isn’t it?. But that’s good, self confidence is good. Except you are wrong. You blame Ospina for the defeat when the truth is that the whole defense was a joke. This is the truth you conveniently avoid in order to justify some form of punishment.

              1. @budd just because few players played bad it doesnt give the rest of the team the license to play bad too.

                1. Nope. You’re right although anyone can argue the fact that if half the team plays bad it does not matter how the other half plays. The point here is that holding Ospina culpable for this defeat is wrong. He’s letting a goal in but we went on to score and we could have been winning it if we weren’t to switch off in the next minute. Let that sink in.

    3. where is the Ospina quote to suggest he wants to Leave the arsenal?……… If none, quit speculating based on guesses!

  2. Ospina or Cech can start but You want your best goalie to start in such a big game…..I know Cech made mistakes in our first epl game against westham but he has been solid since then….He saved us points against Liverpool and that crucial save against manu (Martial) when it was 3:0 was worldclass. That stopped any sort of come back…Moreover, You are as good as your last performance…

    I like oooooospina and i have nothing against Him but against Bayern in such an important game, I will pick CECH…….

    1. OK, last time you said Ospina must play. Now you say Cech must play. What if he does a West Ham? What then? Stick to your choices. Is extremely easy to talk after the game. Even the thing with “you play your bets GK in a must win game” you lot took it from pundits after the game. If you can’t articulate your own ideas is better you don’t talk at all and do the obvious : support your players. All of you calling for Ospina to play last game should keep it quiet. That’s the fair thing to do.

  3. With Cech around and Szczesny out of loan I wouldn’t rule out Ospina’s departure. If we received a good offer for him (in the summer) I suspect the club can accept and Scz to take up the cup game golie which wouldn’t be the worst case.

    Anyway Ospina is still wearing our colours for now and has our full support, he should ready not to drop it next time.

  4. Wenger has made it clear that Petr Cech will start in goal for the Gunners, with David Ospina carrying an injury and he has no plans to rest star players.

  5. I don’t think it should be 1 keeper for the league and 1 for the cups. I would rather let the keepers either,

    a, have a run of games or
    b, get selected depending on the opposition not the competition.

    For me if a keeper is good enough to face spurs in the cup, then why not in the league.

    I would prefer wenger say right I’m giving cech the biggest games, cup finals, EPL games against the top half of the league and games in the champions league against the best 2 sides.

    However for matches like, Sheffield Wednesday in the league cup, olympiakos in the champions league, us the likes of Watford, Norwich, villa, Sunderland, Bournemouth, Stoke, Newcastle I would give ospina a chance.

    I mean what if we get knocked out of champions league in the group stage and the league cup against Wednesday and thenthe fa cup by January 3rd, are we saying only give ospina 1 match December to may?

  6. If arsenal are serious about winning trophies, it should be play your best team for premier league and champions league no matter who the opponent is untill theres no possible way of not going through to the next round!

  7. Listen Baby Please

    It don’t matter right now coz we should concentrate on Bayern and Ospina is injured so Wenger will play Cech or Macey anyway

    Lets not start hating on our players before we know the facts

    My favourite complaint in Arsenal History was a player saying “when my manager told me Arsenal offered me £55,000 per week I nearly swerved off the road” or something to that effect, baby please

  8. Good news all round today! Ospinas ultimatum kinda blew up in his face, injured now so Cech has to start and Gabriel is fit n ready to go!

    Ospina injured means wenger doesnt have to pick the GK problem, it picks itself now and Gabriel is back to put Lewandowski in his back pocket!

    COYG big win at Home vs Munich! 3points at home gives us a great chance of repeating history in Munich and be the 1st English team to win on their home turf… Again!!

  9. Imo it can’t be as “cups” keeper as there are three cups and only one league.
    Cups have to be shared…and Ospina already played two games in ucl. I think that even if we had won cech was always going to be the keeper vs bayern and tha agreed before the ucl started.

    But we’ll, now I read Ospina is injured so it kind of decides itself.

    Also…if Ospina stated I font think he would put an ultimatum. If he was that kind of guy he would have left….period.

  10. A recovered Ospina from his injury and fit to play should compete with Macey for a starting spot in our away Capital One Cup game against Sheffield Wed in just a week time. I believe the good Ospina we all know is not the one crying all these cries that are being made up for him.

  11. I have looked up the stats for Ospina on squawka. Last season, premier league games, statistics for 90 minutes played. Ospina was the standout keeper, for every two goals Ospina conceded the likes of Hart, De gea and Courtois let in three. All the other stats for Ospina were better. I even looked up the stats for Cech in the previous season (2013-14) for premier league games per 90 minutes played and Ospina was better.

    The pundits last season kept saying that we needed a better goalkeeper but not one referred to the statistics to back up their opinion., or explained why the stats did not tell the whole story. The only person was Wenger who stated Ospina had the best statistics. Ospina in the world cup was awesome.

    He did pretty well recently playing for columbia. Double save against Aguero and Messi. My only concern about Ospina is that he seems fearless and therefore gets injured.

    I think that Ospina is underrated in the premier league, one of the pundits actually said as much about one of his saves.

    I do not believe the paper talk but I think that Ospina is too good to sit on the bench and may leave. I hope he stays but if he does go and we come up against him in a European game we may regret it

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